2 Things Tuesday (twosday? hmm mayyyyybe.)

sometimes, life gets busy and you have a couple million things to do (work. run. eat. laundry. clean. socialize. talk to your best friend daily. try all the wines to make sure you know which are the best. shop for new running tights. drink the wines you’re buying while talking to your bff or socializing or doing laundry or eating.), and it’s nice to know that there are some things you can just do quickly and still feel accomplished.

anyone with me here?

for this reason, i decided to start doing a “2 Things Tuesday” post each week. this idea came to me when most of my utterly brilliant and life changing ideas come to me — while running tonight.

i was journaling a bit last night and realizing i want to start taking inventory of things i’m thankful for on a daily basis, if possible, to keep myself positive. so “2 things Tuesday” will become a weekly “positivity post” where i briefly pop in to say “HEY! i’m glad for these 2 things this week,” no matter how small they might be. because it never hurts to have another reason to think about the good things, right??

soooo here we go! take 1.

peace copy

1. embracing the cold-weather running. it was sting-your-face-cold out tonight (21 degrees) after a day of flurries here in NYC, but i still bundled up and knocked out 5 miles along the sorta-sketchy path. there were veryyyyy few runners out tonight (a handful, maybe?), and the path was rather slippery and snowy in spots, and i was loving every second of it and feeling so good about my determination to run outdoors as much of this winter as possible. i had a really happy, great run tonight, and it turned my whole day around. OH, and i finally charged my Garmin and put that to use tonight, too. i’m really getting things done around here lately.

2. sidewalk/store front words. i have a thing with this, for no reason and every. i saw this in the West Village on Bleecker Street this past weekend on a store step, and literally backtracked once i realized what i’d just whizzed past. picture just begging to be taken.

i kinda wish it said “girl” after it, but i’ll take what i can get.

i love it when the street speaks to me.

annnnd, two and done. see how easy that was?


If you could write a message on the sidewalk, what would you write?

Is there something you always have to stop and take a photo of every time you see it?