Greenwich Project (review)

two restaurant reviews in one week? i don’t know what has gotten into me, but i think i like it. maybe this means i need to keep up the going-out-and-taking-pictures-of-my-going-out thing, i don’t know. i don’t wanna get ahead of myself with the goal-setting here. it’s only the first week of the new year, let’s be real. 🙂

so, i finally got back into the “doing brunch” thing last Saturday, which is always one of my absolute favorite things to do in NYC. my friend suggested a new-to-both-of-us place in Greenwich Village, aptly named Greenwich Project.

this place was awesoooommmme. i loved everything about it and have been telling everyone i know to go check it out, and i’m already waiting for someone to suggest brunch this weekend so i can go back. it’s that good.

for starters, it’s absolutely adorable and charming and quaint and just perfect (i’m such a gusher when i like something, i know), with funky artwork all over the brick-and-whitewashed-brick walls and a very airy, elemental environment. it’s a place you walk into and immediately feel like you were hoping it’d be exactly the way it is, and you want to stay. for as long as possible. and bring all your friends.

there was a really cool private room upstairs as well, which would be perfect for private parties or birthday dinners or bridal showers or even really small weddings.

heck, the whole place would be ideal for a small wedding. and now that i think of it, i might have to get married here. i’m sure it’s in my budget.

but you know what definitely was in my budget? the amazing brunch special this place offers: $25 for an entree, a house cocktail (from a very impressive list), mini scones or muffins, and coffee or tea.

considering a brunch entree and one of their amazing cocktails would already set you over $25, this was a no-brainer. this is basically unbeatable in NYC (especially for a place this trendy and delicious), and catapults this spot even higher up on my list of fave new places.

being the utterly-predictable eater/drinker that i am, i ordered the East Side cocktail: fresh cucumber (there it is, my go-to) & lime, vodka, mint. green heaven in a glass.

cukemmmmhmmmm. dangerously good.

my friend’s drink was good, too: the 3 Step, which had beer & campari & bourbon and some celery flavoring. i don’t know how they came up with that, but it was interesting and pretty darn tasty. (but not as good as mine. nothing rivals a cucumber vodka cocktail, IMO.)

i didn’t take any pictures of our main meals (chicken paillard salad for me, truffle egg salad w/ toast points for him), but everything was delicious. we had the mini muffins, which were chocolate chip and mixed berry, and even their coffee was fab. kudos, GP. you rocked it all.

and you can bet lots of “‘Mericas” were flying around once we took in the patriotic-wrapped gun artwork directly above my head:

my friend thought they were cows, but i’m convinced they’re guns. either way, nothing like a good dose of ‘Merica paraphernalia to keep your brunch hearty & wholesome.

so yeah. i mean, i really can’t think of a single negative thing to say about this place, and i sort of want to call them and let them know they need to hire me as their new event coordinator/PR & marketing girl/walking billboard/cocktail-appreciator/biggest fan.

that job description sounds just fine to me.

What do you look for in a good brunch spot?

Fave brunch drink?

Friday Five {places}

instead of five random things i am loving this Friday, i’m going to make this week the Friday Five in places — five spots i’ve been to around NYC in the past week.

1. Om Factory. in case you missed my first NYC yoga experience, you can read more about it here. i started off the week on a high note by attending a Foundations yoga class with one of my besties at Om Factory’s midtown location. even after just one experience there, i would recommend this studio: the staff was friendly, the space was really cool and clean and inviting, and they offer a wide variety of classes. i plan to go again this coming Monday…and once i start getting a little more comfortable with this whole yoga business, i def would like to try acro and aerial yoga classes.

Om-Factorylooks pretty darn awesome.

2. Biergarten at the Standard. located at the bottom of the see-and-be-seen Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking district, this trendy biergarten is a fun, loud, laid-back after-work spot that attracts a super diverse crowd: you’ll share a picnic table with suits guys and groups of girls in flip flops and tanks and people coming right from the gym or yoga all at the same time. it’s always a fun spot (especially if you get there early enough to grab a table), almost always crowded, and makes for some great people watching. they practice segregation, too: there are two bars, one solely serving beer and another for the non-beer drinkers,  serving just wine and hard alcohol.


it’s a fun place to go with groups, which is what we did last night for one of my close friend’s “leaving our workplace” drinks (so sad!). you can play ping pong, or try to name all the flags of the world, or try to convince the bouncer you’re not Zooey Deschanel. the possibilities are endless.

brgtrnhave i mentioned how wonderful and lovely my girlfriends are? yeah, i think i have.

3. Ambrose Hall and Beer Garden at the South Street Seaport. one of my fave things about NYC is that you can walk down a street you’ve been down countless times before, and suddenly you discover something entirely new. (and a line from a Beauty and the Beast song just immediately popped into my head: “there may be something there that wasn’t there before”…brrrppp Disney fan). walking around the South Street Seaport downtown yesterday, which is such a charming, quaint part of Manhattan, we stumbled upon a brand-new outdoor bar over looking an open square of picnic tables where they were setting up for a concert.

not much of a beer girl at all, but every now and then in the middle of sunshine, it seems right

not much of a beer girl at all, but every now and then in the middle of sunshine, it seems right

directly across the street is Ambrose Hall, the affiliated restaurant. it’s a fun addition to the Seaport, and i see many after-works potentially happening her. this is one perk of working downtown — i love being near the Seaport and definitely need to take advantage of it more often.

