Mohawk Hudson Marathon Recap (aka the best day ever)

Sunday, October 11th, 2015, has to go down as one of the most incredible days of my life thus far. it was the second time i’ve run the Mohawk Hudson Marathon in upstate NY, and by far the absolute most wonderful, amazing, beautiful, kick-ass, fun-from-start-to-finish races/runs i’ve ever experienced in my life.

for starters, the day was utterly glorious. this entire weekend was like a gift straight from Autumnal Heaven. i mean, i woke up to this view of Crooked Lake from my parents’ deck every morning and sent up silent prayers of gratitude that this is, in fact, my life. i felt so relaxed & thankful & rested & healthy & strong & READY for this marathon. Sunday morning dawned all hazy pinkish-purple and chilly, in the 40s, and i knew it was going to be a perfect race day. thank you, God!

a 6am wake-up call really isn’t that bad for a race, so i woke up feeling SO READY to run. i just knew from the start that this was going to be an awesome day for me.

i’m blessed with the world’s most amazing parents, who also woke up at 6am and shared my excitement for race day, and the three of us set off to the start in Schenectady NY’s Central Park. i was more excited than nervous, and totally curious about what this race held for me and how i’d be feeling in just a few hours!

i’m a big fan of this race. it’s small — i think they cap it at 1,500 runners. it’s well organized, and the course is just absolutely gorgeous, winding through a truly picturesque, tree-lined bike/running path for a good portion of the race, and over rolling countryside hills & along both the Mohawk and the Hudson Rivers, ending in downtown Albany right along the Hudson. my dad said one of the winners was quoted saying it was the most beautiful course she’s ever run, which is easy to believe. it’s really an ideal place to run an Autumn marathon, showcasing upstate NY at its finest.

the start isn’t very crowded and it’s easy to find people, which was fabulous, as i was so fortunate to be so very surrounded by people i love. one of my close girlfriends came to support me and run the beginning with me (thank you, Sarah — you’re wonderful!), and the boy also dragged himself out of bed bright & early and came to see me off (before getting onto a plane for work, unfortunately, but i’m thankful he made it to the start — points for that 🙂 ). my sweet parents were there, of course, and then resurfaced 3-4 more times along the route, and were the faces i saw in the crowd right before i crossed the finish line as well. my (pregnant!) best friend also jumped in to run a bit with me around mile 19, which was so appreciated and fun, and was also waiting for me at the finish — and took some great photos for me. thanks, baby girl — you are my sunshine!

i felt so very loved & encouraged & reminded yet again of how blessed i am to have such wonderful people at the center of my life. the world becomes such a bright & shiny thing when people are invested in what’s important to you because they care about you. feeling all that love & support contributed greatly to making this such a magical experience for me.

so, what can i say about the actual race itself?? it went smashingly. no, but like — it really, honestly did. i couldn’t have wished for anything better, and i went into it so relaxed & ready & confident that i’d done all the necessary work, and i was determined to just enjoy the experience and savor every moment — and i truly feel like that’s what i did. i ran with the 4-hour pacer til just over mile 23, when i started to feel the first twinges of the struggle life set in, and i decided then and there that i was going to run this race for me and not push myself to the point of misery and lose the joy i’d felt the last 23 miles. i slowed down a bit and started reflecting on the whole thing: how crazy good i’d felt for 23 miles, how all my hard work was coming to fruition in this one 4- hour race, how blessed i was to be strong enough to choose to run a marathon, how over-the-moon i was about to be in a few miles when i saw that finish line up ahead.

i won’t lie: miles 24-25 were a bit rough. not rough like during my first marathon (where i thought my body might break apart), but they were the hardest of this race for me by far. i didn’t walk (save a few steps at the water stations), but i did have a few fleeting thoughts of doubt creep in during those 2 miles where i almost wondered how i’d ever finish and everything suddenly just seemed so dang hard…

and then something happened when i saw the mile 25 marker. it was like a switch flipped within my brain and i instantly thought, “okay, welp, stop the pain stuff — you just ran 25 miles. you’re one mile away from finishing this race, and this has been a wonderful, mostly enjoyable experience that will go down as one of the biggest accomplishments of your LIFE. you so, so have this, and you’re going to finish it STRONG & HAPPY & just let yourself go.”

