Snowmageddon 2016

Soooo, as you heard, we got some serious snow up in NYC! (Check out some photos here if you have any interest in seeing the craziness!)


Talk about going from 0 to 100 — we haven’t had any snowfall all year, and then we experienced the second-biggest blizzard in all of NYC’s snowfall history this weekend! Governor Cuomo issued a travel ban starting at 2:30pm on Saturday, shutting down all roads and subways, so we really had no choice but to hunker down and cozy up.


That was totally fine by me, and I actually relished the forced hermit status and so much “me” time. I didn’t venture out at all except to stumble through the blizzard to the grocery store across the street, which was sort of exciting because 1) it felt like a mini adventure and 2) it was a great excuse to wear my new Hunter boots for the first time (I know, I know, GIRLS). I was actually laughing to myself while stumbling through the snow piles and struggling to keep my eyes open through the gusts. Hilarity.


So, Jonas was a-ok by me. Even though I couldn’t run outside, I got up and went right to the gym both Saturday and Sunday morning with the contented assurance that I had nowhere else to be that day and could take my sweet time.

                                                               Weekend workouts
7.5 miles on treadmill (6.5 running, 1 incline walking)
Sunday: Really sore legs that quickly shut down on me (too much pain), so I ran 2 miles and then incline walked another 3+. (Blue Bloods on Netflix makes the treadmill much more manageable.) I then did another 30 minutes of light free weights, squats/lunges/leg things, lots of push-ups, 5 minutes of planks and 50 decline-bench sit-ups. This workout felt really good and I love not being pressed for time.

The rest of my weekend included lots of relaxing in pjs, cleaning, healthy foods (including Oatmega bars, which i’m really liking right now), and some delicious drinks:

Josh Cabernet paired with pink flannels (excellent combo that I plan to repeat tonight),

reduced-sugar vanilla almond milk latte (I buy Illy espresso and finally learned how to make my frother work — small victories),

a “Perfect Manhattan” (yes, there is apparently a difference between a perfect and a non-perfect, so I learned), made by a friend from college who lives in my apartment building as well (so convenient, esp during blizzards, to have built-in neighbor friends!).


So Jonas really treated me quite well. I was productive, active, well-rested, relaxed, and more than content to have a full weekend to myself. I remember days in my 20s when i hated the thought of spending so much time alone, and now I seriously cherish it and need it to feel balanced.

Funny how things change as we mature.

currently reading: Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer (some dense stuff, but so good)
currently listening to: Great Good Fine Ok (really digging their sound)
currently watching: Blue Bloods on Netflix (finished Scandal and my parents got me hooked on this show when i was in Florida last week – Donny Wahlberg for the win!)

How was your weekend, friends? Highlights?
Anyone else get slammed by Jonas? How’d you fare?


Effective Recovery Methods

Let’s face it: while so many of us runners thrill to have a training schedule and an upcoming race for which to prepare, pushing ourselves to new limits and discovering the challenges our bodies are able to endure, the area that so many of us fail to properly attend to is that of recovery. While it’s exciting to see ourselves progress and grow and hit new personal records, ensuring that our bodies have the adequate recovery time and available resources is an important component that we often neglect or allow to fall to the wayside.

The reality is that injuries are common, and although there are no cure-alls to avoid them altogether, there are things we can do to prevent ourselves from being so susceptible to them. Implementing regular recovery methods, whether you’re a runner or engage in other training sessions or types of physical activity, is critical to optimal performance and overall well-being and health. To increase productivity while attending to your body, try considering the following methods to help recover fully from rigorous cardio sessions.

Make sure to warm down properly
To reduce the chances of injury and keep muscles from becoming overly tight, warming down after a hard workout is essential. It might seem easier to skip the stretching, especially on days when pressed for time, but tight muscles can lead to tears or further complications if left unattended and cause dramatic set-backs.

