That weekend I did allll the things in NYC.

i had all intentions of posting this on Monday but chilled out in the Monday blues for a bit too long, which totally hijacked that plan, and then got so busy yesterday that i didn’t have time! but here i am — hi, friends!

so, the good news: i stayed in NYC this weekend and had a non-stop, fun-filled run-around weekend chocked full of awesome people, places & things.
the bad news: back to the non-weekend life was rough.

so, here’s a recap of my non-stop weekend of wonderful places, people & things:

Friday: i took a vacation day (makes alllll the difference to have Fridays free!) because my fun California friend who we (we being me and everyone who knows him through me) affectionately (& appropriately) call Manbun came to visit. i love having friends in town, especially in the nice weather, because i get the chance to play tourist in my own city and bop around all over the place. as expected, we did sooooo many things while he was here, so prepare yourself for photo overload.

you know what’s better than having friends from California? having friends from California who are photographers. i think i’d be totally fine with someone following me around and photo documenting my life.

Processed with VSCOcam with e2 presetin a camera store, because that’s where photographers hang out when they visit new cities, duh.

the tricky thing about photographers is that they can make you look better in photos than you do in real life. i’ll take it. 🙂

The Highline. there’s a fantastic exhibit on it right now called The Collectivity Project by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson (such a dope last name, no?), which is essentially a whole little sectioned-off area boasting tables with thousands of white legos begging visitors to play architect and leave their marks.

Mets vs. Dodgers game. this was my first time at Citifield in a few years, and i forgot how beautiful this stadium is. my friend is a crazy Dodgers fan, so this was the perfect “while in NY” birthday gift for him, and we ended up with a gorgeous night for a baseball game.

Saturday: woke up & ran 9 miles (i needed that — more running chat later this week, mmmkay?) and then trekked over to one of my newly favorite neighborhoods: Williamsburg, BK. man, i love that little hipster town.

here’s my favorite shot of the day: my acro modeling debut against an awesome “DREAM” mural on a random side street.

i take zero credit for the concept, but Hundo P credit for the ups. 🙂

3 places we went in Williamsburg (&i’d recommend them all):

Sweatshop cafe & design shop. so minimalist, so elemental, so Australian, so dope. loved this little place.

Radegast Hall & Biergarten. such a happening spot on Saturday afternoons! a band i really like was playing, and it turns into an all-out dance party where everyone just can’t help but have the best time. i love when life is like that.

Crown Victoria. i don’t have any pix of this place, but it has a really sweet outdoor space out back with a “backyard BBQ” sort of vibe, complete with food/drink trucks and picnic tables. we saw a bachelor party all dresses as superheroes, which was awesome. really great chill spot.

we capped off our action-packed Saturday with dinner at Momofuku Noodle Bar in the East Village, which is a really hip & popular place to which i’ve never gone before. i wasn’t sure i’d be that into it, but it was the one restaurant he really wanted to try…and it was really good. (i was also starving at this point, but it was seriously good!)

we split these 3 things:
shiitake buns: hoisin, scallion, cucumber

bunscorn appetizer: pickled tomatillo, pepitas, oregano
hozon ramen bowl:
scallion, chickpea, kale

i honestly would have never ended up here on my own and had zero idea what to order or expect, so i was happy to let him order (thankfully he chose all vegetarian = brownie points for that), and he did a great job, as all the dishes were great. the chickpeas and kale combo was fantastic.


Bemelman’s Bar at the Carlyle Hotel. we swung through here after church specifically to check out this amazing spot where author/artist Ludwig Bemelman’s of the Madeline children’s books fame transformed the walls of the bar with his artwork. it was truly a magical, whimsical spot to which i can’t wait to return.

we went during off hours and simply walked around, and i had a sort of “moment” there, in the empty, classic bar with the magical walls telling tales of a fairytale NYC that feels so untouched and sacred. i do believe i could have stayed there with a journal or book for hours and had a renewal of the soul in that tuck-away of a lovely spot.

Central Park. 
walking around Central Park on a lazy Sunday afternoon in the summertime, watching the miniature sailboats on the pond and feeling the overflowing happiness of simply being — i should do well to have more of these things in my life.

FullSizeRenderand yes — i am as in love with the world in that photo as you could possibly imagine that girl to be.


so much good in my lately life.