mile 26 was glorious. it really was. no, i wasn’t flying, although i did pick up the pace from my last 2 miles, and no, i didn’t magically feel all my pain swoosh out of my body. but somehow, i didn’t feel it as much, because i started to become overwhelmed with the beauty of the whole experience and be so very present in the reality of finishing this race. mile 26 was so very mine. it was my pièce de résistance.

i don’t believe it’s possible to accurately capture in words that specific, all-encompassing feeling of elation that overwhelmed me when i rounded the final corner and saw the finish line of my marathon ahead of me. so much crowds into that moment that if i could just freeze it and dissect it, i’d be able to name all of the individual parts that contribute to the overwhelming sense of euphoria that brought tears to my eyes as a grin stretched across my face and my arms had no choice but to fly high above my head — but in that moment, all i felt was so much. so much.

it’s the sense of accomplishment in yourself, of having done this hard, hard thing — this nearly-impossible thing that really is ever-so-possible after all — entirely on your own.

it’s the physical representation of the goal, that banner stretching high, the words marking your final steps. it’s hearing your name over the microphone as you step across the finish line.

it’s the cheers & excitement of the crowds, seeing your parents & best friends’ faces beaming through, feeling their love & pride shining forth at you. all for you.

in that moment, it honestly feels like the whole world just loves you. like you understand what it means to sit atop a cloud and look back at earth & transcend it all, floating high amidst the bluest blue, untouchable, unbreakable, infinite.

in that moment, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are exactly who you were meant to be; exactly who you want to be. you are oh-so-human, with good days and bad, with heartaches & joys, with disappointments & love — you carry the whole world inside of you, & as you cross that finish line after a 26.2 mile journey to the center of your core and back, you can feel it all.

you are one person among many, but you are so very much you.

& suddenly, you know that will always be enough.



Autumn in NY (needs to stay forever)

so, this pretty  much sums up my weekend:

it was glorious. delicious. beautiful. fun-filled. colorful. downright Hundo P amazingness, from start to finish.

i ran: 14 miles of hills on a pristine, brilliant Saturday morning in upstate NY, where i had to wear long sleeves for the first 7 miles because it was only 50 degrees. the first hour of that run felt amazing; the second hour, although i was still happy to be out there, was not quiiiiite so runtastic. that’s what happens when the first half of a run is mostly downhill — you have to turn around at some point. oof.

i cuddled: this lil guy (that milk mustache!) can grin his way into my heart any day. and he now says my name — “Nawna” — and lights up when he recognizes me. i just melt. BFF baby, you too cute.

i danced: 
i finalllly made it to a Latin dance social upstate, which i used to attend all the time but haven’t showed my face at in moooonths. it was so much fun and i forgot how much i miss dancing! also, i discovered that there’s a whole salsa album of Michael Jackson’s hits (which my brother freaks out about every time). so dope.

i ate: the best apples. i unfortunately didn’t make it apple picking (insert sad face here) this weekend like i’d planned, but my family did, so i reaped the benefit of their hard work and had the best honey crisp apple ever (photo-worthy, obviously). i think those are my faves. & then Ry and i baked pies using our mom’s best Dutch apple pie recipe ever, and Autumn really felt like it should belong to New York for eternity.

i boated: we took the most magnificent Indian Summer boat ride yesterday and had a truly magical family day (until one of the dogs fell off into the lake and almost died of shock, which was hilarious except that she was a disaster and thought her life had ended):

& just like that, this weekend was everything an Autumn life in NY should be, at its very, very best.

Highlights from your weekend, please!
Is it Indian Summer where you live?

Friday Five: Five Favorite Fall Activities

writing that post title, i realllllly wanted to make the last word something with an “f” — the English major wordnerd in me loves some good alliteration. it took all that i had in me not to make it “fun” or “festivities” or “frivolities”!

well so hey, friends. we made it to the end of another week! & this week’s theme for the link-up with the DC ladies Mar, Cynthia & Courtney is a perfect one to end out this amazinggggg week of Fall weather we’ve had here in NYC. i just love these Indian Summer days!

ONE: running. er duh. i feel like that was a total no-brainer. early Autumn (Sept-Oct) is my absolute favorite time of year to run: crisp, clear mornings; humidity-less, breathable air; the bluest of skies offset by beautiful hues & everything tinged with gold. i swear, i run better in the fall than any other time of year (which is fortunate, since the marathon i’m running is in early October!).

