Work it out Wednesday

Soooo, this is usually where I do a “Weekly Workouts” post, but I thought I’d do more of a looser “reflections on running and working out in my lately life” sort of thing, as I feel like I’ve been all over the place and so crazy busy lately and everything is just sort of squeezed in where I can fit it. Not complaining — I’m not slacking or feeling badly about it — it’s just been pretty unstructured and more of a get-up-and-do-what-I-can sort of deal.


The best part about running lately: I’m feeling great. Runhappy, really. No leg pain in any sense; no “oh my gosh this is hard and I don’t feel like doing this today” experiences; nothing holding me back from just enjoying running. It’s so refreshing and has been such a positive thing lately, especially as it’s been gorgeous in NYC (June is just amazing here) and the beautiful mornings are practically begging me to get out of bed and enjoy them. Warm-weather running is much more my style.

Mileage: I honestly haven’t been stressing about this, as I’m not currently in any urgent training phase — my next race as of now is a marathon in October, and I just ran a half in May that went really well, so I feel stress-free right now in regards to hitting specific numbers on a long run. I’ve probably done about 17 miles since Saturday (and run Sat, Sun, Tues and today), and I’m fine with it. I’ll hopefully get an 8-miler in at some point this weekend, but friends and boyfriend and beach time and all that…well, that needs to be balanced in right now, so as long as the running is there, I’m a-ok with that.

What to wear: I mentioned yesterday that I got a new sports bra that I realllly like, and with them, I ordered these shorts (also winners, woot!):

product photo shoot    Camera Angles include: 40.Left 3Q,41.Back

I also totally dig the styles in this Popsugar piece on gym crop tops (ok so many are glorified sports bras, but hey, they’re so cute, they can call them whatever they want). I’m especially lovin’ this tie dye Calvin Klein option:


I just might be swinging by Macy’s to hunt this down in the near future. Adorbs.

New runfun discovery: I recently discovered (don’t laugh at me, those of you who’ve known this for, um, ever) that Spotify has a Running station where it’ll choose running music for you based upon your music preferences, and tailor it to your speed (it’ll calibrate while you start running — not sure how much this impacts it but I like the fun concept of it). Loving this lately and I’ve been happy with their choices for me! You go, Spotify.

Runners: How’s it going for you lately? Running happy, or the heat getting to you?
Favorite sports bras/run crop tops?
Music suggestions, please! Any Spotify stations you love to run to?




9 thoughts on “Work it out Wednesday

  1. Love your blog! I just signed up for my first 5 mile race in years, a little nervous but mostly excited to get to that starting line!!

    • Thanks, Dominique! You know, I used to buy some Champion stuff (love Target!) but haven’t in a while, but you’re right, they make some great, affordable options! Thx for the reminder.

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