Weekly Workouts (9/22-9/29)

Whooop Friday eve — anyone else lovin’ that? I totally started this post yesterday and, um, yeah. Here we are.

So, I may not be marathon training (like for real now, that’s definitely out the window and I’ve relinquished my grasp on any last lingering false half-hopes that I miiiiight be one of those miracle people who can run a marathon without training for it), but I’m not slacking on my workouts/runs despite being so.freaking.busy, so I’m calling that a success! 


Thurs, 9/22: 4-mile morning run; push-ups; abs (planks & leg raises); air squats.
Fri, 9/23:
Rest from running. Ty and I went for a 4-mile speedwalk along the Hudson River path at during sunset, which was really nice, and felt necessary considering my legs were sooooo sore from an all-the-legs workout on Wednesday.
Sat, 9/24:
ELTON JOHN DAY! We had a plan to leave early for the Poconos, so I was up and out before 8am for a 7-mile run. Felt good to have that over with.
Sun, 9/25: 7-mile sunset run = beautiful, and felt like the best way to end my weekend.
Mon, 9/26: 
hmm i honestly can’t remember if I did anything this day or not? maybe rest?
Tues, 9/27:
3.5 mile morning run. Drizzly out, rather slow pace (around a 9-minute mile average, I’d guess), but felt good after it was over!
Wed, 9/28: 
60 mins of strength and abs this morning: kettle bells (swings, round-the-body toss, squat-curl-tricep combo), TRX back rows, allll the push-ups (tricep push-ups and wide push-ups using the Perfect Push-Up handles), air squats, in-out jump squats, lunges, back/shoulders/arms using 5-lb plates.
Thurs, 9/29: 4-mile morning run. Having some weird hip/leg pain that feels like nerve pain (??) so took it slow, but otherwise felt really good. As much as I will bemoan the end of summer along with everyone else, I am loving fall running. NYC in Autumn is magic.


Total weekly mileage: 25.5

Totally fine with that, and while I’d love to set the goal of running at least 30 miles a week, a lot of it just comes down to time in the mornings for me. Maybe if I get to bed at 9pm (I like a lot of sleep don’t judge me), I can actually get up at 5 or 5:30 and start earlier. For now, I’m doing what I can!

Songs of the week:
“Talk Too Much” by Coin
“Cold Water” by Biebs and Major Lazer

How’s the running going? Who has a big race coming up?
Best thing about your city in the fall?


Weekly Workouts (8/25-8/31)

How is it the last day of August already?? I honestly am baffled by how quickly this summer tumbled by and as much as I love all things September (favorite weather, favorite word, favorite birthstone, less humidity, crisp fall days start happening), I am just never ready to relinquish my annual love affair with summer. It never gets easier to say goodbye.

So, I hesitate to call this “Marathon Training” since I a) haven’t posted a training post in a few weeks and b) am still uncertain as to whether or not I’ll tackle the big beast of a race in October, soooo I figure it’s safer to revert to a weekly workouts post. I’m also linking up with my lovely friend Suzy and her friends for Running Coaches Corner.


Thurs, 8/25: 60-minute strength workout – first one in a while and felt really good: kettlebells, push-ups, squat jumps, free weights (10lb weights and 5 lb plates); planks & other abs
Fri, 8/26: 4 mile morning run
Sat, 8/27: 4 mile early run (had to just get something in quick before beach day!); planks, abs, and push-ups
Sun, 8/28: 8 mile evening run – it was the most beautiful evening and I loved running at sundown. I was tired going into it but it turned out to be the best way to end my weekend.
Mon, 8/29: Rest. I think there were a few sets of push-ups and like 10 mins of free weights in there at night, but nothing substantial.
Tue, 8/30: 6 mile morning run
Wed, 8/31: 3.5 mile morning run (humid, felt just an overall fatigue today); push-ups; 5 minutes of planks

Total weekly mileage: 25.5 (plus loooots of walking these days — at least a couple of miles every day)

