Weekly Workouts (9/1-9-7)

It seems to be so easy for a full week to go by without me blogging lately, and here I am right back to another weekly workouts post already. Where does the time go??

I hope you all had lovely Labor Day weekends, and I’m guessing you’re as deep in denial as I am about Summer’s imminent send-off. We had the most beautiful weather imaginable in Upstate NY this past weekend,  and I wouldn’t be mad at all if early September just stayed forever. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect long weekend, full of all my favorite things: my family, close friends, a lake view and some boating/SUPing, a day in Saratoga that ended at a Zac Brown Band concert (they were amazinggggg), and lots of running and relaxing. Oh, and more delicious wine slushies! I was loving my life this past weekend.


And as for the workouts/running, that’s been pretty good, too. Not marathon-training good, but decent enough.


Thurs, 9/1: hour of upper body strength (kettlebells, free weights, plates, push-ups) & abs
Fri, 9/2: 3.5 mile morning run
Sat, 9/3: 9-mile very hilly run upstate; push-ups
Sun, 9/4: 5-mile run with the boy
Mon, 9/5: 3-mile run with the boy; paddleboarding
Tues, 9/6: rest.
Wed, 9/7: 5.5 mile morning run; push-ups; 50 walking lunges

Total weekly mileage: 26

Thoughts: I’m happy with this, although running has felt a bit tough/meh lately, largely in part to a very achey hip that won’t seem to give me a break. It’s not excruciating but it’s super tight and just annoyingly painful all the time. 

I did put in a request (just today) to defer my marathon til next year as I 1) am experiencing a lot of hip pain lately and 2) didn’t do any long run training this past month due to humidity and just not putting the time in, sooooo I’m nowhere near where I’d need to be to run a marathon in 4 weeks. A half, maybe; a full, well, that’d be really painful and probably stupid at this point. And I’m okay with this decision.

Song of the week: “Baby You’re Right” by Babe


8 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts (9/1-9-7)

  1. You always do such a great job of getting everything in and mixing it up. Sorry to hear about the deferment, but probably a wise decision. Healing that hip is most important. Marathons will always be there. And I am totally with you, I wish summer could stay for another month or so. I just love it!

    • Thanks, lady. I’m going to keep seeing how I feel the next couple of weeks but I’d also be going from running no more than 13 miles to trying to run a marathon…gah. Prob not going to happen (happily). 🙂

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