Thinking Out Loud

Thursdays mean one thing around these parts: a “tell me all your random thoughts” post to linkup with Amanda @ Running With Spoons! I’ve really come to enjoy these bouts of random goodness. In a life full of structure, sometimes ya just need to spill, amiright?


1. Storydangles. I was recently introduced (virtually) to Sharon, the founder and mastermind behind the site Story Dangles, through a mutual friend who felt that the two of us had so much in common and were united by our love for communities built of stories that we just had to connect. With a tag line like “Read stories. Share stories. Buy jewelry. Support literacy.”, what’s not to like?!

Her goal is to create a space where stories can be shared, and she sells “dangles” (earrings) and donates $2 from each purchase to support a literacy organization in Canada. I love when women are driven to turn their passions into ways to help others and was stoked when Sharon asked to feature one of my pieces on her site (and it seemed quite appropriate, as it revolves around the theme of jewelry!): Why I Still Wear His Jewelry After the Love Ran Out. I’m excited to see this site grow and evolve.

2. I posted this on my therapy office’s IG yesterday (@renewcounselingnyc) and like it so much that I have to share it with you guys, too.


I came across this Emerson quote yesterday for the first time and it really resonates with me, the concept of perspective and how we view our circumstances. We have the choice to either focus on the negatives and allow them to become bullies that beat us down and define us by our struggles, or to keep our eyes fixed on our passions and live in constant pursuit of that which sets our soul on fire.

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to think I’m in the latter category of dream-chasers. It can be so easy to let L.I.F.E get to us, but remembering how beautiful it is and how uniquely US we are and how much we have to offer this world and putting one foot in front of the other toward our dreams & goals & best versions of ourselves on a daily basis is all any one of us can hope to do. I fully believe we were created to live passionate lives.

3. I’m on a runlove streak! ❀ Between my legs feeling great and the nicer weather (FINALLY), running has been my best buddy this week. I made it outside this morning for an early 4 miles, and had two decent back-to-backΒ  5-milers the past two days after work. It’s supposed to be nice this weekend, so I’m anticipating a great longer run on Saturday. I absolutely run better in the morning — my stomach struggles with post-work runs and operates a gazillion times better when empty.

4. Since coming back from Maui, I’m seeing pineapples everywhere. Like walking around the Meatpacking district on a Saturday morning in March.


I’ve totally been suffering from the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, or more commonly termed the “frequency illusion.” Every clothing site I visit has pineapple bathing suits or sweaters or socks and I suddenly can’t remember why I don’t live somewhere tropical.

Later the same day of the above photo, we were jaunting around SoHo and passed the Spanish tapas restaurant Boqueria, to which I’d never been — and their sign out front begged “Try our Pineapple Sangria!”

Welp, that seemed like an order if I ever heard one.


To be honest, however, I didn’t really like it. I like sangria, so long as it’s not that sweet, and I was hopeful for this one…but this just tasted weiiiird. I’m blaming it on the mezcal, which I can’t stand, because I like all the other ingredients. NY_Wine_Page_1.jpgI was more into the idea I had to have this than the actual act of having it, since it fit our pineapple frequency illusion. I DO like that Boqueria changes their sangria seasonally, though, so I’d definitely go back and try another one this summer. I’m pulling for peach!

5. I really need a new book (or 10) to read. Any suggestions? The boy and I are going to start this one together soon, which I’m looking forward to — there’s something about reading a thought-and-conversation-provoking book with someone that really makes me happy:


It’s currently on the NY Times Best Seller list and I can definitely use a book that challenges me to think about how I’d live my life if I knew I only had 30 days left to live, so I’m stoked for this. But I’m always looking for other good options so please send my way!

6. I had a dream last night that my brother bought an apartment in San Francisco completely out of the blue — didn’t have a job there or anything — and announced he was moving there, and I got SO obnoxiously envious. Like, I was seething in such a palpable envy that I woke up perturbed about how upset I was and it took me a moment to realize that my brother was not, in fact, moving to SF and living out my California dreams. I’m not sure what bothers me more: the fact that in my dream, I was more jealous about him living in California than upset about him moving across the country; or the fact that I will probably never be able to shake my desire to live in California at some point and just need to give in and move my life to the Pacific Ocean. The struggle is real.