You should always engage in a cool down stretching session to release the tension built up from your run or training. Think of it as some much-needed R&R for your muscles after they’ve been working hard; they deserve some rest and attention to receive the blood necessary to recover properly.


Hydrate correctly
Hydrating correctly after a long run is as important as eating a balanced diet. When you expend a lot of water from a tough run, you need to replenish the water immediately to prevent dehydration. Dehydration can be a serious issue for long-distance runners and has many detrimental effects, including muscle cramping, nausea, dizziness and overall difficulty functioning. To fend this off and keep your muscles healthy and happy, be sure to take in sufficient fluids before, during and after your run. (Distance runners: be sure to check alternative methods of hydration and fueling as well, including performance & electrolyte drinks or salt pills.)


Look for alternative methods to help aid recovery
For those who want more than just a little post-run yoga-mat stretch sesh in their living rooms, there are plenty of outside options to assist with muscle recovery as well. Saunas fall into this category and are renowned for helping with recovery.

Very popular in gyms and even homes nowadays, the elevated heat levels in saunas help loosen muscles after running and promote good circulation of the white blood cells to fatigued muscles. They also help reduce the chances of muscle soreness as saunas increase blood flow to the skeletal muscles, keeping muscles fueled with glucose, esterified fatty acids, and oxygen while removing byproducts of the metabolic process such as lactic acid. The body then has the capabilities to deliver the right nutrients to the muscles in need, which means it doesn’t have to depend on depleted glycogen stores. Additionally, saunas help reduce stress as they are seen as great tools for relaxation and in some cases, even socialization! The standard 3 person infrared saunas that are sold to homeowners are “beautifully handcrafted” and the perfect “comfortable retreat” for families to relax in at home and forget about the stresses of work or a challenging run. Hey, the couple that runs together deserves to de-stress and recover together as well, right?

Great places in New York to go to aid your recovery
If you live in a large city, chances are that you have a plethora of options at your disposal to help you find the right means of recovery for you. Gyms and spas nowadays have in-house sports physicians who will offer professional advice on how to best recover from physical activity. Alternatively, there are many establishments that specialize in sports massages such as deep tissue therapy that will aid runners in their recovery processes. If you live in New York City and want to try out a spa that has steam and sauna rooms or specializes in heat therapy, this list by Foursquare might come in handy in your pursuit of the best spa in NYC.

This post was written in conjunction with Lara Matthews as part of a wellness campaign.

How do you recover from runs or training sessions?

2016, i’m so ready for you

Happy New Year, my lovely friends! hope you all had safe & happy & healthy starts to 2016. i don’t know about you, but i’m thinking this is going to be one heck of a fantastic year and i’m stoked to see what unfolds in my life this year.

so, i (obviously) took a 2-week blog break over the holidays, when i was so busy living & relaxing & just enjoying every moment of every day, and the last thing i felt like doing was sitting in front of a computer. the only thing i didn’t get to do over Christmas break (is “Christmas break” still a thing if you’re not a student? i think it should be, so i took the week off and pretended i had zero responsibilities) that i was looking forward to was go snowboarding… but considering it was 65 degrees on Christmas Eve in Upstate NY and we were kicking around a soccer ball, i don’t think i can really complain too much about that.

instead, i spent 9 glorious days doing everything i wanted to do: spending time with my family & the best boyfriend ever & my wonderful girlfriends, & running & working out & sleeping & relaxing & watching movies & salsa dancing & drinking wine in sweatpants with people i love the most. it was truly, magnificently wonderful, and i couldn’t think of a more perfect way to spend the end of 2015…which, by the way, was a prettttty terrific year for me.

in recap, 2015 included some amazing elements:

  • running (& training for!) my 2nd marathon in October
  • standing beside my cousin as her maid of honor
  • so many fun domestic vacations with friends & family (Austin, Amelia Island, Miami, Santa Barbara, Montauk)
  • finishing my 3 years of course work for my Master’s & starting the clinical piece
  • lots of weekends at home with the family at the lake, which grounds me
  • committing to writing more often, whether it be my blog, pieces for MOGUL, or pieces for my friends & family
  • meeting (for the second time!) my person & spending the last three months of the year deliriously happy because of him


yes, this was a great year, and i hope it continues to carry over into 2016. i’d like to keep this streak going. 🙂

in 2016, i look forward to hopefully:

