Marathon Training: Week 4


Welcome to my fourth week of marathon training recaps (week 8 on the Hal Higdon plan I’m following).

The good news: I’m running as many days per week as it’s calling for (5) and I’m feeling pretty good and keeping up a decent pace!

The not-as-good news (nothing around here is “bad” so I won’t call it that): It’s been the most humid of all humid existences here in NYC lately and the long run this past weekend diiiiidn’t quite happen. Whoops.

The good news in the wake of the not-so-good-news: I’m absolutely not beating myself up about this or going to any places of self-doubt or negativity. Onward and upward, Nikes. 

Thurs, 7/28: 4.2 miles (34 minutes) — soooo hot and humid, even at 6am. Drenched. Also 50 push-ups, 4 minutes of planks. Plan called for 4 so on the $$ here.

Fri, 7/29: rest from running; did 25 minutes of strength (push-ups, light weights).

Sat, 7/30: 7 of the hottest, sweatiest miles of my entire life. And that is not an exaggeration. Plan called for 7 and I was lucky I made that many! I ran with Tyler and we got started too late (like 9:30ish), and it was unbelievably humid — 91% or something crazy, with rain coming later — and I literally was running from one water fountain to the next to stick my head under them. Yikes. This was tough but felt amazing when done, and we kept up a great pace despite the heat (avg 8:30 but I saw a 7:45 at one point on my Garmin for a brief moment!). He’s a great motivator and I love that I date someone who is so fit and pushes me.

Sun, 7/31: 5 miles — on the treadmill. Brrrppp. First treadmill run in a while, and here’s why: I walked out of my apt bldg and into a wall of humidity so palpable it shocked me. It was like walking into a sauna. I immediately turned back on my heel and my doorman was laughing and was like, “Yeah, it’s gross out right? About to rain I think.” He was right on both accounts, so I went back to the gym where the boy was working out and did 5 treadmill miles — instead of the 15 miles my plan had called for. Whoops. But hey, this is what worked for me that day and I didn’t want to do any more…and then I did push-ups and light weights and abs and felt good about all of that.

Mon, 8/1: rest. I’m thankful Mondays are my built-in rest days because I work til 9pm anyway and I’m usually pretty beat.

Tues, 8/2: 6 miles. Felt good. Plan called for 4 but I felt good and wanted to make up for some of those lost 10 miles anyway, so six worked well. 

Wed, 8/3: 6 miles. Two days in a row where the plan called for 4 and I wanted 6. IT band is a bit sore today but otherwise I’m feeling good! It wasn’t as hot or humid this morning as it has been, so I’m thankful for that.

Total weekly mileage: 28 miles. Despite the facts that it wasn’t as high as last week and my mileage really should have gone up this week, I feel good about this and I’m not sweating it. I did the best I could and will make up for it this coming weekend if possible. 

Song of the week: “The Sound” by the 1975. I just love this band.

How’s the running been this week for you?
If you could run anywhere in the US right now, where would you choose? 
I’m thinking the coast in Maine would be nice right now!


12 thoughts on “Marathon Training: Week 4

  1. Ugh, humidity is the WORST. You are a champion for getting any miles in it at all! It’s not super humid here in the PNW so I’m pretty happy with that (knock on wood!). Either here or somewhere near the water so I could jump right in after.

    • Thanks — it was a bit of a struggle, can’t lie! I’m dying to go to the PNW (like, so high on my list) and everyone keeps telling me how much I’ll love it – and the no humidity aspect just adds to the appeal. YES, I love jumping into the lake where my parents live right after a long run. So good.

  2. I echo Sam…I’m lucky enough to run in the PNW and we are having a very cool summer for the most part, of course we’ll probably now get a heatwave but my recent runs have been cool, often cloudy and barely over 70, and yes we feel really lucky right now!! take care in those temps and humidity.

  3. But then you have to deal with the giant flies that they get up in Maine. we’ve had some decent weather–especially this past weekend. Yesterday was rather warm. I’ll take Paris regardless of the weather!

  4. Running in Maine does sound awesome. Michigan running isn’t too bad right now. I remember in May, I tried do do my last 17 miler for Grandma’s and had to quit at 7. You can’t beat yourself up because the humidity makes everything out of your control.

    • Thanks for that reminder and encouragement — I was supposed to do 13-15 this weekend and almost passed out after 9. My legs just stopped. Here’s to doing what we can!

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