Weekend Recap

well heyyyy, friends! hope you all had terrific weekends. i packed a lot of good stuff into mine and am thankfully not too tired today, on this sunny-and-yet-warm-for-December Monday in NYC.

*running. i’m loving doing back-to-back runs on Saturdays and Sundays lately. even though Saturday was a little windy, it was still nice enough out both days to enjoy my river runs.

disclaimer: my running app was definitely not working right — it clocked my first mile on Saturday at 4 minutes, sooooo that tipped me off that something was amiss — so my pace was definitely nahhhhht 7:04. i’m just going for the distance these days, and happy with whatever pace i should acquire.

photo 2
it was back to its regular self on Sunday, however, so i was happy to be able to trust him again.
photo 1

i’m really loving getting out for runs both days on the weekends, and so thankful December has been so moderate thus far.

*partayyyy. my old roommate/good friend and her husband (he would be the catalyst for our status as non-roommates) threw a themed holiday party on Saturday night. welcome to the Hillbilly Holiday extravaganza, where Coors Light cans make lovely wreaths and no redneck gets left behind.

photo 2
photo 1
i went undocumented — the best i could do was denim on denim and a trucker hat. right, so i wore what i wear 90% of the time i’m not in gym clothes or work clothes. but see those beer bottle curls? yep, i’m to thank for that styling job. 🙂

Saturday night was also my introduction to this complete mess of a hilarious disastrous crime against all things socially appropriate.

hustlei know, i know — i’m so late to this game! i can’t believe i haven’t played it before and can’t wait to play it again. it definitely leaves no offense unturned, which is hilarious to me, as i don’t get offended easily and grew up with a father who loves All in the Family. we have healthy senses of humor in the Huss house. 🙂 but i was def shocked at some of my cards — including one i absolutely could NOT put down the entire game! — and thrilled at others — including the one showcased above, which happens to be my fave nickname from some of my fab friends. i love board games anyway, but this + drinks = all kinds of insane silliness. yes please!

*movie. i watched The Giver yesterday at my wonderful friends’ apartment (the lovely married couple who gave me the above nickname and let me live with them when i first moved to NYC, to get myself settled). it’s based on the YA book by Lowis Lowry, and i have no idea how this wasn’t turned into a movie long ago. you should read the book before you watch it, if you have any intention of watching it. the storyline is cool — although everything is a post-apocalyptic world these days, isn’t it?! — and it had some cool effects and good acting, but i felt like it was missing something. it needed a little more “umphf” to really help it take off, and Katie Holmes’ horrific performance certainly brought it down a few hundred notches (but was thankfully offset by all things Meryl Streep). it wasn’t spectacular by any means, but it was decent and feel-goody and i thought the main character was very likeable and relatable, so i was invested in his fate. it also made me want to take up piano again.


*dance. if i could have a life do-over — not that i want one, just saying — i’d make my little self start dancing from the day i could walk, and never stop. like, 24/7, every and any style of dance, til i found the one at which i excel. i absolutely love all things dance. thankfully, i have great friends who invite me to take advantage of their dance-related job perks, which landed me at the 7:30pm showing of the unbelievable Alvin Ailey dance troupe last night. !!!!!

this was the second time i’ve seen them in the past 2 years, and it’s absolutely one of the most incredible, beautiful things i’ve ever seen. they’re a world-renown American dance theater group celebrating African-American culture and history, with a style of modern dance that blends so many other dances into it so fluidly. it’s astounding, and was the most amazing way to end my weekend. thanks, Beth!

& i’ll just leave you with this, because i think it’s lovely, and i feel it so. and i hope that you do, too.


Highlights from your weekend?
Are you into dance? Fave type to watch live?
Seen any good movies lately?

i like these things {picture post #1}



make time for the things you love most to do.


travel. (mostly by train for me lately, skimming along beside the Hudson River on my way upstate, to people and places and things i hold most dear…but soon, by plane.)


eat lots of veggies (and pretend you can cook!).




discover who you are — and do it on purpose. dare to dream, and chase it. because any new day could be the next best day of your ever-unfolding life…