Weekend Recap {Hello, November}

how was everyone’s Halloween weekend? mine was busy & fun & full of lovely people, so i can’t ask for a whole lot more than that. except, ya know, maybe a 7 day weekend. that’d be nice right about now. although i am loving the fact that it’s supposed to be 60-70 degrees every day this week here…not bad at allll for November in NY!

as much fun as Halloween is for me, it’s overshadowed by something much more important, as November 1st happens to be my favorite person’s birthday — my brother. we make big deals out of birthdays in my family and i was so happy to be able to celebrate him all weekend.

yesterday we birthday-brunched at New World Bistro (one of our favorite restaurants in Albany, NY), and that right there is a mason jar cheesecake. because everything looks/tastes better in mason jars, amiright?

so, Halloween! i love dressing up, and seeing everyone else all decked out. time for the big costume unveiling (unless you follow me on IG @glitterstruck, then you already know!): the boy and i were a deer & hunter combo.

IMG_8512& that, my friends, is by far the creepiest face i’ve ever made in my life.

deeroh, deer. 😉

Ry’s bday/Halloween party was an absolute blast, full of fun people, great costumes, soooo much yummy food, salsa dancing, ping pong, Cards Against Humanity, and lots of laughs.

IMG_8506we like headbands in our family, on holidays & every day.

girlsthe ladies.

in other wonderful family news, i discovered that my dog wants to carry on the family legacy and take up running. she was pretty subtle about it.

mokai left my sneakers by the door after my Saturday morning long run and she neatly nestled herself between them and camped out for a bit. i think she was feeling guilty about the time last summer when i tried to make her walk a half a mile in the heat and she made me carry her home (aka laid down on the side of the road and refused to budge). yellow is clearly her color, too.

i feel like i could use another weekend to do nothing but sleep, but i know i really can’t complain after such a great couple of days at home. hope you all had wonderful weekends!

Did you dress up? If so, what were you?
Best costume you saw this year?
Something you’re looking forward to in November?


Thinking Out Loud

i’m really liking these Thursday link-up posts lately (hosted by Amanda at Running With Spoons) — feels good to have a weekly post dedicated to just rambling about whatsoever my little heart desires. 🙂

Thinking-Out-LoudONE: yes, i’m still marathon-high — duh. i’m not sure if that should even be in question. i’m planning to ride this feeling of elation for as long as possible, thankyouverymuch! everyone at work has been asking about it, and all my friends are so encouraging and eager to hear how it went and i feel like i could just talk about it forever. but don’t worry, guys — i won’t. i swear. 🙂 just let me have it for a leeeeettle longer, mmmkay? because my world just feels all sorts of wonderful this week.

my recovery has been amazingggg. i’ve gone for two long walks since the race on Sunday (5 hilly miles Monday, 4 miles on Tuesday), did an hour + of kettlebells, upper body strength & abs yesterday morning, and woke up this morning ready to run — so i did! aside from the obligatory residual soreness, i have no actual pain or anything concerning, so i set out at 6am and ran 4.6 miles and felt so good and so happy and so grateful for it all, for this wonderful life that is so very mine.

THREE: i just read Paper Towns by John Green over the weekend and reallllly enjoyed it. this coming-of-age tale is sweet & heartfelt & reflective & raw & emotional & really makes you think about what it means to be young & vulnerable & so very present in your own life, on the verge of self-discovery, at such a tender time. this book has some heart-wrenchingly beautiful lines in it, and i was really impressed with his writing. it made me feel so much, and to me, that’s the best thing a book can do.

FOUR: i’ve juuuust begun reading a new book, gifted to me from one of my bff’s darling boyfriends, who stumbled upon it and thought i’d enjoy it. (thank youuuu, Josh! oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)

anyone read this?

lil blurb from Amazon: In Why We Run, biologist, award-winning nature writer, and ultramarathoner Bernd Heinrich explores a new perspective on human evolution by examining the phenomenon of ultraendurance and makes surprising discoveries about the physical, spiritual — and primal — drive to win. At once lyrical and scientific, Why We Run shows Heinrich’s signature blend of biology, anthropology, psychology, and philosophy, infused with his passion to discover how and why we can achieve superhuman abilities.

sounds pretty dope to me! stoked to delve into it.

