Two Things Tuesday

peace copy

ONE: Travel. I have a mini trip coming up this weekend for the long weekend/Valentine’s Day (how nice is it that those two fall on the same weekend this year??) — the boy and I are headed up to Lake Placid for a 3-day, 2-night little jaunt to the north country. His family actually used to own the Mirror Lake Inn (I so wish they still did!), so I’m stoked to check that out, especially the apres ski bar called The Cottage, which just looks like the darlingest little winter lodge:



(photos taken from the Inn’s website)

How sweet is that spot? Consider it’s supposed to be, like, no degrees, I think we’ll be more than ready to curl up by a fire and enjoy a drink.

We’re going during Saranac Lake’s Winter Carnival, which means there’ll be plenty of events going on nearby and a giant ice palace to traipse through and fireworks to see. This year’s theme is Superheroes & Villians — does that make anyone else want to dress up like Wonder Woman and sing the Beach Boys song? Anyone with me?


Thoughts of this little winter getaway are totally getting me through the week. We rented a half of a farmhouse right in town through Airbnb, which I think will work out well. C’mon, Friday, hurry on up!

TWO: Fitness fashion. I can’t stop with the fun leggings lately. I think my recent success with the Athleta tights has spurred the addiction back into full force. I’m currently awaiting the arrival of these little beauties from GapFit:


These are the gFast mesh-ribbon leggings, and I’m praying I like them on as much as I do online. Or on that girl’s legs. 🙂

Anyone been to Lake Placid? If so, what are some of your fave spots?
Taking a mini-trip for the long weekend?
Anyone have GapFit leggings? Thoughts?
Favorite brand of running tights?


Snowmageddon 2016

Soooo, as you heard, we got some serious snow up in NYC! (Check out some photos here if you have any interest in seeing the craziness!)


Talk about going from 0 to 100 — we haven’t had any snowfall all year, and then we experienced the second-biggest blizzard in all of NYC’s snowfall history this weekend! Governor Cuomo issued a travel ban starting at 2:30pm on Saturday, shutting down all roads and subways, so we really had no choice but to hunker down and cozy up.


That was totally fine by me, and I actually relished the forced hermit status and so much “me” time. I didn’t venture out at all except to stumble through the blizzard to the grocery store across the street, which was sort of exciting because 1) it felt like a mini adventure and 2) it was a great excuse to wear my new Hunter boots for the first time (I know, I know, GIRLS). I was actually laughing to myself while stumbling through the snow piles and struggling to keep my eyes open through the gusts. Hilarity.


So, Jonas was a-ok by me. Even though I couldn’t run outside, I got up and went right to the gym both Saturday and Sunday morning with the contented assurance that I had nowhere else to be that day and could take my sweet time.

                                                               Weekend workouts
7.5 miles on treadmill (6.5 running, 1 incline walking)
Sunday: Really sore legs that quickly shut down on me (too much pain), so I ran 2 miles and then incline walked another 3+. (Blue Bloods on Netflix makes the treadmill much more manageable.) I then did another 30 minutes of light free weights, squats/lunges/leg things, lots of push-ups, 5 minutes of planks and 50 decline-bench sit-ups. This workout felt really good and I love not being pressed for time.

The rest of my weekend included lots of relaxing in pjs, cleaning, healthy foods (including Oatmega bars, which i’m really liking right now), and some delicious drinks:

Josh Cabernet paired with pink flannels (excellent combo that I plan to repeat tonight),

reduced-sugar vanilla almond milk latte (I buy Illy espresso and finally learned how to make my frother work — small victories),

a “Perfect Manhattan” (yes, there is apparently a difference between a perfect and a non-perfect, so I learned), made by a friend from college who lives in my apartment building as well (so convenient, esp during blizzards, to have built-in neighbor friends!).


So Jonas really treated me quite well. I was productive, active, well-rested, relaxed, and more than content to have a full weekend to myself. I remember days in my 20s when i hated the thought of spending so much time alone, and now I seriously cherish it and need it to feel balanced.

