Friday Five: Favorite Winter Activities

while i undoubtedly look forward to Friday every.single.week, i’m especially stoked for today, because it commences my week-long Christmas vacation! i’m going home tonight for 9 full days of fun with family, friends and the man, and i couldn’t be more excited about this. ’tis a merry, merry Christmas indeed, starting tonight for me!

for this week’s link-up, our DC hosts Mar, Courtney & Cynthia chose the following theme to help remind us that there are some fun things to be done even when we’re freezing our bums off (especially in the Northeast, although this year has been marvelous thus far!):


ONE: snowboarding. i’m not a big fan of the cold but i’m also not one who complains like it’s the end of the world each year as well, and one sure way to get me out there & loving Winter is to put me on a mountain. i was hoping to ride at least a day or two next week over break, but considering we’ve accumulated zero snowflakes so far this year (and man-made snow isn’t my favorite thing), that might not transpire.

TWO: running. thank goodness for Under Armour & Nike, who make some pretty great cold-weather gear, because i try to suck it up and get out there even when it’s chillll-eee. nothing like a good run to warm up the cold blood!

THREE: wine bars. in Summer, i like to be “outdoorsy” and take advantage of patios and rooftops; in Winter, a quaint & cozy little tuckaway of a wine bar serves me just right. with lots of windows, of course, so i can see the snow as i cozy up.

FOUR: anything related to Christmas. this counts, right? i’ve always been a Christmas-lover Winter –> all things merry & bright give me the fuzzy, i-love-everything-and-everyone feelings. & it’s so easy to love Christmastime in NYC! speaking of — the boy and i walked 5th Ave on Tuesday and checked out Bergdorf’s amazyyyyzinggg window display (at a time when the crowds had thinned, thankfully!). Bergdorf collaborated with Swarovski this year to create truly brilliant, glittering, fantastic displays made out of thousands of gems and stones, with names like “Glitterati,”  “Treasured,” “The Crystal Ball,” “Hidden Gem,” & “The Crown Jewels.”








these photos hardly do them justice — they were spectacular. “Treasured” (the ocean scene) was so winter blues lovely and opalescent in person, and “Glitterati” (the first image) was such a crazy, chaotic, fun explosion of colors representing the 12 months of the year with 12 cakes made out of their birthstones. it was just so, so well done.

FIVE: traveling somewhere warm. okay so i know that’s a total stretch of a “Winter activity” but like, also sort of necessary. by the time we head out for our annual girls’ weekend to Boca & Miami at the end of January, i’m pretty ready for some sun. last year i went to Miami & Austin in the cold months; this year i hope to have some similar warm-weather trips to break up the chilly stretch.

hope you enjoy your weekend, friends!

Favorite Winter activities?
Snowboarders/skiiers: What’s your mountain of choice?What island should I visit this year??