Weekly Workouts (9/22-9/29)

Whooop Friday eve — anyone else lovin’ that? I totally started this post yesterday and, um, yeah. Here we are.

So, I may not be marathon training (like for real now, that’s definitely out the window and I’ve relinquished my grasp on any last lingering false half-hopes that I miiiiight be one of those miracle people who can run a marathon without training for it), but I’m not slacking on my workouts/runs despite being so.freaking.busy, so I’m calling that a success! 


Thurs, 9/22: 4-mile morning run; push-ups; abs (planks & leg raises); air squats.
Fri, 9/23:
Rest from running. Ty and I went for a 4-mile speedwalk along the Hudson River path at during sunset, which was really nice, and felt necessary considering my legs were sooooo sore from an all-the-legs workout on Wednesday.
Sat, 9/24:
ELTON JOHN DAY! We had a plan to leave early for the Poconos, so I was up and out before 8am for a 7-mile run. Felt good to have that over with.
Sun, 9/25: 7-mile sunset run = beautiful, and felt like the best way to end my weekend.
Mon, 9/26: 
hmm i honestly can’t remember if I did anything this day or not? maybe rest?
Tues, 9/27:
3.5 mile morning run. Drizzly out, rather slow pace (around a 9-minute mile average, I’d guess), but felt good after it was over!
Wed, 9/28: 
60 mins of strength and abs this morning: kettle bells (swings, round-the-body toss, squat-curl-tricep combo), TRX back rows, allll the push-ups (tricep push-ups and wide push-ups using the Perfect Push-Up handles), air squats, in-out jump squats, lunges, back/shoulders/arms using 5-lb plates.
Thurs, 9/29: 4-mile morning run. Having some weird hip/leg pain that feels like nerve pain (??) so took it slow, but otherwise felt really good. As much as I will bemoan the end of summer along with everyone else, I am loving fall running. NYC in Autumn is magic.


Total weekly mileage: 25.5

Totally fine with that, and while I’d love to set the goal of running at least 30 miles a week, a lot of it just comes down to time in the mornings for me. Maybe if I get to bed at 9pm (I like a lot of sleep don’t judge me), I can actually get up at 5 or 5:30 and start earlier. For now, I’m doing what I can!

Songs of the week:
“Talk Too Much” by Coin
“Cold Water” by Biebs and Major Lazer

How’s the running going? Who has a big race coming up?
Best thing about your city in the fall?


6 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts (9/22-9/29)

  1. You are a success. You have tremendous discipline with your running and strength training.

    Have pretty much done my races for the year and will do just some casual running for my health.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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