Weekends Should Never End

The definition of time flies: Summer Saturdays & Sundays.

Sunny Sunday in Bryant Park

Seriously — where do those S-days go? When I become Rearranger of the Universe, we will have many more weekend days than we currently do. You can quote me on that.

*Side note:  I know you can’t see much of it above but I found an adorable romper on Amazon that was such a surprisingly great find for only $20 and now think I’m becoming a believer in the romper trend. Really good quality for the price, just listen to the reviews and size up (I usually am a small and this medium fit perfectly).

Running. It was beautiful here both days this weekend, so even though I didn’t get any crazy big runs in as we had to be down to the Jersey Shore (not crazy Jersey Shore –think quiet, lovely little beach where football players have houses) early on Saturday, I had two pretty decent runs: a 4-miler on Saturday am and a slow and easy 8-miler last night. I have zero photos to show from my sunset run along the Hudson but let me assure you it was lovely.

I’m no closer to making a marathon decision as I only clocked in 12 miles total this weekend, and I should be running 18 at a pop…but I’ll see how September goes and how my body feels and take it from there. I’m praying for lots of 70s and humidity-free days!

Eating. In other news, I tried this last night for the first time and am now insta-obsessed:


Dairy isn’t my friend and so I rarely eat ice cream, but this almond milk frozen dessert in my all-time favorite flavor was soooooo good. Will be buying on repeat for sure.

Drinking. The boy and I also tried our hand at making wine slushies, as I was super excited about that endeavor, and we were pleasantly surprised with our first attempt! We froze a bottle of Josh Cabernet into ice cube trays overnight, then blended them in the morning with a bag of mixed frozen berries and added a few packets of natural sugar…annnnnd success. Such a perfect summery drink!


(Not my photo but very close to what ours looked like in color/consistency.)

Reflecting. So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about perfectionism and how we do ourselves such injustices by allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good (this is also a theme in the book I’m reading so I definitely recommend Daring Greatly if you want to delve into this more).


It’s often so true, though, and I think affects everyone in different areas of our lives at different times. If we constantly strive for the ideal of perfection, which is an impossible construct that we will never achieve (and no objective version of perfection can exist anyway as we all see things from our subjective POVs), we sell ourselves short and miss the wonder and beauty in everything around us that might very well be so darn good but just shy of what we consider perfect.

How does this apply to me? Gah, in so many ways. Realizing that the 8-mile run I do do is better than the 20-miler I don’t and feeling pride in that accomplishment rather than disappointment in what I didn’t do. The blog post I write that may feel all over the place and “purposeless” is still a reflection of what I have to give that day, as opposed to the two weeks I spend not writing because I’m not sure I’ll be interesting enough to read. That book I’m always talking and dreaming about writing? Once I let go of what it means to write “the perfect book,” maybe I’ll actually start getting something out — and whatever I do write will be far better than the idea in my head that never gets put onto paper.

There’s so much freedom found when we learn to ease up on ourselves and embrace the reality of what we can do, rather than be paralyzed into inaction by thoughts of failing at what we see as the perfection we must achieve.

So be gentle with yourselves, friends, and don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for the things you do accomplish and take risks even if the result is “good enough” as opposed to “perfect.” Because sometimes our “good enough” is more amazing than we think. ❤

Something good from your weekend?
Anyone else jump on the wine slushie fad?
What are you learning about yourself these days?


8 thoughts on “Weekends Should Never End

  1. Beautiful post and certainly something to consider. But first, let’s think about those delicious wine slushies. Those look so awesome and brilliant. Don’t you just love how they are making ice cream from so many different sources now? It makes me so happy!

  2. <3. I wish I was reading this with a wine slushie, no lie. But instead it is just before 6 in the morning. I am also of the opinion that weekends shouldn't end, but then again, right now, if that was the case, I wouldn't see Alex because he is just traveling during the current weekends.
    I really need to read Daring Greatly. I feel like it would be so relevant for me right now.

    • I wish we could make wine slushies together! Just not at 6am.
      I feel like Daring Greatly should be your next read and then we should talk about it. Maybe a long distance book club of 2 would be a nice idea. 🙂

  3. I see you are enjoying life…as you should be.

    I may be down to NYC on Sept 6. My friend from Russia will be there for the day.


    Thinking – lobster boat for lunch, walk on the high line – drinks at the Standard?

    or maybe – the Brooklyn Bridge….Coney Island?

    • You and your NYC day trips! I love it. Lobster boat is a fave of both of ours, I know, and this year they opened up a sister boat (at the same pier) called Fish Bar as well (http://northriverfishbar.com/) – I haven’t been on it and it only sails twice a day, for 2 hours at a time in the evening, but you can go on it any time of day and have food/drinks. Frying Pan is always a fun boat option too, on the Hudson at 25th St. Or check out Grand Banks, the sailboat down in Tribeca — it’s gorgeous. Great place for cocktails. Highline and Standard are good options of course, and my fave restaurant is on the street right across from The Standard, called Fig & Olive (in Meatpacking) – amazing. Let me know if you have any questions/need more ideas!

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