Oh, and I believe there’s an Emerson quote for that, too. πŸ™‚M_26A094_original.jpg

Join in the fun and tell me something random from your week!


Two Things Tuesday


ONE: Noshing. We had a health fair yesterday at work, which was fun in that every company represented brought snacks with them, so basically we all just made mad dashes from table to table to stock up on treats and pretended to show interests in scheduling podiatrist & acupuncture appointments between handfuls of chocolate & chips.


Just the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my entire life, nbd.

Essentially, it was a lazy man’s adult Halloween, right here in our event space at work. I’m not mad about it at all, especially because the foot doctor table was giving away Oatmega bars, of which I’m a big fan…so I babbled to the guy about being a runner and losing toenails on the regular and knowing I should probably pay them a visit long enough to feel justified in trying a few samples and then taking a whole bar. Hey, gotta go after what you want, right? And it was a new-to-me flavor: Lemon Chia Crisp.


Not quite as yummy as the Vanilla Almond Crisp, but good nonetheless. This made for a happy breakfast this morning after a nice & quick 5-miler on the treadmill. Which leads into today’s #2…

TWO: Inspiration. I used to post more inspirational quotes/images and realize I haven’t done that in a bit, and now that I’ve started an IG page for the therapy practice at which I work (follow us @renewcounselingnyc!), I’m constantly on the hunt for great quotes and inspiring messages. Feel free to send me any you like and I’ll happily post those!

True for both running & life in general:


makes me think of the Serenity Prayer:


& always a reminder to stay true to your passions and live from who God created you to be.


Such simple advice, but so often gets lost in the flurry of activity that is our daily life. Remember to do what makes your heart soar and love those you love as well as you can. ❀

Tell me something happy from your week!

2 Things Tuesday

peace copy

ONE: Brooklyn Half Marathon.


i’m stoked to report that i’ll be running this race in May for the 4th year in a row, especially considering how popular it has become. touted as the “biggest half marathon in the country,” it’s already set a new record for this year by selling out in 52 minutes – which is less than half the time it’ll take me to run it! (#wild)

i’ve had nothing but great experiences running BK and am especially stoked for this year because it’ll be my man’s first half, so i just plan to enjoy running it with him. it’s amazing to me how popular half marathons have become in the past few years and i love the race culture that has evolved and the community of runners here in NYC.

TWO: The Blackboard Experiment.

i found this project to be a poignant commentary on the human condition today, and especially loved it because it was set right here in NYC.

it’s my dream/goal to one day do a social experiment like this, and don’t worry – i’ll let you all know when i do. πŸ™‚

Anyone else sign up for Spring races?
What will you regret NOT doing in your life?
for me, it’s traveling more. i want to see as much of this great big wonderful world as i possibly can.

Friday Five: 5 Weekly Faves

soooo, this is how i’m feeling today:


and you’ll see why if you keep reading. πŸ™‚

linking up with the DC ladies Mar, Cynthia & Courtney for our weekly dose of Friday Five fun, with this week being a “Free Friday” where we can choose whatsoever topic suits our fancy. as i did a pretty specific one last week on nutrition bars, i decided to go a bit more lax this week and go with a list of random favorite things from the last week of January.


1. florals.Β i came home from a double-job, 12-hour workday on Monday (did i mention i’m a therapist a few nights a week now? if you are looking for a therapist or life coach, i’m happy to work with clients remotely as well!) to find these beauties hanging out on my dresser, along with the sweetest note. it was the perfect surprise to end my long day. & i totally won the human lottery, for real. he’s so good. ❀

2. School of Rock. what do you get when you mix Broadway theater + hilarity + a total Jack Black double + adoooorable and talented children + all the enthusiasm and energy in the world?

School of Rock the musical, that’s what. this was SUCH a cute show. the lead actor clearly studied Jack Black ad nauseam for this role, and totally crushed it — he was hilarious. and the kids?! OMG they were fantastic. such a wholesome, rowdy, energetic, fun-filled, non-stop show that made you laugh so hard & made you “awwww” & made you feel good about theater still reflecting the genuine heart of humanity at its core. i really, really liked it and would recommend it for all ages. basically if you liked the movie, you’ll love it.