(see? my Spanish lessons are clearly working. i also can count to ten and say my colors. be impressed.)

i’ve had lots of good things going on in my life lately. honestly, i’m blessed in that my life is almost entirely good/great things, but there have been some pretty notable ones as of late.

in case you missed my last post, please please please check out the piece i had published on Thought Catalog! this is ridiculously exciting for me and i’d love for you to share in my happiness and read me: What it’s Like to have a Wanderlust Soul. (aka, story of my life.) thanks, friends. i appreciate your support. my first love has always been a more creative, poetic-prose style of writing, which isn’t the aim of this blog, so i’m thankful to have other outlets in which to showcase that very personal side of my little writing soul. 🙂

i also finally cut my desperately-in-need-of-a-chop overdry Summer hai,, which feels amazinggggg. a good haircut can do wonders for a girl’s soul. if you live in NYC and are looking for a stylist, i definitely recommend Jason at Keratinbar Meatpacking. he rocks my world.


so on Friday, me and my new hair had the chance to hit an incredible event in Central Park: a free preview showing of the upcoming Fall into Dance series.

photo 2i’m always down for anything dance-related (doing or watching), and a girlfriend lucked into tickets through the free online lottery. it was fantastic and obviously made me want to do my life over and be a professional dancer. never fails.

the show featured four dance troupes from various cities. my favorite was the first act, the Hubbard St. Dance Company from Chicago — they had a big group number that was absolutely 1 the NYC Ballet Company’s pas de deux was so adorably dope, also; they did a flirty, coy little number with a lot of humorous moments, including the male putting on a yellow skirt identical to the female’s. this was the first pas de deux i remember seeing, and i reallllly enjoyed it, the cutesy little interplay between the male and female dancer and the chemistry created between them.

there’s something so magical and otherwordly about sitting outside in an open-air theater on a beautiful evening in early fall and watching some of the world’s most amazing dancers perform. it was truly an incredible experience, and i had one of those “this is really my life; i’m alive and among the very luckiest in the world right now, to be in this vibrant, anything-can-happen city” moments. these are the times you bottle up and keep safely tucked away.

i then awoke Saturday and decided it was a lovely morning to attempt a longer-ish run and see how the ol’ injury is holding up. i made it almost 9 miles without dying, but i’ll admit, it wasn’t all roses and and gumdrops, and my right hamstring started getting angry at me (apparently he’s compensating too much for the left leg…sigh. get it together, guys, will ya?). it felt good to have those miles behind me, but it just hurt. like heck. i just had to do it, to know that i still can, and to force myself to push through the pain. and because i’m sort of crazy, sometimes. i know.

Sunday morning started with a date with this guy:

the gym is about 150 degrees and totally not an equal substitute for a fresh-air run, but this Arc trainer kicks my butt every time and leaves me a sweaty mess like nothing else and is always a willing partner when i’m too hurt to run. we have a love-hate relationship: i love how hard he makes me work and how i feel afterward, like i have a superwoman sense of accomplishment for totally conquering him, but the ride is a high-resistance uphill struggle. i’ll refrain from drawing any real-life parallels to my Arc trainer relationship… mmmmkay.

this sunny, bright Sunday then found me on a lovely girlfriend date with my friend Amy, where we lucked upon a darling little French jazz restaurant on St. Mark’s and caught up over these: photo
$12 unlimited mimosas, a darling of a bartender, and live jazz?! ummmm, oui oui, s’il vous plait! Jules Bistro was a success for us. definitely returning.

workouts have been good otherwise, too — Monday morning’s 5.5 miler was tough/painful, but yesterday’s early gym sesh was awesome: Arc trainer (25 mins) and an intense 30 minutes of strength/plyo that left me super sweaty and the best kind of exhausted…and i totally felt like i earned the really nice cab sav i had last night after class.


all about the balancing act. 🙂

hope you all had great weekends and starts to your week!

Something fun from your weekend?
Any dancers out there? What’s your fave form of dance? Seen any good performances lately? i unfortunately never took lessons as a child, despite my mom’s efforts to interest me, but i’m in love with Latin dancing as an adult!

it’s june and i like that

well heyyy, friends. anyone else happy that it’s June?

