Marathon Training: Week 3


So this was my third week of marathon training (but week eight of the plan I chose, as I started at week 6 but had been running 4-5 days a week anyway so it wasn’t an issue), and even though I’m taking some liberties with the plan and adjusting as needed, I’m feeling good about it so far — despite the insane heat and humidity we’ve had here in NY! The weather decided to be increasingly oppressive in perfect alignment with my training, as if I needed an extra obstacle to push through and make me feel more bad-a$$. Hey, God gives us what He knows we can handle, right?? 🙂

Thurs, 7/21: 4.2 miles at 6am (plan said 4), just under 35 minutes; a bunch of push-ups (tricep and regular). 

Fri, 7/22: Rest. I intended to do strength at the gym this morning but could not get myself out of bed, which is rare for me, even after 8 hours of sleep. My body felt like dead weight.

Sat, 7/23: 11 hilly, HOT miles. arrrmygahd it was hot, and I should have gotten up earlier to start my run — 8:45 was hot already — but I felt surprisingly good otherwise and really content with my strength and ability to push through a long, hilly run on such a blazing hot day. I was checking my time for the first 7-8 miles but after a while just let that go and let myself push through and try to enjoy it. My plan called for 7 on Sat and 14 on Sunday, so this day should have been my 14-er, but I was so happy with my 11 in this weather that it still felt like a success. I was literally pouring my water bottle all over me and kept stopping at Stewart’s (anyone not from Upstate NY probably has no idea what this is?!) to fill it up and splash water on my face. Oh, and this is also the run where I almost got hit by a car, driven by an old woman who clearly needs to re-take her driving test. She was stopped at a right light, so I stopped, made sure she wasn’t moving, and then went to cross — and she pulled out, right into me. Like, literally. I had to slam my hand down on the hood of her car and throw my hips out just to keep from getting nailed in the knees. #scariestrunningmomentyet

Sun, 7/24: 5.25 hilly, hot miles at 8:30am. My weekend total was just over 16, and the plan had called for a total of 21, so I was 5 miles short and could not have cared less. I braved some of the hottest weather we’ll probably have all summer for those miles, and my only options upstate are to run hills the whole time, soooo….yeah. Success, in my book. And it’s my book that counts here. 🙂

Mon, 7/25: Rest from running; upper body strength instead. My quads were pretty sore from all the hills over the weekend — that good, feeling-so-accomplished sore — and Mondays are supposed to be “Cross” days (which we know I don’t do), so I did an hour of upper body with 10lb weights and lots of push-ups while watching The Bachelorette (inconsistent guilty pleasure that sometimes rears its superficial head) and 6 minutes of planks. Did the trick!

Tues, 7/26: 5 miles at 6am. Plan called for 4; I felt great. It was mega humid and 75 degrees, but I felt really good and 5 seemed like an optimal number to run.

Wed, 7/27 (today): 5.25 miles at 6am. Plan called for 7; I only really had time for 5, annnd it was already 80 degrees. I looked like I’d jumped into the Hudson River by the end…but it felt sooooo good to have it done.

Total weekly mileage: 30.7. I wasn’t keeping track of what I’d run as I went through the week, so just figuring this number right now makes me so happy. I don’t know the last time I hit 30 miles in a week, and to feel this good and injury free feels amazing. I have high hopes for this training and am praying I continue to feel that way!

Song of the week: “Waterfalls” by LVNDSCAPE

Runners: How’s the hot weather running/training going? Anyone else always seem to “forget” that as lovely as it is to run a fall marathon, you’re training in the blistering summer heat?!

Give me a song, please!!


Marathon Training: Week 2


So, it’s official: my “Weekly Workouts Wednesday” posts will now be “Marathon Training Updates” until October, as I kicked my butt into gear and started following a plan as of last week, so this is Week 2 for me, although not as per the actual plan. I’m following a Hal Higdon training plan flexibly, adjusting things as-needed and not beating myself up over sticking to the plan to a T. Must.not.overtrain. 

Thurs, 7/14: 3.1 miles (plan called for 3, so right on the $). Easy peasey!

Fri, 7/15: Rest (planned). I did strength & abs in my gym.

Sat, 7/16: 11 (glorious!) miles. This run felt sososososo good! Yes, it was hot, and so hilly (upstate NY likes to roll), but I felt amazing and strong and kept up such a good pace. I finished wishing every run could feel that runderful! (cheeeeese) The plan called for 6, but I’m doing my long runs on Saturdays most weeks (instead of Sundays).

