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Thursdays mean one thing around these parts: a “tell me all your random thoughts” post to linkup with Amanda @ Running With Spoons! I’ve really come to enjoy these bouts of random goodness. In a life full of structure, sometimes ya just need to spill, amiright?


1. Storydangles. I was recently introduced (virtually) to Sharon, the founder and mastermind behind the site Story Dangles, through a mutual friend who felt that the two of us had so much in common and were united by our love for communities built of stories that we just had to connect. With a tag line like “Read stories. Share stories. Buy jewelry. Support literacy.”, what’s not to like?!

Her goal is to create a space where stories can be shared, and she sells “dangles” (earrings) and donates $2 from each purchase to support a literacy organization in Canada. I love when women are driven to turn their passions into ways to help others and was stoked when Sharon asked to feature one of my pieces on her site (and it seemed quite appropriate, as it revolves around the theme of jewelry!): Why I Still Wear His Jewelry After the Love Ran Out. I’m excited to see this site grow and evolve.

2. I posted this on my therapy office’s IG yesterday (@renewcounselingnyc) and like it so much that I have to share it with you guys, too.


I came across this Emerson quote yesterday for the first time and it really resonates with me, the concept of perspective and how we view our circumstances. We have the choice to either focus on the negatives and allow them to become bullies that beat us down and define us by our struggles, or to keep our eyes fixed on our passions and live in constant pursuit of that which sets our soul on fire.

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to think I’m in the latter category of dream-chasers. It can be so easy to let L.I.F.E get to us, but remembering how beautiful it is and how uniquely US we are and how much we have to offer this world and putting one foot in front of the other toward our dreams & goals & best versions of ourselves on a daily basis is all any one of us can hope to do. I fully believe we were created to live passionate lives.

3. I’m on a runlove streak! ❤ Between my legs feeling great and the nicer weather (FINALLY), running has been my best buddy this week. I made it outside this morning for an early 4 miles, and had two decent back-to-back  5-milers the past two days after work. It’s supposed to be nice this weekend, so I’m anticipating a great longer run on Saturday. I absolutely run better in the morning — my stomach struggles with post-work runs and operates a gazillion times better when empty.

4. Since coming back from Maui, I’m seeing pineapples everywhere. Like walking around the Meatpacking district on a Saturday morning in March.


I’ve totally been suffering from the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, or more commonly termed the “frequency illusion.” Every clothing site I visit has pineapple bathing suits or sweaters or socks and I suddenly can’t remember why I don’t live somewhere tropical.

Later the same day of the above photo, we were jaunting around SoHo and passed the Spanish tapas restaurant Boqueria, to which I’d never been — and their sign out front begged “Try our Pineapple Sangria!”

Welp, that seemed like an order if I ever heard one.


To be honest, however, I didn’t really like it. I like sangria, so long as it’s not that sweet, and I was hopeful for this one…but this just tasted weiiiird. I’m blaming it on the mezcal, which I can’t stand, because I like all the other ingredients. NY_Wine_Page_1.jpgI was more into the idea I had to have this than the actual act of having it, since it fit our pineapple frequency illusion. I DO like that Boqueria changes their sangria seasonally, though, so I’d definitely go back and try another one this summer. I’m pulling for peach!

5. I really need a new book (or 10) to read. Any suggestions? The boy and I are going to start this one together soon, which I’m looking forward to — there’s something about reading a thought-and-conversation-provoking book with someone that really makes me happy:


It’s currently on the NY Times Best Seller list and I can definitely use a book that challenges me to think about how I’d live my life if I knew I only had 30 days left to live, so I’m stoked for this. But I’m always looking for other good options so please send my way!

6. I had a dream last night that my brother bought an apartment in San Francisco completely out of the blue — didn’t have a job there or anything — and announced he was moving there, and I got SO obnoxiously envious. Like, I was seething in such a palpable envy that I woke up perturbed about how upset I was and it took me a moment to realize that my brother was not, in fact, moving to SF and living out my California dreams. I’m not sure what bothers me more: the fact that in my dream, I was more jealous about him living in California than upset about him moving across the country; or the fact that I will probably never be able to shake my desire to live in California at some point and just need to give in and move my life to the Pacific Ocean. The struggle is real.

