Weekly Workouts (9/1-9-7)

It seems to be so easy for a full week to go by without me blogging lately, and here I am right back to another weekly workouts post already. Where does the time go??

I hope you all had lovely Labor Day weekends, and I’m guessing you’re as deep in denial as I am about Summer’s imminent send-off. We had the most beautiful weather imaginable in Upstate NY this past weekend,  and I wouldn’t be mad at all if early September just stayed forever. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect long weekend, full of all my favorite things: my family, close friends, a lake view and some boating/SUPing, a day in Saratoga that ended at a Zac Brown Band concert (they were amazinggggg), and lots of running and relaxing. Oh, and more delicious wine slushies! I was loving my life this past weekend.


And as for the workouts/running, that’s been pretty good, too. Not marathon-training good, but decent enough.


Thurs, 9/1: hour of upper body strength (kettlebells, free weights, plates, push-ups) & abs
Fri, 9/2: 3.5 mile morning run
Sat, 9/3: 9-mile very hilly run upstate; push-ups
Sun, 9/4: 5-mile run with the boy
Mon, 9/5: 3-mile run with the boy; paddleboarding
Tues, 9/6: rest.
Wed, 9/7: 5.5 mile morning run; push-ups; 50 walking lunges

Total weekly mileage: 26

Thoughts: I’m happy with this, although running has felt a bit tough/meh lately, largely in part to a very achey hip that won’t seem to give me a break. It’s not excruciating but it’s super tight and just annoyingly painful all the time. 

I did put in a request (just today) to defer my marathon til next year as I 1) am experiencing a lot of hip pain lately and 2) didn’t do any long run training this past month due to humidity and just not putting the time in, sooooo I’m nowhere near where I’d need to be to run a marathon in 4 weeks. A half, maybe; a full, well, that’d be really painful and probably stupid at this point. And I’m okay with this decision.

Song of the week: “Baby You’re Right” by Babe


Weekends Should Never End

The definition of time flies: Summer Saturdays & Sundays.

Sunny Sunday in Bryant Park

Seriously — where do those S-days go? When I become Rearranger of the Universe, we will have many more weekend days than we currently do. You can quote me on that.

*Side note:  I know you can’t see much of it above but I found an adorable romper on Amazon that was such a surprisingly great find for only $20 and now think I’m becoming a believer in the romper trend. Really good quality for the price, just listen to the reviews and size up (I usually am a small and this medium fit perfectly).

Running. It was beautiful here both days this weekend, so even though I didn’t get any crazy big runs in as we had to be down to the Jersey Shore (not crazy Jersey Shore –think quiet, lovely little beach where football players have houses) early on Saturday, I had two pretty decent runs: a 4-miler on Saturday am and a slow and easy 8-miler last night. I have zero photos to show from my sunset run along the Hudson but let me assure you it was lovely.

I’m no closer to making a marathon decision as I only clocked in 12 miles total this weekend, and I should be running 18 at a pop…but I’ll see how September goes and how my body feels and take it from there. I’m praying for lots of 70s and humidity-free days!

Eating. In other news, I tried this last night for the first time and am now insta-obsessed:


Dairy isn’t my friend and so I rarely eat ice cream, but this almond milk frozen dessert in my all-time favorite flavor was soooooo good. Will be buying on repeat for sure.

Drinking. The boy and I also tried our hand at making wine slushies, as I was super excited about that endeavor, and we were pleasantly surprised with our first attempt! We froze a bottle of Josh Cabernet into ice cube trays overnight, then blended them in the morning with a bag of mixed frozen berries and added a few packets of natural sugar…annnnnd success. Such a perfect summery drink!


(Not my photo but very close to what ours looked like in color/consistency.)

Reflecting. So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about perfectionism and how we do ourselves such injustices by allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good (this is also a theme in the book I’m reading so I definitely recommend Daring Greatly if you want to delve into this more).


It’s often so true, though, and I think affects everyone in different areas of our lives at different times. If we constantly strive for the ideal of perfection, which is an impossible construct that we will never achieve (and no objective version of perfection can exist anyway as we all see things from our subjective POVs), we sell ourselves short and miss the wonder and beauty in everything around us that might very well be so darn good but just shy of what we consider perfect.

