Weekly Workouts (9/22-9/29)

Whooop Friday eve — anyone else lovin’ that? I totally started this post yesterday and, um, yeah. Here we are.

So, I may not be marathon training (like for real now, that’s definitely out the window and I’ve relinquished my grasp on any last lingering false half-hopes that I miiiiight be one of those miracle people who can run a marathon without training for it), but I’m not slacking on my workouts/runs despite being so.freaking.busy, so I’m calling that a success! 


Thurs, 9/22: 4-mile morning run; push-ups; abs (planks & leg raises); air squats.
Fri, 9/23:
Rest from running. Ty and I went for a 4-mile speedwalk along the Hudson River path at during sunset, which was really nice, and felt necessary considering my legs were sooooo sore from an all-the-legs workout on Wednesday.
Sat, 9/24:
ELTON JOHN DAY! We had a plan to leave early for the Poconos, so I was up and out before 8am for a 7-mile run. Felt good to have that over with.
Sun, 9/25: 7-mile sunset run = beautiful, and felt like the best way to end my weekend.
Mon, 9/26: 
hmm i honestly can’t remember if I did anything this day or not? maybe rest?
Tues, 9/27:
3.5 mile morning run. Drizzly out, rather slow pace (around a 9-minute mile average, I’d guess), but felt good after it was over!
Wed, 9/28: 
60 mins of strength and abs this morning: kettle bells (swings, round-the-body toss, squat-curl-tricep combo), TRX back rows, allll the push-ups (tricep push-ups and wide push-ups using the Perfect Push-Up handles), air squats, in-out jump squats, lunges, back/shoulders/arms using 5-lb plates.
Thurs, 9/29: 4-mile morning run. Having some weird hip/leg pain that feels like nerve pain (??) so took it slow, but otherwise felt really good. As much as I will bemoan the end of summer along with everyone else, I am loving fall running. NYC in Autumn is magic.


Total weekly mileage: 25.5

Totally fine with that, and while I’d love to set the goal of running at least 30 miles a week, a lot of it just comes down to time in the mornings for me. Maybe if I get to bed at 9pm (I like a lot of sleep don’t judge me), I can actually get up at 5 or 5:30 and start earlier. For now, I’m doing what I can!

Songs of the week:
“Talk Too Much” by Coin
“Cold Water” by Biebs and Major Lazer

How’s the running going? Who has a big race coming up?
Best thing about your city in the fall?


There Are No Words for Magic

As the only daughter of a music-crazed father who raised me with a fierce appreciation for Oldies, some of my earliest and most cherished memories involve my family and I singing along to the radio in the car or listening to albums in our living room. Music was an integral aspect of my daily life growing up, and I knew all the words to every song on Oldies radio. The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Zombies, The Monkees, America, Simon & Garfunkel — they sang the tunes that serve as the soundtrack to my childhood, and I’m so thankful that my parents instilled such a passionate love of music in my brother and me, as it’s played such a large role in our identities.

But there’s always been one singer/song writer who has stood out for me above the rest, more and more so as I’ve matured, and who has become a “bucket list” item for me… and on Saturday night, at the Mohegan Sun Arena nestled into the heart of the Poconos Mountains in Wilkes Barre, PA, this life dream of mine came true as I saw him in concert:


Sir Elton John, you are everything music should ever aspire to be. Epic, iconic, legendary, incredible, beyond comprehension and words. It was literally a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I’m so sosososo thankful my wonderful boyfriend surprised me with. That photo is from my seat, which was so close to him! He put on the absolutely most incredible show and sounded fantastic and was so charming and entertaining and and and I can’t say enough. And he played all his hits: Rocket Man, Tiny Dancer, Your Song, Daniel, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Levon, Candle in the Wind, and closed the night with a crowd-participatory version of Crocodile Rock that had everyone dancing on their feet and grinning ear-to-ear. It was pure magic, through and through. 

Moments before Sir Elton took the stage…and the face I wore all night.


Aside from the wonderful show, the rest of the weekend was fantastic as well. It was book-ended by two 7 mile runs: one early on Saturday morning before we set off for the Poconos, and the other late last night as the sun set on Sunday. It’s not often I run at night, but I loved everything about last night’s run and felt so thankful to end my weekend like that.