TWO: being at the lake.
okay, so i adore the lake in the summer because boating & swimming & tanning & all that jazz, but its absolute loveliest season, in my opinion, is Autumn. (my cover photo for this week was taken there last September.) it’s an absolutely breathtaking, glorious season to bask in God’s glory through nature, and i’m always a bit more in love with Upstate NY — okay, so with the world in general — in early Fall.

IMG_1849 IMG_1850
apple picking / Harvest farms. i mean, does anyone not love this?! i’m going tomorrow with my best friend & co, and am so looking forward to it. i was talking to a friend recently who’d never been — like, ever in life — and it made me realize just how fortunate i am to have grown up in a place like Upstate NY, where we had a good balance of city experiences & alllll the outdoorsy/country activities as well.

FOUR: pumpkin.
i’m so blogger chick cliché, i know, but it’s true: i’m a ga-ga over punkin’ errrthng sort of gal. i like to drink ’em, i like to eat ’em, i like to carve ’em, i like to ride them. they rock, in my book.

FIVE: Bear Mountain Oktoberfest Cruise. i went last year and it was suuuuch a great day. you take a boat cruise from Midtown Manhattan (i luck out — it’s literally right across the street from my apartment!) a couple of hours upstate to Bear Mountain, where they have a fun Oktoberfest going on every weekend in Sept & Oct, complete with music & drinks & vendors & hiking/walking around, if you so desire. i’m stoked to go again this year (the weekend after my marathon = perfectly timed!) and praying we get another gorgeous day. if you live in NYC and are looking for a fun fall activity, i definitely would consider doing this.

have a wonderful weekend (& do some fun Fall things)!

Fave Fall activities?
Runners: What’s the best season to run where you live?
Anyone have any pumpkin/apple recipes they swear by?

Weekly Workouts: {9/4-9/10}

runSBi’m pretty sure i’ll always keep this Weekly Workout segment, solely so i can post that picture on my blog every week. it makes me so happy to remember that moment in Santa Barbara. 🙂

i skipped this post yesterday because i wanted to do a restaurant review, so we’re recapping workouts from Friday-Thursday this week (instead of Wed-Wed).

Fri, 9/4: i have no idea. whoops. maybe nothing? i went out Thurs night and i took a train upstate on Friday and i probably didn’t workout. but it’s possible i got up and did some upper body that morning…i have no idea.
Sat, 9/5: ran 15 miles upstate! yay! felt so good (but tired by the end, obvi). learned that i need to work on fueling. and also that new sneakers are making alllll the difference in the world re: shin splints. this was my first long run in brand new sneaks (same Asics as before, I LOVE THEM), and my legs felt 4235238943 times better.
Sun, 9/6: ran 5-6 miles (all the hills!) before church. felt so good, was so beautiful out, and i was so happy to be able to run that after a 15-miler the day before. ’twas an awesome running weekend upstate for me.
Mon, 9/7 (Labor Day, woot!): 4-5 mile hilly power walk in the morning — i loved this time. i actually didn’t listen to music for most of it and was totally relaxed and reflective and really enjoyed walking out in the country. i then hit a 40ish minute gym sesh with the bro at Planet Fitness, consisting of circuits of the pull-up/dip machines, lateral pull-down machines, push-ups and squat jumps, followed by 10 minutes of planks (elbow, hands, and side planks – with breaks, of course) and some other ab stuff in-between the plank sets. (felt so goodsore the next day!)
Tues, 9/8: rest day. i was sore everywhere. also didn’t feel well all day. :/
Wed, 9/9: i was out too late Tuesday to get up on Wed am (bummer), and i had plans with a girlfriend last night to just relax, so i walked about 3 miles to her apartment and called that good enough.
Thurs, 9/10 (today): 5.2 mile treadmill run — it was raining and 90% humidity at 6am here, so i caved. i did some speed intervals (nothing too crazy) and felt good about it.

on a fueling note: i snagged some of these when i was upstate the last time, b/c i was delirious and so hot after a long run and desperately craving G2, and stumbled upon these for the first time and decided i needed to try them: Gatorade Prime Energy Chews.