  • running another marathon (and some smaller races)
  • making a lot more progress on my clinicals for grad school
  • traveling to some fantastic places (i’d love to do Italy and/or Costa Rica!)
  • eat even healthier/cut out all junk food/get as fit as possible
  • spend as much time as i can investing in my relationships with my family, closest friends & the boy — because this is what matters most & makes my world such a beautiful place to inhabit
  • write more creative stuff

i hope 2016 is starting off wonderfully for you, friends. cheers to the beginning of a new year — a new start, a fresh take — and i hope it finds you at your very best.


thanks for being a part of my life this past year!! love you all.

scenes from the weekend

hi, loves! so i don’t know about you guys, but for me, we’re halfway through the month and i can honestly say that this is totally turning out to be a wonderful, happy, memorable December for me.


for starters, it was 65 degrees and sunny in NYC all weekend…so what i’m really saying is that it’s May. the boy and i went running both Saturday (6-7ish miles) and Sunday (5ish miles) mornings in tank tops, and i was sweating. in mid-December. and i love it.

things weren’t so amazing on the running front this weekend though, unfortunately, which really bummed me out b/c i was so looking forward to having these amazing runs on such glorious balmy days, but it just wasn’t happening. my legs were beyond tired and sore for some reason, and my calf kept screaming at me, and i just couldn’t get it together & had very little energy. i was slow and feeling pretty awful, and not sure i’d have endured 5 miles on Sunday if the boy wasn’t there to run with me.

and so it goes with running: sometimes you’re on top of the world, and sometimes you just don’t have it and everything feels hard. here’s to hoping that phase passes asap, b/c it really bums me out. on the flip side, i’m thankful i was able to cover the mileage i did even while i wasn’t feeling so hot or loving running at those moments. a crappy run is better than no run, right? and i did get in a fairly decent upper body workout at the gym on Sunday before our run as well.

workouts aside, the weekend was absolutely wonderful otherwise. we rode Citibikes and went to my friends’ holiday brunch and had a pre-dinner drink at Terroir Wine Bar in Tribeca on Saturday, which plays great music and has a really chill, almost punk-gothy sort of vibe,


before heading to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Fig & Olive Meatpacking, which just does everything right: amazing food, amazing service, amazing atmosphere. i love this spot.


side note: i’m the worst at taking photos of food, but somehow always manage to remember to snap the wine. i swear i eat… 😉

we also had an awesome brunch at 44 1/2 in Hell’s Kitchen. it was my first time there for brunch and i’ll certainly return, as it was charming and yummy and a new neighborhood fave for me. we dined on the covered back patio which was like a lovely little pink fairy world in the middle of the concrete jungle,

all bubbly lanterns & pink roses & white lights. it was one of my favorite restaurant atmospheres i’ve experienced in a while, and so ideal for a Sunday afternoon in a December that’s posing as May. i really loved it.

we meandered over to Rockefeller Center after Sunday brunch to see the 78-foot-tree, which seemed like a necessary, picturesque NYC-at-Christmastime thing to do,


…except that we were joined by everyone else who happened to be awake in NYC yesterday. holy touristville. we took one look at the crowds swarming 5th Ave and decided the window viewing was absolutely not in our immediate future and we suddenly realllllly needed some wine (is hating crowds part of growing up? i seriously cannot), so we strolled down to the Flatiron District and nestled ourselves into Punch for some nice little chill time in an atmosphere that didn’t make me want to start kicking strollers.


much, much better.