On the way to the Poconos on Saturday, we stopped at Sorrenti’s Cherry Valley Vineyards to see what Pennsylvania wine was all about (and mainly because I love anything and everything associated with the word “vineyard”). It was an absolutely gorgeous day — have I mentioned that I’m obsessed with September? — and Tyler’s first time ever at a vineyard/winery, so we were in love with our lives on this glorious day.


We sampled some of their wines in the rustic tasting room, where for $4 you get to taste your choice of any six, and keep your glass to boot. Sold.


They also have an Italian restaurant boasting brick oven pizza on the property, so we happily lounged outdoors on the spacious patio for a bit and each sipped a glass of red, and I think I succeeded in convincing him that we should go to Napa & Sonoma in the near future to expand his winery experiences. I mean, I’m only thinking of him here.



On Sunday, after the best concert ever happened the previous night, we woke up and drove into town and lucked into finding a gem of a French brunch place in Wilkes Barre called Le Manhattan Bistro.


Located in an old bank building, it was a spacious, inviting restaurant with amazing vaulted ceilings and an impressive menu (and as usual, I forget to take food pics…whoops!). Such a fun find, and a delicious way to end our Poconos stay.


I’m still reeling from how fantastic of a weekend this was, and so ready to go on all the road trips I can possibly take this fall! Thank you, boyfriend, for making this such an epic, memorable weekend of which I loved every single moment.

What experiences are on your bucket list?
Been to any cute little towns lately?
Favorite Elton John song?? 🙂

Simplicity, Pumpkin Spice & I’m Published! (TOLT)

Thursday means a big shout-out-thanks to Amanda @ Running With Spoons, I get a chance to rant all over the place today and use it as an excuse to linkup with some other fun bloggers.


1. So first off, I just received an email (literally like 3 minutes ago) that a piece I recently submitted to Thought Catalog was accepted (!!!), so I’m currently really excited about that. I’ve published this piece on my Mogul site before, but I’m a huge Thought Catalog fan and definitely feel I can get more exposure being published there. 

My piece: You Have the Right to Remain Single

I’ve written quite a few memoir pieces over the years and this one (written this past year) holds a special place in my heart, so I’m over the moon thrilled and so very flattered that it was published on this site. I have a writer’s page now as well, so I hope to continue to push myself to write content worthy of being published. (PS – If you’ve never checked out this site, do yourself a big favor and start perusing — there are so many great reads!)


2. I have big plans to be all outdoorsy this weekend, as the boy and I are going to drive a bit north of the city and go for a hike on Saturday, which is something we’ve been talking about doing for a while. September seems like the ideal time to hike in NY, so I’m stoked to get out of the city and explore some new-to-us paths and towns along the Hudson. It’s crazy to me that I live so close to these quaint little towns and gorgeous hiking trails, and yet I’ve barely explored any of that area. Time to change that! And I already know I’m going to want to go again once the leaves start to change and take in all that beauty.

3. Has anyone tried these alluring bars of healthy goodness yet? 

pumpkin-spice-rxbarThe only RxBar I’ve tried so far is the blueberry, which I rather enjoyed, so I figured I should buy a box of the seasonal pumpkin spice flavor while it’s available and show down on those as a wholesome way to welcome the start of Autumn. I’ve basically given up all bars except for the occasional Larabar (as they’re only dates and nuts), but I know these are also clean-eating friendly and whole food based, so I figured I’ll give ’em a whirl. Aka I blindly ordered a box off Amazon and really hope I like them. 

4. I feel like I’m getting a bit “bored” (not sure that’s exactly the right word but it’s in that wheelhouse so I’m sticking with that for now) with my workouts lately. I think I’m missing the high-intensity of the boot camp classes I used to take and need to up the kettlebell, plyo, TRX sessions to at least two a week. I’d love to try Orange Theory or do Class Pass, but right now my schedule is so restricted that really the only way for me to workout is either to wake up and immediately go running along the Hudson or else go two flights down to my apartment building gym and push myself as hard as I can without a trainer screaming at me to do another push-up until I fall on my face. Maybe I should take advantage of some of the Nike workouts, or look for suggestions online. Any thoughts? 