Sun, 7/17: 3.2 miles (with the boy). I’m reversing my weekend long runs, so technically my plan called for a 6 and a 9 miler this weekend for a total of 15; I did an 11 and a 3, for a total of 14, but with a longer run in there. This worked well for me. Both runs were also non-stop hills, which I know is helpful (but can be so hard!).

Mon, 7/18: Rest. Plan called for cross training but a) no time as I worked 12 hours and b) let’s be honest – I don’t do that. Spinning just isn’t my thing…and so $$$!

Tues, 7/19: 4 miles (as planned). Felt so-so. Sometimes the shorter ones are meh as it usually takes me a few miles to get warmed up/in the groove, and I was pretty tired.

Wed, 7/20: 5.25 miles (plan said 7). I was tired, could feel the beginnings of some soreness (must foam roll tonight), and snoozed for 20 minutes before making myself run this morning, which set me behind on time. Having said all that – I feel good with 5 and am glad I didn’t push it for more, as my IT band is really sore today and one of my priorities in this training cycle is to listen to my body and not overdo it.

Total weekly mileage: 26.55. Thrilled with that!

Running song of the week: “Dancing on Glass” by St. Lucia

What’re you training for right now?
Throw some tunes my way! Could use some new running music!

Weekly Workouts (7/7-7/13)


I’m pretty stoked that my weekly workouts Wednesday posts will be tailored around my marathon training from now til October, as I think the accountability will be good for me and it’ll be interesting to see just how closely I adhere to the Hal Higdon plan and what adaptations I need to make for my personal marathon training journey. My #1 priority is staying injury-free and healthy and feeling good throughout this, so I know for sure that I do not want to over-train and burn out. I’m all about running 3-4 days a week if that’s what my body needs some weeks and am not stressin’ about maintaining a 5-day weekly running schedule if it’s too much for me as the mileage begins to build.

All that to say, I’m living the flex life with this training when necessary. Shin splints, don’t you dare do it. Don’t even think about it this year.

Thurs, 7/7: (rest day from running) upper body & abs sets: push-ups (regular and tricep); biceps & flys with 10lb weights; planks; bicycles
Fri, 7/8: 2.5 miles on treadmill (first ‘mill run in ages, and after work for once – had to get some sweat time in somehow that day!); upper body: 25-lb kettlebell exercises; arms, shoulders & back with 5-lb plates; push-ups (regular and tricep); 3 minutes planks
Sat, 7/9: early 9-mile run along the Hudson River path/Riverside Park. This felt wonderful and was much-needed, as I spent the rest of the day drinking rosé on Governor’s Island. 🙂
Sun, 7/10: 4-mile run along the river (downtown to Chelsea this time)
Mon, 7/11: rest (although even on my rest days I walk a few miles around the city, so that counts, right??)
Tues, 7/12: 3.75 mile run, 6:30am & humid. This was the first day I was like, “Okayyyy, time to start following a marathon plan!” It called for a 3-mile morning, but some days you just feel like an over-achiever.
Wed, 7/13 (today): 5.11 miles (plan called for 5 – why did I ever run without my Garmin? I love knowing the exact mileage. #runnerd), 6am & humid again. Love my morning runs but totally not loving the morning humidity lately!

Total weekly mileage: 24.36

Thoughts: Running happy this week! Feeling good about tackling this training cycle. Had a little IT band pain for 2 days early this week but hit the foam roller immediately and it honestly helped a lot – I know I need to keep that as my BFF throughout this process and use it daily.

How’s the running going? What’re we training for?
How do you pep talk yourself through your most humid runs?
 When I start to really feel the heat and feel sluggish, I remind myself that cold weather is much worse and I stick my head under every water fountain I pass. Ahhhh love that feeling. 🙂 

Thinking Out Loud

i’m joining up this week with Amanda @ Running with Spoons for the Thursday spill-sesh of a link-up that is:Thinking-Out-LoudONE: October 1st. gah. i feel like i had a nice, long, full summer with so many amazing trips & weekends & events…and then September, which is one of my fave months, zipped by in a snap. how is it October? and why is it so gray and gloomy in NYC? i love the idea of a beautiful, golden October, but the reality we’re having today of this new month’s beginning just isn’t working for me. September, come back. i loved you so. i think if i ever start a company i’m going to call it always september,” or “the september project” or something like that.  that’d make me happy. but anyway…i’m hoping October is amazing, all the same. i certainly have some awesome things lined up for this month, so i think i’m planning to love it.

& going along with that, when NYC finally gives in to all of the nuances of fall and sheds her summer skin, i always think of this quote:

screen-shot-2014-09-04-at-5-34-36-pmbecause there’s never a wrong time or place to squeeze in a lil Great Gatsby.