my weekend in #s:
2 beauuuuuuteousss days
2 (so-so) runs
2 great restaurants
2 cute wine bars
2 movie nights on the couch (Hunger Games #3 & Pitch Perfect)
1 gym session
1 massive Christmas tree
=1 pretttttyyyyy perfect weekend with the man

i have no complaints. ❤

How was your weekend, friends? Highlights?
Something you’re looking forward to this week?

weekly workouts {12/3-12/9}


Thurs, 12/3: ran 4 miles home from work
Fri, 12/4: hour of strength and abs in the gym before work
Sat, 12/5: ran 6-7 miles outside (half solo, half with boy)
Sun, 12/6: ran 8 miles outside solo; 10 mins of planks
Mon, 12/7: hour of strength and abs in the gym before work (mostly upper body with a few lunges/burpees thrown in – my legs were pretty sore). i’ve put clapping push-ups (off a bench) back into the circuit, so that was my big strength highlight of the week. i know, i know, getting crazy over here.
Tues, 12/8: 3.5 miles on the treadmill (ugh); 3 minutes of planks
Wed, 12/9 (today): rest, due to the fact that last night was our annual work holiday party and i definitely needed to sleep in today (and have four hours of client sessions tonight!). the bad news is that i’m sort of dragging today; the good news is that this is my biggest event of the year to plan and this year’s went soooooo smashingly and is getting rave reviews and everyone at the office is beyond thrilled, so even though i’m a tired girl, i’m a happy one.

total weekly mileage: 22.

thoughts: i’d have preferred to have a few more miles under my belt this week, but my hips/legs were rather sore for a few days, so i’m okay with this. i’m glad about the two circuit workouts and all the planks, though, so it all balances out, and i’m enjoying my one day a week of running with the boy. 🙂

How’s your December running going?
Any fun workout stories/tips to share?

Friday Five: Let’s Talk Cocktails

this week, the DC ladies (Mar, Courtney & Cynthia) have chosen a “drink me” theme for their Friday Five Link-Up and are focusing on their favorite fall drinks. i decided to spin this topic a bit and give you guys a list of some of my favorite spots to go in NYC, and what i like to order there…even though it’s been some time since i’ve ordered anything that wasn’t red wine! i’ve been sticking to just wine lately and enjoying that…but these are some crazy good craft cocktails all the same.


1. Bea (Hell’s Kitchen: 43rd St & 9th Ave). drink: Brooklyn Cue.


i’ve written about this place before, as it’s an easy favorite of mine, and conveniently located right in my neighborhood. i love everything about it — the impressive cocktail list is just one of its many appeals. can’t go wrong with this spot, regardless the occasion.


2.  Apoteke (Chinatown: 9 Doyers St). drink: Deal Closer.

this is my favorite speakeasy in terms of their drink menu, so it was a bit of a struggle even to choose my top fave drink here (as there’s a kale concoction that’s sooooo good as well). i’m a sucker for cucumber drinks as it is, and this one is the best i’ve found here to date. plus, this speakeasy is just such a cool bar. a must-go.

3. Dear Irving (Union Square: 55 Irving Place). drink: Ideal Patriot


this drink strikes me as an ideal fall cocktail, with its cinnamony warmth and apple flavor. i rarely drink bourbon, but i was a big fan of this drink (and now am feeling like i should get myself back to this gorgeous speakeasy and have it again soon!).

4. Reunion Surf Bar (Hell’s Kitchen: 44th St and 9th Ave). drink: Mermaid.


aka, a frozen mojito. this is the only way i’ll drink rum, and although i’m not much of a frozen drink fan, these drinks can be made to order (ie, less sweet, lots of mint), and, well — they’re called Mermaids, sooooo….yeah.

i am always happy in a surf bar, winterspringsummerfall. love it.