How does this apply to me? Gah, in so many ways. Realizing that the 8-mile run I do do is better than the 20-miler I don’t and feeling pride in that accomplishment rather than disappointment in what I didn’t do. The blog post I write that may feel all over the place and “purposeless” is still a reflection of what I have to give that day, as opposed to the two weeks I spend not writing because I’m not sure I’ll be interesting enough to read. That book I’m always talking and dreaming about writing? Once I let go of what it means to write “the perfect book,” maybe I’ll actually start getting something out — and whatever I do write will be far better than the idea in my head that never gets put onto paper.

There’s so much freedom found when we learn to ease up on ourselves and embrace the reality of what we can do, rather than be paralyzed into inaction by thoughts of failing at what we see as the perfection we must achieve.

So be gentle with yourselves, friends, and don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for the things you do accomplish and take risks even if the result is “good enough” as opposed to “perfect.” Because sometimes our “good enough” is more amazing than we think. ❤

Something good from your weekend?
Anyone else jump on the wine slushie fad?
What are you learning about yourself these days?

2 Things Tuesday: For the Love of Wine


ONE: Women who love wine. Heard of this IG account? It’s such a fun one, and definitely worth checking out if you’re, well…a woman who loves wine, otherwise known as a woman (period). 😉 I entered a giveaway contest they were hosting last week and actually won, to my happy surprise! What did I win? This adorable t-shirt that I’m totally digging:


How cute is that tee? They have other super cute shirts available on their site as well, so definitely check them out.


They were also gracious enough to offer all RunThisApple readers a 20% off discount sitewide, so use the code TIPSY at checkout and snag the shirt that speaks to you!

TWO: Rosés. It’s no secret that I enjoy my summer rosés, but in all honesty, I can be picky about them. Not all rosés are created equal in my book, and I’ve definitely had some lately that just didn’t do it for me at all. Then, I fortuitously stumbled upon this gem at my (one of 3) local wine stores (I love my neighborhood) and feel like it’d be unfair to not share.


I thiiiiink I might have had the 2015, but regardless, the Chateaux La Mouliniere Bordeaux Rose is amazing. It’s so light and crisp and fruity and such incredible quality for the price (I think I paid like $12?!). I went back to snag more the following week and they were sold out. In a case full of rose, this was the only one they’d sold out. Such a bummer.

If you can find it near you, definitely try it. (And please send me one!). 🙂

Happy rose (and day drinking) season, friends!

Which tee shirt would you choose from the WWLW site?
Fave summer wine?

The Best Days

If my future self could communicate with me right now and told me that I was, in fact, currently living out some of what I’d always remember as the very best days of my life, I would 100% believe her. It all feels that authentically, blissfully good right now. I feel so healthy and balanced and happy and comfortable in my own skin, in my own lovely little life. Of course, some of this is because SUMMER, but I attribute a good deal of it to things just going swimmingly well and having a hopeful, positive attitude. That really does wonders for a soul.

Things are just good. Work is good (job one, the new one) and wonderful (job two, the passion job). Running is really, really good right now. I feel balanced, and happy, and surrounded by amazing people on all sides and angles. That really does wonders for me, having quality people cross-contexts. I enjoy my co-workers and feel fortunate to work with some of my close friends; I love weekends at home with my family; I have absolutely won the human being lottery when it comes to my boyfriend.

I’m really, genuinely happy right now. & I plan to ride this joywave for as long as I can.


This past weekend was one for the books, as they say (I really have to start looking up the origins of cliches). I spent it upstate at the lake with the boy and one of my best friends.

Weekend Highlights

Dave Matthews Band. I have been such a fan of this band since I was about 14 and discovered how ridiculously amazing they are. This was my (count ’em) 10th time seeing them, and we went to my favorite outdoor venue, SPAC in Saratoga (one of the cutest towns I’ve ever seen, and a place I’d easily live one day). Dave never fails to put on an incredible show, selling out a 30,000 person amphitheater, and we had a blast dancing and drinking rose and loving our summer lives. Outdoor concerts are such a quintessential summer event for me, as I grew up going to SPAC every year, and my heart was so happy.



