Friday Five: Five Fave Workout Songs {9/18}

hey friends! first thing’s first: in case you didn’t notice, Run This Apple received a make-over last night! she was totally overdue for one, and my wonderful photographer & designer friend (of Santa Barbara photo fame & the baby plane experience) took it upon himself to surprise me with this new header completely out of the blue.

the verdict: i love love love it & it’s perfect for me. couldn’t be happier! i’m so thankful to be surrounded by so many talented, wonderful people.

& of course, i want to give credit where credit is due: you can check out the designer’s new blog and show him some love at David Mendoza (his pictures are ridiculous), and the photo of the NYC skyline he used in the header was taken by the incredibly lovely & talented SB wedding photographer Jessica Fairchild (who photographed one of my dear friend’s weddings and whom i had the pleasure of meeting last month, and is an absolute gem of a human being).

okay! so, now that that fun stuff has been attended to, let’s move on to this week’s Friday Five link-up with Mar, Courtney & Cynthia. this week’s theme is:

i’m a huge music junkie (hidden talent: i can sing pretty well, actually) & have a very eclectic taste in music, so it’s going to be tough for me to choose just five, so i’m listing songs that are currently on my running playlists and get me through those long runs!

ONE: “Girls” by the 1975. i’m obsessed with this band and basically have all of their songs on my running lists. they make me so happy & sometimes i just play their album on repeat while running. also check out “Settle Down” & “Heart Out” & okay basically all of their songs. LOVE.

TWO:”Coming Over” by James Hersey, filous remix. i first heard this song in a spin class and emailed the instructor saying i had to know what it was, i was so hooked. i’ve heard several versions of it but prefer this one.

THREE: “Judah (Reprise)” by After the Sirens. i’m shamelessly plugging my brother’s old band here, but i was SUCH a fan of their stuff when they were still together (insert sad face: i still maintain they could have made it big!) and love love love this song. they’re on Youtube & iTunes, so check them out if you’re into the indie vibe at all.

FOUR: “Cool” by Alesso. just a great song to run to. so into this electro tune.

FIVE: “Fourth of July” by Fall Out Boy. i’ve been listening to them for yearssss and love to run to this sort of raw, punk-influenced rock-pop (Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Something Corporate, etc), so i needed to put at least one of those sort of songs on here (it’s hard to choose just 5 songs, no?!). this is a solid tune that always picks me up a bit.

so, there you have it — five songs i always keep on my running rotation. hope you enjoy ’em (and let me know if you check any of them out).

Fave workout songs? please share some with me!
Band you can’t stop/won’t stop playing on repeat? you know mine. 🙂


weekly workouts: 6/21-6/27

FullSizeRenderSunday: 4-mile treadmill run upstate (not my fave)
Monday: upper body free-weight & abs sesh in my apartment (while watching TV) – rest day from training
Tuesday: 3.5-mile morning run outdoors (humid!); hour strength & abs after work at the gym
Wednesday (today): 5-miler outdoors (gorgeous out!); potentially a boot camp class tonight
Thursday: 3 miles on the plan
Friday: rest from running day; plan to do strength & abs in the gym before work
Saturday: some sort of run BUT not going to stress about mileage, because….

i’ll be in Charleston, South Carolina!

i’m so stoked to go visit this city, about which i’ve heard only amazing things from absolutely everyone, so i have high expectations of loving it. i’m really grateful to be able to visit so many new-to-me cities in the past year, and i can’t wait to share my Charleston experiences with you guys!

i’m guessing it’ll be H-O-T and humid, so i don’t have any expectations for killing my runs, and i just want to enjoy myself on my mini vaca and take in the city. and beaches. and seafood. and rooftops (are there rooftops?). and relax. and i’ll definitely be praying for the city as i explore it, in the wake of their horrific church shooting.

timthumb.phpbacktracking for a moment to the workout theme: i’m always looking for new running music, so please guys, send your song suggestions my way! here are two i’m digging on my list right now:

“Cool” – Alesso
“Echo” – Panic is Perfect

What’re you jammin’ out to while running/working out these days?
Anyone visited/adore Charleston? Tell me what I need to see/do/experience/eat/drink!

Friday Five: Five Faves

i’m joining up with the gals who do their Friday Five linkup again this week, to speak my piece on Five Friday Favorites. because i love to play favorites.

FridayFive-Favorites-1024x102411. the 1975. yep i’m still rambling on about this band, but i can’t stop won’t stop. i saw them live last night (!!!), which was all sorts of amazingness in theory but sort of a near-fail for me — i got there late and missed half their set and it was way more crowded than i’d anticipated. apparently they have quite the fan following and i’m not the only 1975-obsessed individual in NYC?! who knew there were so many cool people here. but i did hear my fave song (listen to “Girls” asap), and danced up a storm in the midst of a huge flailing dancing crowd (so many dudes like this band, it was crazy), and saw my lovely girlfriend who i like to do allll the things with, and they sounded amazinggggg live. so it was also a near-win.