5. Wine Escape (Hell’s Kitchen, 44th St between 9th & 10th Aves)
drink: all the red wine

because i couldn’t make it through this post without including red wine, since it’s my fave. i love this quaint, intimate little wine bar with its ever-changing wine-by-the-glass menu, and the bartenders are super knowledgeable and really enjoy talking to you about the different wines. it’s the perfect little spot at which to relax and tuck away from the world, and it’s great for real wine lovers who want to sit down and talk about wine with people who are evidently passionate about it.

so, there you have it, friends — drink picks from some of my fave bars in my city. hope you enjoy whatever fall cocktails might be in your future this weekend!

TGIF! Any fun weekend plans?
Anyone still doing long runs?
i’m thinking of doing 12-13 tomorrow, while it’s still lovely out!

weekly workouts {11/12-11/18}

hellllooooo friends — yep, i’m still here. i’m still working & interning & running & wine drinking & seeing friends & dating & sleeping when i can. i’m managing to keep my head on and enjoy myself in the midst of all the busy-ness lately, but my blogging has clearly suffered!

i’ll try to do better. i want to do better. i miss you guys!

so, before we get into the weekly workouts post, i have something else to share that i’m excited about: i’m trying to write more. like, my personal writing — my creative writing — my memoirs. i want to be more diligent about using my Contributor position at Mogul to hold me accountable to to sharing these pieces with the world, and i’d love for you guys to read me (if you so desire) and get to know me a bit better in this way, through my words.

because the only thing i do that rivals my love for running is my writing. it resides at my very core.

i just posted my latest piece yesterday: Why I Still Wear His Jewelry (after the love ran out). it’s a memoir; it’s personal; it’s part of my story. if you want to read me, i’d love that! and if not, that’s okay, too — i still like you. 🙂 and you can just read about my week in workouts instead!


Thurs, 11/12: total body morning workout – kettlebells, weights, abs, squats, etc. (also included in last week’s lineup b/c i was a day off!)
Fri, 11/13:
my first treadmill run in a while (insert half-bummed face). i don’t love it, but it could have been worse, and i managed 5 quick miles. the pros: easier for speed work and monitoring my pace. the cons: i’m on a treadmill, indoors, hamster-running. ’nuff said.
Sat, 11/14: 3.5 mile outdoor run solo, then the boy met me for another 3 miles. chilly, but so much better than Friday.
Sun, 11/15: 5 mile outdoor run solo. glorious day. felt awesome. loved it.
Mon, 11/16: rest day. worked 12 hours. was tired.
Tues, 11/17: early morning total body workout, which felt soooooo amazing and necessary. lots of kettlebells, free weights, abs, shoulders & back, and all the lunges/squat jumps/burpees/box jumps/skaters between sets. i need to do this twice a week…but i just love to run so much lately!
Wed, 11/18 (today): 6 miles along the Hudson this morning. it’s mid-November and still 50 degrees at 6am in NYC. i have zero complaints about life at the moment.

total weekly mileage: 22.5
this is less than i’d have liked — i didn’t do any double-digit runs this past week — but i’m okay with it, because i enjoyed each and every mile and did what i could. my days are much more hectic now that i have so many things to juggle, and i’m just thankful i’m finding the time to run as much as possible.

 How’s the running been, now that most of our fall marathons are over?
Anyone still training for anything?
Treadmill running: yay or nay?

weekly workouts {11/5-11/12}

Thurs, 11/5: 5.5 mile run at 6am
Fri, 11/6: rest.
Sat, 11/7: 8 mile morning run — 3.5m solo, 4.5m with the boytoy.
Sun, 11/8: light gym sesh (with boy) in my building: kettlebells, abs, free weights
Mon, 11/9: 5 mile run home from work, during which i literally ran into one of my friends and kept pace with him & his speedy long legs for the last couple of miles. it was nice to have someone push me a bit.
Tues, 11/10: worked out in my room while watching Scandal (omg i can’t stop with that show): lots of free weights, squats & 10 mins of planks (with breaks but still happy about that!)
Wed, 11/11: i was off for Veteran’s Day (thank you to everyone who served/serves this country and keeps us safe!), so i ran a lovely 10-miler mid-day. glorious.
Thurs, 11/12 (i’m a day behind on this post so i’ll include today’s workout): 6-7am personal boot camp sesh in an entirely empty gym (love it): total body, including free weights, kettlebells, lots of lunges/squats/burpees/skaters, lateral & row machines, decline bench abs, & push-ups. this felt so good today.