FIVE: so, i think imma run a half marathon next weekend. because why not?? i’m more than trained, i’m feeling great, and it looks like suuuuuch a rad race. i mean, even the name is fun: The Hairy Gorilla Half Marathon. like, stop. i so need to run this.

the race is held in the gorgeous Thatcher Park just outside of Albany, NY, in the small town where my bff lives, actually. it’s a trail race — the photos on the site make it look so lovely and appealing — and apparently a lot of people dress up in costumes and really get into the Halloween spirit. i think it sounds like a total blast, and i was planning to be upstate next weekend anyway (because two weeks without my new boy is two weeks too long…omg what is happening to me?!), so it seems like a no brainer. i know i have a Wonder Woman costume somewhere i can dig up….jk. i’ll prob paint on whiskers and find ears and call it a day.

SIX: who’s dressing up for Halloween?? okay so my tooth & tooth fairy costume doesn’t seem to be happening this year (i’m determined it will happen one day!), but we have another idea that could turn out really sweet if i actually get my butt in gear and start working on it.  i just wanna wear cool make-up at this point, not gonna lie.

Tell me something random from your life lately!
Anyone doing any costume races this season? Have you ever?
What’re you being for Halloween?

Friday Five: Halloween Edition

happy Halloween, weeners! i’m of the school that you’re never too old to play dress up, and i think Halloween is oodles of fun. since it falls on a Friday this year, of courseeeee my Friday Five post must be dedicated to all things Halloweenish.

let’s keep this short and sweet, hmmm?

1. my fave costume. i’ve been a lot of things (read: i always dress up), buuuuut the time i thought i was invincible will always be my fave.


i have seriously had to restrain myself from considered wearing this basically every day year since then. it just feels so right. don’t judge me.

2. what i’ll probably be doing tonight. since i dressed up 2 wknds ago and had my premature Halloween, this sounds about right for tonight…

3. The Great Jack O’Lantern Blazei probably won’t make it to this this year, unfortunately, but i think it looks amazing and really want to get myself here one year. it’s a walk-through jack-o-lantern extravaganza, where you’re dazzled by over 5,000 hand-carved illuminated pumpkins. i think i’d feel like i was in a magical fantasy world and love every single second of it.


4. fave Halloween candy? as a kid, my fave were always these tried-and-trues:

1110p42-snickers-funsize-mand hey, btw, whatever happened to these guys? they were a runner-up for me, and i feel like they’ve disappeared?

5. Violet from The Incredibles. the costume i need to be at some point, because i keep coming back to it every year.

and yes, this is the teenager daughter, not the mom. i’m so not a mom type. 🙂


so, trick or treat, friends! have a fabulous Halloween.

OH, and don’t forget — today is the final day to enter my Old Factory Candle Giveaway, as i’m choosing a winner tomorrow (in honor of my bro’s 30th bday, someone else is also getting a gift!).

lemme know how you feel about any/all of these:

Halloween: yay or nay? you dig, or so not into this holiday?

Fave costume you’ve ever worn?

A costume you really want to be?

Fave Halloween candy?

Marvelous in my Monday

happy Mondayyyyyy! ummm, sure, why not? i’m actually feeling super chipper and upbeat and just overall good about life today, and for a Monday morning (that starts with a 5:45am alarm), that’s pretty darn fantastic for me. so much so that i’ve decided to jump on the “Marvelous in my Monday” post theme hosted by Katie (and so nicely promoted by Suzy, which is where i got the inspiration from to add this to my blog).

MiMMso, what’s marvelous in my Monday?

welp, pretty much everything about this past weekend still has me on a high today.

