Friday Five: July Loves

This is how I’m feeling right about now:


Ready for flip flops & summer skies & carefree everything — feeling those weekend vibes! Hope you’re counting down to something fun this weekend, wherever you are.

Today’s Friday Five linkup with the DC ladies Mar, Cynthia & Courtney is a “Free Friday,” which I’m interpreting as July Loves (aka things I’m loving this month).

ONE: Casual Fridays. This is a sweet perk about my new job that I haven’t had before, and I’m loving it. I’m actually wearing pants (obsessed with these wide-leg linen pants I got in Chicago this spring) for the first time since I started working here and it’s so nice to be so comfy at work. It also helps create such a laid-back atmosphere, which is always welcome on a trading floor. 

TWO: Balance board. We have standing desks at work, so my friend who sits next to me had the brilliant idea of ordering balance boards to stand on!


So rad, and totally catching on — I wouldn’t be surprised if a bunch more people will jump on this bandwagon! (I bought this one off Amazon.)

THREE: Rosé. All day. This has definitely been the drink-of-the-month for me…and every other white girl in America, I know I know. Hey, if the shoe fits…


FOUR: Marathon training. Having a plan for my running is a nice change again and I’m excited about sticking to it and mapping my progress. Also doesn’t hurt that I just got these babies my second week into training and am loving tackling a race with a fresh pair of kicks! IMG_9864
Feels oh-so-good. This will actually be my first full marathon in Nikes, now that I think of it! I ran the Brooklyn Half this May in these exact sneaks (diff pair/color) and have been having so much success with them this year, so it’s out with the Asics and in with the swoosh. I find I tread much lighter in these and haven’t had any shin pain thus far, so I’m praying they do me well all the way through. 

FIVE: Athleta. I love Lulu’s sports bras like no other, but I’m definitely a fan of Athleta’s colorful tights/capris and just got a new pair this week:


Their Mesh Sonar Capris in this cobalt color = so cute. I felt like I had to give them a shout-out today because they’re having an awesome sale right now that you definitely want to check out: an extra 20% off their already reduced sale items thru Monday 7/25. DO IT.

Hope you have a lovely weekend, friends! Mine will be full of running, fruit, lake time and people I love…in other words, exactly how I like my world to be. ❤

Whatcha up to this weekend?
Anyone else drink copious amounts of rose in the summer? Any favorite kinds?


20 thoughts on “Friday Five: July Loves

    • Haha the girl who sits next to me said the same thing about heels when she ordered one also…for me, it’s even more of a justification as to why I can’t wear heels at work! 😉 #tomboylife

  1. Any rosé wine works for me…
    Stand up desks have not come to France yet…. (nor has Athleta for that matter… which is why I stock up when I am in the States) ..adding the balance board is a great idea.

    • Ahhh envious you’re in France! I love a light, dry French rosé (my mom went to pick me up some this weekend and that was my specification). 🙂 Good call on stocking up in the States on Athleta and I hope they come there for you soon!

    • Haha you could totally stand on one while you train people and seem even MORE bad-ass than you already are. Squatting on a balance board is legit!

  2. Yay for casual Friday’s!! This was my first week at new job and it was fun to wear something totally different than what I’m used to at work! Business casual has a whole other meaning at Starbucks.

    • I’m so thankful for the standing desks, and I have to admit the credit for the balance board goes to my work friend who sits beside me — I wish I could say I thought of it first! But I did order a better board than he did, so there’s a win. 🙂

  3. Boxed white wine for me right now (as in literally right now) cos I’m classy like that. I work in a lab so everyday is casual Friday – in fact I never wear anything nice to work because it usually gets bleach stains straight away and the time to ruining a garment is inversely correlated to how expensive it is. Love that your work is making it easier for you to stay active and healthy!

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