why isn’t it always the weekend?

anyone else feeling like that this morning? i had one of those “and thiiiiis is how life is always supposed to be!” weekends of which i’m having a difficult time letting go today. take me baaaaack.

Friday evening: somehow lucked into the company Yankee seats for the second time in 3 days (no idea how that happened but i’ll take it!), and it ended up being an epic 19-inning game against the Boston Red Sox that included a power outage (i left during this, in the 12th-inning) and marks the Sox’ longest game ever (and the Yanks’ longest since 1962). i love baseball, but after 12-innings on a Friday night at the end of a long week, i was tired and cold and wanted to sleep. i’m still glad i was there for most of the game, though! such a blast.

Saturday morning: i finally had my first great outdoor double-digit run in months, as this weekend was gorgeoussss in NYC and i was determined to spend as much time outside as possible. man, did that do wonders for my running self esteem, which was sort of lacking a bit lately, and my overall mental state/happiness level! sometimes a long run along the river on a beautiful day just changes everything.

i reallllly love my new Nikes — they felt amazing during this run, and i’m hopeful they’ll be just what i needed (coupled with SPRING) to get me back into the distance groove.

Saturday evening: saw Insurgent with one of my best friends.

Insurgent_posterif you liked Divergent, you’ll like this one — it’s a good follow-up, i thought, and totally entertaining and keeps your attention. and this boy!! seriously.

Sunday morning: the most gorgeous day everrrrr. i ran 2 miles downtown to meet my girlfriend along the West Side/Hudson River path, and we ran another 3 miles or so, for a total of 5 for me. even after running 12 the morning before, i was feeling awesome. this weekend was exactly what i needed to boost my running morale and get me stoked for Spring/Summer running!

girlsrunlove this human so much! it’s truly an amazing blessing to have a girlfriend who shares your mentality about life, adventures, tomboy-esque affinities, and love for the outdoors, and who makes every experience that much more wonderful. thanks, friend. so glad there’s you. 🙂

we then brunched on the patio at an adorable spot in the West Village that ended up being the absolute perfect chocie: Upright Brew House.

upright their $25 brunch gets you orange juice, any drink off their coffee menu (almond milk latte w/ their house-made almond milk for me — did i mention i recently had to cut out dairy?? — and a chai latte for Al), a cocktail, and an entree. everything was delicious and we plan to return for more post-run brunches in the near future for sure.

i had every intention of working on a presentation for school at some point yesterday, but it was just so gorgeously amazing out that i couldn’t resist meeting a boy for a cocktail on a patio later on and calling it an early night. sometimes Sundays just need to be filled with all good things and not tainted by work!

hence, i will be spending tonight working on that presentation for my Parenting class. happy Monday.

hope you all had amazing weekends!

Highlight from your weekend?
Runners — any good runs lately? Is the weather finally lovely near you as well?
Anyone else brunch outdoors this weekend? What’s your go-to brunch meal?



whatchou know ’bout baseball?

along with being America’s favorite pastime, baseball has long been my sport of choice.

i grew up with a sports-obsessed father who has an especial love for baseball, which he imparted to me at a young age. i have a baby picture of me rocking an SF Giants jersey as a dress and a sideways cap like a boss. between his SF obsession and my mom growing up in Queens near Shea Stadium (Mets), i had no choice but to love baseball. we start fanaticism young in the Huss fam.

why SF Giants, you’re probably wondering, since i grew up in New York? well, they were the NY Giants before they moved to SF, and my grandpa grew up in the Bronx and was a big fan, so my family stayed loyal even after the coastal switch. i’ll always root for those boys…even if i get company seats at Yankee stadium.

because my boss looks out for me and knows i love baseball, i lucked into the company seats last night for the Yanks’ second 2015 season game against the Toronto Blue Jays! we have sick seats, lower level between home plate and first base right by the Yankee’s dugout. couldn’t ask for anything more than dope seats, 3 other baseball-excited friends, a home team win, and all the laughs…

except maybe wine with a straw?

the only downside was that it was 40 degrees and we were freeeeeeezingggg….but luckily, our seats included access to the VIP lounge, so we chilled in there for a good portion of the game. wine & free popcorn? score.

as nice as great seats are, being able to feel your fingers just miiiiight take the win.

it was a blast of an evening, shivering or not, and a fab way to start off baseball season 2015.

Baseball fan? If so, what team?

Fave sporting event to go to?

Ever drink wine with a straw? first time for everything!