Friday night meant marvelous time with the fam, followed by a final craft sesh for my Halloween costume:

i’ve been looking forward to Saturday for a while now, and it ended up being an amazingggggly marvelous day, every single minute of it. you know those days for which you have high expectations, and then they go ahead and surpass them all? yeahhhh, that happened.

it started with me waking up just in time to catch the most incredible sunrise over the lake (and yes, these pix are unfiltered, b/c it was so perfect and needed no assistance):

photo 1
photo 2i took this as a God-given sign that my day was going to be just perfect. i mean, what are the odds of waking up this early (entirely unassisted) and catching a faint glow through your living room windows, just enough to tease you outside and take your breath away with the sky that was breaking in front of you? i almost couldn’t believe i caught this, and i’m so glad it happened.

i then set out for what ended up being my best outdoor (and very hilly) run in a while, in that my legs felt good and i was test driving new sneaks for the very first time:

after a steady love affair with New Balance for the past couple of years, i decided to flit back to Saucony and see if they were worthy of taking back. verdict: absolutely in love with the Saucony Kinvara 4s. they are soooo light, fit perfectly, and have a 4mm drop (as opposed to my 12mm Newbies), which really seemed to make a big difference for me. sorry, Newbs — we had a great run, but your time is done for now.

i’d say my Saturday morning run in these sneaks was somewhat of a turning point in my return to running normally, as my legs were only a tad sore and i was so happy to be outdoors & feeling good again that i powered through the rain and caught myself “dancing” along to 1975 (new obsession). ever danced while running? it’s sort of ridiculous, yes, but it makes me really happy. the run felt marvelous and i’m thrilled to be back on these hilly country roads.

the run was followed by a perfect brunch of yogurt, berries, granola & mimosas with my mom and the boy, prior to making his part of the costume for our party that night. no photos of our craft session, unfortunately, but it was a blast. please just let me sit around and create stuff for the rest of my life? that might be my idea of Heaven. with wine. and running. and coffee. and lots of naps.

my Saturday afternoon was also fab, as my parents, my bff and i all went to Brown’s Brewery in Troy, NY for their Oktoberfest festivities… solely because boy was playing bass with a band at the event. the absolute best pumpkin beer, good music and a cool venue, with my absolute fave people? yes, yes, and yes.

photolil Henry made his first appearance at a concert/bar, too! obviously had to be documented, for all baby books and future “you have a baby… in a bar” references to be made. so glad i was there to celebrate his first time!

photohe slept like the all-day sleeper he is throughout the entire show. and can we please take a moment to recognize how beautiful and amazing my bff looks exactly one month after having a baby?! she’s so cute, i’m so glad she’s mine. 🙂

after his show, we jetted off to get ready for the Halloween party, which meant our DIY endeavors were finally on full display…even though my ability to capture them in photos was sort of a fail. here’s what i got:

the obligatory “look cute” pic (can’t lie, i’m sort of obsessed with this picture):

photo 1
and another candid random where we were having some sort of moment or other, just so you can see more of our costume (aka my proud painting project):
so, there you have the big reveal: we were a fireman & dalmatian. i can’t even tell you how excited i was for this costume, and despite the fact that i ditched the dog ears pretty quickly into the night, i think we nailed it and both really had a lot of fun with it — right down to our Chuck Taylors and white tank tops. 🙂 i love dressing up and i wish i had another party to attend this year — and by that, i mean i want to make another costume. or, like, start a line of costume making from my living room. to be paired with wine. am i onto something here?!
so, that was my wonderful weekend, which makes today quite a marvelous Monday indeed. i also had a good 4-miler on the treadmill this am (followed by some planks), and the legs are still feeling great, thank God.

hope you all had lovely weekends!

Do you dress up for Halloween? Any good costume ideas for this year?

Tell me something great from your weekend!

Runners: Are you brand loyal to your sneakers? What’re your faves?


Never too old to celebrate.

Welp that pretty much sums up my philosophy on holidays. Or on life, really. When in doubt, have a party. I think I learned that from my mom…


…or maybe F. Scott Fitzgerald. Either way, I like it.

