2 things Tuesday

peace copy
ONE: write. because creative writing has, and will, always be my first love, and i neglect it to an embarrassingly high scale lately. i mustn’t do that anymore. it needs to come out. i’m determined to be more committed to this love of all loves.

if i self publish a book, y’all better get one. 🙂


TWO: double date. when you and one of the best friends meet each others’ new (best) boyfriends, it becomes the best date night out ever. this was seriously one of the most fun nights i’ve had in NYC in a long time. my little heart was just bursting with happiness to be in the company of such fabulous humans.

we went to my two fave speakeasys, Dear Irving & Apoteke,
so i really couldn’t have asked for anything better. fave people in fave places?

fave life.

you know it’s a good night — and better friendship — when 4am finds you mirror images of each other, entirely unawares.

the boys were pretty proud of themselves for this photo opp…and i can’t say i hate anything about it, either. kinda obsessed with this picture. #kindredspirits

Tell me something making you happy on this Tuesday.

What’s your fave mixology cocktail to order? if they have a cucumbery-clean-and-refreshing-not-sweet-lime-or-minty-concoction, you can bet i’ll order it. Apoteke has an amazingggg one of those, and i also love their kale drink (made with organic quinoa vodka!). it tastes like a green juice, and i love itttt.


Friday Five: Goals for 2015

i just have to start by saying: how hard is it to come back to work on the day after New Year’s?! i mean, even though it’s a Friday and the weekend is fingertip-reach close, this day is totally killing me. i cannotttt.

hope you all had safe & wonderful New Year’s Eves and days, friends. mine were both lovely and included running (both days) and some great girl time with wonderful friends…like this gem of a girlfriend, who always makes my life that much brighter. so thankful to have closed out 2014 and ushered in 2015 with one of my favorite people in the universe.

my New Year’s was perfect: champagne (with lychees, mmm) and dinner at a local Thai restaurant we love, followed by some low-key parties right in my apartment building. good friends, no craziness or lines or high heels or cab-worrying involved…it was great. i saw all these girls decked out in miniature dresses and sky-high heels and bare legs — it was freeeezing here, mind you — and was so, so thankful for my boyfriend jeans and Chuck Taylors and faces i loved and impromptu apartment bachata dancing. such a good night.

so, i didn’t think i was going to write a “goals for this year” sort of post, but after i saw that the ladies are doing that for their Friday linkup this week, i figured i’d jump on in.


ONE: Have a great year of running, including running the marathon in October. i’m starting off 2015 feeling so strong and happy about where i’m at with my running, and i’m praying i remain injury free and continue to feel so good. i really want to run the marathon in October this year that i was forced to defer from last year (injury, boo), so here’s to hoping i’m able to accomplish that.

TWO: Healthier eating. i eat super healthy most of the time, but we all have our own struggles with defining this for ourselves, and i’m not happy with some of my choices and want to change them. less alcohol, less sugar, less snacking. healthy, balanced meals. i want to be in the best shape i can for my running, and after a rough week of indulging this past week, i’m feeling ready to commit to changing these patterns.

THREE: More focus on my spiritual life. get involved in a church again, start reading my Bible regularly. live out what i say i believe, every single day of my life.


FOUR: School. this is my last semester of classes (woot!), but i still have the monster of a clinical internship looming ahead of me — and, quite frankly, it’s stressing me out. i need to make figuring this out a priority, as i’m not sure how it’s going to fit into my life, but i know that it MUST. i need to finish this degree and get started on that career!

FIVE: WRITE. i said i was going to write more in 2014, and i did: more blogging, more creative writing, more trying to figure out how to find various outlets for my personal writing. i want to continue to commit to this and focus on it and hopefully see it take off even more in 2015.

i feel like i could keep going here — i want to write about love and friendship and making it an extension of all the great things from 2014, because i had so many awesome things this past year — but this is the Friday Five, soooo…there ya go.

happy almost weekend, friends, and happy 2015.

what’s one of your goals for this year?

Year in Review: It’s been a time, 2014.

“it’s been a time, hasn’t it?”

one thing i love about “girl speak” is how we all have our own little idiosyncratic phrases, and we love them because we associate them with our lovely friends. i have an adorably sweet girlfriend who likes to say “it’s been a time” when something silly/fun/awesome/worth remembering happens, and that’s exactly how i feel about 2014. (thanks, Laurbear!)

Image-1it’s been a real time, 2014. it really has.

i guess this is where i’m supposed to say something like, “i can hardly believe this year is over!”, or “where has 2014 gone!” — but i don’t think that’s quite how i feel, this year. looking back on it, although of course “life goes by so quickly” (how does that saying go? “the days are long, but the years are short?”), it doesn’t seem like it flew by, really, because i know exactly where it’s gone — and i am thankful for every golden moment upon which it flew away.

for me, 2014 has gone to some of the most memorable moments of my young adult life, and i can honestly say that i feel like i really, truly lived this year. i lived the heck out of it.