5. I’m currently reading The Untethered Soul and having mixed feelings about it. It’s very heady and zen, which I don’t really mind, except that while it does force me to think about the process of thinking and taking ownership of my consciousness (and not really being someone who is stuck inside her head too much or does much over thinking at all, some of it is a bit hit-or-miss for me), the primary affect it’s having on me is to make me wish I was really good at yoga (aka flexible at all) and send me searching for cool yoga pants online from which to start my own stretching practice in my bedroom. Apparently I associate meditation with lying on a mat in cute patterns and practicing gratitude… and I’m okay with that. I’m just not quite sure that’s what the author was going for. 

6. Been feeling a pull lately to really embrace simplicity more in the way I live, which is spurring me to want to dump the entire contents of my closet (and dressers, and beneath-the-bed bins) onto my floor and really contemplate what I can live without. This then led me to think about the kind of life I’d like to lead right now, which brought me to thoughts of moving somewhere super granola outdoorsy, surrounded by natural beauty, where I can engage in all sorts of physical outdoor activities to my heart’s content on a year-round basis and feel really centered and balanced. And that led me to thinking about what a complete overhaul of my closet would look like and what sort of clothing best represents me…and a few minutes later, I’d purchased a sweet Patagonia jacket from Backcountry. I mean, I can totally justify the jacket and love it, but find it sort of hilarious that a thought process starting with “simplify your life” and then going to “get rid of unnecessary stuff” finally led to “buy something new.” But I’m going to tackle the purge soon, I swear. This is just extra fuel for that fire. 😉

I think that’s enough ranting for today! Feel free to tell me something random from your week.

Weekend Recap {Hello, November}

how was everyone’s Halloween weekend? mine was busy & fun & full of lovely people, so i can’t ask for a whole lot more than that. except, ya know, maybe a 7 day weekend. that’d be nice right about now. although i am loving the fact that it’s supposed to be 60-70 degrees every day this week here…not bad at allll for November in NY!

as much fun as Halloween is for me, it’s overshadowed by something much more important, as November 1st happens to be my favorite person’s birthday — my brother. we make big deals out of birthdays in my family and i was so happy to be able to celebrate him all weekend.

yesterday we birthday-brunched at New World Bistro (one of our favorite restaurants in Albany, NY), and that right there is a mason jar cheesecake. because everything looks/tastes better in mason jars, amiright?

so, Halloween! i love dressing up, and seeing everyone else all decked out. time for the big costume unveiling (unless you follow me on IG @glitterstruck, then you already know!): the boy and i were a deer & hunter combo.

IMG_8512& that, my friends, is by far the creepiest face i’ve ever made in my life.

deeroh, deer. 😉

Ry’s bday/Halloween party was an absolute blast, full of fun people, great costumes, soooo much yummy food, salsa dancing, ping pong, Cards Against Humanity, and lots of laughs.

IMG_8506we like headbands in our family, on holidays & every day.

girlsthe ladies.

in other wonderful family news, i discovered that my dog wants to carry on the family legacy and take up running. she was pretty subtle about it.

mokai left my sneakers by the door after my Saturday morning long run and she neatly nestled herself between them and camped out for a bit. i think she was feeling guilty about the time last summer when i tried to make her walk a half a mile in the heat and she made me carry her home (aka laid down on the side of the road and refused to budge). yellow is clearly her color, too.

i feel like i could use another weekend to do nothing but sleep, but i know i really can’t complain after such a great couple of days at home. hope you all had wonderful weekends!

Did you dress up? If so, what were you?
Best costume you saw this year?
Something you’re looking forward to in November?

weekly workouts {10/15-10/21)

i’m so happy to report that my week of post-marathon recovery was…well, pretty darn amazing. i feel sooooo blessed that i didn’t have much soreness (or any pain at all) and was able to ease back into running rather easily! (note: all of my runs are outdoors. i refuse to get onto a treadmill until it’s absolutely frigid or snowing heavily…but let’s not discuss that yet. gah.)

