it’s summmerrrrrr

and i like thattttttt. love me a good Summer Solstice to ring in the best time of the year.

as much as i like snowboarding and fall and all things crisp and autumny and Sept-lovely, i could totally live in a place where it’s 75-80 and sunny year ’round. San Diego is probably calling my name for reals. as soon as it’s this nice in NYC, i’m pretty much beside myself with giddiness and everything in my world is all perfect and lovely and rainbows and dragonflies (because they’re so much more prevalent on the beach and lake than butterflies, and i like them).

i ran in Summer 1st, 2014 with a morning river run,

photo 1

followed by a fab day with the girls at Long Beach, just an hour’s train ride from NYC. such an easy, perfect little day trip to a rather lovely little East Coast beach. i’m determined to take surfing lessons here at some point.

Photopretty sure i could spend most of my life just laying on a beach…although at some point i’d need to start writing a book or something. that’d probably be a good beach-life activity. 🙂

i then ended up at a really sweet rooftop bar in Long Island City in Queens, just across the bridge from Manhattan, at the top of the Z Hotel. it was my first time there and i went to celebrate a friend’s wedding earlier that day. the place was really fun, the crowd was great, and the views were spectacular. there’s nothing quite like the NYC skyline at night.


i managed to eek out another run on Sunday morning (in a world where noon still counts as “morning”…hey, we all need to sleep in once in a while) — rather than swing a long run this weekend, i split it up into two shorter ones. that just felt necessary. aka cocktails on Friday night followed by wine on the beach all day on Saturday followed by a rooftop party on Sat night = 5-6 miles felt pretttty darn long enough.

photo 2
i felt like i needed to be all about balancing my running with the rest of my life this weekend and not beating myself up if i didn’t knock out a 10-13 miler one morning. i really wanted to prioritize time with my girlfriends in the city, as this was the one weekend i’ll actually be in Manhattan for all of June (we all tend to leave and hit lakes/beaches/Montauk on the summer weekends as it’s so darn hot here!). it can sometimes be a struggle for me to not beat myself up if i don’t work out “hard enough” or run “far enough,” and this was a good lesson in balancing my life and being okay with that this weekend.

and i wouldn’t change a single thing about how my first Summer weekend went down…including this spectacle with a dead alligator wall decoration at Botanic Lab on Friday night. certainly took girls’ night to a whole new level.

photowell, we thought we were funny, anyways. 🙂

hope you all had great weekends!

Tell me something fun from your weekend! How’d you kick off Summer 2014, officially?
Anyone go to the beach?
Any alligator stories? 🙂