Gatorade Energy Chews

i prefer chews/shot bloks to Gu, as they don’t upset my stomach, and these were $1 a pack at Wal*Mart (the things i miss out on living in NYC, geesh!). i’m pretty sure i’m going to love these, but i couldn’t tell you yet because i forgot to take them on my run. whoops.

then again, i probably could just buy Swedish Fish and call it a day.

happy running/working out, friends!

Best run/workout you’ve had this week?
Preference: Blocks or Gu?

2 Things Tuesday

is the day after a long weekend not so hard?? it just makes me want an even longer vacation. i spent the entire day yesterday on a boat on the lake with my brother and his friends, and today is just killing me. anyone with me?!

ONE: running. such good news on this front: i finally got over my “can’t seem to run more than a half marathon” streak i’ve been sitting on all summer and knocked out 15 miles on Saturday morning! wooot! if you follow me on IG (@glitterstruck), well, then you already knew that. it felt so good and i was so darn happy about this (hilly) run.

one thing i need to do better at, though, is fueling during my runs. i honestly am the worst at this and don’t pay any attention to it at all — i didn’t take a single shot block or salt pill or add electrolytes to my water or do a darn thing besides drink a lot of water (i stop at gas stations along the way to refill my little bottle). i hate the feeling of having anything in my stomach when/before i run, but i know i need it for the longer ones (especially when it’s so hot & sunny), so i have to be more diligent about this.

i felt really good on Sunday so got in a 5-6 miler then as well: slow & steady, but pain-free and just all-round enjoyable. i’m really happy with how my runs went this weekend upstate, especially since it was just the loveliest weather. i didn’t even mind running all those hills for once!

TWO: snip.

shorthairoh hey, short hair. nice to see you for the first time in my adult life!

all i can say is, it’s about time and i have no idea what took me so long to chop it. who knew that all these years, there was a short-haired girl inside me dying to be let out, and i thought i was destined to always have long hair?! i love it.

for all you upstate NYers looking for the best stylist, go see Hannah @ Studio D in Clifton Park. not only is she one of my dear friends and the sweetest girl, but she’s so talented.

hope you had fabulous Labor Day weekends, friends!

What’d you do this weekend? i swam & boated & saw family and friends & ran ran ran & cut my hair & relaxed.
Runners: How’s training/running going? Any good runs this weekend?
How do you fuel for long runs?
help me. i’m the worst.

currently {me}

*running. weekend mileage: 13.1 mile insanely hilly run upstate on Saturday; 5 mile insanely hilly power walk upstate on Sunday. even though the terrain is challenging, i love running at home. it wasn’t humid, the country roads are beautiful, and it’s so peaceful. sure, i’m running more slowly, and i run out of water every time, and i always start too late so it gets super hot at the end…but it’s all worth it.

  • the bad: i have a shin splint. ouch. i’m really hoping to be more diligent about icing and resting if i need to and not pushing myself to any further injury.
  • the good: i feel like i’m at a good place mentally with my running. i’m not running as much as i’d like, and definitely not as fast as i’d prefer, but i’m enjoying it (when my leg doesn’t hurt) and not allowing myself to stress out about it and just tackling it one run at a time.
  • the in-between/uncertain: will i run the marathon in October? i have no idea. i haven’t run more than 13.1 miles still, and that’s felt like a struggle lately (b/c HILLS and heat), so i don’t think i’ll be ready, or even want to, to be honest. i guess we’ll see in a few weeks!

*eating. dried mission figs. i bought a bag at a lil farmer’s market by me the other day and they’re just so good. i don’t know why i don’t keep these on hand all the time. i’d love to say i eat them b/c of all the potassium and fiber — which are great benefits — but really, i just love ’em, and they fill me up.

*reading. This Side of Paradise by my beloved F. Scott Fitzgerald. this is his first novel — he was only 23 when he wrote it (talk about a genius combination of ambition and talent) — and the 4th i’ve read of his. it’s quirky and witty and apparently semi-autobiographical, and i love the main character’s name (Amory Blaine). it’s intriguing so far, and definitely different from anything else i’ve ever read. i wouldn’t call it a page-turner, but i’m enjoying following this flighty protagonist as he attempts to come of age rather trippingly. as do all of his novels, this one has some amazing quotes. i just adore his writing.




*current mood.e0983c3ce2a4c6650ee927e17b9d4898friend points if you can name this song (without Googling!).

hope your weeks start off rad, friends.