Thurs, 10/15: first run since the marathon the previous Sunday: 4.6 miles & felt great!!
Frid, 10/16: 4 mile run & planks
Sat, 10/17: 10 mile run, and felt amazing!! hallelujahhhhh
Sun, 10/18: 6 miles (i have no idea how i’m feeling so awesome and rested but i’m literally rejoicing and running with it)
Mon, 10/19: rest. Mondays are my longest days, so lend well to being rest days. & by rest, i mean get home late & settle on the couch for red wine + phone date + The Voice. (“these are a few of my faaaavorite thingssss” when i’m not running. :))
Tues, 10/20: 5.5 mile night run — first night run in a while, and it went really well. thankfully, it was a balmy 65 degrees at 8pm. loving this.
Wed, 10/21 (today): finally added a strength session back into the routine — did an hour of kettlebells/free weights/back machines/planks & other abs before work this morning.

i know it might seem like i jumped back into running too much too soon after the marathon, but honestly, i didn’t have any pain and am not pushing myself to run fast and absolutely am listening to my body and monitoring how i feel and have zero intentions of doing anything that doesn’t feel good.

having said that, i’m praying the forecast of rain for this coming Sunday is a fluke, because i’m really looking forward to running my first trail race: the Hairy Gorilla Half in Upstate, NY. the course looks so beautiful — i mean, just look at these shots:


happy running & working it out, friends!

Best run/workout this week?
Anyone have a race coming up?Ever run a trail race? yay/nay?

Thinking Out Loud

i’m really liking these Thursday link-up posts lately (hosted by Amanda at Running With Spoons) — feels good to have a weekly post dedicated to just rambling about whatsoever my little heart desires. 🙂

Thinking-Out-LoudONE: yes, i’m still marathon-high — duh. i’m not sure if that should even be in question. i’m planning to ride this feeling of elation for as long as possible, thankyouverymuch! everyone at work has been asking about it, and all my friends are so encouraging and eager to hear how it went and i feel like i could just talk about it forever. but don’t worry, guys — i won’t. i swear. 🙂 just let me have it for a leeeeettle longer, mmmkay? because my world just feels all sorts of wonderful this week.

my recovery has been amazingggg. i’ve gone for two long walks since the race on Sunday (5 hilly miles Monday, 4 miles on Tuesday), did an hour + of kettlebells, upper body strength & abs yesterday morning, and woke up this morning ready to run — so i did! aside from the obligatory residual soreness, i have no actual pain or anything concerning, so i set out at 6am and ran 4.6 miles and felt so good and so happy and so grateful for it all, for this wonderful life that is so very mine.

THREE: i just read Paper Towns by John Green over the weekend and reallllly enjoyed it. this coming-of-age tale is sweet & heartfelt & reflective & raw & emotional & really makes you think about what it means to be young & vulnerable & so very present in your own life, on the verge of self-discovery, at such a tender time. this book has some heart-wrenchingly beautiful lines in it, and i was really impressed with his writing. it made me feel so much, and to me, that’s the best thing a book can do.

FOUR: i’ve juuuust begun reading a new book, gifted to me from one of my bff’s darling boyfriends, who stumbled upon it and thought i’d enjoy it. (thank youuuu, Josh! oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)

anyone read this?

lil blurb from Amazon: In Why We Run, biologist, award-winning nature writer, and ultramarathoner Bernd Heinrich explores a new perspective on human evolution by examining the phenomenon of ultraendurance and makes surprising discoveries about the physical, spiritual — and primal — drive to win. At once lyrical and scientific, Why We Run shows Heinrich’s signature blend of biology, anthropology, psychology, and philosophy, infused with his passion to discover how and why we can achieve superhuman abilities.

sounds pretty dope to me! stoked to delve into it.

FIVE: so, i think imma run a half marathon next weekend. because why not?? i’m more than trained, i’m feeling great, and it looks like suuuuuch a rad race. i mean, even the name is fun: The Hairy Gorilla Half Marathon. like, stop. i so need to run this.

the race is held in the gorgeous Thatcher Park just outside of Albany, NY, in the small town where my bff lives, actually. it’s a trail race — the photos on the site make it look so lovely and appealing — and apparently a lot of people dress up in costumes and really get into the Halloween spirit. i think it sounds like a total blast, and i was planning to be upstate next weekend anyway (because two weeks without my new boy is two weeks too long…omg what is happening to me?!), so it seems like a no brainer. i know i have a Wonder Woman costume somewhere i can dig up….jk. i’ll prob paint on whiskers and find ears and call it a day.