Funny how things change as we mature.

currently reading: Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer (some dense stuff, but so good)
currently listening to: Great Good Fine Ok (really digging their sound)
currently watching: Blue Bloods on Netflix (finished Scandal and my parents got me hooked on this show when i was in Florida last week – Donny Wahlberg for the win!)

How was your weekend, friends? Highlights?
Anyone else get slammed by Jonas? How’d you fare?

Friday Five: Favorite Winter Activities

while i undoubtedly look forward to Friday every.single.week, i’m especially stoked for today, because it commences my week-long Christmas vacation! i’m going home tonight for 9 full days of fun with family, friends and the man, and i couldn’t be more excited about this. ’tis a merry, merry Christmas indeed, starting tonight for me!

for this week’s link-up, our DC hosts Mar, Courtney & Cynthia chose the following theme to help remind us that there are some fun things to be done even when we’re freezing our bums off (especially in the Northeast, although this year has been marvelous thus far!):


ONE: snowboarding. i’m not a big fan of the cold but i’m also not one who complains like it’s the end of the world each year as well, and one sure way to get me out there & loving Winter is to put me on a mountain. i was hoping to ride at least a day or two next week over break, but considering we’ve accumulated zero snowflakes so far this year (and man-made snow isn’t my favorite thing), that might not transpire.

TWO: running. thank goodness for Under Armour & Nike, who make some pretty great cold-weather gear, because i try to suck it up and get out there even when it’s chillll-eee. nothing like a good run to warm up the cold blood!

THREE: wine bars. in Summer, i like to be “outdoorsy” and take advantage of patios and rooftops; in Winter, a quaint & cozy little tuckaway of a wine bar serves me just right. with lots of windows, of course, so i can see the snow as i cozy up.

FOUR: anything related to Christmas. this counts, right? i’ve always been a Christmas-lover Winter –> all things merry & bright give me the fuzzy, i-love-everything-and-everyone feelings. & it’s so easy to love Christmastime in NYC! speaking of — the boy and i walked 5th Ave on Tuesday and checked out Bergdorf’s amazyyyyzinggg window display (at a time when the crowds had thinned, thankfully!). Bergdorf collaborated with Swarovski this year to create truly brilliant, glittering, fantastic displays made out of thousands of gems and stones, with names like “Glitterati,”  “Treasured,” “The Crystal Ball,” “Hidden Gem,” & “The Crown Jewels.”








these photos hardly do them justice — they were spectacular. “Treasured” (the ocean scene) was so winter blues lovely and opalescent in person, and “Glitterati” (the first image) was such a crazy, chaotic, fun explosion of colors representing the 12 months of the year with 12 cakes made out of their birthstones. it was just so, so well done.

FIVE: traveling somewhere warm. okay so i know that’s a total stretch of a “Winter activity” but like, also sort of necessary. by the time we head out for our annual girls’ weekend to Boca & Miami at the end of January, i’m pretty ready for some sun. last year i went to Miami & Austin in the cold months; this year i hope to have some similar warm-weather trips to break up the chilly stretch.

hope you enjoy your weekend, friends!

Favorite Winter activities?
Snowboarders/skiiers: What’s your mountain of choice?What island should I visit this year??

scenes from the weekend

hi, loves! so i don’t know about you guys, but for me, we’re halfway through the month and i can honestly say that this is totally turning out to be a wonderful, happy, memorable December for me.


for starters, it was 65 degrees and sunny in NYC all weekend…so what i’m really saying is that it’s May. the boy and i went running both Saturday (6-7ish miles) and Sunday (5ish miles) mornings in tank tops, and i was sweating. in mid-December. and i love it.

things weren’t so amazing on the running front this weekend though, unfortunately, which really bummed me out b/c i was so looking forward to having these amazing runs on such glorious balmy days, but it just wasn’t happening. my legs were beyond tired and sore for some reason, and my calf kept screaming at me, and i just couldn’t get it together & had very little energy. i was slow and feeling pretty awful, and not sure i’d have endured 5 miles on Sunday if the boy wasn’t there to run with me.

