2016, i’m so ready for you

Happy New Year, my lovely friends! hope you all had safe & happy & healthy starts to 2016. i don’t know about you, but i’m thinking this is going to be one heck of a fantastic year and i’m stoked to see what unfolds in my life this year.

so, i (obviously) took a 2-week blog break over the holidays, when i was so busy living & relaxing & just enjoying every moment of every day, and the last thing i felt like doing was sitting in front of a computer. the only thing i didn’t get to do over Christmas break (is “Christmas break” still a thing if you’re not a student? i think it should be, so i took the week off and pretended i had zero responsibilities) that i was looking forward to was go snowboarding… but considering it was 65 degrees on Christmas Eve in Upstate NY and we were kicking around a soccer ball, i don’t think i can really complain too much about that.

instead, i spent 9 glorious days doing everything i wanted to do: spending time with my family & the best boyfriend ever & my wonderful girlfriends, & running & working out & sleeping & relaxing & watching movies & salsa dancing & drinking wine in sweatpants with people i love the most. it was truly, magnificently wonderful, and i couldn’t think of a more perfect way to spend the end of 2015…which, by the way, was a prettttty terrific year for me.

in recap, 2015 included some amazing elements:

  • running (& training for!) my 2nd marathon in October
  • standing beside my cousin as her maid of honor
  • so many fun domestic vacations with friends & family (Austin, Amelia Island, Miami, Santa Barbara, Montauk)
  • finishing my 3 years of course work for my Master’s & starting the clinical piece
  • lots of weekends at home with the family at the lake, which grounds me
  • committing to writing more often, whether it be my blog, pieces for MOGUL, or pieces for my friends & family
  • meeting (for the second time!) my person & spending the last three months of the year deliriously happy because of him


yes, this was a great year, and i hope it continues to carry over into 2016. i’d like to keep this streak going. 🙂

in 2016, i look forward to hopefully:

  • running another marathon (and some smaller races)
  • making a lot more progress on my clinicals for grad school
  • traveling to some fantastic places (i’d love to do Italy and/or Costa Rica!)
  • eat even healthier/cut out all junk food/get as fit as possible
  • spend as much time as i can investing in my relationships with my family, closest friends & the boy — because this is what matters most & makes my world such a beautiful place to inhabit
  • write more creative stuff

i hope 2016 is starting off wonderfully for you, friends. cheers to the beginning of a new year — a new start, a fresh take — and i hope it finds you at your very best.


thanks for being a part of my life this past year!! love you all.