:: it’s gone to further cultivating and strengthening my amazing girl friendships, for which i’m so unbelievably grateful.

:: it’s gone to standing beside my best friend in the universe as she married the love of her life, and then becoming an auntie for the first time as they had the most adorable baby boy this fall (who has completely stolen my heart).

:: it’s gone to the most fun weekends at the beach and the lake with the girls, dancing at the Sloppy Tuna in Montauk and losing afternoons on the boat upstate to pontoon shenanigans. it’s gone to late-night fires with white wine and fireworks. it’s gone to the best kinds of silliness.


:: it’s gone to celebrating close friends’ weddings (Jess! Christine!) and engagements (Tara!) and baby’s births; to trips upstate and to Texas to do so.

:: it’s gone to so much quality family time at the lake, made even better now that my brother lives in NY again. it’s been such a blessing to see our family grow even closer year by year, and 2014 was a banner year for that.

:: it’s gone to the start of a writing reawakening for me, as i’ve definitely written more  — both personal creative writing and blogging — this past year than i had previously since i’ve been in NYC. (i’m hoping 2015 takes this even further!) shameless writing plug: what i consider to be the best thing i wrote in 2014: What It’s Like to Have a Wanderlust Soul.

photo 1
:: it’s gone to so much running and working out and allllll the happiness i derive from those hours and hours of “me” time. even though i couldn’t run the marathon this year, i’m feeling so strong and happy in my running, and that’s what really matters. this was a good year for pavement pounding, with a highlight definitely being running the NYC Half in March. such an iconic, amazing race.

pre-race excited face!

pre-race excited face!

:: it’s gone to reading some amazingggg novels, like Cheryl Strayed’s Wild and Tiny Beautiful Things, Cutting for Stone and Room and Rules of Civility and so many more. hours spend in books are never wasted, for me.

:: it’s gone to finishing another year of grad school and being that much closer to the dream of a new career. to enjoying every minute of my Human Sexuality class and learning so much more about myself than i ever dreamed i needed to uncover. cheers to self-discovery, at any and every age. cheers to lifelong learning.

:: it’s gone to so many nights of early bedtimes so i could run as the sun comes up; it’s gone to balancing that with some crazysillywonderful memorable nights out dancing with the girls ’til the sun has almost come up. it’s gone to loving both of those, equally and separately.

:: it’s gone to buying alllll the fun running tights. all of them.

:: it’s gone to liking the same boy as much on this day last year as i do today, one year later. i almost can’t believe i’m writing that, and i’m so very, very glad it’s true.

:: it’s gone to falling more in love with, and more settled into, New York City, and discovering exactly who i am, in a city that tells me to be anyone, to be everyone. to Broadway shows and speakeasys; to picnics in Central Park and rarely ever wearing heels anymore; to very little make-up and more hours spent in snapbacks and headbands; to laughing too loud with friends i love too much to imagine my world without. to knowing that i could have ended up anywhere in this great big glorious mess of a world, and i landed exactly, precisely where i am supposed to be at this moment in time, no matter how many ways you spin it.

steinbeckbut it’s gone to loving home even more, too, and the amazing people i have there. it’s gone to recognizing that you can belong in, and be in love with, two different places on an equal scale. it’s gone to having a split heart, and finding joy in that.

and that, i believe, is what we call “living on purpose.” i’m not saying 2014 held zero challenges or hard times or tears for me — it had them all, and some i handled gracefully, and some rather badly. but looking back, i think i can honestly say that i lived this year entirely on purpose and did the best i could with what i was given — and i’m not sure i can ever ask for anything more than that.

and thanks to YOU, all my lovey readers, for being such an important and fun part of my life this year. i’m so grateful for all of you — my “real life” friends and family members who read my blog, and all of my new “blog friends” who i’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to interact with via our little virtual corners of the universe. i hope this has been an equally amazing year for all of you.

God bless us, every one.


i like these things {picture post #6}

been a minute since i’ve done one of these short-n-sweet picture posts, so let’s hop to it!

sometimes i think 99.9% of the reason i stay at my job is because of the view from my seat, especially at sunset:
putting those new kettlebells in my building’s gym to good use last night — and in matching gym attire, for once:
my fave warm scarf has resurfaced as a seasonal daily necessity (and surprise, it’s actually not blue):
a reminder to stay focused, when the path seems a bit bumpy or uncertain, or just plain harder than you’d like:
photo 1
how i feel about my city, each and every day i’m blessed to awake here:
photo 3

the pic i must recreate (give me allllll the words):
photo 2

the fairy world i plan to re-construct in my bedroom (as if i needed another reason to spend more time in bed):
photo 4

been keeping at that writing.


Friday Five: Five Faves

i’m joining up with the gals who do their Friday Five linkup again this week, to speak my piece on Five Friday Favorites. because i love to play favorites.

