i like these things {picture post #2}

* needles and ink. pooooosssiblyyy soon, maybe together, a little modified. no, i’m not jumping on the anchor bandwagon. yes, it has personal meaning for me — a few meanings, related to both my family and my faith.

*wish this was me. those pants. the shoes. that setting. nice motivation for working on balance. or going to Colorado. or buying hightops or working on my flexibility or stalking down those pants immediately.

*perspective. funny, how such a little goes such a long way. when i was stressed as a teenager, my mom used to try to help me with this by saying, “well, at least you’re passing life.” my best friend and i used to jokingly say this to each other all the time (especially when we questioned whether “flying colors” were necessary for this “life passing” thing). but it’s so, so true. in the grand scheme of things, well…usually, this too shall pass. and from it, we will grow.

ralph waldo emerson

so this is how i’m hoping i feel about my 13.1 next weekend:

i Hundo P believe this and have felt it ring so true in my own life, especially during my training all last summer and fall. i’d be delighted to keep this mentality throughout the coming week and into next Sunday’s race. my life is wonderful. i love running. when i’m running, my life is wonderful. and ps, you still have four miles to go.

*belief. because if someone loved us enough to die for us and He believes we’re worth that much, well…we really should work on believing we are, too.


*take a chance. so much of life is about risks, and chances, and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in hopes for something glittering and wonderful to happen. i don’t know about you, but i’m all about the beauty of taking a chance.  follow that dream, even if it seems impossible. tell someone how you feel, even if it scares you. take the leap, even if the landing is uncertain and the fall might not be soft.

because you never know what day could be the best day of your life.




Fun Facts Friday {1/10/2014}

1. excited about: my brother comes to visit me tonight for the weekend! considering he’s my best friend/favorite person in the world, i couldn’t be more stoked for this. we have big plans to bachata and salsa the nights away. he hasn’t visited me since a one-day trip in May, when we did little else than wander around Central Park, so this is a much-needed trip.

Husseys in Central Park

Husseys in Central Park

2. wearing: i realize i have a serious thing for workout pants. like, i’m forever on the hunt for the next perfect pair. Nike’s Epic Run capris are my fave outdoor pair, and i’m loving Avia’s  knee-length spandex capris a whole lot — they fit and stay in place soooo well (and are so affordable at TJ Maxx). but sometimes, a girl just needs to crazy up her gym attire, and i’m amassing quite a collection of printed running capris. i mean, i spend enough time in workout clothes…might as well have fun with them. you know, just in case i need to pull a Dorothy (like, from Oz) and match my clothes to my eyes. please tell me someone gets that reference? mmmkay, thanks.

3. crushing on:


4. encouraged by: my daily devo this morning from my Streams in the Desert app (which i read on the subway each morning as i commute to work). it never ceases to amaze me how God gives us just what we need for where we’re at — He’s so astounding like that. i’ve had thoughts of my future direction weighing on me quite a bit lately, and i often find myself feeling a bit frustrated over why certain paths i so desire to pursue don’t seem to be opening up, and wrestling with thoughts over what actions to take next, and how i know if what i’m pursuing is what i should be pursuing — and then i read this this morning, which seems to be a quiet nudge to remind me that i am not the one in control. God has a much bigger plan for my life than anything i can see with my tunnel vision and limited scope, and it’s okay if i don’t see the big picture right now — because He does. this is a lesson in trust and obedience for me, which i desperately need.

5. inspired by: inside of me, deep at my very core, has always been a poet. sometimes she surfaces more frequently than others; lately, unfortunately, i haven’t given her much freedom of expression or room to breathe. but every now and then, right in the middle of everyday life, i stumble across something that flutters the curtains of my soul and reminds me of the pure and simple calling of an artist: to be true to what you feel at the center of your being, and to never stop believing in yourself. this, for me, hit home.


and now, i believe i’m off to write some poetry.

have a fantastic weekend, loves! xoxo


What are you looking forward to this weekend?
Any fave workout clothes to spice up your gym routines?

WILW {1/8/2014}

hellllllooo from Antarctica!!

i may or may not get in trouble for posting this, but i just can’t help myself…

like daughter, like father.

like daughter, like father.

and for the record, that’s my hat. he just poses.

so maybe NYC isn’t quite Arctic status yet, but man, it’s frigid here! however, despite the fact that it was all of 5 degrees here when i awoke this am, my day is off to a fabulous start. let’s do a little “this is what i’m loving lately,” shall we? because i’m loving a whole lot.

*thoughtful friends. i probably could write a whole blog devoted to how amazing my friends are. this is certainly a favorite topic of mine. having friends who make me feel so loved and appreciated by their thoughtfulness just beats all. this week, i’ve had three very similar surprises from three different friends who all know me so well. let me explain: i have a thing with anchors, for several reasons, and they’ve become my “symbol,” so to speak. and my friends certainly pay attention.

on Monday, i received these adorable Kate Spade earrings in the mail from my sweet friend Hanne:

photolove these, and have been wearing them ever since. {thank you, love!}

then, i received a text from my friend Lauren on Monday morning with this picture below, saying she saw this on the sidewalk in NYC this past weekend and had to snap it for me:

photoso sweet!

and to top it all off, one of my bestest friends Alex surprised me with this incredible homemade Christmas gift last night, which absolutely blew me away:

it’s a shadow box of sorts and revolves around one of my favorite Bible verses, and it’s absolutely perfect. {she’s considering selling these type of pieces in the near future, so i’ll be sure to keep you posted if you’re interested!}

needless to say, i’m feeling very loved this week by some incredible girlfriends. love you ladies.

*the new digs. i came into work today to find that i’ve been moved into an office (i’d previously been in an open floor setting with no windows). now i’m in an office by myself, with a view of the World Trade Center buildings and the river in the background. not sure quite how this happened, but i’ll take it.


don’t be fooled. it looks wayyyyy more serious than it is.

*Nature Box. i’ve dabbled with these boxes of healthy treats in the past and always been impressed with what i’ve received, but never committed to more than a 3-month subscription. however, my best friend gave me a subscription for Christmas, which i can’t wait to start receiving! if you’re not familiar with Nature Box, definitely check out their website. for $20 a month, you receive a box of healthy, yummy, smart-snacking foods, which you can customize on their site and choose your treats (love this option!). it’s a perfect gift for one of your health-conscious friends as well! i’m a big fan of these “random boxes of goodness” companies that have been springing up in the past few years, and this one also has a charity component. nicely done, NB.


*making nice with treadmills again.
so we’ve established that they aren’t my fave things in the world, but considering the cold and dark mornings lately, i’ve made peace with the fact that if i want to run comfortably, i’ve got to play nice with them. sooo, back into the gym it is.

Photoso far the workouts this week have consisted of:

  • Monday: boot camp (totally needed and appreciated)
  • Tuesday: four mile run on a treadmill and 20 mins of abs
  • Wednesday: 6.5 mile run on a treadmill

tomorrow will be another boot camp, and Friday back to a run. i’m gearing up for the NYC Half in March and hopefully won’t have to train for the whole thing indoors.

*La Villette. it’s been a bit since i’ve posted about any new places i’ve gone to, so i figured i should get back on that wagon. i had dinner at La Villette (formerly 10 Downing) in the Village on Monday night, and it was quite charming. very French brasserie-style with the tiled walls, red seats and and dark wood, and both food and service were very good. worth tucking into on a chilly night if you’re looking for a cozy little atmosphere.

hope you’re finding some things to love about your week already!


Any favorite pieces of winter clothing you like to sport on the chilliest days?

Do you have a “thing” that you love (aka, me with anchors)? What’s the story?