Fig & Olive [Birthday Dinner]

thanks for all the birthday love, friends! i had an amazing day and felt so loved and taken care of by my wonderful friends and family.

my day started with a short run along the river & a plank sesh in my living room, and ended with a very beautiful, special delivery from my parents awaiting me at my apartment:

flowersis there anything as lovely as opening a bouquet of your favorite flowers, at the end of an already-wonderful day, from the people who love you most in the world? thank you, my beautiful, thoughtful parents. you’re perfect.

so, besides starting and ending on high notes, the rest of my day was pretty amazing as well. i had the most special of all birthday dinners with some of my closest girlfriends at an absolutely incredible restaurant, to which i hope to return again and again: Fig & Olive in the Meatpacking district. it was my first time at this location, and it was outstanding.

i chose this spot because i’ve heard such fantastic reviews, and Mediterranean food is my absolute favorite, so it was a no-brainer — and definitely the right choice. we started with a cocktail at the beautiful marble bar (i’m breaking my no-drinking rule for special occasions, and my birthday certainly counts, although i’m still committed to not drinking much). they have a great happy hour from 4-7pm with some delicious specialty cocktails (for $9 as opposed to the regular $14), which luckily included my fave:

cocktailscocktails2it was so good. and my friend had this one, which she liked, but agreed the cucumber drink was better:

berrywe then moved to a table in the back for dinner and wine. i didn’t take any pictures of dinner, but let me say that everything was absolutely fantastic. we split a selection of 6 crostinis from this mouth-watering list:


and then chose 5 completely different entrees, ranging from chicken to lamb to risotto to tuna (me) to a seafood bouillabaisse, and we all absolutely loved our meals and couldn’t have been happier. this place seriously has an incredible dinner menu and i totally dug the earthy, natural vibe and super high ceilings.

Hi0ehif15byEKDeverything about the restaurant was phenomenal, and it was the perfect place to have my birthday dinner, with the loveliest of friends.


cheers to another year in NYC, and to hopefully making the upcoming year as wonderful as this last one has been! thanks so much to all my lovely friends and family members who made my day so heart-warmingly memorable. love you guys so much.


I took a study break long enough to shoot an oyster.

So sad when weekends are over, even if I did spend most of it settled in bed or on the couch in comfy clothes, deeply engrossed in a relationship with my Macbook and Power Point. I didn’t even see sunlight yesterday until almost 5pm. That’s just wrong, especially on such a beautiful day.


But the literature/writing major/ nerd in me has to admit — it feels pretty darn good to do research again and be challenged intellectually (especially now that I’m on the flip side of it). I do miss that when I don’t have it, that feeling of working hard at something educational and challenging myself. That’s not to say that I relish an entire weekend of it, but hey. It gots to get done.

A Sunday full of school work certainly made this Monday morning’s workout alarm sound like a siren’s song. Boy, was I ready to sweat this morning. Nothing like six hours on a couch to make a girl want to move. Some TRX, abs, weights and plyo circuit training did a pretty good job of quelling that.


I did have a nice 9.5 mile run on Saturday am, albeit a bit cold and much windier (running southbound) than I’d have preferred. It was the first time I put my new Nike running pants to the test, however, and I was pleased as punch (where did that expression originate??): they’re my fast new faves. Like, flawless.


I find it challenging to find a pair of pants I love the very first time I run in them, and these are probably the first I’ve ever had about which I loved every single thing immediately and have zero complaints. The material, the overall fit, the comfort —  these are the best of the best. I want to wear them every day. But that’d be unclean so I’ll refrain.

Speaking of quite possibly a little bit unclean (but sort of clean) — I am so, so happy with this dry shampoo that I feel I’d be doing you all an injustice by keeping it to myself. This picture was taken on Friday — and the last day I’d washed my hair was the previous Saturday. (Don’t get grossed out — I swear, I was monitoring it every day and it was happy!) Six full days of using just this shampoo, and my hair was still holding up amazingly. I now swear by this stuff and would happily pose as a poster girl for them if they should call.

I managed to have some fun this weekend at night to offset my long hours of daytime studying (even if my Friday night did start with reading articles in a wine bar).

Friday night: Spring Natural Kitchen on the Upper West Side. Elemental, healthy, spacious, warm — always a great choice.


Saturday night: Catch in Meatpacking. Excellent spot for…

surprise champagne delivered to your table, fun menu art, & hip decor…


for amaaazing crab legs, first-time oyster shots, and for shark sightings in the bathroom. (That last one, I’ll leave you to discover on your own.)


It’s a current NYC hotspot. It’s trendy, lively, can-get-as-dressy-as-you’d-like-but-not-too-pretentious. Great cocktails, great food, great service. Absolutely recommend Catch, especially if you’re into novelty cocktails and seafood. I happen to enjoy both, so this was a big win for me all-around. I’ve never been much of an oyster girl, but I had zero problems shooting one of those babies. Nothing at all wrong about any of the food we had.

That’s a wrap on my weekend…off to bury myself under some more books.
Questions, friends!
Weekend highlights?
Favorite seafood?