Thoughts: Ya know, I’m enjoying my running lately and honestly feeling a lot of gratitude that I’m able to fit it in on an almost-daily basis, both regarding time management and the fact that for the first time in a long time, I feel so good physically and have no aches and pains from regular running on pavement. I know I’ve talked about this a bit before but I work full-time (in finance) and am a graduate student in a very specialized psychology program (Marriage & Family Therapy), which has been a 5-year endeavor that consumes most of my evenings, so the fact that I’m able to get myself up and to continue this dedication to my running is something I’m really proud of but also so grateful to be able to do. Will I run another marathon in October? I’m honestly not sure, and I’m honestly not stressing about it. I’m just thankful to be as healthy and happy as I currently am, and will take it one day at a time from here. Would I love to feel the desire to continue training for this race and push myself? Of course. But I want to enjoy this and not dread it, so I’m practicing the art of being gentle with myself and listening to my gut, and will honestly enjoy my runs and whatever running journeys may arise no matter what that looks like.

Also, I have no idea where these leggings hail from, but I am on a mission to find out.


Runhappy, friends. ❤

Marathon Training: Week 4


Welcome to my fourth week of marathon training recaps (week 8 on the Hal Higdon plan I’m following).

The good news: I’m running as many days per week as it’s calling for (5) and I’m feeling pretty good and keeping up a decent pace!

The not-as-good news (nothing around here is “bad” so I won’t call it that): It’s been the most humid of all humid existences here in NYC lately and the long run this past weekend diiiiidn’t quite happen. Whoops.

The good news in the wake of the not-so-good-news: I’m absolutely not beating myself up about this or going to any places of self-doubt or negativity. Onward and upward, Nikes. 

Thurs, 7/28: 4.2 miles (34 minutes) — soooo hot and humid, even at 6am. Drenched. Also 50 push-ups, 4 minutes of planks. Plan called for 4 so on the $$ here.

Fri, 7/29: rest from running; did 25 minutes of strength (push-ups, light weights).

Sat, 7/30: 7 of the hottest, sweatiest miles of my entire life. And that is not an exaggeration. Plan called for 7 and I was lucky I made that many! I ran with Tyler and we got started too late (like 9:30ish), and it was unbelievably humid — 91% or something crazy, with rain coming later — and I literally was running from one water fountain to the next to stick my head under them. Yikes. This was tough but felt amazing when done, and we kept up a great pace despite the heat (avg 8:30 but I saw a 7:45 at one point on my Garmin for a brief moment!). He’s a great motivator and I love that I date someone who is so fit and pushes me.

Sun, 7/31: 5 miles — on the treadmill. Brrrppp. First treadmill run in a while, and here’s why: I walked out of my apt bldg and into a wall of humidity so palpable it shocked me. It was like walking into a sauna. I immediately turned back on my heel and my doorman was laughing and was like, “Yeah, it’s gross out right? About to rain I think.” He was right on both accounts, so I went back to the gym where the boy was working out and did 5 treadmill miles — instead of the 15 miles my plan had called for. Whoops. But hey, this is what worked for me that day and I didn’t want to do any more…and then I did push-ups and light weights and abs and felt good about all of that.

Mon, 8/1: rest. I’m thankful Mondays are my built-in rest days because I work til 9pm anyway and I’m usually pretty beat.

Tues, 8/2: 6 miles. Felt good. Plan called for 4 but I felt good and wanted to make up for some of those lost 10 miles anyway, so six worked well. 

Wed, 8/3: 6 miles. Two days in a row where the plan called for 4 and I wanted 6. IT band is a bit sore today but otherwise I’m feeling good! It wasn’t as hot or humid this morning as it has been, so I’m thankful for that.

Total weekly mileage: 28 miles. Despite the facts that it wasn’t as high as last week and my mileage really should have gone up this week, I feel good about this and I’m not sweating it. I did the best I could and will make up for it this coming weekend if possible. 

Song of the week: “The Sound” by the 1975. I just love this band.

How’s the running been this week for you?
If you could run anywhere in the US right now, where would you choose? 
I’m thinking the coast in Maine would be nice right now!