Lake life/SUP. This is the summer of stand-up paddleboarding for this gal, and I can’t get enough. We thought it looked like it was built for two, so I paddled while she struck crazy half-yoga moves and basically danced around. By some miracle, we kept our balance!


Is there anything better than a gorgeous day on the lake with some of your favorite people? I highly doubt it.

Running. So I’m just gonna (shamelessly) say it: I’m killing this lately.


(I also ran in new sneaks for the first time this morning, which is always exciting! Same ones I’ve been running in, just brand spankin’ new and diff colors!).

I know very well just how those feel-amazing times go through cycles, and how frustrating and difficult the not-so-amazing, dealing-with-injuries, feeling-meh phases can be, so right now, I’m basking in the fact that I feel great and strong and am praying this lasts (for, like, ever would be great). I had one of my best runs in a long time on Saturday morning: 11 miles in the heat and sunshine, at a really decent pace (I even had a 7:45 mile in there!), almost entirely under or about 8:30s, with hills. It.felt.amazing.

The boy and I then ran a little over 3 miles on Sunday as well, so it was 14 (hilly!) miles for me this past weekend. #notbadatall

Also, in fun running (frunning??) news, I found this never-seen-before (by me or my family) photo of my grandfather and his 1924 Olympic gold medal relay team online on Friday:

How amazing is that?! He’s one on the far left and my dad looks so much like him (and I’m being told by friends and colleagues I do as well?!). I printed it out for my dad and hope to have it framed — I love this part of my family history so much and take such pride in being part of a runlegacy!

Other fun weekend activities included a trip to the Troy Farmer’s Market with my friend Alex & my parents, which is such a great Saturday morning activity in the Capital Region. (Fave vendors for me include The Placid Baker & BuddhaPesto, which is by far the best pesto I’ve ever had!)

So yeah, this weekend was phenomenal. And I hope the same for you all of you!

Tell me a highlight from your weekend!
Fave band?

Happy We Love America Weekend!

Hope everyone had lovely 4th of July (or Canada Day, for my Canadian loves!) weekends! I had the absolutely most wonderfully perfect weekend upstate at the lake — so much so that returning to “real life” in NYC was a bit of a struggle. You know when you’re filled with alllll the happiness and feel like life just couldn’t be any better? That was this weekend for me. Home really is where the heart is (especially when home is a lake). 🙂


Let’s recap this festive redwhite&blue weekend in verbs, shall we?

Ran. First thing’s first, even on holiday weekends — my fitness stayed strong! Here’s a breakdown of my 3 runs:

  • Saturday, 7am: 9 very, very hilly miles. This was a tough one for me, physically and mentally, even though it was the most gorgeous morning for running (57 degrees and sunshine with a little breeze). I hadn’t run hills at all in a few weeks and I think I had been anticipating having this amazing run, and when I started to struggle, I got disappointed and frustrated with myself. I managed to make it through the whole 9 miles, but it felt hard, and I was so glad when it was done. I did, however, debut my newest run gear obsession, which I absolutely love and want to wear every day now:
  • Sunday, 9am: 5.5 (a little less hilly) miles, feeling good. Much better than Saturday, so I think my mind & body start to prepare themselves for the hills after the first day and I handle them better? Or maybe b/c it was a shorter run? Let’s go with both. Either way, I enjoyed Sunday’s run much more.
  • Monday, 10am: 5.5 miles with the boy. Duplicate of Saturday’s course, but with my favorite running partner this time – and this was one of our best couple runs! Woohoo. We both felt good and ran well despite the heat and hills, and dove face-first into mugs of smoothies I made for us as soon as we got back to the lake.

Total weekend mileage: 20 miles! Holiday weekend running = huge success.

Ate. All.the.fruit. (Hello, summer!) My fave summer post-run breakfast/brunch has been a very berry smoothie lately: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, half a banana, almond milk and ice, blended with a package of French Vanilla Medifast protein powder = all sorts of amazingness.IMG_9693

(Recycled pic but totally relevant!) We made these twice this weekend and I plan to continue making it all summer. Current food crush for sure.