and so it goes with running: sometimes you’re on top of the world, and sometimes you just don’t have it and everything feels hard. here’s to hoping that phase passes asap, b/c it really bums me out. on the flip side, i’m thankful i was able to cover the mileage i did even while i wasn’t feeling so hot or loving running at those moments. a crappy run is better than no run, right? and i did get in a fairly decent upper body workout at the gym on Sunday before our run as well.

workouts aside, the weekend was absolutely wonderful otherwise. we rode Citibikes and went to my friends’ holiday brunch and had a pre-dinner drink at Terroir Wine Bar in Tribeca on Saturday, which plays great music and has a really chill, almost punk-gothy sort of vibe,


before heading to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Fig & Olive Meatpacking, which just does everything right: amazing food, amazing service, amazing atmosphere. i love this spot.


side note: i’m the worst at taking photos of food, but somehow always manage to remember to snap the wine. i swear i eat… 😉

we also had an awesome brunch at 44 1/2 in Hell’s Kitchen. it was my first time there for brunch and i’ll certainly return, as it was charming and yummy and a new neighborhood fave for me. we dined on the covered back patio which was like a lovely little pink fairy world in the middle of the concrete jungle,

all bubbly lanterns & pink roses & white lights. it was one of my favorite restaurant atmospheres i’ve experienced in a while, and so ideal for a Sunday afternoon in a December that’s posing as May. i really loved it.

we meandered over to Rockefeller Center after Sunday brunch to see the 78-foot-tree, which seemed like a necessary, picturesque NYC-at-Christmastime thing to do,


…except that we were joined by everyone else who happened to be awake in NYC yesterday. holy touristville. we took one look at the crowds swarming 5th Ave and decided the window viewing was absolutely not in our immediate future and we suddenly realllllly needed some wine (is hating crowds part of growing up? i seriously cannot), so we strolled down to the Flatiron District and nestled ourselves into Punch for some nice little chill time in an atmosphere that didn’t make me want to start kicking strollers.


much, much better.

my weekend in #s:
2 beauuuuuuteousss days
2 (so-so) runs
2 great restaurants
2 cute wine bars
2 movie nights on the couch (Hunger Games #3 & Pitch Perfect)
1 gym session
1 massive Christmas tree
=1 pretttttyyyyy perfect weekend with the man

i have no complaints. ❤

How was your weekend, friends? Highlights?
Something you’re looking forward to this week?

weekend warriors

this past weekend, i did all the things. and by all the things, i mean all the things that make my heart so happy & that i wanted my weekend to contain. i couldn’t have asked for it to be any better.

the boy was in town ( ❤ ) so we had all sorts of plans with my friends, because everyone wants to get to know him better and see how amazing he is. totally can’t blame them. 🙂

we met a few of my friends for a drink at the Irish pub/sports bar Feile as soon as he got here on Friday (which is apparently NYC’s #1 Formula 1 bar, in case that tickles your fancy), which draws a pretty active happy hour crowd and wasn’t bad for a bar near Penn Station.


he & i then went to dinner at one of my fave neighborhood Thai places, Room Service. i think i’ve taken every single person i know to this place at one point or another. it’s such a hip, fun, delicious spot, and a must-go if you’re looking for a cute little dinner place in Hell’s Kitchen.

on Saturday we ventured out for a morning run in the sunny, 50 degree December weather (!!!) — 6 miles for me (3 solo, 3 with the boy) before heading down to the West Village for a fabulously fun brunch with some wonderful humans at Bluestone Lane, this darling Australian cafe (to which i certainly plan to return). we took advantage of the gorgeous day and sat outside, reveling in the fact that we were so spoiled to have patio weather in December!

avocado toast w/ poached eggs and rounds of mimosas, for the win.

everyone left full & happy and feeling like we’d found the best little brunch place in all of NYC. seriously, go here. it’s fantastic.