Marathon Training: Week 3


So this was my third week of marathon training (but week eight of the plan I chose, as I started at week 6 but had been running 4-5 days a week anyway so it wasn’t an issue), and even though I’m taking some liberties with the plan and adjusting as needed, I’m feeling good about it so far — despite the insane heat and humidity we’ve had here in NY! The weather decided to be increasingly oppressive in perfect alignment with my training, as if I needed an extra obstacle to push through and make me feel more bad-a$$. Hey, God gives us what He knows we can handle, right?? 🙂

Thurs, 7/21: 4.2 miles at 6am (plan said 4), just under 35 minutes; a bunch of push-ups (tricep and regular). 

Fri, 7/22: Rest. I intended to do strength at the gym this morning but could not get myself out of bed, which is rare for me, even after 8 hours of sleep. My body felt like dead weight.

Sat, 7/23: 11 hilly, HOT miles. arrrmygahd it was hot, and I should have gotten up earlier to start my run — 8:45 was hot already — but I felt surprisingly good otherwise and really content with my strength and ability to push through a long, hilly run on such a blazing hot day. I was checking my time for the first 7-8 miles but after a while just let that go and let myself push through and try to enjoy it. My plan called for 7 on Sat and 14 on Sunday, so this day should have been my 14-er, but I was so happy with my 11 in this weather that it still felt like a success. I was literally pouring my water bottle all over me and kept stopping at Stewart’s (anyone not from Upstate NY probably has no idea what this is?!) to fill it up and splash water on my face. Oh, and this is also the run where I almost got hit by a car, driven by an old woman who clearly needs to re-take her driving test. She was stopped at a right light, so I stopped, made sure she wasn’t moving, and then went to cross — and she pulled out, right into me. Like, literally. I had to slam my hand down on the hood of her car and throw my hips out just to keep from getting nailed in the knees. #scariestrunningmomentyet

Sun, 7/24: 5.25 hilly, hot miles at 8:30am. My weekend total was just over 16, and the plan had called for a total of 21, so I was 5 miles short and could not have cared less. I braved some of the hottest weather we’ll probably have all summer for those miles, and my only options upstate are to run hills the whole time, soooo….yeah. Success, in my book. And it’s my book that counts here. 🙂

Mon, 7/25: Rest from running; upper body strength instead. My quads were pretty sore from all the hills over the weekend — that good, feeling-so-accomplished sore — and Mondays are supposed to be “Cross” days (which we know I don’t do), so I did an hour of upper body with 10lb weights and lots of push-ups while watching The Bachelorette (inconsistent guilty pleasure that sometimes rears its superficial head) and 6 minutes of planks. Did the trick!

Tues, 7/26: 5 miles at 6am. Plan called for 4; I felt great. It was mega humid and 75 degrees, but I felt really good and 5 seemed like an optimal number to run.

Wed, 7/27 (today): 5.25 miles at 6am. Plan called for 7; I only really had time for 5, annnd it was already 80 degrees. I looked like I’d jumped into the Hudson River by the end…but it felt sooooo good to have it done.

Total weekly mileage: 30.7. I wasn’t keeping track of what I’d run as I went through the week, so just figuring this number right now makes me so happy. I don’t know the last time I hit 30 miles in a week, and to feel this good and injury free feels amazing. I have high hopes for this training and am praying I continue to feel that way!

Song of the week: “Waterfalls” by LVNDSCAPE

Runners: How’s the hot weather running/training going? Anyone else always seem to “forget” that as lovely as it is to run a fall marathon, you’re training in the blistering summer heat?!

Give me a song, please!!

Marathon Training: Week 2


So, it’s official: my “Weekly Workouts Wednesday” posts will now be “Marathon Training Updates” until October, as I kicked my butt into gear and started following a plan as of last week, so this is Week 2 for me, although not as per the actual plan. I’m following a Hal Higdon training plan flexibly, adjusting things as-needed and not beating myself up over sticking to the plan to a T. Must.not.overtrain. 

Thurs, 7/14: 3.1 miles (plan called for 3, so right on the $). Easy peasey!

Fri, 7/15: Rest (planned). I did strength & abs in my gym.

Sat, 7/16: 11 (glorious!) miles. This run felt sososososo good! Yes, it was hot, and so hilly (upstate NY likes to roll), but I felt amazing and strong and kept up such a good pace. I finished wishing every run could feel that runderful! (cheeeeese) The plan called for 6, but I’m doing my long runs on Saturdays most weeks (instead of Sundays).