3. bottoms up. i went out with guys from work for a drink last night to Ward III in TriBeCa, a dark little cocktail bar that has a great novelty drink list, talented mixology bartenders, and this menu gem:

a list of house rules. this adds such character and serves as a great conversation piece. we especially liked #2, Don’t Be Creepy, which lets us gals know that if a guy is bothering us, the bartenders are happy to ask him to leave her alone. genius.

i ordered their signature drink, the Ward III, which was fantastic and one of the best drinks i’ve had anywhere in a long time (also the first, since i haven’t been drinking anything but wine for months!):


definitely a different order for me, and it was SO good. i’d return just for this.

4. inspiration. i love this.


5. travel.Β so, about that first image from this post…

it was entirely apropos for today, as the best thing that happened to me this week was booking a trip yesterday for me and the boy…


to the beach in that picture above.

Ka’anapali Beach, Maui — i’m coming for you in March. eeeeeeee!! ❀

hope you all are having a fabulous Friday, friends!!

Best part of your week?
What’s on tap for the weekend?

Mohawk Hudson Marathon Recap (aka the best day ever)

Sunday, October 11th, 2015, has to go down as one of the most incredible days of my life thus far. it was the second time i’ve run the Mohawk Hudson Marathon in upstate NY, and by far the absolute most wonderful, amazing, beautiful, kick-ass, fun-from-start-to-finish races/runs i’ve ever experienced in my life.

for starters, the day was utterly glorious. this entire weekend was like a gift straight from Autumnal Heaven. i mean, i woke up to this view of Crooked Lake from my parents’ deck every morning and sent up silent prayers of gratitude that this is, in fact, my life. i felt so relaxed & thankful & rested & healthy & strong & READY for this marathon. Sunday morning dawned all hazy pinkish-purple and chilly, in the 40s, and i knew it was going to be a perfect race day. thank you, God!

a 6am wake-up call really isn’t that bad for a race, so i woke up feeling SO READY to run. i just knew from the start that this was going to be an awesome day for me.

i’m blessed with the world’s most amazing parents, who also woke up at 6am and shared my excitement for race day, and the three of us set off to the start in Schenectady NY’s Central Park. i was more excited than nervous, and totally curious about what this race held for me and how i’d be feeling in just a few hours!

i’m a big fan of this race. it’s small — i think they cap it at 1,500 runners. it’s well organized, and the course is just absolutely gorgeous, winding through a truly picturesque, tree-lined bike/running path for a good portion of the race, and over rolling countryside hills & along both the Mohawk and the Hudson Rivers, ending in downtown Albany right along the Hudson. my dad said one of the winners was quoted saying it was the most beautiful course she’s ever run, which is easy to believe. it’s really an ideal place to run an Autumn marathon, showcasing upstate NY at its finest.

the start isn’t very crowded and it’s easy to find people, which was fabulous, as i was so fortunate to be so very surrounded by people i love. one of my close girlfriends came to support me and run the beginning with me (thank you, Sarah — you’re wonderful!), and the boy also dragged himself out of bed bright & early and came to see me off (before getting onto a plane for work, unfortunately, but i’m thankful he made it to the start — points for that πŸ™‚ ). my sweet parents were there, of course, and then resurfaced 3-4 more times along the route, and were the faces i saw in the crowd right before i crossed the finish line as well. my (pregnant!) best friend also jumped in to run a bit with me around mile 19, which was so appreciated and fun, and was also waiting for me at the finish — and took some great photos for me. thanks, baby girl — you are my sunshine!

i felt so very loved & encouraged & reminded yet again of how blessed i am to have such wonderful people at the center of my life. the world becomes such a bright & shiny thing when people are invested in what’s important to you because they care about you. feeling all that love & support contributed greatly to making this such a magical experience for me.

so, what can i say about the actual race itself?? it went smashingly. no, but like — it really, honestly did. i couldn’t have wished for anything better, and i went into it so relaxed & ready & confident that i’d done all the necessary work, and i was determined to just enjoy the experience and savor every moment — and i truly feel like that’s what i did. i ran with the 4-hour pacer til just over mile 23, when i started to feel the first twinges of the struggle life set in, and i decided then and there that i was going to run this race for me and not push myself to the point of misery and lose the joy i’d felt the last 23 miles. i slowed down a bit and started reflecting on the whole thing: how crazy good i’d felt for 23 miles, how all my hard work was coming to fruition in this one 4- hour race, how blessed i was to be strong enough to choose to run a marathon, how over-the-moon i was about to be in a few miles when i saw that finish line up ahead.