FridayFive-Favorites-1024x102411. the 1975. yep i’m still rambling on about this band, but i can’t stop won’t stop. i saw them live last night (!!!), which was all sorts of amazingness in theory but sort of a near-fail for me — i got there late and missed half their set and it was way more crowded than i’d anticipated. apparently they have quite the fan following and i’m not the only 1975-obsessed individual in NYC?! who knew there were so many cool people here. but i did hear my fave song (listen to “Girls” asap), and danced up a storm in the midst of a huge flailing dancing crowd (so many dudes like this band, it was crazy), and saw my lovely girlfriend who i like to do allll the things with, and they sounded amazinggggg live. so it was also a near-win.


2. holiday parties. tis the season…to be a big exhausted partying mess. 🙂 seriously, that’s what i feel like with all these holiday shenanigans and allllll the wine and champagne in the world. but they’re oh-so-much-fun when they’re happening! we had our annual work holiday party last night, and this was my first year in charge of planning it, and i’m happy to say it went super well and everyone had a blast. the venue was great: City Hall in TriBeCa is a sweet space, and the staff did an awesome job (and by awesome, i mean insisted on following you around with wine bottles and topping off your glass the entire evening. i seriously had to keep my hand over it sometimes.). although there are parts of my job i don’t enjoy so much, i really love planning and working and hosting the events, so i’m thankful for the chance to do that — and stoked when they turn out so well.


3. biking in December. riding the Citibike is def my preferred method of transportation to work, so i’m pretty psyched that it’s still nice enough out in December for me to utilize this. no major snow hindrances or too many freezing windy cold miserable un-bikeable days as of yet…although my exhausted post-party-and-concert hazy self had to take the subway today. i foresaw a potential crash in my future.

4. heart talks. you know, those convos with people you love and value that enrich your life immeasurably? yeah, those. whether it be at a bar with a girlfriend about boys and love and life, or over the computer with an old friend with whom you lost touch and connection and are now trying to rebuild a relationship with, these emotion-laden, say-what-you-need-to-say conversations where you feel entirely free to express any and everything you’re thinking and feeling without fear of judgment or filter — those truly make life worth living. i had both of these above examples happen this week, and i’m so thankful to have genuine, amazing people in my life with whom i can talk openly and entirely be myself.

and then you see words you wrote to someone show up on their Instagram, and you realize the convo turned their day around, too. and suddenly, nothing in the whole world matters as much as caring about other people, and feeling cared for in return.


5. words. and how sometimes, the right arrangement hits you just so, entirely out of nowhere, and you don’t even want to question why. some things just are, for no reason and every.

because it really shouldn’t, now. should it?

happy Friday, my lovely friends. enjoy your weekends! xo

Tell me one of your favorites, of anything.

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

holy holidays, this whole once-a-week blogging thing really needs to stop. i love having a blog. i love writing. i don’t love when i don’t write and neglect my blog. life fail.

but you know what wasn’t a life fail? my 6am run this morning. after a long, restful, family and friend (and sleep and wine) filled weekend upstate, i guess i returned well-rested and motivated or something, because this morning’s (in the dark) run just felt amazing. really needed this.photoit was also 54 degrees out on December 1st — how’s that for a hellllooooo, Decemberrrrrr?! running in the early-morning dark in a lightweight shirt and capris just weeks before Christmas? i’m lovin’ this Indian Autumn, or whatever we shall call it.

photoso, how were your Thanksgivings, friends? mine was amazing, especially because i was off from life work since last Tuesday and spent 5 days upstate doing as little as possible. i mean, i devoted plenty of time to the important things, of course (minus writing…brrrpppp somehow that fell by the wayside): there was plenty of running, gym time, family time, sweats and gym clothes ’round the clock, wine, good food, movies and sleep. i think i covered all the basics there.


my adventures in pie baking; writing my final final of the semester(!!); at the gym on Thanksgiving morning

equally breathtaking in every season...this view never gets old

equally breathtaking in every season…favorite morning view

hazy light, new snow and some geese

hazy light, new snow and some geese

really into this wine, too, which my mom and i enjoyed this weekend: Joseph Carr’s “Josh” Pinot Noir. so good.

1_131998750_3annnnd we can’t forget about this little nugget face, who lights up my life every time i see him — even though he still refuses to keep his eyes open when i’m around. i’m going to go ahead and give myself props for this and say it’s because he’s just sooooo relaxed and comfortable in my lap. otherwise i’m going to start developing some sort of baby-boring complex or something, because seriously — the kid sleeps the entire time i’m there. it’s crazy. but i forgive him because, well, look at this face?!


i also saw a few movies over break and have determined that 1) Channing Tatum is actually hilarious (21/22 Jump St, anyone?!) and 2) not all Johnny Depp movies are amazing (Transcendence just wasn’t what i hoped).

oh, and my creative writing? it’s still happening. thanks for asking, friends. 🙂

photohappy December 1st, lovies! ❤

How was your Thanksgiving?
How’s the running going, runners? Any killer runs to talk about lately?
Pie preference: apple or pumpkin?