Sun, 7/17: 3.2 miles (with the boy). I’m reversing my weekend long runs, so technically my plan called for a 6 and a 9 miler this weekend for a total of 15; I did an 11 and a 3, for a total of 14, but with a longer run in there. This worked well for me. Both runs were also non-stop hills, which I know is helpful (but can be so hard!).

Mon, 7/18: Rest. Plan called for cross training but a) no time as I worked 12 hours and b) let’s be honest – I don’t do that. Spinning just isn’t my thing…and so $$$!

Tues, 7/19: 4 miles (as planned). Felt so-so. Sometimes the shorter ones are meh as it usually takes me a few miles to get warmed up/in the groove, and I was pretty tired.

Wed, 7/20: 5.25 miles (plan said 7). I was tired, could feel the beginnings of some soreness (must foam roll tonight), and snoozed for 20 minutes before making myself run this morning, which set me behind on time. Having said all that – I feel good with 5 and am glad I didn’t push it for more, as my IT band is really sore today and one of my priorities in this training cycle is to listen to my body and not overdo it.

Total weekly mileage: 26.55. Thrilled with that!

Running song of the week: “Dancing on Glass” by St. Lucia

What’re you training for right now?
Throw some tunes my way! Could use some new running music!

Weekly Workouts (7/7-7/13)


I’m pretty stoked that my weekly workouts Wednesday posts will be tailored around my marathon training from now til October, as I think the accountability will be good for me and it’ll be interesting to see just how closely I adhere to the Hal Higdon plan and what adaptations I need to make for my personal marathon training journey. My #1 priority is staying injury-free and healthy and feeling good throughout this, so I know for sure that I do not want to over-train and burn out. I’m all about running 3-4 days a week if that’s what my body needs some weeks and am not stressin’ about maintaining a 5-day weekly running schedule if it’s too much for me as the mileage begins to build.

All that to say, I’m living the flex life with this training when necessary. Shin splints, don’t you dare do it. Don’t even think about it this year.

Thurs, 7/7: (rest day from running) upper body & abs sets: push-ups (regular and tricep); biceps & flys with 10lb weights; planks; bicycles
Fri, 7/8: 2.5 miles on treadmill (first ‘mill run in ages, and after work for once – had to get some sweat time in somehow that day!); upper body: 25-lb kettlebell exercises; arms, shoulders & back with 5-lb plates; push-ups (regular and tricep); 3 minutes planks
Sat, 7/9: early 9-mile run along the Hudson River path/Riverside Park. This felt wonderful and was much-needed, as I spent the rest of the day drinking rosé on Governor’s Island. 🙂
Sun, 7/10: 4-mile run along the river (downtown to Chelsea this time)
Mon, 7/11: rest (although even on my rest days I walk a few miles around the city, so that counts, right??)
Tues, 7/12: 3.75 mile run, 6:30am & humid. This was the first day I was like, “Okayyyy, time to start following a marathon plan!” It called for a 3-mile morning, but some days you just feel like an over-achiever.
Wed, 7/13 (today): 5.11 miles (plan called for 5 – why did I ever run without my Garmin? I love knowing the exact mileage. #runnerd), 6am & humid again. Love my morning runs but totally not loving the morning humidity lately!

Total weekly mileage: 24.36

Thoughts: Running happy this week! Feeling good about tackling this training cycle. Had a little IT band pain for 2 days early this week but hit the foam roller immediately and it honestly helped a lot – I know I need to keep that as my BFF throughout this process and use it daily.

How’s the running going? What’re we training for?
How do you pep talk yourself through your most humid runs?
 When I start to really feel the heat and feel sluggish, I remind myself that cold weather is much worse and I stick my head under every water fountain I pass. Ahhhh love that feeling. 🙂 

Work it out Wednesday

Soooo, this is usually where I do a “Weekly Workouts” post, but I thought I’d do more of a looser “reflections on running and working out in my lately life” sort of thing, as I feel like I’ve been all over the place and so crazy busy lately and everything is just sort of squeezed in where I can fit it. Not complaining — I’m not slacking or feeling badly about it — it’s just been pretty unstructured and more of a get-up-and-do-what-I-can sort of deal.


