March Goals

although i’m generally a very productive, multi-tasking sort of human, i don’t often sit down and actually write out goals for myself. i know what i have to — and want to — do on a daily basis, and certainly prioritize those things (most of the time), but my goals are usually more long-term or ongoing, like:

  • run. workout. stay fit.
  • finish grad school. do the work i need to on a weekly basis. try to learn stuff and make it stick.
  • travel whenever possible.
  • write. [blog, poetry, creative, whateverrrr comes out]
  • eat healthy.
  • sleep a lot enough.
  • prioritize the relationships i love. fam, friends, boys, whatever that may be. love them well.

these are more lifestyle habits than specific, measurable goals, and while i feel good about winning at life (most days), i think it might do me some good to set some tangible goals.

so hey, March. let’s get at it.

march-paintONE: 13.1 Queens Half. i’m determined to run this, despite the fact that my training hasn’t been going as planned (read: those long runs just haven’t happened) and i’ve been stuck on a treadmill (due to inclement weather) for the past 2 weeks. still, i missed this one last year (b/c my bff got married that day!), and i don’t want to miss it again. so if you feel like sending prayers & good vibes my way on March 21st, i will gladly covet them!

TWO: cleaner eating. yes, i am a meticulously healthy eater — most of the time. i’d like to clean it up even more in March. i considered doing Whole 30, but since i’m not sure i will stick to it 100%, i’m going to “loosely” do Whole 30 and try as best as i can to adhere to the food list. hopefully this will encourage me to cook more, as well, since i’d like to up my recipe repertoire and know my way around a kitchen a little better (ie, at all).

THREE: no alcohol.
i’m actually excited about taking on this goal, as the last 3 months have been riddled with parties & celebrations & birthdays & girls’ trips & work events & speakeasy dates & alllllll the night life social scene fun…which is amazing, but takes a toll after a while (and leads to a lot of Sundays spent in bed). i don’t have any birthdays or trips or crazy events in March until the very end of March, when i’m going to Wine Riot with a whole mess of friends, sooooo this seems like the perfect month to cut out the drinking and focus on the health. hopefully this will go hand-in-hand with the above goals, too: being as healthy as possible, and having better success finishing that half.

hopefully this will go smashingly and i won’t feel like this by the time Wine Riot comes around and take my April goals in an entirely opposite direction:


side note: if you live in NYC and love wine and want to check out Wine Riot on 3/27, let me know! we can bump into each other and cheers. 🙂

FOUR: spiritual life. read my Bible or part of a Christian book or a devotional every day. journal at least twice a week. be more consistent in my prayer life, and pray for people’s specific requests. it’s the small, daily consistencies in spiritual disciplines that make all the difference, and i know i need to focus on these. similarly, i need to find a church i love in NYC and be diligent about going!

i think 4 strong goals is sufficient. i was tempted to add “don’t buy anymore clothes this month” to the list, but i think i’ll just keep that one as a “thing to sort of strive for” and not beat myself up about if i fail. i did just order 4 little black dresses (okay so we all have our obsessions) from Asos that should be arriving tonight, however, so if i keep all of those, thennnnn i think i’ll take a shopping hiatus in March.

sneak peak from the upcoming lbd fashion show in my apt tonight:

image1xxlsoooo hoping this one fits.

a girl can never have too many pairs of running tights, too many books she plans to read, or too many lbds.

you can quote me on that.

Anything you’re hoping to achieve this month?
Anyone done Whole 30? Thoughts?
Gone a month (or longer) without alcohol?


let’s get race ready & running for World Vision

welp, due to a hacking cough and the fear of having caught my brother’s pneumonia (prayers for Ry, please and thank you!), i took a much-needed sick day from life yesterday, whereby “life” = work, class and anything requiring real clothes and brushed hair. ever notice how productive you can be when you don’t have to work? it’s really quite something. i managed to get some extra sleep, go to the gym, go grocery shopping, actually cook dinner, clean and organize my apartment, watch American Idol, catch up on emails and phone calls…all in one day, after 1pm.

solution to how to make this a regular thing: become a stay-at-home, running-and-writing non-mom.

back in the real world, let’s talk a little running talk, shall we?

*loving the new kicks. my order from Joe’s New Balance was an exciting addition to this week, as every single thing i ordered is awesome. i’m so, so glad i discovered the 750s and really like the ActevaLite technology. they’re light, flexible, with just the right amount of padding, and offer a bit more support than the minimalists (which kill my calves). i’m totally digging everything about these sneaks, including all of the 3 color schemes i’ve had, and am pretty sure the rainbow ones will feel like a party on my feet…so if i start dancing while running, well, i can’t really be blamed, can i?

product photo shoot    Camera Angles include: 14.Site 1,15.Site 2,16.Site 3*New Balance’s running tights. i really, really like both pairs of tights i ordered from NB as well. the Run Capris are lightweight and comfortable and perfect for the gym and running:

product photo shoot    Camera Angles include: 3.Left 3Q,2.Back

and the Cold Gear Brushed Tights have a light lining, a smooth look and just fit super well. they’ll be great for cold-weather running, or even for wearing as a first layer beneath my snowboard pants.

product photo shoot    Camera Angles include: 3.Left 3Q,2.Backi’ve always been a NB sneaker fan, but lately i’ve been really impressed with their apparel as well. it can be hard to find really great running tights, and these are some of the best i’ve found in a while.

*race season. i have three half-marathons on the near horizon, and i’m stoked to start training for them more seriously.

race #1: NYC Half on March 16


i got into this via the lottery for the 2nd year in a row, but opted to go snowboarding in Colorado and visit my bro in Denver that weekend last year, so this will be my first time running this race. praying it goes well and isn’t freezing and windy (as i heard it was last year).

race #2, a week later: Michelob ULTRA New York 13.1 in Queens on March 22

i ran this in 2012 and honestly struggled to enjoy this race, despite the fact that it was a nice, easy course through Flushing Meadows Park. i’m hoping it’ll be more of a breeze this year.

what sets this race apart for me is that it’s the one charity race i am doing, as part of a team in support of the charity World Vision, which seeks to fight poverty and injustice around the globe.

if you’d like to learn more about this charity or contribute to my fundraising efforts for World Vision, please visit my Personal Fundraising Page. no pressure to donate — just wanted to spread awareness about an organization that i think is doing wonderful work, and for which i’m glad to be running to support.

race #3: Brooklyn Half Marathon on Saturday, May 17


i ran this last year for the first time, and i had a really, really great experience. everything about this race just lined up wonderfully for me: the weather was good, the course was varied (with only one hill) and ended on the boardwalk at the famed Coney Island, and the energy was phenomenal, as over 21,000 people finished this race last year. a bunch of my girlfriends have signed up for this one as well, so i’m definitely looking forward to it. this is also my PR for a half marathon, which i’d love to beat this year. 🙂 they also have a sweet expo along the water in downtown Brooklyn the week before, with a pre-party sponsored by (drum roll) New Balance. right up my alley.

so i think this is a nice little repertoire of half marathons to look forward to in the next few months. i’ll be sure to keep you guys posted on how my training goes, once i start running distances outside again.

Have you run a half marathon before? Any desire to run one, or run another one?
Any races on the horizon for you?