Thinking Out Loud

Hey-o, Friday eve! Happy almost-weekend, Think Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda @ Running With Spoons to do just that!


1. Bunnies. All the bunnies! They’ve overtaken my office building and I absolutely love it.


This perfect-for-Spring public art installation is called Intrude by Australian artist Amanda Parer and showcases giant inflatable, illuminated bunnies sprawling all over the place.IMG_9495

How amazing are these guys?! So fat & happy & lazy & adorable. I want one.

Fun fact about me: I was obsessed with bunnies (especially albino) as a child and not only did we have real ones (after years of begging I finally did get my albino baby dwarf bunny and promptly named her Snowball!), but my room and life were cluttered with every bunny stuffed animal and object a girl could possibly dream of acquiring. Seeing this exhibit hit my workplace (did I mention I work in an amazing building/area?!) this past week just made my week, and it arrived right in time for the glorious weather.


2. I can always count on the wine store on my corner for some post-run humor.


3. I made a white bean dip the other night and put cabernet in it, and it was delicious — and purple. That made me really happy because I still think life should include as many art projects as possible and if you end up with one inadvertently, that’s bonus points. I wish I could say I had a recipe for you but really I just emptied a can of cannellini beans into a food processor, added a little salt, and poured in some wine (twice). And it was amazing.

4. I think I bought these half because I love them and half because the word made me feel like a giggly little girl:


“Figlets”?! Am I the only one new to this word? It kills me with cuteness. I’m finishing the bag as I write this post and can’t wait to buy more — they were delicious and soft and perfect. And have the cutest name ever and I feel like baby pigs should eat them. Some words just seem built to have “lets” on the end and made into cute little versions of their normal-sized selves, and I guess figs are a case in point for that!

5. This video is everything.

I probably should start watching this weekly. I desperately wish I’d written it and it basically sums up my internal struggle and overall life perspective. LOVE.

6. So I recently realized that I’m somehow not registered to vote (whoops) and should probably change that. I incorrectly assumed that when I changed my address on my license to New York City (over 5 years ago) that I’d be automatically registered to vote here. Wrong. So I sent in my application last month…only to have my registration returned with my last name spelled incorrectly. I’m taking this as a sign that I really need to start educating myself better politically before I even consider voting this fall…

and anyway, this makes me smile every time so there’s that.


7. I’m going to Chicago next week (woot!) and stoked about it! I haven’t really spent any time there ever and will have lots of free time, so please send me suggestions of things to do & places to see & running routes to explore & establishments at which to wine & dine & any other wonderful silliness to be had.

Have a lovely Thursday, friends. ❤

Tell me something random or silly from your week!
Favorites things about Chicago?
What will you regret not doing or becoming or seeing or learning if you don’t accomplish it? 


Thinking Out Loud

linking up with our lovely host Amanda at Running with Spoons for this Thursday’s “spill your random thoughts” post:

Thinking-Out-Loud1. running during sunrise automatically starts my day off on a fantastic note. this morning’s run was glorious…and even more so because i went to bed in a horrid, frustrated mood, so waking up to this was exactly the reset my little heart needed.

streetalso the fact that i was sweating and running in a tank top in NOVEMBER at 6am makes me sooooooo happy. whatever whacky weather patterns we’re having, i’ll take ’em for as long as possible. thanks, New York. i ❤ you.

2. i’ve never seen The Simpson’s in my life but this pretty much sums up my existence while marathon training.

3. i’m obsessed with blending frozen bananas, almond/cashew milk, a dollup of Greek yogurt and some vanilla chai protein powder as my “fake frozen yogurt” dinner lately (plus dark chocolate chips for extra deliciousness). i’ve taken to keeping a container of frozen bananas in my freezer at all times and it’s seriously changing my life.

4. i finally decided on a pair of fall/winter booties: Toms Cognac Suede Lunata Booties. swoon.10006208-FH15-COGNAC-SUEDE-FRINGE-WM-LUNATA-BOOT-LUNATA-BOOTIE-WN-H-1450x1015never mind the fact that they got lost in the mail for a week (thanks UPS) and then delivered to my parents’ address upstate (no idea how that happened as the address on the company’s file was my NYC address…bizarre, no??) and i’ve yet to get my hands on them — i already know i’m in love and that they’re made for me. i rarely feel this way about a pair of shoes (except maybe sneakers) so that’s saying a lot.

5. this text from the boy today (with a “this is so you”) made me happy. it was also entirely apropos after i vented out a “what the heck am i doing with my life” session last night. thanks, babe.

FullSizeRenderhey, a girl can dream.