Best part of your weekend?
Anyone have any trips coming up?
Whatcha reading?

lake love & thoughts after a long run

this weekend, i did a lot of my favorite things. i went to the lake. i spent the whole weekend with the people i love the most. i ran, i swam, i boated, i salsa danced, i celebrated my parents, i went on convertible rides in the sunshine with my brother, i drank wine and laughed and slept and forgot about anything that wasn’t related to the joy of being exactly where i wanted to be at every.single.moment.

it all started with boarding a train on Friday afternoon and ending up here:

lake2aka paradise in upstate NY.

after sleeping 10 hours Friday night because i absolutely could, i set out for a run on one of the most gorgeous mornings of the summer. Saturday was sunny & bright without a touch of humidity; one of those mornings that you wish you could duplicate again and again, for as long as we all shall live. i was determined to run for 2 hours on those hilly back roads, and decided i wasn’t going to think about my pace but rather focus on just enjoying the day and getting the miles done.

mission accomplished, happy to say, and felt really good 13.1 miles later!

FullSizeRenderi didn’t set out to run my own personal half marathon, but once i hit mile 11, i made that my new morning goal. the first 3-4 miles were a struggle: lots of hills, sore legs, and that initial mental & physical battle for settling into a long run — but once i hit mile 5, i knew i’d turned a corner and could enjoy it. it wasn’t fast by any means, and i ran out of water by mile 10 and had to stop at a gas station (Stewart’s — anyone upstate knows this!) to refill, but i felt better than i expected for finishing a long run at noon on a sunny August morning.

i ended my run (strategically) at Target, where my mom came to pick me up (she’s such a keeper), and then went home to spend the rest of the day on the lake: kayaking, boating with the fam, and relaxing with a book and homemade peach sangria. pretty darn perfect.

this is the first long run (over 10 miles) i’ve done since the Brooklyn Half in May, i’m pretty sure, and i was thinking a lot during it about my relationship with distance running and why i run, as well as how i’m feeling about running a marathon in October. here’re my thoughts on why i’m still pushing myself to run distance:

  • i love the discipline. i’m used to working hard at things in my life, and to be honest, i don’t have that right now in every area of my life. i do have that in running, however, so long as i create those goals and continue to push myself toward them. i love having something to work toward; something hard that challenges me and stretches me outside my comfort zone and gives me alllll the feelings: love & pain & frustration & anxiety & joy & purpose. running does this for me.
  • i need the “me” time. i am an extrovert by nature, but the older i get, the more comfortable i’ve become being alone — so much so that i now crave solo time and go a bit crazy without it. to better illustrate this for you: one of my best friends tagged me in this Instagram this weekend:
    FullSizeRenderrunning gives me some structured personal time that allows me to separate from the craziness and be alone with my thoughts, or my music, or my prayers, or usually a combo of all 3. i’ve become so accustomed to carving out this time time that on the days i don’t run, i realize i need to find other ways to be alone for a bit and tap out. in this sense, running has really done wonders for helping me balance my time & energy and learn the art of carving out quality me time.
  • i love how it’s changed my body. i feel stronger & look stronger & have so much more self confidence than i did before i started running seriously. i’m much more conscious of taking care of myself and treating my body well, and prioritizing my health. i want to be fit & healthy for a long time, and running has taught me how to be good to myself.
  • it helps me make better choices. yes, i would like to go to bed early on a Friday night, so i can’t stay out late. no, thank you, i don’t want another drink; i have to run in the morning. no, i can’t eat that before a run, i know it isn’t a good fuel choice. yes, i will drink more water. yes, i will spend more time stretching. yes, i will order another bikini. 🙂
  • the clothes. because having a dresser just for workout clothes and knowing you’ll actually wear everything in that one dresser makes me suuuuuper happy about my life choices…and gives some much-needed purpose to my shopping habits. i have no idea what i’m wearing at work half the time, but i’ll be darned if my running outfits aren’t cute, comfortable and varied.
  • it makes me feel alive. running reminds me of all that i can do, if i put my mind to it. it makes me feel like the best version of myself: a girl who can set a hard goal and work through the sweat, labor and tears to achieve what she thought was once impossible; a girl who is in control of her life & choices; a girl who doesn’t need anything but an open road and a whole lot of determination to make something extraordinary happen. a girl who may not have always made the right choice (should such an absolute exist) in every area of her life, but who can choose one thing every day that reminds her what it feels like to strap on brand new wings and relearn how to fly.

that’s what running does for me — it pushes me beyond my current self, toward the most elemental version of me that i’ll forever be becoming. it reminds me to believe in the art of forward motion; of constant reinvention, down whatever road my sneakered feet just might so happen to choose.

