Friday Five {7.31.15}

5 great drinks things from my week (remember when i was quitting drinking for the summer? me neither):

1. Whole Foods juice is rocking my world.

juicethe beet & turmeric combo is great (even though i’m generally a ginger girl, couldn’t be choosey), and the pineapple adds a nice bit of sweetness. i’m stoked that their line of juices is $4.99, as opposed to the standard $7-$10 options (Suja, Blue Print, etc). i snagged a green one to try later on as well, as today feels like a necessary juicing day.

2. drinks at Little Branch. i haven’t been to this West Village speakeasy since i first moved to NYC almost 5 years ago (say whatttt 5 years?!), until last night.

pros: the live jazz is lovely, and the bartenders are true mixologists with every element you could possibly conceive of having in a drink (and many that will probably surprise you) at their disposal. you can order the “bartender’s choice,” where you simply tell them the alcohol base & flavors you like, and they’ll whip you something up. for example: i said “vodka & cucumber, and not sweet” for my friend and i last night, and he threw together two entirely different and equally delicious concoctions for us.

drinkssuch a cool concept. we were only able to drink half of those drinks, because exhaustedddd, but they were great.

cons: the place is tiny, they’ll always make you wait on line, and if you don’t have a reservation or a table, well, you’re crammed up against other people. the music & the drinks are great, but i think it’s a much better experience if you plan ahead and reserve a table.

3. this photo. i’m not much of a beer drinker, but since i was at a German biergarten surrounded by people drinking beer, i jumped on the bandwagon. and i’m glad i did…because i got this photo out of it.

IMG_7815let me reiterate, from my last post: talented photographer friends are just sooooo nice to have. thank you, MCB.

beer choice: Martens Witte. some light Belgian white that i really enjoyed, as evidenced above. 🙂

4. sunset & rosébecause while these two things are superb separately, they’re really begging to be paired.

IMG_7799who needs filters with a sky like that?

location: Le Bar at Le District, a charming new spot on the marina in Battery Park City, also conveniently located adjacent to my office building. it’s the loveliest little place to grab drinks with friends after work downtown.

5. Houston Hall. i went here for the first time last night, and it’s such a rad venue. gallery-exteriorphotos taken from their website.

located on West Houston Street (for you non-NYers, we say “house-ton,” not “Hues-ton” — it’s not the city in Texas!) & Varick, it’s a massive, open beer hall with exposed brick walls & communal plank tables, and an overall chill, fun vibe.

gallery-tablessolid choice for a fun after-work happy hour on a Thursday,

yes, i will drink sangria at a beer hall, thankyouverymuch

sangria at a beer hall? don’t mind if i do.

especially with a crew like this.

crewi love those faces so much. thanks for such a fun night, friends.

you know you have great, supportive friends when even the boys ask, “so will i make the blog after tonight?” case in point: see that stud second from the left (aka the strapping young lad in the middle commanding all the attention in the photo)? that’s my friend Joe, who’s hilarious and darling and smart and fun and single in NYC.

just saying, ladies. you know how to find me if you want to meet him. 🙂

happy Fridayyyy, friends!

Tell me something great you ate/drank this week!
Fave juice combo?
Something you’re looking forward to this weekend?
Any takers for Joe? 🙂