6. i really thought i’d hate these. 91uXdLJ+i5L._SL1500_i was surprisingly mostly wrong. i don’t enjoy caramel, i’m not a Milky Way fan by any means, and my idea of a good piece of chocolate is plain & dark & not too sweet (so basically the opposite of this). i only tried one of these lil minis out of sheer curiosity when i saw a bag floating around the office and i fully expected to hate it…but, well, it wasn’t half as bad as i thought it’d be. i’m going to chalk that up to the fact that i like apples a lot. i’m not saying go buy them, but it wasn’t terrible and mostly i was just shocked i didn’t spit it out. 🙂

7. Canstruction is happening in my office building lobby right now. i always enjoy looking at all the cool structures and yet somehow only ended up with a picture of the one every child probably chooses as well.bugsin a sea of NYC imagery, i choose Bugs Bunny. i’m having snapper’s regret over not taking a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge can masterpieces…but there’s always tomorrow.

Tell me something random from your day/week/lately life!
Any good fall fashion purchases lately?

Friday Five [5.22.15]

i’m in a fabulous mood today and super stoked for an amazing weekend ahead — hope you are all feeling the same! i’m also full of all sorts of randomness so i’mma forgo the Friday linkup fun and just do my own Friday Five spillage sesh, mmmkay?

ONE: runnnnning. so yeah, it’s going really well lately and i’m loving this pain-free return to my runnerlover self! i snapped out a sunny 6-miler before work today in the beautiful sunshine and felt like i was kicking rainbows out of my heels, i was so darn skippy! i’m planning to add on another 3.5 miles by running home from work today (and i get out early to start the long weekend, woot!) and taking advantage of this gorgeous weather and feeling so good!

TWO: taco love. i have an obsession with fish tacos in the summer & at the beach and if they’re on a menu (and not fried), i always feel a compulsion to order them because i can’t live with myself knowing i passed them up for something i just won’t enjoy half as much, guaranteed. i literally had them every day at least once in Amelia Island a couple of weeks ago and i now feel like i have to have them this weekend, too.
i know this saying is everywhere these days but i just love it and think i need this and wish that was me in that pic. let’s just pretend, k? til i can reenact for ya’ll (am i allowed to use that contraction in the northeast?).

& i’ll even be nice and buy this one for my brother…or wait til i get a boyfriend because God knows he’s going to be begging this of me alllll the timmmmme.

THREE: lake life. i’m going here after work tonight:

photohi, family lakehouse. you’re my favorite place.

& i’m extra happy because these faces are coming with me for the long let’s-kick-off-Summer weekend:

photobest place + best friends = best life. BRING IT ON, SUMMER 2016!!

our mission this weekend is to come up with a signature drink for each one of us (and our friend Tim whom we affectionately refer to as our “Harem leader”) based on taste preferences. hopefully by next week i will have more details for you on the Shosh, the U30, the Ellehop and the Tandrews cocktails. 🙂

FOUR: shop. VS is having both their big annual summer swimsuit sale & a sweeeet deal on undies right now, fyi. and since every girl always needs more of both, you probably should all place orders today. i’m actually not a stupidcrazy shopper at all and prob spend way less than every other woman in NYC on clothes, but i have a thing with swimsuits and can’tstopwon’tstop buying them (super convenient for me that the one thing i love buying most i can only wear a few months out of the year where i live.) also i recently lost my fave bikini top so i had to re-order it, and add a bottom and another top to make myself feel better about the loss.

FIVE: write. because when your soul screams at you to do something, you really have no choice.

have a wonderful, beautiful Memorial Day weekend, my lovely friends, wherever you may be! xo

Whatcha doing this weekend?
Fave type of tacos?
If you were going to choose a signature drink, what would it be?

Friday Five

Five Fab things from this past week:

1. Spring! okay, so it’s totally snowing and freezing here in NYC — happy Spring Equinox, east coast — but still, it’s SPRING and that’s wonderful! and my favorite poet writes about Spring, so that’s even wonderful-er.