4. Amélie
a girlfriend and i got all European last Friday after work and hit both a French and an Italian wine bar on the same evening. this was my first time at Amélie, a modern French wine bar & bistro in Greenwich Village. it proved to be a bright, lively little spot with a nice wine assortment, good happy hour prices, and a staff who all speak French. can’t hate any of that.

it strikes me as more of a hang-out-with-the-girls-after-work place than a good date spot, as it’s not the coziest or quaintest of places, but it’s got a fun little charm of its own and the bartenders were really friendly. i think my favorite part was that little wooden sliding ladder behind the bar and all the wines displayed.

photo from

photo from

5. Virgola. i definitely have saved the best for last, purposefully. this little gem of a “blink-and-y0u’ll-definitely-miss it” wine and oyster bar was one of the best surprises i’ve stumbled upon in my city as of late — or possibly, as of ever. after leaving Amelie and putting our names in for dinner at Rosemary’s next door, we decided to walk down the street — and my friend saw a cast iron gate that reminded us of Paris, so we had to stop and see what that was all about.

phototurned out to be suchhhhh the right decision. this place was unlike any restaurant i’ve ever experienced, and we quickly knew we would be foregoing Rosemary’s that night.

first of all, it wasn’t an actual “restaurant space” — it was a former 6-foot wide alleyway, which owner Joseph Marazzo bought and creatively turned into an intimate little restaurant with only a few tables and a wonderfully dark, cozy appeal. the painted black walls, the assortment of locks, the attentiveness of the waiters, and the quality of the wine and seafood all combine to make Virgola a truly darling and unique experience.we couldn’t stop proclaiming how happy we were to have found this spot! it was the perfect little place for a girls’ date on a Friday night.

meaning “comma,” or a “pause,” Virgola certainly offers a welcome place of rest in the middle of a hectic city. i definitely need resting spots like this more often in my life.

and now, after a very fun but extremely busy week of traipsing around the city every night, i’m more than ready for a relaxing weekend upstate at the lake. hope you’ve all had a great week!

Preference: beer garden/noisy fun hall or a little wine bar? wine bar for me, unless with a big rowdy group!
Favorite type of wine? i love me a good dry rosé champage.


WILW {1/8/2014}

hellllllooo from Antarctica!!

i may or may not get in trouble for posting this, but i just can’t help myself…

like daughter, like father.

like daughter, like father.

and for the record, that’s my hat. he just poses.

so maybe NYC isn’t quite Arctic status yet, but man, it’s frigid here! however, despite the fact that it was all of 5 degrees here when i awoke this am, my day is off to a fabulous start. let’s do a little “this is what i’m loving lately,” shall we? because i’m loving a whole lot.

*thoughtful friends. i probably could write a whole blog devoted to how amazing my friends are. this is certainly a favorite topic of mine. having friends who make me feel so loved and appreciated by their thoughtfulness just beats all. this week, i’ve had three very similar surprises from three different friends who all know me so well. let me explain: i have a thing with anchors, for several reasons, and they’ve become my “symbol,” so to speak. and my friends certainly pay attention.

on Monday, i received these adorable Kate Spade earrings in the mail from my sweet friend Hanne:

photolove these, and have been wearing them ever since. {thank you, love!}

then, i received a text from my friend Lauren on Monday morning with this picture below, saying she saw this on the sidewalk in NYC this past weekend and had to snap it for me:

photoso sweet!

and to top it all off, one of my bestest friends Alex surprised me with this incredible homemade Christmas gift last night, which absolutely blew me away:

it’s a shadow box of sorts and revolves around one of my favorite Bible verses, and it’s absolutely perfect. {she’s considering selling these type of pieces in the near future, so i’ll be sure to keep you posted if you’re interested!}

needless to say, i’m feeling very loved this week by some incredible girlfriends. love you ladies.

*the new digs. i came into work today to find that i’ve been moved into an office (i’d previously been in an open floor setting with no windows). now i’m in an office by myself, with a view of the World Trade Center buildings and the river in the background. not sure quite how this happened, but i’ll take it.


don’t be fooled. it looks wayyyyy more serious than it is.

*Nature Box. i’ve dabbled with these boxes of healthy treats in the past and always been impressed with what i’ve received, but never committed to more than a 3-month subscription. however, my best friend gave me a subscription for Christmas, which i can’t wait to start receiving! if you’re not familiar with Nature Box, definitely check out their website. for $20 a month, you receive a box of healthy, yummy, smart-snacking foods, which you can customize on their site and choose your treats (love this option!). it’s a perfect gift for one of your health-conscious friends as well! i’m a big fan of these “random boxes of goodness” companies that have been springing up in the past few years, and this one also has a charity component. nicely done, NB.


*making nice with treadmills again.
so we’ve established that they aren’t my fave things in the world, but considering the cold and dark mornings lately, i’ve made peace with the fact that if i want to run comfortably, i’ve got to play nice with them. sooo, back into the gym it is.

Photoso far the workouts this week have consisted of:

  • Monday: boot camp (totally needed and appreciated)
  • Tuesday: four mile run on a treadmill and 20 mins of abs
  • Wednesday: 6.5 mile run on a treadmill

tomorrow will be another boot camp, and Friday back to a run. i’m gearing up for the NYC Half in March and hopefully won’t have to train for the whole thing indoors.

*La Villette. it’s been a bit since i’ve posted about any new places i’ve gone to, so i figured i should get back on that wagon. i had dinner at La Villette (formerly 10 Downing) in the Village on Monday night, and it was quite charming. very French brasserie-style with the tiled walls, red seats and and dark wood, and both food and service were very good. worth tucking into on a chilly night if you’re looking for a cozy little atmosphere.

hope you’re finding some things to love about your week already!


Any favorite pieces of winter clothing you like to sport on the chilliest days?

Do you have a “thing” that you love (aka, me with anchors)? What’s the story?