3 films {and RDJ has to get a mention, obvi}

so today is movie day. 3 of ’em. hmmmmm.

i’m definitely lacking in the knowledge of all the widely-accepted great movies out there and i don’t go to the movies very often, but there are certainly some that i absolutely adore and can watch over and over again. and they’re usually not the ones everyone else would choose (Pitch Perfect? 500 Days of Summer? Aladdin? yep, they all very nearly made this list. and yet i’ve never seen an Indiana Jones or Shawshank Redemption or Godfather…)

and although i’m not going to include Iron Man or the Avengers in this list of faves, i feel compelled to note that if Robert Downey Jr makes a movie, i will be there. opening night. front and center. i actually texted my brother asking for help remembering movies i like best and he wrote “anything RDJ.” what can i say — when i like someone, i like them. 🙂


anywayyyyy, so yeah. here are 3 i really like (picking faves is hard but i’ll go with these for now!):

1. Ten Things I Hate About You. this is my all-time fave and i can watch it incessantly. first of all, it’s based on Shakespeare’s play Taming of the Shrew, and i’m all about anything S-peare. secondly, Heath Ledge and Julia Stiles have the most adorable chemistry/relationship any teenagery movie has ever had, and thirdly, i’m not sure i’ve ever wanted someone to do something for me as much as i want them to sing “You’re Just Too Good to be True” over a stadium loudspeaker and have a band play along with him.

just sayin’. this movie is the best. and also started my Heath Ledger thing, understandably.


2. Labyrinth. i remember watching this as a really little kid and being totally weirded out, and years later it became one of my and my bro’s all-time fave movies ever and a pretty stupid awesome Christmas gift (thanks Ry) a few years ago. it’s trippy and dreamy and weird and fantastical and magical and fun and you can sing along to David Bowie. and Jennifer Connelly is, like, so gorgeous and i totally wanted to be her, walking through that crazy maze and answering riddles and having an epic adventure of mythical proportions.

or maybe i just wanted to wear that ball gown.

either way, this movie rocks super hard and you should see it if you haven’t. it’s the best kind of weird imaginable.


3. Good Will Hunting. just such an all-around awesome movie on every level. the cast and characterization is incredible: i love Matt Damon always, and this was definitely one of his best roles. one of the movie’s strongest aspects is the development of the patient/psychologist relationship between him and Robin Williams — the whole theme of searching for meaning and direction in life, and learning about yourself through this reciprocal relationship that forever changes you is depicted in such a raw, realistic way. the writing is great, the characters are amazing (except i wish anyone else had played Skylar’s role other than Minnie Driver, she just annoys me so), and the story is entirely engaging. so, so good.


 Your turn! What are some of your all-time fave flicks?



5 foods {oh wait, does ketchup count?}

so today, you get to see what i eat. or what i like to eat.

sounds super exciting, i know. especially placed right after a post about the amazing spots i need to see in the world. and yes, i’m still traveling to those in my daydreams the day after posting about them. wanderlust reigns supreme.

so, rather unceremoniously, here are 5 foods this picky eater loves:

1. tortilla chips & pico de gallo and guac. does it get any better? one of my best friends and i joked that we adopted a white wine and tortilla chip diet last summer (thankfully the marathon training off-set that nicely). best invention ever. i especially like Late July’s chips. the mild green mojo is bomb.

mildgreenSP Sea Salt  Blues2. frozen yogurt/ice cream. i don’t eat a lot of this for the obvious health reasons, but my brother and i confirmed this past weekend that if we had to choose one last meal before dying (we’re really deep and non-morbid), we’d both choose mint chocolate chip ice cream. hands down. all the damn day. Huss fam legacy. we were raised on this stuff.

3. Brussels sprouts.
no, but seriously. i didn’t start eating them til about 2 years ago, and now i make them all the time and have to order them if i see them on a menu because i feel like i’m betraying them if i don’t (and i have 30 years of non-Brussels sprouts history behind me to compensate for).

4. fruit. all the fruit. i don’t like to play faves in this category, but i definitely eat bananas most often. perfect runner food, so easy to grab on the go, and they’re 5 for $1 from the fruit man on my corner. annnd done.

of course, the only fruit picture i have in my phone involves a pitcher of sangria. don't mind if i do.

hmm the only fruit pictures i have in my phone seem to be accoutrements to some sort of delicious beverage…

5. fish. i’m cheating here because i had a hard time narrowing it down, so “fish” can encompass alllll the fishes: filets and sushi and tartares and lobsters and shrimp (because they’re close to fishies and i love them too). okay so seafood, then. except not the gross chewy brainy ones — i can’t with the oysters and clams and mussels. blech. oooh gosh and no eels. it’s bad enough thinking of those things alive and existing in their slimy dirty nastiness. eating one would definitely kill me on the spot.

oh, and i like to make faces like them, too. it’s very important to ask people if they can make a fish face — you can tell a lot about them from their willingness to oblige this silly request. like, their fun level. 🙂

so, there you go. i don’t eat red meat, pasta, potatoes or much bread at all, but i could happily survive on sea creatures, green vegetables, alcohol with fruit, chips to dip and ice creamy things. all day every day.

Your turn: what are some of your fave foods?