2. workouts have been good and consistent, and i’m at total peace about forgoing the Queens 13.1 tomorrow. my leg is actually acting up again and has been really sore — the one that kept me from running the marathon last fall — so i know i shouldn’t push it anyway. not to mention, see #1 above. SNOW.

recap of this week’s workouts:

Sunday afternoon: 8mile windy run outside along the Hudson
Monday morning: 35-40 minutes on the Arc trainer, followed by a bit of upper body strength & abs
Tuesday night: 4.5ish (didn’t map it) mile run outside. cold & windy.
Wednesday night: easy 3 miles on the treadmill & abs
Thursday morning: hard hour+ of circuit training (what i call my personal boot camp) –>felt amazing and hard and i knew i’d be feeling that one.
Friday: woke up early this morning TOTALLY feeling yesterday’s workout. like, every single muscle in my legs was SO SORE that getting out of bed was a feat. i still pushed myself and was on the Arc trainer (with a coffee — my apt building rocks and has free coffee in the mornings) by 6am for 35 mins, followed by some upper body and abs. and then much-needed stretching. OUCH.


a-da-mo-853. Google Feud. (this is just a Google-laden post, eh?) as if you needed another time-waster, please enjoy. you’re welcome. (am i late to this game?? it’s become an epidemic at my office!)

4. Kiabacca. this bar/pizza joint just opened right by my apartment, so one of the girls and i went to check it out last night. it’s a super chill spot with both beer and wine on tap, and happy hour wine was $6, so that was a score. given the relaxed vibe and the fact that it’s a stone’s throw from where i live, i think it’s a good neighborhood fixture.

also digging the name: kiabacca, which they define on their site (and on their wall) as “a rare type of wood found only in the rainforest of St. Croix,” and also “that warm, positive feeling you get when you are sharing drinks amongst friends and lovers.” awww. that’s a nice concept around which to build a place. i’m fortunate that Hell’s Kitchen has so many cute little spots, with new options springing up all the time. i definitely dig my ‘hood.

kiaand yes that is what a kiabacca leaf looks like. don’t go getting any unfounded ideas about the sort of establishments at which i hang out, now. 😉

5. giiiiirls. how i feel when people go on a first date and “fall in love.” Team Elsa all the way here.


happy weekend, my loves!! enjoy the beginning of Spring (and hope it’s warmer and less snowy wherever you are than it is in New York!).


Something fabulous from your week?
Anything good going on this wknd?

Thinking out Loud

linking back up for the 2nd week in a row with Amanda at Running with Spoons and the other gals who participate in this Thursday fun!

Thinking-Out-Loud1. is the lamb here to stay?  so please tell me you guys are familiar with the whole “in like a lion, out like a lamb” idiom used to describe March’s personality, right? i’ve been chanting this every Spring since i could string words together (my parents were great teachers, thanks Mom!), but when i dropped it on the boy last weekend, he looked at me like i was speaking Parseltongue. i mean, this is a thing, guys. someone tell me they say this, too?

art: Emily Arnold McCully

art: Emily Arnold McCully

translation: the sun & blue skies have returned to NYC, and we hit 55 degrees yesterday. i seriously considered starting patio season already after work last night. can’t wait to run outside tonight, and i’m choosing to believe it’s only going to get better from here on out. c’mon, March!

2. eating: all the protein. so although i’m not sticking to Whole 30 strictly (i had wine with friends last night, whoops), i’m still loosely trying to base the majority of my diet around their food list, and i’ve been eating more eggs in the past 2 weeks than ever in my life. i was never much of an egg person, and now i’m hard boiling them like whoa and actually loving them. they keep me full for hours and eliminate any desire to snack, so i’ll take that! i’ve also been eating a lot of grilled chicken, and staying away from chips and crackers and bread products 100%, so that’s a win.

3. reading: The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. i’m a big C.S. Lewis fan — the Narnia series is one of my faves — and i started this book years ago but didn’t get into it. my roommate and i decided to read it together and discuss it, so i’m committed to it this time.

in case you’re unfamiliar with it, this is from Wikipedia:The Screwtape Letters is a Christian apologetic novel written by C. S. Lewis. It is written in a satirical, epistolary style and while it is fictional in format, the plot and characters are used to address Christian theological issues, primarily those to do with temptation and resistance to it…the story takes the form of a series of letters from a senior Demon Screwtape to his nephew Wormwood, a Junior Tempter.”

so yep, the narrator is a demon, and the book uses this interesting style to tackle a bunch of issues in the Christian faith. it’s rather dense, but i think it’s really good for me to read this (especially after all the fiction to which i default), so it’s good. i love being challenged and forced to really think about serious issues, so this is certainly accomplishing that.

4. Vegas! so i just found out last night that the weekend i’ll be in Vegas is now the weekend of the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight — aka the richest fight ever, with a purse of over $250 million!! whaaaaat?! thank God we booked our flights way ahead of time, b/c i imagine the prices will soar. i’m not into boxing whatsoever (i just know Pacquaio’s name b/c my old trainer was a Filipino who was also a boxer and he was obsessed), but the weekend should be packed and full of fun events and craziness, so that’s cool. not that i’ll probably partake in anything. i just am stoked to go to Vegas. and it’s a family trip — have i mentioned how much i love family trips? when your family is as fab as mine, you want to do all the things together. seriously, our vacas are the best.