The best part about running lately: I’m feeling great. Runhappy, really. No leg pain in any sense; no “oh my gosh this is hard and I don’t feel like doing this today” experiences; nothing holding me back from just enjoying running. It’s so refreshing and has been such a positive thing lately, especially as it’s been gorgeous in NYC (June is just amazing here) and the beautiful mornings are practically begging me to get out of bed and enjoy them. Warm-weather running is much more my style.

Mileage: I honestly haven’t been stressing about this, as I’m not currently in any urgent training phase — my next race as of now is a marathon in October, and I just ran a half in May that went really well, so I feel stress-free right now in regards to hitting specific numbers on a long run. I’ve probably done about 17 miles since Saturday (and run Sat, Sun, Tues and today), and I’m fine with it. I’ll hopefully get an 8-miler in at some point this weekend, but friends and boyfriend and beach time and all that…well, that needs to be balanced in right now, so as long as the running is there, I’m a-ok with that.

What to wear: I mentioned yesterday that I got a new sports bra that I realllly like, and with them, I ordered these shorts (also winners, woot!):

product photo shoot    Camera Angles include: 40.Left 3Q,41.Back

I also totally dig the styles in this Popsugar piece on gym crop tops (ok so many are glorified sports bras, but hey, they’re so cute, they can call them whatever they want). I’m especially lovin’ this tie dye Calvin Klein option:


I just might be swinging by Macy’s to hunt this down in the near future. Adorbs.

New runfun discovery: I recently discovered (don’t laugh at me, those of you who’ve known this for, um, ever) that Spotify has a Running station where it’ll choose running music for you based upon your music preferences, and tailor it to your speed (it’ll calibrate while you start running — not sure how much this impacts it but I like the fun concept of it). Loving this lately and I’ve been happy with their choices for me! You go, Spotify.

Runners: How’s it going for you lately? Running happy, or the heat getting to you?
Favorite sports bras/run crop tops?
Music suggestions, please! Any Spotify stations you love to run to?



Weekly Workouts (5/19-5/25)


Since I ran a half on Saturday, pretty much all of my workouts this past week revolved around either prepping, resting, or recovering from that (aside from the actual race, of course). I feel like I did a great job of doing exactly what my body needed both before and after this race, as I’m feeling awesome and healthy and at such a good place.

Thurs, 5/19: Morning 45-minute upper body & abs strength session, followed by a 4 mile (fast) walk to work. I was all about the long walks in the few days leading up to the race, which proved to be a great choice.

Fri, 5/20: Exact duplicate of the previous day’s workout. I have to admit, two days in a row of a lot of upper body (kettlebells, free weights, plates, push-ups, rows, etc) felt really good, and reminded me that I need at least 2-3 days of this a week. another 3.5-4 mile walk to work (distance varies depending upon how many piers I include), and the reverse walk home as well, for a total of 7+ miles of fast walking. The boy and I then went for a couple mile walk that night when he got in as well, as he wanted to stretch his legs, so this was a good day of [walking] miles for me.

Sat, 5/21: Brooklyn Half! 13.1 miles in 1:53:21, at an 8:39 avg pace, which felt really comfortable and good the entire time. Stoked about this race overall and how well I felt.

Sun, 5/22: We woke up at 8am and went for a lovely 6-mile walk before church, as we were both a bit sore/tight and figured a good morning jaunt would help us stretch out the kinks, as well as provide us with some lovely Hudson River selfie backgrounds.


Mon, 5/23: I walked to work again — still felt a bit of quad soreness and decided I didn’t want to start running again til I felt great.

Tues, 5/24: Exhaustion slammed me in the face this morning and I could not get up with my alarm for a strength workoutI slept as late as possible while still having time to walk to work. This is becoming a welcome pattern and I’m loving long walks lately. I don’t listen to music on my walks, which I always do while running, so it provides some nice quiet time for me to think/reflect/pray, and I’m coming to really covet this.

Wed, 5/25 (today): Ran 6 miles before 7am – felt amazingggg! So glad I gave myself those few days to recover fully because this morning’s run felt great, and I kept it between an 8:20-8:35 pace the entire time. It was humid but otherwise a lovely morning, and supposed to be 90 here today! Whattttt??!!?!?!