Tell me something great about your weekend!
Anyone at the beach/lake/on vaca?
Runners: What does running do for you?

Friday Five(s)

My week in 5s:

5 restaurants/bars (it’s been a busy week!)
*Lupa, one of Mario Batali’s restaurants, which is an adorably quaint little gem tucked away in Greenwich Village. i went on Monday for the first time when my friend was in town, because his friend works there, and it was really cute.
*Circus Cafe in Saratoga, NY. i’m such a fan of this spot and usually end up there when i’m in Saratoga. it has a cool old Victorian circus vibe, and i really like their menu selections.
*Eatery in Hell’s Kitchen. this is one of my semi-regular spots, especially for brunch. can never go wrong here. i had their fish tacos for the first time this week, and they were really good.
*Flute champagne bar in Midtown. why don’t i go here more often?? i need to make this place a regular occurrence in my life. the funny thing is that i lived in the apartment building directly above it for a month when i first moved to NYC, and yet i never go here. it’s a wonderfully charming little champagne and jazz bar tucked away underground that provides the ideal ambiance for a cozy little date.
*Bea. this is pretty much my favorite spot, and definitely my go-to for good food and cocktails. i’m either biased or fortunate or both, because it’s actually on my street and requires very little effort to get to…but i think it’s second-to-none for the sort of atmosphere it offers, and i love everything about this charming spot.

5  things that made me happy
*flowers. because my apartment is a much happier place when Gerbera daisies greet
*sunsets from train rides. i’m headed back upstate tonight and am really loving my summer train rides along the river.

*a green dress. i’m going to one of my close friends’ weddings tomorrow in Saratoga (can’t get enough of that city lately!), and i had my heart set on wearing green, for some reason. i found a dress i think i love so i’m hoping it all comes together as well as it is in my head. 🙂
*reading. i’m almost done with my current book and it reminds me how much i love to read and need to have that consistently in my life. i spend too much time on my phone & computer and need more quiet time with books.
*making things. when i was younger, i was a huge fan of making friendship bracelets, so i recently decided to get back into that. having a crafty project of any kind makes my life a little more fulfilling, and i’m stoked to make some for my friends! here’s to being 12 again!

5 things i’m eating/drinking
*avocado. guac, salads, anytime, anywhere…i can’t stop.
*mangoes. i’m on a definite kick.
*fish tacos. on a menu = i have to have them.
*La Croix sparkling water. peach pear & cran-raspberry have been my go-to drinks lately.
*NOT SWEETS. okay so that’s technically not a 5th bullet BUT i’m totally staying away from chocolates/sweets/goodies lately and feeling really good about this.

5 things for which i’m feeling thankful
*great conversations that remind you of the importance of filling your life with genuine people.
*the fact that i’m not very girlie. funny, i know, but riding my bike and running in the pouring rain several times this week made me so happy, and i couldn’t care less about going to work/out with wet hair.
*having friends all around the country/world. i love having people to visit in other places.
*my job. it’s far from my ideal situation, but it affords me the chance to live in this amazing city and fills my days with great people, and i should be more grateful for that. all things are temporary, so who knows what comes next, but this is where i am right now…and i could be more positive about it.
*full weekends! i’ve had something fun every weekend so far this summer and am stoked for the upcoming 3 as well. 🙂

happy Friday, loves!

Tell me something fabulous from your week, that you did or ate or for which you’re thankful!
Who can i come visit next?!
i need another long weekend trip to a fun city!

2 Things Tuesday

peace copytwo things that made this last weekend fabulous for me:

ONE: Father’s Day with the best of ’em. i spent an incredible, relaxing weekend at my favorite place in the world, with the man who has made me the center of his universe since before i could even comprehend how blessed i was to be born to the family God gave me.

