Friday Five: 5 Weekly Faves

soooo, this is how i’m feeling today:


and you’ll see why if you keep reading. 🙂

linking up with the DC ladies Mar, Cynthia & Courtney for our weekly dose of Friday Five fun, with this week being a “Free Friday” where we can choose whatsoever topic suits our fancy. as i did a pretty specific one last week on nutrition bars, i decided to go a bit more lax this week and go with a list of random favorite things from the last week of January.


1. florals. i came home from a double-job, 12-hour workday on Monday (did i mention i’m a therapist a few nights a week now? if you are looking for a therapist or life coach, i’m happy to work with clients remotely as well!) to find these beauties hanging out on my dresser, along with the sweetest note. it was the perfect surprise to end my long day. & i totally won the human lottery, for real. he’s so good. ❤

2. School of Rock. what do you get when you mix Broadway theater + hilarity + a total Jack Black double + adoooorable and talented children + all the enthusiasm and energy in the world?

School of Rock the musical, that’s what. this was SUCH a cute show. the lead actor clearly studied Jack Black ad nauseam for this role, and totally crushed it — he was hilarious. and the kids?! OMG they were fantastic. such a wholesome, rowdy, energetic, fun-filled, non-stop show that made you laugh so hard & made you “awwww” & made you feel good about theater still reflecting the genuine heart of humanity at its core. i really, really liked it and would recommend it for all ages. basically if you liked the movie, you’ll love it.

3. bottoms up. i went out with guys from work for a drink last night to Ward III in TriBeCa, a dark little cocktail bar that has a great novelty drink list, talented mixology bartenders, and this menu gem:

a list of house rules. this adds such character and serves as a great conversation piece. we especially liked #2, Don’t Be Creepy, which lets us gals know that if a guy is bothering us, the bartenders are happy to ask him to leave her alone. genius.

i ordered their signature drink, the Ward III, which was fantastic and one of the best drinks i’ve had anywhere in a long time (also the first, since i haven’t been drinking anything but wine for months!):


definitely a different order for me, and it was SO good. i’d return just for this.

4. inspiration. i love this.


5. travel. so, about that first image from this post…

it was entirely apropos for today, as the best thing that happened to me this week was booking a trip yesterday for me and the boy…


to the beach in that picture above.

Ka’anapali Beach, Maui — i’m coming for you in March. eeeeeeee!! ❤

hope you all are having a fabulous Friday, friends!!

Best part of your week?
What’s on tap for the weekend?

i love everything lately

this has been my first full week of summer vaca from grad school and i am totally making the most of it and loving everythinggggg. such a nice little shift, to be able to have so much more free time for a bit! i didn’t get to post a What I Love Wednesday post this week so i’m just going to carry that right over into today.

*my new sneakers. they’re the same model i’ve been wearing for the past year +, the New Balance 750s, but these rainbow sherbert looking guys are just wayyyyy too much fun:

277321_990_ss_01i’ve only run in them once so far and i swear it was like a party on my feet. i couldn’t stop looking at them. runnerd alert. i don’t want these babies to ever die.

*The Book Thief. now that my semester is over and i can finally return to reading for fun (hallelujah), this was the first book on my list — and i was hooked from page one.

one thing i really appreciate in a novel is a unique writing style — and this one certainly has that. the storyteller’s persona is entirely intriguing, and he lures the reader in by addressing him directly, adding little asides and “let me explain this” tidbits.  it’s raw. it’s creative. it’s captivating.

i highlight parts as i read. here’s one i that spoke to me so far:

“somewhere, far down, there was an itch in his heart, but he made it a point not to scratch it. he was afraid of what might come leaking out.”

what a commentary on humanity; on how afraid we are to expose our deepest vulnerabilities and “scratch the itches in our hearts” until our rawest, truest sentiments come leaking out before another’s eyes — or even before our own, if we’re so cloaked in comfort of denial — that we often choose to bury those itches beneath all sensible reasoning and leave the darkened corners unexplored.

i like to read into things. i like words to challenge me, and change me. i like a book to find me one way, and leave me another, and embed itself into the core of my being long after i’ve closed the back cover.

photo 1
*good cocktail bars.
the only thing better than drinks with the girls after work is stumbling upon an adorable new bar in which to have fun & unique cocktails with the girls after work. we lucked into not one, but two fantastic hidden-gem cocktail bars in Midtown last night.

the four of us met at Lantern’s Keep in the Iroquois Hotel, a charming, cozy little French-style salon tucked in the back of the main floor of the hotel. it only has a handful of tables (30 seats total) and a very tiny bar and boasts a Prohibition-era heavy menu of unique cocktails. there are no flavored alcohols —  all ingredients are fresh and homemade and pure, and we were all really happy with our choices.

i definitely ordered well, as i liked mine the best: it was called Sutter’s Mill and was bourbon, honey, lemon, pineapple and cinnamon, served “on a rock” — one of those massive ice cubes that make any drink better. i can honestly say this was the best drink i’ve had anywhere in a long time, and i am far from a bourbon drinker. it was so well-balanced and perfectly spiced and like nothing i’ve ever tasted.

i really must get my hands on one of those big ice cube trays.

after one drink at Lantern’s Keep, we flounced directly across the street to Forty Four at the Royalton Hotel. who knew W44th St btwn 5/6th Aves was such a happening street? this was one hip hotel lobby bar: spacious, sprawling (dare i say massive?), sort of modern chic with a lot of dark wooden touches. and it had an impressive cocktail list to boot. i had a Chai Manhattan, which was a chai-infused version of a Manhattan, and i really enjoyed it.


quite the night of fancy-pants cocktails for me. i like it.

*because life is really that good, after all.

photo 1

photo 2



The Dead Rabbit

i’m Irish.
i like a good prohibition-style cocktail bar or a place with a historical, unique vibe.
i like checking out new hot-spots that get rave reviews and seeing if they really do live up to their reputations.
enter: The Dead Rabbit, a new 19th-century style Irish bar with some serious charm and class.

photo via (Andrew Kist)

photo via (Andrew Kist)

okay, so as a former little girl with a bunny obsession, the name of this Irish-style cocktail bar isn’t my fave. i’d probably prefer it to be called, oh, anything else. (but the story of how it got its name is pretty cool, and you can read that on its information-overload website…think Gangs of New York era.)

however, once you get past the roadkill name, it’s pretty rad. if you read the (very cluttered) text on their home page, it’s gotten quite a few accolades in the past year…like World’s Best New Cocktail Bar and a Best Bar in America for 2013. especially considering all of the competition in NYC, they’re doing something amazingly right.

located way downtown in the Financial District, it’s not in the most populated area, but the place was absolutely packed with an after-work thirsty Thursday crowd, and we had to wait an hour to get a table upstairs in the cocktail parlor. when we sat, the server brought everyone at the table a little dainty tea cup of their house punch. i can’t really recall what it tasted like, exactly…i was more enamored with the whole tea cup presentation. so darling.

photo: courtesy of The Dead Rabbit

photo: courtesy of The Dead Rabbit

as little as i enjoy going to bars, especially lately, i have to say this was a cool spot with a very specific niche and a hip vibe. all of the little details made the place: the tea cup apertifs, the hardcover book-type menus; the specialty drinks; the various black and white photographs tacked all over the ceiling and beams in the bar downstairs. it’s those little details that really give a place character and make it memorable.


if you’re looking for a little history to mix in with your cocktails (which also all have historical significance), this is definitely your place. all-in-all, a fun and unique experience.

What’s the best bar in your city, in your opinion?
Are you into cocktails, or stick with beer/wine?