Weekly Workouts & NRD!

let’s tend to the important things first, shall we?

Happy National Running Day, runnerds!

“National Running Day, held annually on the first Wednesday in June, is a day when runners everywhere declare their passion for running.”

hi. i’m Shawna. i geek out about running.

pre-race excited face!sooo yeah, i’m stoked for NRD. i have plans to celebrate it by taking a running boot camp class after work today for the first time in ages, with my old trainer and workout crew. i’m such the solo runner by nature/habit, but i enjoy a good group workout or run with a friend when i can get it, so i’m really looking forward to this.

so let’s segue into my becoming-a-Wednesday-regular thing of itemizing the weekly workouts!

Monday: rest day (minus the daily bike ride to work). i ran outside Friday, Saturday & Sunday, so i took Monday off.
Tuesday: evening workout: a sweaty hot mess of an hour on the Arc trainer, followed by a half hour of abs, kettlebells and stretching.
Wednesday (today!): outdoor running boot camp after work tonight! woot!
Thursday: hopefully a short strength training sesh in the morning (have to be at work early tomorrow), followed by an outdoor run tomorrow evening
Friday: gym in the morning (Arc trainer + kettlebells + abs)
Saturday: outdoor morning long/longish run (always the workout i most anticipate)
Sunday: shorter morning run + abs, or else possibly an early yoga class, if i can find one. i need to start doing yoga!

also, i’m in love with this gif & it’s so perfect for today!

tumblr_no1srrbpq71up9ckeo1_5401anyone else celebrating National Running Day? what’re you doing?
what has been/will be your fave workout this week?
any good workout jams for me?
i need new music!