Saturday night we checked off one of my December Bucket List goals by making holiday cocktails (thanks for the recipe, Sarah!) in the form of Spiked Almond Nog.


my friend found Silk’s Almond Nog and brought whiskey, which i rarely drink, but the combo was delicious and i definitely want to make these again. such a perfect (and really light) holiday drink to sip on before heading to a bar on the corner for a friend’s annual charity Christmas party…

where we discovered a holiday photo booth. yassss. i can’t get enough of these homemade party attractions this year and only regret not taking a photo with one of the reindeer names — Vixen & Dancer were reallllly calling to me.



i think i missed the fact that i was supposed to hold the “Kiss Me” sign above my head…whoops. but i still got what i wanted, as a girl should. hey, it’s Christmas. 🙂

Sunday was another fairly warm morning, so i ran 8 lovely miles while the boy slept in, then did 10 minutes of planks and felt like Wonder Woman. total weekend mileage: 14 miles, all outside. i feel good about that & rode that high all the way to another success of a brunch, this time at Georgio’s in Hell’s Kitchen, which was adorably decorated for the holiday season and had a real homey vibe that made me happy.


i haven’t been here in over 5 years and sorely underestimated this place. i sadly forgot to take pictures of our meals because i was starving, but we both had egg dishes (i almost always order eggs benny w/ avocado and tomato, no sauce — if there’s avocado on a menu i will find it) and really, really enjoyed them, and the mimosas are massive and reasonably priced, soooo i have zero complaints about this place. we were a strong 2-2 on the post-run brunch circuit this weekend & i had poached eggs, avocado & mimosas both days, soooo i was about as happy as a girl could be.

in other news, it’s supposed to be 63 degrees here this weekend. i have no idea what is happening in the universe but i’ve decided God really loves NYC this Winter and am basking in this loveliness for as long as we have it. when Winter looks like Spring, life is prettttty darn good.

Tell me something great from your weekend!
Runners: How’d you do this weekend? Still running outside?
Favorite brunch dish?

December in NYC (hello, Magic)

so this December 1st post was obviously a fail — i realized as i was falling asleep last night that i’d forgotten to publish it. whoops!


is it possible to not love December? i don’t know about you, but for me, the word just immediately conjures up all sorts of things merry-&-bright in my mind. sure, it can be really cold, and that can certainly be a bummer…but it’s all part and parcel with the Christmas season. (and anyway, it’s 50 degrees on December 1st here in NYC this year, sooooo there’s that.) i, for one, am really excited about December. i love all things Christmas spirit-y.


so, to get us into the festive mood, my Chicago blog friend Suzy over at The Suzlyfe posted her December Chicago Bucket List today, and i decided to follow suit and post my own NYC version of a December Bucket List. December is a huge tourist month for NYC, and it’s not hard to see why: the city is absolutely transformed into a holiday haven, and you can’t help but feel festive just walking around this town.

My NYC December Bucket List

1. Bryant Park Winter Village. NYC has several of these little pop-up holiday shoppe villages, and while i enjoy them all, this one is my fave. i’m such a fan of Bryant Park. i’ve actually already hit up this annual Winter Village twice this year (as it opens Halloween weekend, because Christmas can never come to early in NYC) — once with the BFF and her baby, and once with the boy — but i’d love to go back and see it at night, and maybe ice skate or have a drink at Celsius, the modern ice castle/igloo-ish restaurant/bar. tonight is actually the Tree Lighting Skate-tacular, featuring some famous ice skaters (and obviously the lighting of the tree). i’m hoping to swing by briefly, as i have to pass the park on my walk home from seeing clients anyway.