Played. My brother threw a party at the lake on Sunday, so naturally, games.Kan-Jam

Kan Jam, anyone? When I think of “beach day” or “summer party,” this game automatically pops up for me, so I hit Amazon late last week and POOF! it was there by Saturday, in all its frisbee-throwing glory. I’m proud to announce that I hit a Kan Jam in the first game, to the shock of all of us! I seem to have a real future in backyard BBQ games. I’m on a hunt for Fricket poles right now as well (shout out to my Canadians!).

Paddled. I really, really love stand-up paddleboarding. I mean, I was Hundo P sure it was right up my alley before I even tried it, but now that I’ve spent more time on my little blue baby of a board, I can assuredly assert that it’s just so, so awesome. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a gorgeous day standing on top of a lake and getting tan while paddling around and getting a bit of a workout at the same time? Boy kayaking beside me, stopping to take breaks and lay down on the board (planks in the lake? don’t mind if I do!) and just enjoy the moment…it was seriously wonderful. I wish I could start or end every day that way.


Hope you all had lovely, friend-and-family-and-fun filled holiday weekends, friends.

Best part of your 4th weekend?
How’s the summer running going?
Favorite backyard BBQ/beach game?

2 Things Tuesday

is the day after a long weekend not so hard?? it just makes me want an even longer vacation. i spent the entire day yesterday on a boat on the lake with my brother and his friends, and today is just killing me. anyone with me?!

ONE: running. such good news on this front: i finally got over my “can’t seem to run more than a half marathon” streak i’ve been sitting on all summer and knocked out 15 miles on Saturday morning! wooot! if you follow me on IG (@glitterstruck), well, then you already knew that. it felt so good and i was so darn happy about this (hilly) run.

one thing i need to do better at, though, is fueling during my runs. i honestly am the worst at this and don’t pay any attention to it at all — i didn’t take a single shot block or salt pill or add electrolytes to my water or do a darn thing besides drink a lot of water (i stop at gas stations along the way to refill my little bottle). i hate the feeling of having anything in my stomach when/before i run, but i know i need it for the longer ones (especially when it’s so hot & sunny), so i have to be more diligent about this.

i felt really good on Sunday so got in a 5-6 miler then as well: slow & steady, but pain-free and just all-round enjoyable. i’m really happy with how my runs went this weekend upstate, especially since it was just the loveliest weather. i didn’t even mind running all those hills for once!

TWO: snip.

shorthairoh hey, short hair. nice to see you for the first time in my adult life!

all i can say is, it’s about time and i have no idea what took me so long to chop it. who knew that all these years, there was a short-haired girl inside me dying to be let out, and i thought i was destined to always have long hair?! i love it.

for all you upstate NYers looking for the best stylist, go see Hannah @ Studio D in Clifton Park. not only is she one of my dear friends and the sweetest girl, but she’s so talented.

hope you had fabulous Labor Day weekends, friends!

What’d you do this weekend? i swam & boated & saw family and friends & ran ran ran & cut my hair & relaxed.
Runners: How’s training/running going? Any good runs this weekend?
How do you fuel for long runs?
help me. i’m the worst.

Friday Five: Highlights from my trip to Santa Barbara

if you know me, you know i love a lot of places, and California resides pretttty high up on that list. like, very much at the top.

i was fortunate enough to be able to spend some time in the magical coastal city of Santa Barbara last week, visiting some lovely friends and surprising one of my dearest girlfriends. it was truly an amazing trip, full of non-stop activities and wonderful people and so many memories i’ll cherish. that little city is something special.

so, for this week’s Friday Five, i figured i’d give you a glimpse into some of the highlights from my trip, mmmkay? (note: i unfortunately have zero pictures with my friend i surprised — not sure how that happened — so seeing her transcends this post!) 🙂

ONE: beach run. it’s hard to believe that at this exact moment last week, on a gorgeous Friday morning, i was having one of my very favorite experiences from this trip: a  morning run along Hendry’s Beach, barefoot (i started with sneaks but quickly got overcome by the high tide so happily stashed ’em on a rock and kept going!), literally running in the water. i was so completely, blissfully happy to be starting my morning that way. it was by far the most beautiful, enjoyable run i can ever recall.