SIX: who’s dressing up for Halloween?? okay so my tooth & tooth fairy costume doesn’t seem to be happening this year (i’m determined it will happen one day!), but we have another idea that could turn out really sweet if i actually get my butt in gear and start working on it.  i just wanna wear cool make-up at this point, not gonna lie.

Tell me something random from your life lately!
Anyone doing any costume races this season? Have you ever?
What’re you being for Halloween?

Mohawk Hudson Marathon Recap (aka the best day ever)

Sunday, October 11th, 2015, has to go down as one of the most incredible days of my life thus far. it was the second time i’ve run the Mohawk Hudson Marathon in upstate NY, and by far the absolute most wonderful, amazing, beautiful, kick-ass, fun-from-start-to-finish races/runs i’ve ever experienced in my life.

for starters, the day was utterly glorious. this entire weekend was like a gift straight from Autumnal Heaven. i mean, i woke up to this view of Crooked Lake from my parents’ deck every morning and sent up silent prayers of gratitude that this is, in fact, my life. i felt so relaxed & thankful & rested & healthy & strong & READY for this marathon. Sunday morning dawned all hazy pinkish-purple and chilly, in the 40s, and i knew it was going to be a perfect race day. thank you, God!

a 6am wake-up call really isn’t that bad for a race, so i woke up feeling SO READY to run. i just knew from the start that this was going to be an awesome day for me.

i’m blessed with the world’s most amazing parents, who also woke up at 6am and shared my excitement for race day, and the three of us set off to the start in Schenectady NY’s Central Park. i was more excited than nervous, and totally curious about what this race held for me and how i’d be feeling in just a few hours!

i’m a big fan of this race. it’s small — i think they cap it at 1,500 runners. it’s well organized, and the course is just absolutely gorgeous, winding through a truly picturesque, tree-lined bike/running path for a good portion of the race, and over rolling countryside hills & along both the Mohawk and the Hudson Rivers, ending in downtown Albany right along the Hudson. my dad said one of the winners was quoted saying it was the most beautiful course she’s ever run, which is easy to believe. it’s really an ideal place to run an Autumn marathon, showcasing upstate NY at its finest.

the start isn’t very crowded and it’s easy to find people, which was fabulous, as i was so fortunate to be so very surrounded by people i love. one of my close girlfriends came to support me and run the beginning with me (thank you, Sarah — you’re wonderful!), and the boy also dragged himself out of bed bright & early and came to see me off (before getting onto a plane for work, unfortunately, but i’m thankful he made it to the start — points for that 🙂 ). my sweet parents were there, of course, and then resurfaced 3-4 more times along the route, and were the faces i saw in the crowd right before i crossed the finish line as well. my (pregnant!) best friend also jumped in to run a bit with me around mile 19, which was so appreciated and fun, and was also waiting for me at the finish — and took some great photos for me. thanks, baby girl — you are my sunshine!

i felt so very loved & encouraged & reminded yet again of how blessed i am to have such wonderful people at the center of my life. the world becomes such a bright & shiny thing when people are invested in what’s important to you because they care about you. feeling all that love & support contributed greatly to making this such a magical experience for me.

so, what can i say about the actual race itself?? it went smashingly. no, but like — it really, honestly did. i couldn’t have wished for anything better, and i went into it so relaxed & ready & confident that i’d done all the necessary work, and i was determined to just enjoy the experience and savor every moment — and i truly feel like that’s what i did. i ran with the 4-hour pacer til just over mile 23, when i started to feel the first twinges of the struggle life set in, and i decided then and there that i was going to run this race for me and not push myself to the point of misery and lose the joy i’d felt the last 23 miles. i slowed down a bit and started reflecting on the whole thing: how crazy good i’d felt for 23 miles, how all my hard work was coming to fruition in this one 4- hour race, how blessed i was to be strong enough to choose to run a marathon, how over-the-moon i was about to be in a few miles when i saw that finish line up ahead.

i won’t lie: miles 24-25 were a bit rough. not rough like during my first marathon (where i thought my body might break apart), but they were the hardest of this race for me by far. i didn’t walk (save a few steps at the water stations), but i did have a few fleeting thoughts of doubt creep in during those 2 miles where i almost wondered how i’d ever finish and everything suddenly just seemed so dang hard…

and then something happened when i saw the mile 25 marker. it was like a switch flipped within my brain and i instantly thought, “okay, welp, stop the pain stuff — you just ran 25 miles. you’re one mile away from finishing this race, and this has been a wonderful, mostly enjoyable experience that will go down as one of the biggest accomplishments of your LIFE. you so, so have this, and you’re going to finish it STRONG & HAPPY & just let yourself go.”