2. Rockefeller Center. this is an iconic NYC Christmas must-see, so although i doubt i’ll swing by tomorrow night for the tree-lighting ceremony (thousands of eager people packed into one square holds zero appeal for me at the moment), i’ll definitely go see the tree & the skaters & all the holiday fun at some point. i prefer to visit at night — it’s just the prettiest. i actually saw the tree the weekend it went up in November — this year it’s a 78-foot, 10 ton tree from Gardiner, NY — but it clearly was still in the packaging and hadn’t been cut or decorated or anything. it was kind of neat to see it like that and then be able to juxtapose that with the final product in all its glory! i personally really like the angels they put up each year as well. reminds me of what Christmas is really all about. #jesus


3. Snowboard. okay, so this won’t actually take place in NYC, but it’s definitely on my December list so i’m counting it. my inner snowbunny is so annoyed to have to admit she didn’t make it onto the slopes once last year (i don’t think, at least). not proud of that fact, considering i used to ride several days a week when i was living in Colorado and absolutely love to snowboard. granted, i have to make a real effort to get myself to the slopes living in NYC, but i have no excuses for my weekends home upstate, and this year i’m going to make sure i go as often as possible. the boy’s winter goal is to learn to board (and judging by his athletic ability, i foresee him being Olympic caliber in like 2 days…ugh some people! :)), so hopefully we’ll get on the slopes fairly frequently this year.IMG_0322
4. Make festive cocktails. it’s no secret that i’m a wine chick, but i enjoy a good cocktail now and then, and ever since i read Sarah’s post about an almond “nog”/milk holiday drink, i’ve had it on the brain. i think a good holiday cocktail making sesh is in order at some point and i’ll have to make an effort to find some low-cal/healthier options — something cinnamon-y or gingerbread-y or vanilla-y. clue what this dream of a concoction might be but i’m determined to make a healthy version of it!

5. Walk 5th Ave/ See the Window Displays. this is another iconic NY at Christmastime experience that i don’t want to miss. there’s even a map laying out the stores that are known for their fabulous holiday window scenes! my favorite is always Bergdorf’s — consistently intricate & extravagant & just such a “WOW” factor. i walked by in early November and saw the windows all boarded up, which heightened my excitement for this year’s reveal. i’ve yet to see it in person, but the photos of this year’s dazzling partnership with Swarovski are breathtaking and i’m stoked to see them up close.

here’s a glimpse of one:


i love it, in all its chaotic, colorful glory. there’s just something so timeless New York about walking up 5th Ave on a December evening and taking all of this splendor in, and i’m looking forward to doing this soon.

Happy December, friends! hope this month starts out wonderfully for you and brings all sorts of holiday goodness & all the warm feelings your way.

What’s on your December bucket list for your city?
What do you love most about this month?
Any good holiday cocktail recipes?

Thinking Out Loud

so, after reading so many other fun bloggers’ “Thinking Out Loud” Thursday posts, courtesy of Amanda at Running with Spoons, i decided i’d take the plunge and jump on that train this week, too. because we all need a healthy lil dose of randomness in our lives now and then, don’t we? i like a good ramble.

Thinking-Out-LoudONE: once upon a time, when i was a snowboard bum (briefly) in Colorado, we used to delight in snow days as it meant lots of fluffy, powdery goodness for us to play in on the mountain. now, living in NYC and slushing through street-corners-turned-lakes and sweating through layers as soon as i hit the subway station, my opinion on snow has changed. falling from the sky and making things look pretty, sure — the first 5 times a season. but if i’m not snowboarding in it or curled up by the fire at the lakehouse, i’m about done. sorry, March, but i really had higher hopes for you, and today’s blizzard is quite the let-down. c’monnnn, Spring!

IMG_6502welp that’s one bright side of living in NYC — might be wet & miserable, but at least our earth isn’t quaking. thanks, Eeyore. #perspective

TWO: where the heart is. i’m going home upstate tomorrow for the first time in almost 2 months, which is a long stretch for me! they’ve been two very busy, very fun, very activity-laden months, so i’m stoked for a relaxing weekend upstate with people who make my heart so very happy. and speaking of some of these people: last night, i got a text from an acquaintance upstate with this picture, captioned, “They don’t have this in New York City.”

FullSizeRenderthat would be my adorable parents, sitting at a diner, waiting for my brother to join them for their Wednesday night family dinner. so much cuteness. totally made my night.