TWO: flying. i received one of the coolest surprises of my life last Thursday evening: a sunset flight over the Channel Islands in a little baby plane.

it was absolutely wild and breathtaking and exhilarating and i totally felt like i was in an episode of The Bachelor. you know those moments where you’re like, “How did I get so fortunate to have this as my life?” yep. this was one of those.

THREE: wine tasting. who knew SB was such a hot spot for wineries & tasting rooms? i loved every place we went in the Funk Zone, the hip, artsy, wine-and-foodie part of town, and wish i’d spent more time there. (aka, i want to go to every.single.winery.)

i really loved Les Marchands, a cozy wine bar ideal for ending your evening,

and AVA winery was so rad, boasting a huge mural of the whole Santa Barbara topography and surrounding region and showcasing the various wineries and highlights of the county. ridiculously cool.

other great wineries & tasting rooms we visited:

  • Riverbench in Santa Barbara — small & cute, amazing service/fun people, solid wines
  • Municipal Winery (i went to both, SB & the one in the Santa Ynez Valley — this is my friend’s favorite winery)
  • Curtis in Los Olivos — this place was beautiful and spacious and lovely and all the wines were delicious. it’d be a great spot for either a group or a date, and a place i could see myself lounging around at for a while on a lovely day.

FOUR: the views. the ocean. the mountains. the scenery. the sunset. the night sky.

basically every time i looked anywhere on this trip, it was breathtaking. i absolutely understand why people will do anything they have to in order to live here.


FIVE: Solvang. i had no idea this quaint little Danish town even existed until two different friends insisted the week before i left that i had to see it. while i definitely preferred Santa Barbara, i am glad i got to pass through Solvang; it’s such a charming historic village dropped in the middle of the Santa Ynez Valley and seems delightfully out of place, like a little gingerbread town that fell from the sky. i half expected the Munchkins to come bopping out of bakeries and trinket shops and lead me down a cobbled road. 🙂

the literary geek in me LOVED this: Hamlet Square! one of my favorite Shakespearean works (and basically the only thing i can reference in regards to Denmark).

so, there’s my enchanting little West Coast trip in a nutshell! i’m so fortunate that my friend is an amazing photographer and captured this trip for me — i can’t take credit for these photos, and having talented friends is such a gift!

have a great long weekend, loves!


Last great trip you took?
Best surprise you’ve received (or planned for someone else)?

2 Things Tuesday

today is a day i really love: September 1st.

for me, September represents all good things. for starters, it’s my favorite word — i just love how it sounds. September. it just seems built for magic.

it’s also my favorite birthstone (sapphire), and one of the loveliest months weather-wise in New York: Indian summer and golden and bright and sometimes crisp. i love the colors and the advent of the Autumn season, when the world is suspended between two seasons i love and takes on characteristics of both. i love apple picking and pumpkin everything and the colors and the way the air smells. i love being on the lake in a hoodie and going for long runs in the breathable, clean air.

i also love firsts, so the first of every month is fun in and of itself, and then combined with September, well — it’s a good day.

so, on that note, let’s transition…Untitled
ONE: California. that’s where i was since last Wednesday — Santa Barbara, to be exact. i’m not sure i can adequately capture the essence & beauty of this magical little city on the Pacific in words, but at some point this week, i’m certainly going to do my best to try. i’m to sleepy to attempt to do it any sort of justice right now, but i will say that i absolutely loved it and had an amazing time with some special friends. i ran on the beach, drank some great wine, met a ton of cool people, had heart conversations with dear friends i wish i saw more, and did other magical things i’ll wait to tell you about later. oh, and i stayed in a little blue bungalow with a darling string-lit patio that was perfect for cocktails & conversation. i just {heart} this place so much.

TWO: eat & drink. i had my 2nd-ever acai bowl post-hike this past weekend, and i’m pretty sure these foods are made for me. fruit + granola + a cold fruity base = my dream concoction.

bowlwe went to Backyard Bowls in Santa Barbara and i had the Berry Bowl (pictured above), but substituted coconut milk for the apple juice:

SB BYB menu final no prices
it was all sorts of amazingness and i neeeeed to start making these at home.

and on the drink front: i was reading the airline magazine on a flight yesterday and found this delicious libation recipe that i do believe i should attempt to make: a Flower Power.

drinkyes, please.