Hello june wow movingi love this month. it’s my birthday and Father’s Day and the official beginning of Summer, and everything about June has just always felt so right and sunny and blue sky-ed and lovely and it makes me endlessly happy.

so, i hope your June has started off as well as mine has! i kicked off June 1 in the best way possible: after a morning workout with my bro (who was visiting for the wknd), we grabbed some salads from Whole Foods and jaunted off to have our first Central Park Picnic of 2014. it was the absolute most ideally perfect day invented for picnics.

photo 1
a lot of other NYers felt the same way, too, as Sheep Meadow in Central Park was certainly abuzz with picnickers and tanners and frisbee-ers and Kan Jammers and even some bachata dancers (yes, i managed to get a dance in).

it was quite the loveliest of days; one of those where you’re just so overjoyed to be alive and can lay back and feel punch-drunk off the very blueness of the sky and the moment you’re in. life, after all, can be that good.

photo 2
i then tried a new church for the first time last night at 5pm in Union Square called Liberty Church, to which i was invited by Miss Gracie over at girl meets life. i really enjoyed the service; the worship was wonderful, and a young pastor delivered a really personable, relevant, conversational message, and the whole atmosphere was intimate and laid-back and welcoming. it was a great way to close out my weekend, and i would definitely return.

so today also brings me to the end of my “10 days of you” challenge:
1 picture — and actually, this is quite an easy one for me, as this picture was taken yesterday and was instantly one of my new faves:

me and my best friend in the world (aka my brother Ryan), chilling in Central Park and lovin’ life in our wayfarers. doesn’t get much better than this in my world.

hope you all had wonderful weekends, friends. ❤

Tell me something great about your weekend!
Who’s your fave person to hang out with?

NYC Half Marathon 2014


last year, i got chosen through the lottery to run the NYC Half 2013, and i chose to go to Colorado to visit my brother and snowboard with one of my best friends instead. this year, i was fortunate enough to again get in through the lottery — so this morning, i ran the NYC Half 2014. and i loved every single second of this race.

pre-race excited face!

pre-race excited face!

this race included quite a few “firsts” for me:

*first Manhattan race. yes, after living here for 3.5 years, i’ve run halves in Brooklyn, Queens, and even New Jersey, but never in Manhattan. March 16, 2014: checked that off with flying colors.

*first cold-weather race. yesterday, it was 55 degrees. today, it was 30. i’ve never run a half marathon in under 50 degree weather before, and the first mile was definitely spent jogging out those tingly sensations from spending a cold 45 minutes filtering into Central Park and hanging out in the corrals with the thousands of other runners. i had three top layers, a headband and gloves on, and i didn’t even consider taking any of it off. it wasn’t freezing, but when the wind whipped, it was certainly on the brisk side. i think i’ve determined that 60s-70s are my ideal running weather.

*first race run entirely solo. although i’ve run most of my races alone, technically, i’ve always known other people at the race or showed up with friends. i attended this one entirely on my own and actually didn’t speak a single word to anyone until i ran into my brother and friends who were cheering me on at mile 7. almost 30,000 people, and this was a completely solo endeavor for me. and you know what? i rather loved it. it’s nice to have something that i am passionate about entirely for me, simply because i love it so much and will continue to do it if i never see a familiar face again. i really, really love this.

*first pain-free race. (woot!) hallelujah! something to be said for not over-training! no IT problems, no calf problems, no problems. i felt great throughout this entire race and actually ended it with lots of energy left over, sprinting through the finish line. there was only one teensy injury, which i didn’t realize happened until after:



pretty gross, right? you’re welcome for that visual. hey, nobody ever said runners had cute toes, especially riiiiight after a long race. and that’s a pretttty impressive purple blister, if i do say so myself. pedicures, anyone?

this was a truly awesome race, and made me feel so blessed and thrilled to be a New Yorker. the course included some epic, iconic elements: it started in Central Park (holy hills) and then shot us out onto 7th Ave, which was shut down for us runners. that was the most amazing moment for me: running out of the Park and seeing Times Square entirely car-free, only runners littering the streets, packed with people cheering us on from the sidewalks.  we turned onto 42nd St and shot over to the West Side Highway, which was also closed down for us, and ran that all the way down to Battery Park, through the tunnel, and up and around to the South Street Seaport. and i had a perma-grin the entire time we ran through Times Square, elated to be a part of such a monumental day in NYC, running down through the heart of the city as though it was something out of a movie. such an indescribable, once-in-a-lifetime moment.