THREE: i got my first pair of OmShanti leggings last week. i say “first,” because i’m hopeful there will be more in my collection in the (nearish) future, once i can justify another pair.

first pair: Hearts in the Sand.

74-127f-heartssandSummer, i’m so ready for you.

i knew i had to have these as soon as i saw them — my little beach-bum, Summer-dreaming heart felt like they were meant to be mine, and i thought of little besides these leggings for a solid week. i’m happy to say they’re really cute in person and fit super well (i’m 5’5” with an athletic build and the small fit me perfectly), even if this skinny lil model rocks them better than i do. 🙂 this pair is next up on my “want all the leggings” list:

74-128f-peacocki have no idea why i need these but i do. because one day i will do yoga and i’ll want to wear peacock pants. and because one time in high school one of my friends randomly announced that if i was an animal, i’d be a peacock. cool. good enough. i need these.

FOUR: anyone watching The Voice? i’m not much of a TV person but i am addicted to this show, as i’ve mentioned before. my opinions range from “this person is the best singer in the world” to “if they picked her, i would have definitely made it,” to “i’m pretty sure Adam Levine and i would have hit it off, if i’d gone on this show before he got married and we fell in love.” i sort of think i’m getting discovered every time i sing anywhere, so maybe i should get a voice teacher and try out. and i can wear those peacock pants, because blind auditions, whhhhattttttcha know about that!

FIVE: i did not go out one single night this week — no restaurants, no bars, no late nights, not a sip of alcohol (heyyyy March goals), just me and lots of hours at the gym and dates with The Voice judges — and i have my first head cold in a year and am exhausted no matter how much i sleep. God must be trying to tell me something. there has to be a lesson in there somewhere…

or my personal hypothesis: wine has been keeping me healthy all these months. not only is it good for my heart, but it keeps me swimming in antioxidants and probably kills all the bacteria so i don’t get sick. go off it for a week or two, and look what happens. i’ll be lucky if i make it through wine-free March in one piece at this rate! 🙂

SIX: i really need this. because i’m six and that’s Ariel and ’nuff said.


Any random thoughts for the day?
Fave pair of patterned leggings you own, or a style you want?
links, please!
Fave Disney princess?
i think it’s clear who mine is… #mermaidlife

WILW {1.21.15}

*races. i haven’t done a race in a whiiiiilllle — since the Brooklyn Half last May, actually — and i now have two on my docket, registrations locked:

– the Michelob Ultra Queens 13.1 on March 21 in Flushing Meadows Park, Queens. i ran this in 2012, signed up for it last year but had to bow out because my bff got married that weekend, and will hopefully have a successful time running it again this year. i was a little bummed because my initial reason for running it a few years ago was because it raised money for World Vision, which i think is a great charity, and that partnership isn’t happening this year, but i still decided to do it after i didn’t get into the NYC Half lottery. the nice thing about this race is that it has a very manageable 9am start time; the down side is that it’s, like, an hour away by train, and i felt pretty awful running it last time, so i’m hoping to erase that memory.

Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon on May 16. i’m psyched for this race, even despite the 7am start time. this will be my third year running it, and it’s just an awesome race, at a perfect time of year to run here in NYC, and draws sooooo many runners and such a great crowd. i absolutely loved running it the past two years and am excited to have gotten into it, as registration just opened today and it’s already nearing capacity. runners looooove to run the BK Half, and i think the iconic finish on the Coney Island boardwalk certainly adds to the charm and appeal. if you live nearby and want to run an amazing half, hurry and sign up for this race!

*food. i don’t post a lot about food, because it’s really not the focus of my life/blog, and i rarely cook or get adventurous with my meals. my fave meal is actually Chobani with fresh fruit and granola: a homemade parfait, if you will — and it makes me so happy when the boy stocks up his fridge with all of these things for our weekend brunches when i’m upstate. i can easily be won over with the thoughtfulness that is Chobani & Bear Naked V’Nilla Almond Fit granola. take me to the gym, feed me fruit & yogurt and tell me i’m prettiest without make-up, and i just might like you for a long time.