total weekly mileage: 28.5
i just want to run all the time, every day. forcing myself to do the total body workouts/weights is a bit of a struggle vs my desire to run as much as i can (while the weather is still so nice here), although i’m always glad i do them. i’m still on a post-marathon running high exactly one month later and am so thankful for that. 🙂

byyyyye 2014! i loved you so.

happy New Year’s Eve, my lovely wonderful friends!

wishing you every happiness & the delight of sparkling, joyful, glittery magical moments as we close out 2014 and cross the threshold expectantly, boldly, into 2015.

photo 5
photo 5
photo 2
photo 4
photo 3
and that last one? that’s my wish not just for myself, but for all of you. happy new beginnings, loves. cheers to living this year on purpose.


Friday Five {6.27.14}

wooot i’ve been stoked for this Friday allll week because of a lil something i like to call

1. Montauk. this quaint, beach bum surfer town (hi dream life) out past the Hamptons totally deserves the #1 spot this week, as i’ll be headed out in just a couple of hours for a sun-and-sand-and-sea weekend with friends. so so psyched for this! the only not super wonderful part is that it’s a 3-hour train ride from NYC…but when you have fab friends and some wine to keep you happy, time flies, no?

lil flashback to Montauk 2013, this exact weekend one year ago w/ Alex, Frankie and co.:

so many good things about this little town, like this crazy little beach bar, the Sloppy Tuna, which we will totally be hitting up tomorrow during the day,

and looking forward to checking out Surf Lodge, which we somehow unfortunately managed to miss last year but absolutely must go to this weekend. totally love how this place looks.

2. running. because i figure i probably should keep talking about this subject, right?… back on the shorter runs this week, nothing super crazy, and a bit annoyed because last year’s marathon-training injury (shin splints/issues with the bottom of my right leg) is starting to bug me again…so much so that this morning i actually fell — like, my leg gave out and i slammed down on the wooden planks (which i was running on by the river at that point rather than on the concrete, thank God) — and some nice runner man behind me helped pull me up. it happened so fast all at once that i barely had time to process it — i was up, then i was down, then i was running again and thankfully unhurt…but so annoyed.

photo 1

photo 2
i’d like to hope i’ll do a short run tomorrow or Sunday morning in Montauk, but we shall see about that. 😉

3. new workout clothes. sooo this is where i ask you guys for your opinions: my best friend gave me a gift card to Lululemon for my birthday (she’s the sweetest), and i’ve actually never shopped there because i buy workout clothes like a maniac and wouldn’t let myself get addicted to that store. too expensive of a habit to maintain…

but now that i have the luxury of going there, well…what do i buy?! runner friends, what are your faves? help me! i think these shorts are kinda cute, anyone have this style and like/dislike it?


i def appreciate any expert Lulu opinions, because left to my own devices, i’ll probably end up with another bikini and i need more of those like i need to step on a nail, especially after buying two more pieces this week. i’m a bit out of control when it comes to anything beach/swim/summer related and seem to be in denial that i’m not actually a surf bum…

4. backless dresses. i totally love the swingy backless sundress style and am currently crushing on these two (thanks, Pinterest):

i realllllly feel like i NEED this first dress and managed to track it down…only to have to add myself to a restock list, as apparently everyone else loves it, too. it’s phenomenal.

photo 2

this one is a cute lil swingy number, too:

photo 1gotta get my hands on some of these.

5.  {i like these things.}


photo 2
photo 3
love (the greatest of these)

photo 4

annnnnd maybe a lil dancing. always that.

photo 1
have a wonderful weekend, friends. ❤

Help with the Lulu clothing, please!
Something you’re stoked for this weekend?