photo: Wikipedia

photo: Wikipedia

one of the best parts of the race for me, besides the fact that i felt strong and elated and healthy and amazing throughout the entire thing, was that my brother and some great friends were here to support me and cheer me on. i first saw them around mile 7, on 42nd St. and 8th Ave, holding homemade signs and screaming. i felt so, so grateful and blessed to have such encouraging and wonderful people there for me. it was totally worth taking 30 seconds off my time to stop, hug, and photo opp:

meryanpretty sure this is the most we have everrrr looked alike in a picture!

the race seriously flew by for me, and felt like the quickest half i’ve ever run. before i knew it, i was rounding the end of Manhattan, passing the South Street Seaport, and sprinting across the finish line toward my medal. and my brother, and another amazing friend who woke up mega early to support me, and a Starbucks.


this was the 7th half i’ve done in the past 2.5 years, and definitely the best i’ve ever felt in a race. in terms of time, it was my second best, which totally thrills me considering i really didn’t do many long runs to train for it, i’ve been sick for the past 3 weeks so had to take all running easy, and i haven’t been running outside in the cold much at all. maybe i should just start training less from now on. 🙂

final time: 1:54:44. i’ll certainly take that.

so this was a truly epic day for me, and makes me so thankful to be healthy and to be able to live out my passion for running. first NYC race: huge, huge success.

hope you had great weekends, loves! xo

Fun Facts Friday {1/10/2014}

1. excited about: my brother comes to visit me tonight for the weekend! considering he’s my best friend/favorite person in the world, i couldn’t be more stoked for this. we have big plans to bachata and salsa the nights away. he hasn’t visited me since a one-day trip in May, when we did little else than wander around Central Park, so this is a much-needed trip.

Husseys in Central Park

Husseys in Central Park

2. wearing: i realize i have a serious thing for workout pants. like, i’m forever on the hunt for the next perfect pair. Nike’s Epic Run capris are my fave outdoor pair, and i’m loving Avia’s  knee-length spandex capris a whole lot — they fit and stay in place soooo well (and are so affordable at TJ Maxx). but sometimes, a girl just needs to crazy up her gym attire, and i’m amassing quite a collection of printed running capris. i mean, i spend enough time in workout clothes…might as well have fun with them. you know, just in case i need to pull a Dorothy (like, from Oz) and match my clothes to my eyes. please tell me someone gets that reference? mmmkay, thanks.

3. crushing on:


4. encouraged by: my daily devo this morning from my Streams in the Desert app (which i read on the subway each morning as i commute to work). it never ceases to amaze me how God gives us just what we need for where we’re at — He’s so astounding like that. i’ve had thoughts of my future direction weighing on me quite a bit lately, and i often find myself feeling a bit frustrated over why certain paths i so desire to pursue don’t seem to be opening up, and wrestling with thoughts over what actions to take next, and how i know if what i’m pursuing is what i should be pursuing — and then i read this this morning, which seems to be a quiet nudge to remind me that i am not the one in control. God has a much bigger plan for my life than anything i can see with my tunnel vision and limited scope, and it’s okay if i don’t see the big picture right now — because He does. this is a lesson in trust and obedience for me, which i desperately need.

5. inspired by: inside of me, deep at my very core, has always been a poet. sometimes she surfaces more frequently than others; lately, unfortunately, i haven’t given her much freedom of expression or room to breathe. but every now and then, right in the middle of everyday life, i stumble across something that flutters the curtains of my soul and reminds me of the pure and simple calling of an artist: to be true to what you feel at the center of your being, and to never stop believing in yourself. this, for me, hit home.


and now, i believe i’m off to write some poetry.

have a fantastic weekend, loves! xoxo


What are you looking forward to this weekend?
Any fave workout clothes to spice up your gym routines?

Decemburrrrr fun.

oh yeah, so maybe i’m two days late, buuuuuttttt…

nice of you to drop by again, you pretty little thing, you. i’m always happy to see your return, and the way you bring me things like snow angels and twinkling lights and magical window displays. you sure know how to win a girl over.

NYC can truly be a magical place during the holiday season. here are some things i love about NYC in December; things that i see as being sort of “larger than life” in the sense that the expectation and emotionality we subscribe to them elevates them to a heightened status of beauty & bliss & all that we save for our best memories and our favorite loves.