IMG_7412this guy. i can’t imagine having a better dad — it’s been one of the biggest blessings in my life. he continually amazes me with his love, generosity, hilarious personality, wit, enthusiasm, and genuine love for people. he’s one of a kind, and i thank God every single day of my life for the special bond that exists between my dad & i. i inherited so many traits from him: a love for running, a “life is better on a boat” mentality, the propensity to talk too much, and the desire to always keep my family at the very center of my world and love them the most. thanks, Dad. you’re the bestest guy.

& the rest of my weekend was pretty fantastic, too. allll the family time, all the relaxation — exactly what my little heart needed.

red wine & reading on the deck for a few hours on Saturday afternoon,


convertible weather & coffee post-gym with the bro,

starbucksthe loveliest of views on the train ride home along the Hudson.

bridgesuch the perfect weekend, from start to finish; one of those times of reprieve where i went back to the city feeling centered and refreshed and just better. something about those weekends at the lake — HOME — with my family makes me feel like the best version of myself.

TWO: running. or i guess i should say, marathon training, because that’s what i’m doing! eeeee. and so far, so great. okay, so i’m only two weeks in, but i’m excited about following my plan, and overall feeling really strong and confident and happy (despite the humidity that descended on NYC this morning like a velvet shroud…blech). i ran both days this past weekend at home, per my plan:

Saturday: 8.25 miles (had 9 on the schedule but Ry was picking me up en route so we could head to the gym together after my run, so i didn’t make the full 9) –> i felt amazinggggg on this run, despite the fact that it was the first time i’ve done such a hilly course in a while. it’s quite possibly the best i’ve ever felt on hills and i just was loving life the whole time.

Sunday: 4 miles on a treadmill (disgustingly humid and drizzly outdoors) –> rough. not sure if it was my body resisting being on a treadmill for the first time in months, or my legs telling me they needed more stretching, but it wasn’t my happiest run. i dislike running indoors, and i dislike sore hamstrings, so i was thrilled when that was done.

oh, and then i realized my runbuns (you know, hairstyle, duh) were getting too heavy, so i went and chopped my hair on a whim last night. because my life is basically a long series of whims.

hairsummer ‘do? don’t mind if i do!

How was your weekend?
Anyone else on a lake/beach/outdoors somewhere?
How’s the running/training going?

the best of weekends

every week should be a 4-day work week. that extra weekend day just makes SUCH the difference, does it not?!

especially when i get to spend my long weekends here:

IMG_7065i have zero desire to sleep in when i’m at the lake and was up before 8 every day. what’s better than waking up early and having a coffee and writing session on the porch with that view?

not a whole lot.

& i was lucky enough to have two of my darling girlfriends come upstate with me as well, for a weekend of alllll the fun, including puppy cuddles,

alll the boat rides & bonding time (& Alex bringing back the Gap),

a guest appearance by baby of the year, who made his boating debut,IMG_7110some summer-in-a-bottle deliciousness,Print

and a lil hot tub time machine action.FullSizeRender
yes, i know i have a hard life. please don’t remind me.

we had a lil BBQ boating party day on Sunday, which turned into an evening full of all sorts of silliness, including this hilarious board game:

9ec7708d-d2fa-406a-bccd-89df1f0192cfi swear, the girls’ questions are ridiculous!! how are we supposed to know the parts of a gun or the names of atomic bombs?!

the best line of the night was when one of the boys warned the others “not to look in our eyes” because they’d cave and give us hints. too cute, boys. too cute. 🙂

the night capped off with a game of Humdinger (aka “guess that song” hum version) around a lovely fire while making s’mores by the lake.


side note: please tell me someone out there knows the song “Part-Time Lover” by Stevie Wonder? anyone?

i really couldn’t have asked for a better weekend all-around. i managed to sneak in a lot of running over this holiday weekend as well, so i was stoked about that:

Friday (in NYC before heading upstate): total of 8.5 miles (5.5 in the morning, 3 after work)
Saturday morning: gym session w/ Alex at my gym upstate — 40 mins on an Arc trainer and some abs & push-ups
Sunday morning: 5-mile run outdoors
Monday morning: 3-mile run, 2-mile walk outdoors

& yesterday after work i snuck in an hour of strength/kettlebells/planks before catching up with some friends last night.

all in all, an amazing, balanced weekend that i wish was still happening right.this.second.

hope you all had lovely Memorial Day weekends as well!

What’dya do?
Fave summer beer?