Two Things Tuesday

i love when Tuesday feels like Monday but it’s really Tuesday and you start the work week off one step ahead. #favoritethings.

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two great things from my amazing long weekend:

1. ending on a high note, with a great run. after spending the weekend upstate w/ the boyfriend (and seeing my fam & girlfriends a bit as well), i still managed to get back to the city at 7pm last night and rock a felt-so-good run along the Hudson River. it was 40 degrees with zero wind at 7:30pm, and i just felt so darn good and had an amazing run. nothing like an adrenaline high to end an already-wonderful weekend.

photo 1
runpathi still maintain that MapMyRun loses some signal near Chelsea Piers, because i really don’t think i paced at 8:05…but i had an awesome run and felt great, so that’s all that matters to me. oh, and the fact that i matched my running clothes last night made me happy, too. the little things.

2. American Sniper. anyone else see this movie this weekend?

the boy and i had a great date on Sunday: gym, make lunch, go to the movies, go for drinks & sushi happy hour at our fave Japanese restaurant upstate, watch football with friends, drink wine and watch another movie. it was a pretty close-to-perfect day.

i really didn’t know much about American Sniper going into the movie, which i felt worked to my advantage, as i was entirely riveted to the storyline and further invested because i knew it was a true story. i thought it was really good, in that emotionally draining, necessary-but-hard sort of way, and i thought the acting was tremendous. it’s definitely heavy, but i enjoyed it and was glad we saw it.

it was one of those movies that made me feel really fortunate for my life, and for how removed i am from the horrors of war. i like when things force me into an introspective state and remind me of how truly blessed i am, and how important it is to love the people we have and not take any day of our lives for granted. in that sense, this was a huge success for me. i’d recommend it for sure.

Runners: have any good runs/races this past weekend?

Anyone see a movie lately?