6 places {and now i need to reevaluate my life}

so, next comes 6 Places day in my “10 days of You” challenge.

i assume this can be either 6 places i want to visit or 6 i’ve visited. clearly, the former holds way more appeal for me.

i’m not quite sure how i’m supposed to narrow my insane wanderlust down to just 6 places in this whole wide world, but for the sake of this challenge, i suppose i’ll have to give it my most valiant effort. (and then as soon as i hit “publish,” i’m sure i will think of 6 entirely different places i wish i’d chosen.)

so, here are 6 places i haven’t been and am absolutely shivering to visit:

1. Greek islands. this is my #1; the pinnacle of my wanderlusting list. i’ve heard such amazing things about Santorini and Mykonos that it’s become a sort of other-worldly place in my mind, and if a plane touched down in front of me rightthissecond and the pilot said “choose one place immediately,” Santorini would be it.



the only problem is that i’m not sure i could be coerced to return. ever. like, stop it with these pictures…i feel like my heart hurts just looking at them and knowing this place exists and that i’m not there.

revised life goals/”to do” list:
1. fall in love
2. go immediately to Greece.

*points 1 and 2 may or may not be completely interchangeable, chronologically speaking.

2. Croatia. i’ve heard this country has some crazy gorgeous beaches and some seriously amazingly clear bluegreen water. my bro went last summer and came back telling me i’d love it (second to Greece).


Dubvronik, Croatia

Bora Bora. not sure i’ve ever seen more beautiful water than in pix of this place. definitely tops the chart for my idea of a relaxing vacation. i’d just have to go with someone i realllllly like…and bring a lot of books and bikinis. this is pretty much my idea of Heaven, unplugged.

Costa Rica. i feel like half the people i know have been here and everyone raves about it, and since i’m a majorly wannabe surfer and have heard this is a sweet surf haven of a ziplining, jungly beachy rainforesty place known for lovely waterfalls, i’m pretty sure i should see it. and it seems much more attainable than Bora Bora or Croatia at this moment, as there’s talk of possibly going in September. 🙂

5. New Zealand.
lush and outdoorsy and a hiker’s dream; beautiful beaches and non-commercialized and about as far away across the world as one can get from NY. i have a wonderful friend who lives here and i’m hoping to make it to visit one of these days. i reallllly want to see the Matapouri Mermaid Pools. maybe my mermaid dreams can finally come a bit closer to reality.

The Amalfi Coast, Italy. noticing a pattern? i’m entirely obsessed with amazing water and coastal towns and a beach life. sure, i’d love to go everywhere, but these otherworldly, romantic oceany charming picturesque places just captivate me so.

Photograph by Anzenberger-Fink, Anzenberger/Redux

Photograph by Anzenberger-Fink, Anzenberger/Redux

welp this post certainly just kicked my travel itch into a full-blown drag-out inner battle between sitting still at this desk and selling everything i own tomorrow and taking flight.

it hurts my little heart so, to know there’s a great big world with all of these seemingly unreal places, and i ache to tuck them under my skin. one day.

Where would you go, if you could go anywhere?