THREE: anyone else already excited about Halloween?? yes, i still dress up every year (and have no intention of stopping anytime soon). costume stores began popping up in NYC in September, and although i initially had my heart set on being a unicorn, i think imma scratch that and coerce a boy to dress up with me again — because that’s just way more fun & i love couple costumes. i have my eye on one that i wanted to be last year but that got vetoed in favor of the dalmatian/firefighter combo: a tooth & tooth fairy.

howwemadeiti just can’t take this, i love it so much!

this lightning strike one is too cute too:

lightning1who is this Julie Ann girl and how do i become her?!

if you guys have any great creative ideas, please send them my way!

FOUR: i ordered my first pair of high tops in yearssss yesterday. i think i’ve just been waiting for the “omg that’s them” pair to show up in my life, and i finally stumbled upon them and am hoping they look as good/fit as well as i’ve already decided they have to.

sneakscheers, Nike. i plan to wear you into the ground.

FIVE: i just discovered an Autumn-perfect tea: Tazo Pumpkin Spice Chai.

happymart_products_111914__14i’m currently warming up with this as i type, and it’s totally hitting the spot. oddly enough, it’s also sort of making me want a pumpkin beer…but considering it’s 11am, i think that’ll have to wait til tonight. 🙂

SIX: a friend tagged me in this IG post this morning, and it’s definitely the best representation of this quote that i’ve seen. those are my kind of world-conquering shoes.

i’m running a marathon in 10 days. that’s all i have to say about that.

3343ed742da8180e750ea6e51fe3700e…for the better. for me, it has absolutely been changed for the better.

but that’s fodder for another post. a post-marathon reflection post, should i live to tell about it. 🙂

Something random from your lately life?
Halloween costume ideas, please!!

weekly workouts {9/17-9/23}

happy Autumnal Equinox, friends! i like this day, for some reason, lingering on the cusp of my two favorite seasons and representing golden days. while i’m definitely nahhhht excited about Summer being behind us, i do love Indian Summer (who doesn’t, right?!), and these lately-days we’re having in NYC are just glorious.

and they make running SO much more enjoyable! so, let’s chat about that…

Thurs, 9/17: ran 5 miles home from work
Fri, 9/18: rest, i think?
Sat, 9/29: ran 23 miles!!! highlight of my workout week FOR SURE! i loved my route: i ran all the way up to the lighthouse by the George Washington Bridge (for the 2nd time ever & the 2nd Saturday morning in a row) by 181st St (recycled pic, this week was much sunnier),

FullSizeRenderand then kept going further, for the first time, all the way up past The Cloisters (where i haven’t been and Hundo P need to go!) at Fort Tryon Park. i had no idea what the path turned into up here, and was happily surprised at how flat and quiet and removed it was. although i was running along the highway, it definitely felt like i was away from the city craziness and in a whole different place. i also stumbled upon this structure, which totally caught me off guard & seemed entirely out of place, in a really cool, (Greek?) way:

greekcolumnsthanks for never letting me get bored of discovering your secrets, NYC. you’re rad.
Sun, 9/20: went for a 2-3 mile walk in the morning to stretch the legs. felt GOOD and surprisingly not very sore at all!
Mon, 9/21: night workout in my gym after my grad school internship (i have clients now!): kettlebells, lateral & seated row machines, push-ups, planks. no legs.
Tues, 9/23: 5-mile run home from work last night. slow, a bit sore, but steady, so i felt good about it. however, i realize i reallllly prefer to run in the mornings. running after having food in my stomach during the day just isn’t optimal for me.
Wed, 9/23 (today): going to walk/jog the 5 miles home and then hopefully do a short gym sesh of upper body and abs. it’s amazinggggg out today, so i’m counting down the hours til i get outside!

also, on a workout-related note: i found a new tank top that i absolutely love and have been wearing on all my long runs lately (so maybe i should dub this my lucky shirt?! i’ll def be donning it come marathon morning!). surprisingly, it was a $10 tank from Forever 21 that i snagged when i was in SB for an extra shirt. it’s my new fave and i need to go back and get it in every color! (it’s also the shirt i’m wearing in my “weekly workouts” pic, aka my fave pic of me at the moment: their Burnout Athletic Racerback.

shirti ❤ everything about this tank.

happy running, runfriends!
happy everything else, everyone else. 🙂

Best run/workout from your work?
How’s marathon training going, those of you running fall races?
Tell me something you adore about Autumn!