*running. two things:
1. i had a nice lil run (pun intended) with the Kinvaras, but i’ve switched back to running in New Balance. there was nothing wrong with the Sauconys, but i was alternating between the Kinvaras and the NB 890s for a bit and found that and the Newbs just work better for me, so back to my first love i go.

product photo shoot    Camera Angles include: 14.Site 1,15.Site 2,16.Site 32. i have fully embraced my identity as a cold-weather runner, and i’m loving it. like, not even just tolerating it, but actually lovingggg it.

photo 1who would have thought? i sort of even like seeing my breath while i’m bounding along. i think the clear, cold air helps clear my head and calms down my (racing) mind. it’s amazing, and embracing the cold is really making this winter much more bearable for me. bring it on, cold & dark. i’ll crush you.

photo 2
i can’t even believe i’m saying this, but i started my final semester of grad classes last nigh!! that seems so surreal, to think i’m almost done with three years of classes. i still have a long way to go, as i have to do the clinical piece (which will take God knows how long), but i’m so stoked to be down to just one last semester of school. sometimes it’s still incredible to me that this program even worked out for me the way it did, that i was able to go back to school at night for something about which i’m truly passionate while working full time in NYC, and still feeling like i kept a balance of fun and friends and social life and running and everything else. and i don’t even feel exhausted, most days. this has truly been a blessing, and i’m praying i can finish this semester strong.

*travel. so much of this in the works for me in the next few months, and i just booked another flight today for a family trip in the end of April! but the imminent trip i’m taking is to Austin, Texas on Friday, to celebrate my cousin’s bachelorette party with a fun girls’ wine tour weekend. i’m sooooo stoked to visit Austin, as it’s one of the main cities in the US i’ve been dying to see, and i’m thrilled to see my cousin and be able to celebrate her, so this should be a blast.

i was telling the boy this past weekend that i’d love to make it a goal to visit a new city i haven’t been to in the US every year, so Austin is kicking that off for me this year. last year i saw Boca Raton, FL and San Antonio, TX for the first times, and this year i have Austin, Amelia Island (FL), and Vegas in the line-up already (because i don’t count the last time i went to Vegas, since we stayed outside of the strip and only went in for a day). yee haw for Austin, which i’m expecting to looove, because apparently everyone does!

Anyone else in the NYC area running either of these races?

What meal/food combo makes you the happiest?

Any fun travel plans in your near future?

2 Things Tuesday (twosday? hmm mayyyyybe.)

sometimes, life gets busy and you have a couple million things to do (work. run. eat. laundry. clean. socialize. talk to your best friend daily. try all the wines to make sure you know which are the best. shop for new running tights. drink the wines you’re buying while talking to your bff or socializing or doing laundry or eating.), and it’s nice to know that there are some things you can just do quickly and still feel accomplished.

anyone with me here?

for this reason, i decided to start doing a “2 Things Tuesday” post each week. this idea came to me when most of my utterly brilliant and life changing ideas come to me — while running tonight.

i was journaling a bit last night and realizing i want to start taking inventory of things i’m thankful for on a daily basis, if possible, to keep myself positive. so “2 things Tuesday” will become a weekly “positivity post” where i briefly pop in to say “HEY! i’m glad for these 2 things this week,” no matter how small they might be. because it never hurts to have another reason to think about the good things, right??

soooo here we go! take 1.

peace copy

1. embracing the cold-weather running. it was sting-your-face-cold out tonight (21 degrees) after a day of flurries here in NYC, but i still bundled up and knocked out 5 miles along the sorta-sketchy path. there were veryyyyy few runners out tonight (a handful, maybe?), and the path was rather slippery and snowy in spots, and i was loving every second of it and feeling so good about my determination to run outdoors as much of this winter as possible. i had a really happy, great run tonight, and it turned my whole day around. OH, and i finally charged my Garmin and put that to use tonight, too. i’m really getting things done around here lately.