2. holiday parties. tis the season…to be a big exhausted partying mess. 🙂 seriously, that’s what i feel like with all these holiday shenanigans and allllll the wine and champagne in the world. but they’re oh-so-much-fun when they’re happening! we had our annual work holiday party last night, and this was my first year in charge of planning it, and i’m happy to say it went super well and everyone had a blast. the venue was great: City Hall in TriBeCa is a sweet space, and the staff did an awesome job (and by awesome, i mean insisted on following you around with wine bottles and topping off your glass the entire evening. i seriously had to keep my hand over it sometimes.). although there are parts of my job i don’t enjoy so much, i really love planning and working and hosting the events, so i’m thankful for the chance to do that — and stoked when they turn out so well.


3. biking in December. riding the Citibike is def my preferred method of transportation to work, so i’m pretty psyched that it’s still nice enough out in December for me to utilize this. no major snow hindrances or too many freezing windy cold miserable un-bikeable days as of yet…although my exhausted post-party-and-concert hazy self had to take the subway today. i foresaw a potential crash in my future.

4. heart talks. you know, those convos with people you love and value that enrich your life immeasurably? yeah, those. whether it be at a bar with a girlfriend about boys and love and life, or over the computer with an old friend with whom you lost touch and connection and are now trying to rebuild a relationship with, these emotion-laden, say-what-you-need-to-say conversations where you feel entirely free to express any and everything you’re thinking and feeling without fear of judgment or filter — those truly make life worth living. i had both of these above examples happen this week, and i’m so thankful to have genuine, amazing people in my life with whom i can talk openly and entirely be myself.

and then you see words you wrote to someone show up on their Instagram, and you realize the convo turned their day around, too. and suddenly, nothing in the whole world matters as much as caring about other people, and feeling cared for in return.


5. words. and how sometimes, the right arrangement hits you just so, entirely out of nowhere, and you don’t even want to question why. some things just are, for no reason and every.

because it really shouldn’t, now. should it?

happy Friday, my lovely friends. enjoy your weekends! xo

Tell me one of your favorites, of anything.

WILW {10.22.14}

What i’m loving Wednesday, by categories:

*food: Detour Smart bars in Apple Cinnamon.

these bars are seriously delicious and good for a pre-workout snack, a mid-afternoon snack or even to curb a sweet tooth and act as dessert. they’re chewy and light and super flavorful, and they pack 10 grams of protein into a 120 calorie, 2 g of fat gluten free treat. i love ’em.


*drink: pumpkin beer (still). i went from a rarely-touch-a-beer drinker (Corona lights at the beach were about the extent of it) to a several-of-these-a-week imbiber this season, all because i threw my freak-out-over-calories-in-beer caution to the wind and decided that if i like it this much, i’m going to be a seasonal beer drinker, goshdarnit. and man, do i like this stuff.

newest try: Heartland Brewery’s Smiling Pumpkin Ale.

sooooooo delicious. definitely high up in the rankings of the pumpkin beers i’ve tried to date. enjoyed one last night while watching my baseball team destroy their opponents in game 1 of the World Series! yep, i’m a lifelong SF fan, thanks to my (obsessed) father, and i’m stoked with their every-other-year streak they have going on with the World Series since 2010. so exciting.

*tunes: the 1975.  one of the greatest joys in a music-lover’s life: that moment when you find a new band that sounds completely unprecedented to you and which becomes an instant obsession, a part of your daily routine from the very first listen. this band completely blindsided me when i first heard them on Spotify and i’m totally addicted to their dancey, snarky, cleverly catchy Brit alt/indie poppy sound. i seriously haven’t stopped playing this album — yes, i bought the entire album after previewing a few songs and realizing the one i’d intended to download simply wasn’t enough — ad nauseam since purchasing it. and i don’t intend to anytime soon.

my picks: “Girls,” “Settle Down,” “Pressure,” & “Sex,” as well as the radio hit “Chocolate”…

right, so essentially i’m just obsessed with the whole album. listen to it. stat.

*inspiration. words that make my soul happy.


*fitness humor. this is Hundo P true for me. nailed it.


here’s to getting over the hump, friends!

whatcha liking this week?

2 songs {one for fun and one for love}

i think everyone has that friend who seems to know and love every song. like, you can scan through the radio and they can sing along to every seemingly-random song, and they can relate a song to pretty much any expression or sentence or even single word?

pretty sure i’m that friend. i love love love music, and my tastes range from oldies to classic rock to poppy punk to just plain pop to 80s to country to bluegrass to salsa to alternative to…you get the picture. i’m all over the place. my running mix has everything from Katy Perry to Taking Back Sunday to Counting Crows to The Naked and Famous. i like it all.

and today, i have to pick just 2 songs. 2, out of thousands and thousands.
i could easily pick two songs that relate to my day today, let alone my entire life. geesh.

but, since i have to play along, here we have them:

1. “Your Love” by the Outfield.

this is “my song.” i don’t know what it is, but i’ve been obsessed with it since college, and it’s the song all my friends associate with me and that my bro always sings at karaoke and of which i just can never, ever get sick. there’s no rhyme and reason to it — i just love this freaking song. all day every day.