mile 26 was glorious. it really was. no, i wasn’t flying, although i did pick up the pace from my last 2 miles, and no, i didn’t magically feel all my pain swoosh out of my body. but somehow, i didn’t feel it as much, because i started to become overwhelmed with the beauty of the whole experience and be so very present in the reality of finishing this race. mile 26 was so very mine. it was my pièce de résistance.

i don’t believe it’s possible to accurately capture in words that specific, all-encompassing feeling of elation that overwhelmed me when i rounded the final corner and saw the finish line of my marathon ahead of me. so much crowds into that moment that if i could just freeze it and dissect it, i’d be able to name all of the individual parts that contribute to the overwhelming sense of euphoria that brought tears to my eyes as a grin stretched across my face and my arms had no choice but to fly high above my head — but in that moment, all i felt was so much. so much.

it’s the sense of accomplishment in yourself, of having done this hard, hard thing — this nearly-impossible thing that really is ever-so-possible after all — entirely on your own.

it’s the physical representation of the goal, that banner stretching high, the words marking your final steps. it’s hearing your name over the microphone as you step across the finish line.

it’s the cheers & excitement of the crowds, seeing your parents & best friends’ faces beaming through, feeling their love & pride shining forth at you. all for you.

in that moment, it honestly feels like the whole world just loves you. like you understand what it means to sit atop a cloud and look back at earth & transcend it all, floating high amidst the bluest blue, untouchable, unbreakable, infinite.

in that moment, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are exactly who you were meant to be; exactly who you want to be. you are oh-so-human, with good days and bad, with heartaches & joys, with disappointments & love — you carry the whole world inside of you, & as you cross that finish line after a 26.2 mile journey to the center of your core and back, you can feel it all.

you are one person among many, but you are so very much you.

& suddenly, you know that will always be enough.


Thinking Out Loud

i’m joining up this week with Amanda @ Running with Spoons for the Thursday spill-sesh of a link-up that is:Thinking-Out-LoudONE: October 1st. gah. i feel like i had a nice, long, full summer with so many amazing trips & weekends & events…and then September, which is one of my fave months, zipped by in a snap. how is it October? and why is it so gray and gloomy in NYC? i love the idea of a beautiful, golden October, but the reality we’re having today of this new month’s beginning just isn’t working for me. September, come back. i loved you so. i think if i ever start a company i’m going to call it always september,” or “the september project” or something like that.  that’d make me happy. but anyway…i’m hoping October is amazing, all the same. i certainly have some awesome things lined up for this month, so i think i’m planning to love it.

& going along with that, when NYC finally gives in to all of the nuances of fall and sheds her summer skin, i always think of this quote:

screen-shot-2014-09-04-at-5-34-36-pmbecause there’s never a wrong time or place to squeeze in a lil Great Gatsby.

THREE: anyone else already excited about Halloween?? yes, i still dress up every year (and have no intention of stopping anytime soon). costume stores began popping up in NYC in September, and although i initially had my heart set on being a unicorn, i think imma scratch that and coerce a boy to dress up with me again — because that’s just way more fun & i love couple costumes. i have my eye on one that i wanted to be last year but that got vetoed in favor of the dalmatian/firefighter combo: a tooth & tooth fairy.

howwemadeiti just can’t take this, i love it so much!

this lightning strike one is too cute too:

lightning1who is this Julie Ann girl and how do i become her?!

if you guys have any great creative ideas, please send them my way!

FOUR: i ordered my first pair of high tops in yearssss yesterday. i think i’ve just been waiting for the “omg that’s them” pair to show up in my life, and i finally stumbled upon them and am hoping they look as good/fit as well as i’ve already decided they have to.

sneakscheers, Nike. i plan to wear you into the ground.