  • Central Park blanked with snow. lamp-post lit paths; scarved-and-mittened couples braving the cold for the sake of winterwhite beauty; the knowledge that this city creates itself anew each year during this time, and the very air in which we see our frosty breaths seems pregnant with the expectation of a fairytale. we believe NYC is magic at Christmas time, and therefore, it is — it becomes a sort of fantastical Narnia, a charmed land.


  • the holiday shops in Bryant Park and Union Square. whether you’re on the hunt for sweet little Christmas gifts for your fave people or just in the mood to stroll, these little winter villages are darling seasonal pop-ups through which to browse around or grab a cub of hot cider or cocoa. some of the vendors can be great, and the Bryant Park village also offers a skating rink and an igloo-inspired ice bar/restaurant. perfect little winter experience, with friends or a date.

Winter Village at Bryant Park

Union Square holiday market

Union Square holiday market

  • the department store window displays. i’m not going to post any pics of past years’ — waiting til i go this year to see what they come up with. i love love love strolling along Fifth Ave on a December evening and ooohing and ahhhing over the novelty window displays. some of them are really quite fantastical and breathtaking. i can’t recall any specifics from last year’s, but Bergdorf’s 2011 Carnival of the Animals displays were astounding. i’m excited for this year’s!
  • ice skating. this year, i’m determined to make it to one of the many rinks: Central Park, Rock Center, Bryant Park, or even the little baby rink outside the Standard Hotel — i just have to make this experience happen. i’ve yet to go ice skating in NYC (gasp) and i don’t want another winter to pass without it finally transpiring. to me, it’s perfectly symbolic of the essence of NYC winter magic.


i should probably stop here and keep my list short-n-sweet before i get ahead of myself and have to look back disappointed that i didn’t get to everything i wanted to in this one short month.

Question: What are you looking forward to in your city in December? (and if the answer isn’t too exciting, you’re welcome to come play in NYC!)

WILW (10/9): Outdoors in NYC Style

There’s an awful lot of running and workout talk going on in this blog, which is to be expected and will obviously continue to be a major topic. However, I was thinking this morning that I want to start writing more fun stuff about the city and my life outside of running, so what better way to use my What I Love Wednesday posts than to talk more about the fabulousness that is NYC?

nySince most of us NYers lead pretty busy lives, cramming our outside-of-work time with hobbies, leisure activities, social lives, classes and running (duh), combined with the fact that most of us live in small-ish spaces, we spend a lot of time out of the apartments. For me, this means spending as much time as possible outdoors, especially in the non-freezing weather — and since that will be quickly approaching, I figured this post needs to sneak on in before we all start to hibernate.

These are some of my fave places to be outdoors in NYC:

1. Riverside Park. I speckle this blog with pix of this lovely stretch along the Hudson River on the West side of Manhattan frequently, as I always run this route and so enjoy everything about it (minus the whole crazy-person-with-scissors thing that went down 2 weeks ago…yikes). Here’s a shot of this morning’s gorgeous sky from my river run around 6:45am, chilly and quite lovely for an early run (but would have been mega better if my legs weren’t sooooo darn sore).

At least if the run has to be painful, it might as well include something pretty. Thanks, God.

2. The Highline. An elevated park built on a historic train rail (how cool, right?) stretching from Gansevoort St. in the Meatpacking District to the 30th St. in Chelsea, The Highline is pretty fantastic. It’s a phenomenal work of natural architecture that showcases eclectic art exhibits (often multi-media), has a cool running water section by which people love to lounge on the sliding wooden chaise-like structures, and boasts some beautifully well-kept landscaping and plant life.


I love to take visitors here or just stroll with friends. It offers you a sensation of being elevated up and out of the city, becoming a sort of passive spectator-participant to this vibrant, throbbing place from your perch above. It offers a sense of necessary detachment from the concrete and a limited return to nature, all the while blending the two worlds and suspending you between them. Oh, and you get a sweet view of one of my fave pieces of NYC graffiti:


Yeah, so…I totally dig this spot. If you visit NYC, be sure to check it out.