2. sidewalk/store front words. i have a thing with this, for no reason and every. i saw this in the West Village on Bleecker Street this past weekend on a store step, and literally backtracked once i realized what i’d just whizzed past. picture just begging to be taken.

i kinda wish it said “girl” after it, but i’ll take what i can get.

i love it when the street speaks to me.

annnnd, two and done. see how easy that was?


If you could write a message on the sidewalk, what would you write?

Is there something you always have to stop and take a photo of every time you see it?

WILW: Christmas (Eve) edition

happy & Merry & all things glorious Christmas Eve to you, my lovely friends! whether i know you in my real life or have had the pleasure of “meeting” you via the blogosphere, i’m thankful to have so many absolutely incredible people in my world and wish you all the cheeriest, loveliest, most blessed of Christmases and holiday seasons.

when you have a full week off and you’re able to use your time to spend however you so desire, with the people you want to see, well — you can’t help loving everything. i’m basically having the best week ever.

*Jesus. because although there are a million and one little & big things to love about Christmas — the spirit of the season; the indelible magic in the air; the shimmer of white lights glittering in the darkness; a cozy sense of belonging when you’re sharing time and space with the people you love most — no matter how precious & warm & all-things-lovely these moments may be, Christmas will always start and end with the birth of Christ, for me. He is my joy and my salvation; he is my hope in all things; He is my wonderful savior. anything good and lovely i have been given is because of Him, and i truly believe that the reason i have the most wonderful people in my life is because God chose to bless me beyond measure in this way. for me, Christmas is a time to love Christ, and then love the people i hold dear and count them as my most cherished blessings.

*friends. i know i am a broken record with the whole “i have the best girlfriends in the world” thing — which is fast becoming a theme on this blog — but i really believe it’s true. [see point above for reason.] girls’ nights just make my life such a lovely one to live.

photo 1so thankful for these amazing ladies! and for our new little addition to girls’ night, lil Mr. Henry, my bff’s baby (who i confiscate as much as possible). this little guy just melts my heart, and i’m hoping his first words are “Auntie Shoshi.” still working on that one.

isn’t my best friend the cutest mom ever? love you baybay!

photo 2

henry2baby jumping jacks. it’s a thing. can’t start ’em too early!

oh, and speaking of baby workouts…

my friend Jessie made this delicious bourbon cocktail for us that we all loved, too, and it was so easy: bourbon, gingerale and a splash of cran. perfect holiday drink.

photo(10)oh, and the above spread pretty much displays my dinner every night this week. this is my fave way to do a meal.

*home. i love being home at the lake. fireplace & puppies & sipping Bailey’s w/ almond milk with my parents at night and having bro-sis time and wearing gym clothes all day…this is my kind of life.

this is my current blogging state, as we speak:

*running/workouts. they’ve been consistently great — i haven’t missed a day since i’ve been home! Saturday was freezing here, so i hit a 7-miler (in just under an hour, which made me happy) on a treadmill, and it wasn’t as horrible as i expected (given that i haven’t made the treadmill jump very often this winter, as we’ve been fortunate to have pretty mild weather so far).

Sunday i ran 7-8 miles outside, which felt amazingggg, and Monday i did an hour of total body workout at the gym, followed by 2 quick miles on a treadmill. yesterday i ran 4.5 miles on a treadmill and walked a half mile at an incline, and then did a half hour of abs (planks and decline bench). i’m pretty happy with this week’s workouts so far, i have to say, and i’m feeling so great with the running.

my best friend asked me the other night (while i was playing with lil Henry!) if i got upset when i didn’t run…like, if i needed to have it in my life and felt “off” if i didn’t.

errrr let’s just leave it at that. 🙂

i could keep going but i need to get to the gym and start my day, sooooo have a wonderful, safe, merry & bright Christmas Eve, my friends! love you all.

i’ll leave you with a fabulous addition to my “feet in the sidewalk art” collection that my lovely friend Lauren took for me last weekend. so thoughtful, and i totally love this one. i’m hoping LOVE is my Christmas super power.