What’s the best thing you’ve had to eat or drink lately?
Been to any fun cities recently?
Any other September lovers?!

weekly workouts {8/23-8/29} & other fun stuff

oh heyyyyy friends! i’m in, like, theeeee best mood of all moods today, for several reasons.

first off, i’m going on an adventure, and you KNOW how happy THAT makes me.

backpackand if that wasn’t enough, i finally found THIS just now and immediately ordered it (in black):

fullsummerbodytank…because it pretty  much sums up my summer life. if we’re getting food and you let me choose, it’ll usually be tacos. (ok sometimes sushi, but 95% of the time, tacos.)

i also had a nice-n-early run this morning that started just as the sun was rising, in the lovely 70 degree air with no humidity!! gahhh it’s like God just hand-picked this day for me. i’m super happy.

let’s talk some workouts, then!

daily-motivation-141Sun, 8/23: 5-mile hilly power walk with my friend upstate at the lake. recovery from my personal half marathon of nonstop hills the day before.
Mon, 8/24: 3.5 mile run home from work. hot, humid, painful. followed by 30-40 minutes of total body strength & 10 minutes of planks at the gym. those felt gooood. esp bc it was air conditioned.
Tues, 8/25: morning gym workout: 25 minutes on Arc trainer (that thing kicks my arse!) followed by 35-40 mins of total body (kettlebells + lots of squats/lunges etc).
Wed, 8/26 (today): lovely 5-miler this morning along the river. exactly what i needed to start this day.
Thurs, 8/27: i’mma run some miles at some point. that’s all i know.
Friday, 8/28: i’m not sure actually. run, walk, hike, something?
Saturday, 8/29: morning run, mileage uncertain.

lil bit of flexibility going on with some of those workouts, but i’m not too worried about it. 🙂

How’s your week of workouts going?
Give me a new workout song!
Fave kind of tacos?
fish. fish. fish.

currently {me}

*running. weekend mileage: 13.1 mile insanely hilly run upstate on Saturday; 5 mile insanely hilly power walk upstate on Sunday. even though the terrain is challenging, i love running at home. it wasn’t humid, the country roads are beautiful, and it’s so peaceful. sure, i’m running more slowly, and i run out of water every time, and i always start too late so it gets super hot at the end…but it’s all worth it.

  • the bad: i have a shin splint. ouch. i’m really hoping to be more diligent about icing and resting if i need to and not pushing myself to any further injury.
  • the good: i feel like i’m at a good place mentally with my running. i’m not running as much as i’d like, and definitely not as fast as i’d prefer, but i’m enjoying it (when my leg doesn’t hurt) and not allowing myself to stress out about it and just tackling it one run at a time.
  • the in-between/uncertain: will i run the marathon in October? i have no idea. i haven’t run more than 13.1 miles still, and that’s felt like a struggle lately (b/c HILLS and heat), so i don’t think i’ll be ready, or even want to, to be honest. i guess we’ll see in a few weeks!

*eating. dried mission figs. i bought a bag at a lil farmer’s market by me the other day and they’re just so good. i don’t know why i don’t keep these on hand all the time. i’d love to say i eat them b/c of all the potassium and fiber — which are great benefits — but really, i just love ’em, and they fill me up.

*reading. This Side of Paradise by my beloved F. Scott Fitzgerald. this is his first novel — he was only 23 when he wrote it (talk about a genius combination of ambition and talent) — and the 4th i’ve read of his. it’s quirky and witty and apparently semi-autobiographical, and i love the main character’s name (Amory Blaine). it’s intriguing so far, and definitely different from anything else i’ve ever read. i wouldn’t call it a page-turner, but i’m enjoying following this flighty protagonist as he attempts to come of age rather trippingly. as do all of his novels, this one has some amazing quotes. i just adore his writing.




*current mood.e0983c3ce2a4c6650ee927e17b9d4898friend points if you can name this song (without Googling!).

hope your weeks start off rad, friends.

Best part of your weekend?
Anyone have any trips coming up?
Whatcha reading?