5. food. these snapea crisps in wasabi ranch are so good.Calbee-Snapea-Crisp-Harvest-Snaps-Wasabi-Ranch-071146002470 i ate them on Tuesday on the train ride to class because i didn’t have time for lunch…but i refuse to consider them “chips” because they are essentially vegetables. they’re so light and puffy and have a great flavor. i’m a sucker for anything wasabi.

6. NYC Half. i’m not running that this year (sad face), but a big “good luck and have so much fun, this is an amazing race!” to all of you who are tackling it. i loooooved this race last year and had allllll the feelings about my city, so i hope you runners have a smashing time.

7. Instagram humor. half of my feed consists of these comedy accounts…please tell me you guys follow them. daddyissues? betches? girlwithnojob? i cannnnn’t. hilarity.

whena bestie and i are going anywhere (before we fall asleep on the couch and our boys take pix):

when you’re not with an actual like boy and amusing yourself with boytoys:


when your delusions of grandeur don’t quite align with the reality of your life in NYC:

but i’m maintaining that it’s still the best city, no matter what.
Whatcha thinkin’ bout this Thursday, friends?
Tell me something good from your week!

WILW {1.14.15}

*when my job is fun. tonight, i have a tour-and-drinks/dinner visit at the Trump SoHo, as our company has recently partnered with them for travel rates. this is when i love my job: when i have fun events to plan, or when i get to visit cool hotels and be entertained by their sales managers and eat good food. i’ve been (mostly) on a liquids cleanse (juice and protein shakes) since Monday morning (minus a yogurt i had last night bc i was delirious after some hard workouts…whoops), so i’m not sure how much food i can stomach, but it’ll be cool to go and see Koi, at which i’ve never eaten. i’m a big sushi and sashimi fan, so hopefully it’ll look appealing to me by tonight!

*Rawpothecary. when i decided to cleanse out my weekend life choices on Monday morning, i hit Whole Foods (the fix-all health stop) for some juices with no real plan other than to get juice & protein shakes in me and keep all else out for a bit. i ended up with a basket full of Rawpothecary’s juices, and i’m really enjoying them. they’re a privately-owned Brooklyn company that makes organic, cold-pressed juices, and every juice i’ve tried so far has been really good. i’m not really sticking to any sort of juice cleanse plan, just drinking them throughout the day, but i’m a big fan and i’d definitely buy them again.

*Garden of Life Organic Plant Protein.
i bought this on a whim at Whole Foods the other day as well, and i have to say, i’m pleasantly surprised by how much i like it. it has 15 grams of protein to 100 calories, and it’s organic, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, grain-free…and it actually tastes really good. i bought the Smooth Vanilla and i’ve been putting it in unsweetened almond milk, and it’s totally doing the trick. i found it at Whole Foods (which is pretty much my favorite restaurant), and i def plan to continue buying it.

GoL_plant-based-protein-1024x545*this sibling truth.

photocould nahhhht be more accurate for my bro and i (okay so minus the strangling part — we might get a lil annoyed with e/o sometimes but nothing ever serious). but we bust into some serioussss duets. i’m talking full-blown harmony & falsettos & arm movements & serious singing faces, on the regular. this is basically our #1 hangout pastime (with or without wine, and his guitar, and my hopes of being discovered mid-performance). we are one wannabe rockstars family.

*this song.  “Shut Up and Dance with Me” by Walk the Moon.

it’s quite possible i’m late to the Walk the Moon party, but a guy at my gym and i got talking about music and realized we needed to be friends based solely on our love for two very important things: the gym and the band 1975. he then recommended i listen to Walk the Moon, so i did, and he was right. they rock, and not only because i really want to grab a guy by the shirt and say “shut up and dance with me” (okay so that’s, like, 77% of the reason). this is one of my new running jams and you should check it out if you want a fun new dancey beat to run to.

*when someone else understands your lifelong aspirations.

and to think i just was following a childhood dream blindly, without ever once stopping to itemize all the other perks that came along with living in the ocean & being able to sing “Part of Your World” & having covet-worthy hair. this nailed it.

Anyone else obsessed with mermaids, or any other mythical creatures? i have a unicorn thing too, but mermaids have always been my first love. one of my bffs asked me last month, “if you could be a mermaid or a unicorn, which would you pick? and you HAVE to pick.” and it was actually a really, serious question for me. lollz. oh, and mermaid. definitely.

Discover any new good workout/running music lately? please share!!

Fave protein powder or juicing company?