I’ll take it!

Total weekly running mileage: 19.1. Not a ton, but totally cool with this since there was a half in there!

Total weekly (intentionally designed as cardio) speed walking: about 26. booyah.

How were your workouts this week?
Anyone run a race?

Weekly Workouts


I’m so bummed to report that I haven’t run outdoors one single day in this past week! That’s quite a record for me — I can’t even recall the last time I said that?? — and I don’t like it one bit. Here’s to changing that starting tomorrow or Saturday.

Thurs, 4/28: 3.5 miles on a treadmill at the Palmer House Hotel gym (in Chicago), followed by planks & other abs, and a few sets of push-ups (regular and tricep). Great hotel gym.

Fri, 4/29: 4 treadmill miles (maybe a little more but can’t recall) + planks

Sat, 4/30: ran 3, walked 1; abs: 10 mins of planks (woot!), bicycles, leg lifts; free weights (10lbs: curls and back rows); chest-presses with a 35 lb plate

Sun, 5/1: 4 miles on a treadmill yet again, back in my apartment gym in NYC. I tried to run outdoors but walked outside into a steady rain in 40 degrees –> treadmill it was. followed by push-ups, planks, a few squats, some random stuff haha.

Mon, 5/2: rest. exhaustion.

Tues, 5/3: 4 treadmill miles yet again (this darn rain and cold!); 4 mins planks; light kettlebells and push-ups

Wed, 5/4: sick. rest/misery.

Thurs, 5/5 (happy cinco de mayo!): 3.5 treadmill miles this morning; push-ups (both kinds); 8 mins of planks.

Total weekly mileage: 22

Thoughts: Disappointed over the fact that I did zero long runs this past week, which was a bummer and shouldn’t be happening, but I honestly was so tired most of the time (even when in Chicago) and traveling and wasn’t going to run 10 miles on a hotel treadmill, or outdoors in the freeze and rain, soooo, I did what I felt like doing and it’s fine. I think my body needed the shorter runs and just the “don’t be so hard on yourself” mentality this week, as i felt/still feel run down. Cannot wait for this weekend at home, and a good long run on Saturday.

Happy running, friends. ❤

How do you keep yourself motivated on a treadmill after you’ve spent months running outdoors, even in the cold? I am really hating the ‘mills lately.

Weekly Workouts (4/14-4/20)


Thurs, 4/14: 4-mile morning run outdoors. quick & easy!

Fri, 4/15: 45-minute strength workout. i’m not doing a lot of lower body right now b/c i’m trying to up the running mileage and my legs and hips get realllllly tight/sore, so most of my strength workouts focus on upper body and abs and usually look something like this:


i try to switch up the exercises and keep it moving, taking only very short breaks, and do at least 2 sets of each of these groups (and usually at least 50 push-ups, as i default to those and often will just stop and throw a set in!). i know we all have exercises we prefer, and push-ups & planks are my faves. i did also add one set of walking lunges (40) and one set of bench jumps (20) into this routine, for no good reason. 🙂

Sat, 4/16: glorious 12-mile outdoor run!! followed by a few abs (bicycles & leg raises). favorite workout of the week FOR SURE.

Sun, 4/17: another beautiful 8-miler. i felt soooo happy and it felt amazing to crush some good runs two days in a row! thank you, Lord, for sunny skies & feel-good legs.

Mon, 4/18: push-ups (tricep and regular), about 50; 10 minutes of planks. usually i rest on Mondays but i decided to get a quick one in in my room before work.

Tues, 4/19: 4.5 morning miles; 4 mins of planks.

Wed, 4/20: 45 minutes this morning of the same upper body routine as above, minus the plate chest press and adding back flys and punches with 5-lb plates, as well as a lateral pull machine. also brought my stuff to run home from work tonight — loving this weather!

total weekly mileage (counting tonight’s 4.5-5): 33-34.

thoughts: YASSSS. 🙂 that about sums that up! highest mileage i’ve had in months and i couldn’t be happier or feel better.

How’s your week of workouts going?
Anyone else have any amazing runs lately?