2 Things Tuesday

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running. annnd just like that, i’m baaack outdoors, for the win! stoked to report that my last two runs were outside:

Saturday: 8.5 hilly miles upstate (this was a tough one — my legs were so tired)
Monday (last night): 5 balmy miles along the West Side Highway, in near-50 degree weather!! booyah. this one felt amazing.

i was struggle-city all day yesterday — Monday-ing like whoa — and was fairly confident a run wasn’t in the books for me. i went home from work, took an hour nap, and forced myself to the gym for a half hour of weights/strength — and that was all it took to wake me up and make me crave the outdoors. i figured i’d just pop out a couple of miles, 3 tops…but i felt sooooo alive and wonderful and thrilled to be outdoors on the nicest night of 2015 thus far in NYC, that 5 miles flew by. don’t you just love it when that happens??

TWO: reading. i read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes this weekend on my train rides to and from upstate. i really enjoyed this book: i found it an easy, quick read, with an engaging storyline and a likeable main character, driven by a very complex, poignant relationship. characterization is so important for me in a novel: if i don’t like my narrator or care about her fate, i have a hard time really losing myself in the story or becoming invested. i thought this was nicely written, heartfelt, and genuine, albeit a bit hard as well, as it deals with some serious life issues. it’s one of those books that made me feel so utterly grateful for my life, while simultaneously inspiring me to want to do more, see more, experience alllll the things.

here’s to making it through Tuesday!

Runners: how’s the running going? Is it warming up near you?
Book recs? Send ’em my way, por favor!