FIVE: i just discovered an Autumn-perfect tea: Tazo Pumpkin Spice Chai.

happymart_products_111914__14i’m currently warming up with this as i type, and it’s totally hitting the spot. oddly enough, it’s also sort of making me want a pumpkin beer…but considering it’s 11am, i think that’ll have to wait til tonight. 🙂

SIX: a friend tagged me in this IG post this morning, and it’s definitely the best representation of this quote that i’ve seen. those are my kind of world-conquering shoes.

i’m running a marathon in 10 days. that’s all i have to say about that.

3343ed742da8180e750ea6e51fe3700e…for the better. for me, it has absolutely been changed for the better.

but that’s fodder for another post. a post-marathon reflection post, should i live to tell about it. 🙂

Something random from your lately life?
Halloween costume ideas, please!!

weekly workouts {9/24-9/30}

runSBerrr…so who stole the glorious September weather we were having up until the last few days? it was 98% humidity this morning when i went running at 6am. that shouldn’t be allowed to exist. like, utterly disgusting. i don’t care if it was 72 degrees — this was the worst humidity i’ve run in all summer and i looked — and felt — like i was running under water. i’m so over that.

Thurs, 9/24: ran 5 miles in the morning along the river
Fri, 9/25: morning strength/abs workout in my gym (kettlebells, free weights, planks, back machine)
Sat, 9/26: 14-mile hilly run upstate. the first half of this run felt amayyyzinggg; the second half a bit sluggish — oh right, that half was entirely uphill.  i walked about a mile of it altogether. still, it felt good to be outside on such a lovely morning!
Sun, 9/27: 1-mile run (so sore), 3 miles of a hilly speed walk.
Mon, 9/28: rest day. i watched The Voice & drank a lil red wine and it was lovely.
Tues, 9/29: awesome 6-miler at 6am. felt sooooo good, & i saw the sun rise. so lovely.

i then did an hour of kettlebells/free weights & abs last night in my gym after work, as i was feeling like i needed a good upper body workout. i’ve been staying away from any lower body stuff other than running the past 2 weeks, as my race is next week and i don’t want my legs to be even tighter/more sore!
Wed, 9/30 (how is today the last day of Sept already?! seriously, this month FLEW):
4 quick miles at 6am in the soupiest air ever. gross. but it felt good to sweat so much, in a weird way…after it was over. unfortunately, it’s super overcast so the sun never rose…but i felt awesome throughout the run, so it was a great start to my day. tapering seems to be liking me, thankfully.

i feel great about this past week of runs/workouts and hope i’m feeling this good next week, as it’s the final week before my race!! eeeeee!!

Has September been a good run month for you?
Anyone else clueless as to where this month went?!

Autumn in NY (needs to stay forever)

so, this pretty  much sums up my weekend:

it was glorious. delicious. beautiful. fun-filled. colorful. downright Hundo P amazingness, from start to finish.

i ran: 14 miles of hills on a pristine, brilliant Saturday morning in upstate NY, where i had to wear long sleeves for the first 7 miles because it was only 50 degrees. the first hour of that run felt amazing; the second hour, although i was still happy to be out there, was not quiiiiite so runtastic. that’s what happens when the first half of a run is mostly downhill — you have to turn around at some point. oof.

i cuddled: this lil guy (that milk mustache!) can grin his way into my heart any day. and he now says my name — “Nawna” — and lights up when he recognizes me. i just melt. BFF baby, you too cute.

i danced: 
i finalllly made it to a Latin dance social upstate, which i used to attend all the time but haven’t showed my face at in moooonths. it was so much fun and i forgot how much i miss dancing! also, i discovered that there’s a whole salsa album of Michael Jackson’s hits (which my brother freaks out about every time). so dope.

i ate: the best apples. i unfortunately didn’t make it apple picking (insert sad face here) this weekend like i’d planned, but my family did, so i reaped the benefit of their hard work and had the best honey crisp apple ever (photo-worthy, obviously). i think those are my faves. & then Ry and i baked pies using our mom’s best Dutch apple pie recipe ever, and Autumn really felt like it should belong to New York for eternity.

i boated: we took the most magnificent Indian Summer boat ride yesterday and had a truly magical family day (until one of the dogs fell off into the lake and almost died of shock, which was hilarious except that she was a disaster and thought her life had ended):

& just like that, this weekend was everything an Autumn life in NY should be, at its very, very best.

Highlights from your weekend, please!
Is it Indian Summer where you live?