2. “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles. this song actually does have very special significance for me: when my parents got married, my mom walked down the aisle to one of their friends playing this on an acoustic guitar, like the bride was the sun coming into the groom’s life. i have always thought that’s the sweetest, loveliest thing ever, and i love that they did that and definitely intend to carry on that tradition in my own life (if i ever decide to do the whole white dress thing). and it’s such a charming, darling song, by one of my absolute fave bands.

Your turn: Absolute fave songs?

Fun Facts Friday

1. The West Village never gets old. I think I fall more in love with this area of the city every time I’m there, meandering around with no real agenda and happening upon great restaurant after great restaurant. Last night’s stumble-upon on Carmine St. just might have been one of the best discoveries yet: Market Table. Everything about this place was right up my alley, and I will for sure be returning. The food was fresh and delicious, the atmosphere airy and rustic in an upscale farmhouse sort of way, and the service was excellent. Big win all around.

rustic decor, a grapefruit basil agave margarita, and the bill tucked into a "sign me" guest book (i wrote a little poem, naturally)

rustic decor, a grapefruit basil agave margarita, and the bill tucked into a “sign me” guest book (i wrote a little poem, naturally)

Arctic Char Avocado Tar-Tar (best thing I've had in a long time) and Grilled Halibut

Arctic Char Avocado Tar-Tar (best thing I’ve had in a long time) and Grilled Halibut

2. I’m hooked on this juicing thing after just one experiment. I don’t know how we lucked into such a delicious concoction considering we did zero measuring or planning or anything other than shoving things we liked into the whirring machine, but our first time totally rocked. I’m way geeked up about trekking to work with my very own juice in tow. It’s like a little healthy secret snug inside my purse (and hopefully not spilling everywhere).


I’m tempted to drop everything and open up a juice bar. That, or frozen sangria. I’m stuck on this weird conviction that that could also be a “thing.” Don’t ask.

However, U30 and I both discovered something unusual after drinking our juice: a “juice buzz.” Has anyone else experienced this? It’s this weird, heady, buzz-like sensation, like we’re getting high off the ginger or the kale or something else in there. I Googled this phenomenon and found a message board with this hilarious response to someone else’s similar reaction:

I’m afraid you guys have caught a case of the hippie. I recommend lots of anti-bacterial soap and rare steak until it passes.”
I don’t appreciate a steak in any form, but I certainly appreciate some hippie humor. All day, every day.
3. Flowers are lovely things to get when you don’t expect them. They make great “just because” gifts, even between friends. I met a friend for dinner last night, and he got me flowers for his birthday. I got him a card with glitter on it and made him go to the bathroom so I could write it out at the bar. And then I made him carry the flowers around all night so people thought they were his (or that he was my bodyguard). frametastic
It seemed to make sense at the time…I feel like something might have gotten lost in the telling. Or maybe I’m just not as cute as I think. That could be it. Yep, that’s probably it.
 4. I’ve recently become fascinated with the phenomenon of bioluminescence and somehow transporting myself to a place where I can float in a glowing sea of living microorganisms. I prefer not to know what they look like or if I’ll feel them, because I might get skeeved out, but the pictures are just so utterly astounding and unearthly and I need to see this for myself. Nothing so weirdly creepy ever seemed so beautifully appealing. I think I secretly must be harboring dreams of being in a sci-fi flick. Or the Life of Pi (minus the whole dehydrated in the ocean and almost dying part).
5. John Mayer’s new album Paradise Valley dropped this week. Yes, this is exciting news in my life. Despite his inability to stay out of the tabloid hoopla and indecisiveness over which A-list celeb chick to date-and-drop next, I can’t get enough of this guy. Loved his music from day one, will love it til my days are done (ba dum dum). I admit I downloaded it before listening to it but I can’t wait to love every second, even if I don’t quite get — but still am thoroughly amused and intrigued by — the quilted cowboy vibe. However, the country twang he’s bestowed upon this set of songs simply, effortlessly just works (even if the new-fangled-hipster-American-pioneer-meets-Lone-Ranger-get-up borders on baffling).
The first time I saw him was in a tiny little music hall in Montreal when I was 20, before he released any major albums, and I was an instant barnacle of a fan who never looked back. Tried and true. His lyrics and voice get me every time, and so many memories of my 20s are indelibly laced with his songs. Sure, he may have created a place for himself in the cheesey corners of pop-culture America, but everytime he sings, I believe it’s for me. So I guess that just makes me a cheeseball too. 🙂 
Happy weekend!
Questions: Anything good you’ve been excited about lately? Who’s a musician you can’t do without?