i won’t lie: miles 24-25 were a bit rough. not rough like during my first marathon (where i thought my body might break apart), but they were the hardest of this race for me by far. i didn’t walk (save a few steps at the water stations), but i did have a few fleeting thoughts of doubt creep in during those 2 miles where i almost wondered how i’d ever finish and everything suddenly just seemed so dang hard…

and then something happened when i saw the mile 25 marker. it was like a switch flipped within my brain and i instantly thought, “okay, welp, stop the pain stuff — you just ran 25 miles. you’re one mile away from finishing this race, and this has been a wonderful, mostly enjoyable experience that will go down as one of the biggest accomplishments of your LIFE. you so, so have this, and you’re going to finish it STRONG & HAPPY & just let yourself go.”

mile 26 was glorious. it really was. no, i wasn’t flying, although i did pick up the pace from my last 2 miles, and no, i didn’t magically feel all my pain swoosh out of my body. but somehow, i didn’t feel it as much, because i started to become overwhelmed with the beauty of the whole experience and be so very present in the reality of finishing this race. mile 26 was so very mine. it was my piΓ¨ce de rΓ©sistance.

i don’t believe it’s possible to accurately capture in words that specific, all-encompassing feeling of elation that overwhelmed me when i rounded the final corner and saw the finish line of my marathon ahead of me. so much crowds into that moment that if i could just freeze it and dissect it, i’d be able to name all of the individual parts that contribute to the overwhelming sense of euphoria that brought tears to my eyes as a grin stretched across my face and my arms had no choice but to fly high above my head — but in that moment, all i felt was so much. so much.

it’s the sense of accomplishment in yourself, of having done this hard, hard thing — this nearly-impossible thing that really is ever-so-possible after all — entirely on your own.

it’s the physical representation of the goal, that banner stretching high, the words marking your final steps. it’s hearing your name over the microphone as you step across the finish line.

it’s the cheers & excitement of the crowds, seeing your parents & best friends’ faces beaming through, feeling their love & pride shining forth at you. all for you.

in that moment, it honestly feels like the whole world just loves you. like you understand what it means to sit atop a cloud and look back at earth & transcend it all, floating high amidst the bluest blue, untouchable, unbreakable, infinite.

in that moment, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are exactly who you were meant to be; exactly who you want to be. you are oh-so-human, with good days and bad, with heartaches & joys, with disappointments & love — you carry the whole world inside of you, & as you cross that finish line after a 26.2 mile journey to the center of your core and back, you can feel it all.

you are one person among many, but you are so very much you.

& suddenly, you know that will always be enough.


Forever in Our Hearts

this morning, i woke up, fought the urge to snooze (for the second time), had a great hour-long strength and abs session in the gym in my building, and rejoiced that it was Friday. it wasn’t until i zipped out to head to work and turned the corner out of my apartment building and walked past the open door of the firehouse next door, already setting up for the day’s events at 8am, that i realized just what today is.

today marks the 14th commemoration of the World Trade tragedy on 9/11/01, a day that most, if not all of us, remember in vivid detail. i know i can tell you the exact sequence of events in my life that morning, as a junior in college in upstate NY, where our morning class professor came in very distraught and broke the news of this horrific event to a classroom full of blurry-eyed students who had no idea what he was talking about. i remember a girl from my class running out in shock and near-hysteria when he told us, because her dad worked in one of those buildings. i remember going back to my dorm room in a confused daze and talking to my roommate/best friend, whose brother lived and worked in downtown Manhattan and miraculously overslept his alarm that morning to miss a meeting in one of the WTC towers. i remember the shock and the uncertainty and the fear and the subsequent rush to leave campus, as most of our families wanted us home, where they knew we were safe.