Hence, I’ve always been a big fan of dressing up for Halloween —  whether it was as a Care Bear in the kindergarten parking lot parade (please tell me other people’s schools did this??), or as Double Dare or a Harlem Globetrotter or a Shark Attack victim in college and post-college. I like to think I’ve had some pretty sweet costumes in the past, and I’m hoping tonight’s get-up doesn’t disappoint. (Pics to come tomorrow, IF it comes together!) I’ve personally always had more fun dressing up with a friend or a group — it’s easier to think of fun costumes, and it never hurts to have that buffer of someone else looking equally ridiculous alongside you.


So my take on Halloween is: if you want to dress up, and you have somewhere fun to go, DO IT! You’re never too old to don some funny/cute/creative costumes and be as silly and “youthful” as your little heart desires.

As in: if you wanna be a pretty girl with animal ears, well — nobody should be allowed to hate on that. Just try to make sure they know what you are.

Is it wrong that Mean Girls is absolutely my favorite Halloween movie ever? I guess you could probably omit the word “Halloween” from that sentence and it’d still hold. But seriously — they nailed the cultural context of this holiday. Like whoa.

I found a sweet and low-cal, low-fat dessert to try out for the party I’m hitting: Pumpkin Fluff Dip!


Here’s to hoping this is a success as well.

So have fun tonight, and be safe, and try to balance out the tricks with the treats!

Anyone doing anything fun tonight?
Favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? Or something you’re hoping to be next year?

What I Love Wednesday (10/30)

1. Something I love from today: A not-yet-too-chilly river run early in the morning before the sun came up…and realizing I don’t mind running in the dark as much as I’d anticipated. No kidnapping, no scary guys, no bears. Just me, a few other brave dark runners, and the gift of being able to watch a dark sky transform into a new day in the time it took me you to run off my sleepiness and begin anew with the dawn.


We often forget that just awaking to another morning is a gift. And being able to run, or walk, or bike, or do yoga, or use our healthy bodies in ways to make us healthier…well, those are blessings indeed.


2. Something that absolutely amazes me and of which I’m totally envious:


Love the quote for sure, but toooootally envious of the craziness that this yoga chick can do. It’s amazing how so many of us stick with what we initially love and are good at (running, strength training), and don’t even try things that make us a bit nervous because we’re afraid we’ll totally suck (ah-hem, yoga). But at one point, we weren’t amazing at running or strength training either — we began at the bottom, and what made all the difference is that we stuck with it. And then we began kicking ass.

So basically what I’m saying is, I’m sure that if I start yoga, I’ll be able to do this in no time. Right. No sweat. But at least I can match my mat to my pants like she does, sooooo…we’re pretty much equals.

3. Something I’m looking forward to this week: Halloween party tomorrow night at my friends’ apartment! I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a big fan of dressing up, and I think I’ve had some pretty decent costumes in the past. The only problem is that I always wait til the last minute to determine my plans/costume, so I’ll be scrambling tonight and tomorrow to figure out what to wear. I’m dancing around a few ideas right now, so we shall see. I love me some dress-up holidays!

Apparently so does ProCompression, as they have a limited-edition Halloween compression sock available right now. Entirely appropo and I love to see fitness companies having some fun with their products! Just not sure how often I’d wear these babies the rest of the year…like, every day that isn’t in October. Still, they’re cute and festive and fun and the spider isn’t even a scary one, so that’s a plus.



4. A food I’m liking this week: Quest bar’s Double Chocolate Chunk flavor (all-natural line). I feel like this flavor must be new, but if not, then it’s just new to me. It’s a good one. Not Cinnamon Roll good, but good. It has chunks of bittersweet chocolate in it, which is a nice addition to the chewy texture of these lil guys. And as always, can’t beat the protein (20 grams per 160 cals!).

And finally…

5. Some inspiration. And words to live by. And a “To Do” list for the rest of the week. And every day. For the rest of our lives.


Questions, friends! Tell me tell me:

What’s good in your life this week??
Halloween, yay or nay? Costumes?