Oh, and I believe there’s an Emerson quote for that, too. 🙂M_26A094_original.jpg

Join in the fun and tell me something random from your week!


i like these things {picture post #2}

* needles and ink. pooooosssiblyyy soon, maybe together, a little modified. no, i’m not jumping on the anchor bandwagon. yes, it has personal meaning for me — a few meanings, related to both my family and my faith.

*wish this was me. those pants. the shoes. that setting. nice motivation for working on balance. or going to Colorado. or buying hightops or working on my flexibility or stalking down those pants immediately.

*perspective. funny, how such a little goes such a long way. when i was stressed as a teenager, my mom used to try to help me with this by saying, “well, at least you’re passing life.” my best friend and i used to jokingly say this to each other all the time (especially when we questioned whether “flying colors” were necessary for this “life passing” thing). but it’s so, so true. in the grand scheme of things, well…usually, this too shall pass. and from it, we will grow.

ralph waldo emerson

so this is how i’m hoping i feel about my 13.1 next weekend:

i Hundo P believe this and have felt it ring so true in my own life, especially during my training all last summer and fall. i’d be delighted to keep this mentality throughout the coming week and into next Sunday’s race. my life is wonderful. i love running. when i’m running, my life is wonderful. and ps, you still have four miles to go.

*belief. because if someone loved us enough to die for us and He believes we’re worth that much, well…we really should work on believing we are, too.


*take a chance. so much of life is about risks, and chances, and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in hopes for something glittering and wonderful to happen. i don’t know about you, but i’m all about the beauty of taking a chance.  follow that dream, even if it seems impossible. tell someone how you feel, even if it scares you. take the leap, even if the landing is uncertain and the fall might not be soft.

because you never know what day could be the best day of your life.




WILW {2/5/14}

i’ll tell you what i DON’T love on this Wednesday: waking up to a slushy, messy, sleety, rainy gray day with mini lakes hugging all sidewalk corners and hearing from my friends and family upstate about the beautiful, powdery snow they’re getting.

like, why can’t this just be my life all Winter, frolicking and sliding in a pristine flufferland? i’d like to just slap this on my door and call it a season:

goneboardingsigh. a girl can dream.

but i DO love:

*feeding the wanderlust. i’m headed to Boca Raton, FL bright and early tomorrow morning with girlfriends to stay at a fabulous hotel through Sunday night. totally stoked for a few days of beach, sun, warmth, flip flops,  celebrating one of the bff’s bdays, and outdoor workouts. yessss. maybe even find a place to salsa dance while i’m down there??

photo: Shadetree photography

photo: Shadetree photography


*inspiration. amazing article about switching up your life to focus on what counts.
my little inner hippie heart leaps at stories where people my age suddenly realize what’s important in their lives and drop everything to pursue it at all costs. i struggle every single day with living in the tension between “that which i must do” and who i am innately, organically, at the very core of my being. the two are in constant conflict (especially lately), and articles like this just send my mind soaring. i’m not saying this is for everyone — i’m saying, when you aren’t living in your “sweet spot” where your life reflects your individual passions and dreams and you find yourself trying to fit into a lifestyle that just isn’t quite you, the sense of being unfulfilled and chasing the wind is quite wearisome.

but don’t worry, friends: if i sell all my possessions and move to the country to write and snowboard my days away, i’ll still blog about it. 🙂

*prayer. i’ve found myself thinking about prayer quite a bit the last few days, and how little i do of it — effectively, at least — and how much more i’d like to do of it. that which we pray about, we focus on, and we deem important in our lives. my prayers generally revolve around certain things or people or aspects of my life, and when i take a step back and look at that, i realize that those people and areas are usually where i’m most content or engaged or see the most discipline and change. so if i started praying more about that which i would like to act upon, or like to see changed, or what frustrates me the most, well, that certainly can’t hurt — and probably will do a great deal of help, especially in changing my mentality and perspective on situations. so the point is, i need to pray more, and not just reduce my prayer life to little wisps of fragments i manage to get out before falling asleep at night (in those 10 seconds i have between when my head hits the pillow and i’m completely done for). i’ve found that i’m pretty good at “thank you” prayers, which at least means i know how much i have for which to be grateful, but i don’t spend enough concerted time really delving into prayers about my future direction, or utilizing my passions, or the actions i would like my dreams to take.

and that, my friends, should be my 2014 resolution. because i don’t have these dreams and hopes and desires and stirrings for nothing…and they’re not just mine.