but mostly, i remember how proud i was, despite the terrible event, to be a New Yorker — to have grown up in New York, even if i was a couple hours away from NYC — and experience the unity and outpourings of support and love that ensued. i remember us all checking in with our loved ones and friends, and having people from other states reach out to us; i remember long talks about not taking a single day for granted and recognizing we’re not invincible and loving the people we love so hard while we can; i remember prayer meetings and church services dedicated to healing for this city and the countless number of people affected by this event. i remember the fear, yes, but above all else, i remember the sense of belonging; of experiencing humanity at its most vulnerable, broken and on its knees, and still finding a way to lift its collective gazes and choose faith & love in the midst of the unthinkable.

i remember feeling so fortunate, so loved, so protected in my own life. i remember believing — knowing — that prayer really does work, and healing can –and will — happen, even when it seems impossible.

today, i live in this incredible, magical city that underwent that tragedy, and for the past 5 years, i’ve worked directly across the street from where the towers stood. today, there’s a beautiful memorial & park resurrected in that spot, and its become a sacred, special place in the heart of a bustling downtown. my office even has a conference room called the Memorial Room, with a view of this memorial, which has become a special room for our company since we moved to a new building last summer.


there’s a lot to be proud of as a New Yorker. our city truly is one of the most wonderful places on this planet, with so many secrets to discover and adventures to be had. as i sit here at my desk and look out my window at the Statue of Liberty, i’m reminded of how much i have to be thankful for, and how much love New York has received.

i always feel compelled to pray for my city. today, even as i voice my own silent prayers, i can feel others around New York and the United States and this great big world all doing the same.

and i know i will never forget this feeling, either.

tumblr_n5mcrrrBw81ral6u1o1_1280love you all, friends.

2 Things Tuesday {6/16/15}

ONE: it’s my birthday!!

i will unabashedly admit that i love my birthday. not because i love myself so much that i need everyone to celebrate me — don’t get me wrong. i just love having a day to feel so utterly blessed and thankful to be alive, in MY little life, and talk to the people i love most, and feel that everything is just silver-lined and glitterstrewn. my parents have always been the in-love-with-life, celebrate-everything-and-make-you-feel-so-unbelievably-special sort of people, so we were a family who loved to celebrate.

today, i’m especially thankful for my loveliest of families and outstandingly, beautifully amazing friends, who make my life such an unparalleled one to lead. thanks for making me feel so LOVED, today and every day!

TWO: inspiration. because today, it doesn’t feel right to talk about anything else but happiness, dreams, and all good things. πŸ™‚


Friday Five: Why I Run

linking up with Mar, Cynthia & Courtney for the Friday Five Linkup to delve into one of my fave things in the world.

and nope, we’re not talking about boys (although that might be a fun idea for another week, hmmm?!). πŸ™‚ today’s theme is all about running, in honor of National Running Day (which was Wednesday, but we’re keeping it going because WHY NOT?). sooo, here are 5 reasons why I run

ONE: my dad made me. but like, seriously. i was a very obedient child (except when i wasn’t) and i really hate disappointing people (that’s mostly true) and i was/am SUCH the daddy’s girl (Hundo P true), and i grew up with a running-obsessed father who basically instilled the fear of God in me that my life would not be complete if i didn’t take up running. his father was a crazy good runner and he was a crazy good runner and it was his duty to pass down that legacy to me…and i’m so glad he convinced me that i would be lazy & unfulfilled and spend my days constantly trying to find a purpose for my feet & my free time & my boundless energy if i didn’t start dragging myself around the blocks in our small town.

so listen to your parents, kids. they know best.

& i’ll never forget being in the car with my dad around the time i ran my first (and only, to date) full marathon and he was so stinkin’ proud & happy that he said to me, “you’re the best distance runner our family has ever had.” thanks, daddy. you made me this way. πŸ™‚

TWO: i love how it makes me feel. running has been such a journey for me — i still remember running/walking the 1.5 mile loop in my hometown and thinking i would die as a teenager/college student — and i love the progression and how everything about me has changed because of this one addition to my life. mentally, physically, emotionally, i’m so much stronger because i run, and it’s done wonders for my self-concept and discipline. i’ve stuck with running even when it’s felt impossible and seen it transform my entire identity/life, and i can’t imagine being ME without it.

