Friday Five: July Loves

This is how I’m feeling right about now:


Ready for flip flops & summer skies & carefree everything — feeling those weekend vibes! Hope you’re counting down to something fun this weekend, wherever you are.

Today’s Friday Five linkup with the DC ladies Mar, Cynthia & Courtney is a “Free Friday,” which I’m interpreting as July Loves (aka things I’m loving this month).

ONE: Casual Fridays. This is a sweet perk about my new job that I haven’t had before, and I’m loving it. I’m actually wearing pants (obsessed with these wide-leg linen pants I got in Chicago this spring) for the first time since I started working here and it’s so nice to be so comfy at work. It also helps create such a laid-back atmosphere, which is always welcome on a trading floor. 

TWO: Balance board. We have standing desks at work, so my friend who sits next to me had the brilliant idea of ordering balance boards to stand on!


So rad, and totally catching on — I wouldn’t be surprised if a bunch more people will jump on this bandwagon! (I bought this one off Amazon.)

THREE: Rosé. All day. This has definitely been the drink-of-the-month for me…and every other white girl in America, I know I know. Hey, if the shoe fits…


FOUR: Marathon training. Having a plan for my running is a nice change again and I’m excited about sticking to it and mapping my progress. Also doesn’t hurt that I just got these babies my second week into training and am loving tackling a race with a fresh pair of kicks! IMG_9864
Feels oh-so-good. This will actually be my first full marathon in Nikes, now that I think of it! I ran the Brooklyn Half this May in these exact sneaks (diff pair/color) and have been having so much success with them this year, so it’s out with the Asics and in with the swoosh. I find I tread much lighter in these and haven’t had any shin pain thus far, so I’m praying they do me well all the way through. 

FIVE: Athleta. I love Lulu’s sports bras like no other, but I’m definitely a fan of Athleta’s colorful tights/capris and just got a new pair this week:


Their Mesh Sonar Capris in this cobalt color = so cute. I felt like I had to give them a shout-out today because they’re having an awesome sale right now that you definitely want to check out: an extra 20% off their already reduced sale items thru Monday 7/25. DO IT.

Hope you have a lovely weekend, friends! Mine will be full of running, fruit, lake time and people I love…in other words, exactly how I like my world to be. ❤

Whatcha up to this weekend?
Anyone else drink copious amounts of rose in the summer? Any favorite kinds?


MIMM (Happy Leap Year!)

Despite the fact that I could nahhhhht get up to workout this morning, I’m actually in a rather chipper mood for a Monday and totally ready to get this week underway, so I figured this happy Monday morning mood was a good excuse to bring back the Marvelous in My Monday linkup hosted by Katie.


Today is a “stolen” day! #leapyear2016

I love how Google visually interpreted this day — so stinkin’ cute! And totally prepping us for the Spring mentality (woot!).


Anyone else have the “I love any excuse to celebrate anything out-of-the-ordinary-and-cool” gene? I think I got it from my mom. I like that we have an extra day of joy in 2016, as I’ve already determined that this is going to be an amazing year for me (and hopefully you feel the same for you!).

This was a cool fun-facts read about Leap Year: 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know.

Anyone else have an amazing weekend? It was beautiful here — Spring was really trying to rear her pretty little head — and I took advantage of it by running both mornings. Saturday was a 5.5 miler (half solo, half with the boy), and then we started off a lovely Sunday with 7-8 miles in the sunshine,

then headed to Hillsong NYC for another fantastic service.


I really love this church and am so glad to be back in the habit of going regularly, and it’s even more special to be able to go with him. ❤ I’ve been to a lot of churches in my life, and I have to say I’ve never experienced anything quite like Hillsong. It’s truly special.

We then took advantage of the 60-degree weather by walking over to the charming Bryant Park and enjoying the day for a bit. It’s so lovely to be in love in the sunshine, isn’t it?? 🙂

IMG_9066.JPGIn some positive running news, I decided to switch from my Asics to my Nike Air Zoom Fly 2s this past week to see how my legs adjusted, and I’m pretty pleased with the result. The Nikes are more flexible and minimalist and I have a softer footfall, and I feel good after a few days of running in them. I think there really is something to the whole “rotate your running sneakers” thing, for me at least. I’m bringing these to Maui with me (oh, did I mention we leave in two days?!) for some good beach running.

618Cvj51M9L._UX500_.jpgAnd because I’m having trouble staying focused on anything other than the fact that I’m going to HAWAII IN TWO DAYS, let me just leave you with this fun fact to whip out at your next cocktail party:

The Hawaiian Alphabet Has 12 Letters

alphabet.jpgNothing but soft, melodic sounds from this magical place.

