What I Love Wednesday

1. Waking up early on a flawless September morning and finally having a great run again, after a weekend of hilly humid hell. Nothing like a clear sky stretching across the Hudson (and an uber flat path) to make a girl fall in love with the world in running sneakers all over again. Not to mention that I kinda felt like a rock star sporting my new fun running pants. I swear, they added a pep in my step just knowing I was the envy of every little pigtailed girl being pushed on a scooter by her father along the river path.


2. Walking into work this morning and finding these sitting on my desk like it was Easter and some wonderful mythical creature left me a great gift.


Really it was my awesome co-worker who sits across from me and also happens to be this amazing Iron Man triathlete marathon super human wonder boy who doubles as the nicest man ever. I am pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I am soooo blessed to work with a slew of incredible people. I really love my co-workers. And not just the ones who bring me runner’s goodies. (The ones who buy my drinks are equally great.)

I haven’t used Shot Blocks before but am looking forward to trying these as a welcome alternative to the gel, which really doesn’t suit my fancy very well. I love my chewable multi-vitamins so I’m thinking these will be right up my alley.

3. Iron Man/Robert Downey Jr. I can’t really separate the two — RDJ IS Iron Man and visa versa, world without end, Amen. Even when he’s Sherlock Holmes, he’s just Iron Man playing a part. And when he used to be all notorious for the drug and hookers things (no judgment, nobody’s perfect), that was just the craziness he had to get out before Iron Man could rally in all his wonderfulness.


It makes perfect sense to me that RDJ is clinically bipolar — he has to be two people in one! You try that on for size and tell me how sane you’d be. I just saw Iron Man 3 this weekend and it reinvigorated my (minor) obsession. He’s my guy. Not surprising I can’t find a plethora of “my type” of guys in NYC: there seems to be a lack of shrapnel-flecked, arrogantly adorable brilliant scientist types flying around in super suits. Weird how that happens. Maybe I should try my luck in Cali.

4. Vivino. Welp this app is a wine-lover’s dream. I had previously downloaded Wine Notes, but without fail, every single wine bottle whose bar code I scanned said “Product not found.” Pretty sure there’s a defect there. Vivino, however, hasn’t let me down yet. You just take a picture of the wine label and the app scans it, locates the wine, and downloads all its information and saves it in your list. Bam, you now have a growing database of your favorite wines to pull from, complete with full descriptions and pictures. I discovered this light, crispy, dry rosé this weekend and was really happy with it:


I’ve been on quite the dry rosé kick this summer and am thinking it might have to extend to a year-round affinity. It’s like a new focused way to enjoy my favorite libation (and start a collection at the same time). Win-win.

5. Birchbox. Well geeze, I just realized that I haven’t mentioned this fabulous little phenomenon yet. Shame on me.


So, what’s a Birchbox? It’s the gift that keeps on giving: a monthly box of designer beauty & health products delivered to your house for a flat rate of $10/month. Each month brings you different goodies, and the website sells all the full-sized products, so if you like something you can purchase it there. For those of us who aren’t married to specific products and who like surprises and care packages (if that isn’t you, you need some fun in your life), this is a little bit of Christmas every month. I’ve received some really great items and am totally hooked. Like, for life. Or at least til I’m 40.

You have to sign up on their site to request a box, and there’s generally a bit of a waiting list, so you’ll probably have to wait a few weeks until you hear from them that you’re on the list.

Question: What’s one beauty product you can’t live without?