THREE: i can’t sit still. i have more energy than a pack of adolescents unleashed in a theme park, and running definitely provides a healthy and consistent outlet for that. if there’s something active to do — snowboard, hike, bike, kayak, walk, dance, cartwheel, travel, swing, you name it — i’m going to want to do it. itchy feet like whoa. or maybe i just have a fear of getting bored, i don’t know. anyway, i like to keep moving. (and then i sleep soooo harrrrrd.)


FOUR: “me” time. running has become my coveted “me” time here in the wonderful chaos that is my life in NYC. don’t get me wrong: i love my occasional “runch” dates with my best friend or group classes, but running has been almost entirely a solo thing for me, and i so love my river runs and feeling like i’m taking on the city, one sneakered step at a time, entirely on my own. it gives me a sense of control and freedom over my time, knowing that i’m doing this just for me, falling in love with my life a little more with every run. nobody can take this from me, and the only person pushing me is ME. i think we all need something in our life that makes us feel like the best, truest, most elemental version of ourselves. this is mine.IMG_7214
FIVE: because i really love bikinis
& workout clothes.
& after writing a book, my life goal is to never have to wear anything else. aim high, right? πŸ™‚

have a lovely Friday and start to your weekends, friends!

Runners: What’s a reason (or 2, or 10) that you run?
Non-runners: What’s your passion/what takes you to your happy place?


*What Country in the World Best Fits your Personality?

1d1a8d23-991d-468b-8fed-5f1671ef7bb5_560_420i can’t very well pass up a quiz whose title promises to tell me where i belong! this was a fun one, and i wasn’t surprised at all by my results, even though i’ve yet to go there:

New Zealand

871d769d-0711-4c15-84ac-b77206663027“You are an adventurous individual who enjoys being outdoors and spending time being active. You are a risk taker and have no problem striking up a conversation with a total stranger. When you travel you love to get to know the locals, and their customs, and are always up for a challenge. You thrive in a culture where others share your deep appreciation for land, and believe life is best lived outdoors. You love a hard hike, but also love the water and are happy to spend a day beach side. You thrive in a society with diversity and appreciate a simpler way of living. You are keen on learning about cultures and customs that are different than your own, and enjoy a deep conversation, whether it be philosophical or spiritual. You are not a city dweller by any means, and definitely believe that life is something to explore and experience firsthand. This country gives you endless opportunities to live both an active lifestyle and enjoy the company of new found friends.”

brrrrrppppp i loooooove everything about that. it appears i’m living about as opposite a lifestyle as possible from what i’m built to live…not that this really surprises me, as much as i love NYC. i certainly wouldn’t mind trying out NZ…and since one of my best friends got the same result, we probably should just pick up and move. πŸ™‚

*Quinoa BBQ chips. mmmmhmmm. as if i needed another addition to my list of “healthy” chips i can’t stop eating…lentil chips, chickpea chips, chia chips, now quinoa chips…these will be the death of me. keep your cookies & Easter candy, you can find me buried under a sea of chips i pretend are good for me.

*the day after an exam. it’s almost as good as the minute after that puppy is handed in. remember how great it felt to write furiously under a time constraint and then toss it off and just know that you killed it? i’m riding high on that feeling today after an all the writing exam in my Parenting class last night. i realllly love learning this stuff, and it felt good to knock that one out of the park (so i think, at least!), even if studying this past weekend (when i wanted to be sleeping/running/dyeing Easter eggs) made me feel like this:

FullSizeRenderi’m so ready to be a therapist, guys, if only i can get this clinical piece under my belt! then i can help you all with your relationships. you’re welcome. πŸ™‚

*gifts that are perfect for you. i have such thoughtful friends. have i mentioned that at least 354634 times? i’m sure i have. they really are spectacular. my bestest friend gave me the cutest Easter gift: a tank top she prefaced as “having all your favorite places on it, so it was made for you.”

cn9443946and by that she means, all the beaches, with Montauk front and center. how cute is this Old Navy tank?! i can’t wait to sport it this summer. thanks, baby!

*inspiration. your life is your message; you can choose to make it art. live on purpose.


cheers to getting over the hump!

What country do you imagine would best fit your personality, if you had to guess?

Anyone been to New Zealand? will i fit in there?! πŸ™‚

What’s a thoughtful/perfect gift for you that someone has given you?

Weekend Recap

scenes from my weekend:

*silliness. alternative to the Kylie Jenner make-up pout: pucker-up wine glasses. this is the closest i’ll ever get to big lips.