3.  Rooftops decks. These are totally clutch here. While rooftop bars are definitely all the rage in the nice weather (and charge you more money for a drink than seems legal), it’s even nicer to have friends with roof decks on their buildings. Especially ones with grills. When you can be there at sunset. With a wine glass in your hand. No lines, no dress codes, no $20 drinks. Some people choose their friends based on similar interests, or how much fun they have together, or things like loyalty and kindness and all that jazz…we go right for the outdoor spaces here — cuz ya never know when the claustrophobia might set in. Good to be prepared. 🙂


4.  The South Street Seaport. What used to be NYC’s wholesale fish market “back in the day” is now a charming spot all the way downtown that attracts locals and tourists alike (and I’ve heard is one of the top touristy spots on the East Coast? Let’s go with that.). Whether you want to shop, dine, drink, or take in some magnificent views of the Brooklyn Bridge and skyline (note: go at sunset or dusk), this spot has a lovely throw-back sort of vibe. I’m a bit boat/water person, and I love the big ships with the massive sails. Although it was all but destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, the revitalization efforts have been astounding, and this place is definitely worth visiting.

5. Central Park. Seriously — it’s a must see/must spend time in, whether you’re visiting for a day or have lived here all your life. You really can’t overestimate this place, and I’ve never regretted a single moment I’ve spent here: whether it be running the loops or the reservoir, picnicking on a lazy afternoon with friends, going to concerts or Shakespeare in the Park, or just strolling around and exploring all of the nooks and attractions. It really is a spectacular place…I mean, where else can you visit castles and take gondola rides and go for a run and see a wedding and throw a frisbee and take a carriage ride and swing by the John Lennon Imagine memorial all in the same afternoon?

Exactly. It’s famous for a reason: because it’s one-of-a-kind wonderful.


Running forever and then we picnic.

I ran 20 miles on Saturday!! Ahhhh!!proudaboutworkingoutWelp, I just had to get that out. So let’s work up to that, shall we? 🙂

This weekend was absolutely beautiful here in NYC. I could not have hand-picked a more perfect day to do my long run than Saturday: brilliant blue skies, zero humidity, in the 60s early that morning, and just exactly the sort of flawless day one hopes September might bestow. It certainly boosted my spirits to see what sort of a day I’d been given on which to spend three hours of my morning running.

Yup: I set out knowing I’d be trekking along for a good three hours, ready to tackle my 20-miler. And I’m pretty dang happy 1. with how it went and 2. to have that baby behind me.


I have to say, it felt amazing to have accomplished this. Even a year ago, I’d have never thought I’d be able to say I ran 20 miles one morning in a straight stretch. I did the whole thing along the Hudson River, and I honestly felt pretty awesome for most of it. There were a few stretches that seemed a bit rougher than others, but I had convinced myself that I could — and would — tackle this, and running is such a mental process. This was definitely one of the hardest and most rewarding things I’ve done in my adult life (right up there with, ya know, college and stuff).

I cut up a few shot blocks to chomp along the way and put some Power Bar Perform Sports drink mix into my water bottle, made sure I had a good playlist, and just set off with high hopes of enjoying a gorgeous morning spent outdoors.


I didn’t let myself think about the distance as being overwhelming; rather, I told myself I had a whole free morning on a beautiful day to spend outside, and I was calm and grateful and hopeful I could last as long as I wanted. A friend met me and ran about 7-8 of my middle miles with me, which definitely helped. I finished feeling pretty great and with a renewed hope that I might, in fact, be able to run a marathon (yep, there were some dark spots of doubt crowding in the past couple weeks here and there).

this is my "i lived to tell about this" face

this is my “i lived to tell about this” face

I think I’m still on a little bit of a high from tackling that baby. Yee-haw.

After stretching, foam rolling and getting cleaned up, I headed out to hit up Whole Foods and join some lovely ladies (my favorite Canadian girls!) for a charming little picnic in Central Park. Could this day have been any better??


Alex, Lauren & Jocelyn — very thankful for these darlings. I have been so blessed to meet the most amazing girls since I’ve moved to NYC! It was a picture-perfect afternoon for a Park picnic, and Sheep Meadow was dotted with hundreds of other NYers who shared the same idea. Nothing like a good dose of girlfriend silliness & healthy snacks to revive you after a hard run.

Sunday was another amazing day; September really has been good to us here in NYC thus far. I ended the weekend with a leisurely stroll along the Hudson River (trading in the sneaks for flip flops this time) and some down time in Riverside Park as the sun set, counting my blessings for a weekend well spent (and legs that weren’t as tired as I expected!).



Question: What was the best part of your weekend?