*running. it rained allllll day here on Saturday, so my anticipated outdoor run had to be swapped for a 2-hour gym sesh instead. after staying in on Fri night and sleeping 10.5 hours, i felt great. i ran a lil over 5 miles, incline walked til i hit 6m, and then did strength/plyo and abs. booyah, kick start to my Saturday. i finally made it outdoors for a run on Sunday afternoon, but it was super windy out — like, i was seriously blowing off the path and had trouble keeping my footing a few times — and i was exhausted and slooooowwww and just not killing it. i made it 8 miles, and by the end, my legs were just beat. i really wished a hot tub had been awaiting me (like at my parents’ house!).

this leads me to my next running point: i have zero desire to run the Queens 13.1 this coming weekend. like, not one iota of me cares about doing this race. i did it two years ago and didn’t enjoy it — wasn’t feeling so amazing — and i signed up last year but had to forfeit it because my best friend got married that day. i registered for this year’s a few months ago, and i just don’t wanna do it. that’s not like me at all, and i think it’s due to a few factors, but i’m pretty sure i’m going to go with my gut and skip it. i love running because i love running, and i don’t want to take the joy out of it by forcing myself to do a race i’m dreading. not into it. i’d rather go home and see my fam and relax.

i’ll keep you guys posted on this, but as of right now, i’m 80% sure i’m gonna skip it.

*inspire. my cousin & lifelong friend tagged me in this on Instagram a few days ago, writing, “you do all of these.”

FullSizeRenderthat totally made my day. i loooove this image — Gerbera daisies are even my fave flowers, and i adore the words on that page — and love that someone who knows me so well saw this and instantly thought of me. it’s those little things, those sweet gestures when someone reminds you “hey, i’m thinking of you, you’re special to me” that can turn your whole day around. ❀

*drink up. how have i not had this stuff before this weekend?

perrieri drink club soda basically daily, but i somehow managed to make it all these years without having Perrier Grapefruit. it’s soooooo good. i’m craving one as i write this.

*cake batter blondies. i made these for a friend’s lil get-together on Saturday night, because i know she loves sweets, and even though i’m not a huge sweets gal, i love to bake stuff for other people. i used a Funfetti cake mix instead of vanilla (because who can have too much fun?! not this girl!), and subbed applesauce rather than oil, to make it that much healthier, at least. they were super easy to make and went over so well, and the applesauce worked wonderfully. i’ll def be making these again, for fun people, of course. because FUNfetti. you get me.

PS, anyone ever Googled the word “funfetti” before? i just did…holy rainbow overload. i think every time i feel a bad mood coming on at work, i’m going to do this. it’s sure to boost my spirits at least 5%. i mean, it’s just glitter for food, right? ezzzzactly.

*dirty hair don’t care. i don’t wash my hair every day. it’s thick, it’s dry, it doesn’t get greasy very quickly, and who has time to wash their hair every day?! because of this, i’m a big dry shampoo fan, and i’ve probably tried half the options on the market. however, this one has been a game-changer for me:
Batiste-Dry-Shampoo-Dark-and-Deep-Brown-200mlBatiste makes a dry shampoo specifically for dark hair, and it’s awesome. no more white residue to brush out! it blends in perfectly, and the quality of the product is fab. it’s a must-have for brunettes.

*confusion. so, given that 2 of my lifelong favorite things ever are mermaids and unicorns, my attention was obviously sparked when i saw a shirt at H&M this wknd that said something along the lines of feeling like “an ex-mermaid but a newborn unicorn.”


can someone please tell me what the whattt that means?! i seriously stood there and stared at it for a good 30 seconds, completely baffled. are we supposed to assume that by putting mermaids and unicorns together in the same sentence, all of our fantastical dreams of mythical creatures have suddenly collided and we NEED that shirt? why would an ex-mermaid now be a unicorn? why am i an EX-mermaid? what happened to my mermaid-ness? did i just exchange fins for a horn?


no, H&M. just no. stop ruining things i love.

but this is cute, so that makes me feel better. πŸ™‚

hope your week is off to a great start!

Weekend highlight?
Unicorns or mermaids?
Does that shirt make sense to anyone else??