Hope your Monday is marvelous, loves! ❤

Weekend highlights?
Do you rotate your sneakers?
Movie suggestions for my flights?

Thinking Out Loud

i’m joining up this week with Amanda @ Running with Spoons for the Thursday spill-sesh of a link-up that is:Thinking-Out-LoudONE: October 1st. gah. i feel like i had a nice, long, full summer with so many amazing trips & weekends & events…and then September, which is one of my fave months, zipped by in a snap. how is it October? and why is it so gray and gloomy in NYC? i love the idea of a beautiful, golden October, but the reality we’re having today of this new month’s beginning just isn’t working for me. September, come back. i loved you so. i think if i ever start a company i’m going to call it always september,” or “the september project” or something like that.  that’d make me happy. but anyway…i’m hoping October is amazing, all the same. i certainly have some awesome things lined up for this month, so i think i’m planning to love it.

& going along with that, when NYC finally gives in to all of the nuances of fall and sheds her summer skin, i always think of this quote:

screen-shot-2014-09-04-at-5-34-36-pmbecause there’s never a wrong time or place to squeeze in a lil Great Gatsby.

THREE: anyone else already excited about Halloween?? yes, i still dress up every year (and have no intention of stopping anytime soon). costume stores began popping up in NYC in September, and although i initially had my heart set on being a unicorn, i think imma scratch that and coerce a boy to dress up with me again — because that’s just way more fun & i love couple costumes. i have my eye on one that i wanted to be last year but that got vetoed in favor of the dalmatian/firefighter combo: a tooth & tooth fairy.

howwemadeiti just can’t take this, i love it so much!

this lightning strike one is too cute too:

lightning1who is this Julie Ann girl and how do i become her?!

if you guys have any great creative ideas, please send them my way!

FOUR: i ordered my first pair of high tops in yearssss yesterday. i think i’ve just been waiting for the “omg that’s them” pair to show up in my life, and i finally stumbled upon them and am hoping they look as good/fit as well as i’ve already decided they have to.

sneakscheers, Nike. i plan to wear you into the ground.

FIVE: i just discovered an Autumn-perfect tea: Tazo Pumpkin Spice Chai.

happymart_products_111914__14i’m currently warming up with this as i type, and it’s totally hitting the spot. oddly enough, it’s also sort of making me want a pumpkin beer…but considering it’s 11am, i think that’ll have to wait til tonight. 🙂

SIX: a friend tagged me in this IG post this morning, and it’s definitely the best representation of this quote that i’ve seen. those are my kind of world-conquering shoes.

i’m running a marathon in 10 days. that’s all i have to say about that.

3343ed742da8180e750ea6e51fe3700e…for the better. for me, it has absolutely been changed for the better.

but that’s fodder for another post. a post-marathon reflection post, should i live to tell about it. 🙂

Something random from your lately life?
Halloween costume ideas, please!!

2 Things Tuesday: Running & Sweat Pink

peace copy
ONE: runhappy.
i’m pretty sure i’m still riding high on the post-run glow from last night’s run. don’t you just love it when that happens?

it was one of those runs where everything just aligned perfectly, and i was giddy with the joy of being a runner — or heck, of just being alive — in that very space and time. it was 65 degrees in NYC, a gorgeous night that drew everyone out to run & bike & walk & enjoy the first tastes of Spring (woot!), and it was so uplifting to see NYC come alive and buzz with activity. i rocked a felt-fabulous run along the Hudson River and had an “all the happiness” experience, with my new Nikes (first run felt amazinggg!), pink tights (#sweatpink), and a cute boy of a running partner (this solo runner just might be convinced to convert!). we breezed through a great 6 miles before i dropped him off in his ‘hood, and then i jaunted back home, which tacked an extra mile on for a grand total of 7. not bad for a lovely Monday evening start to my week!

TWO: sweat pink. and no, that isn’t a reference to my pink tights above (although i loooove those running tights and have them in 3 colors. Danskin Now is killing it for me!). i finalllly got around to applying to be a Sweat Pink ambassador through Fit Approach…and turns out, they liked me back.

yay for all things girlie and sporty and stuff! 🙂

i’ve obviously read a ton about this organization (hi, it’s impossible to miss it if you’re a fit blogger), and i love the concept of championing a company whose mission is to empower & encourage girls to embrace a healthy, fit lifestyle, and meet other amazing women with a similar mentality.

here’s their mission, taken right from their website:

“We believe that kicking ass is best done in pretty shoes. We’ve learned that real women sweat, and sweat hard. We know that assertiveness, strength, and ambition are the ultimate feminine qualities. We concede that sometimes it takes hours to get ready, but we’re also no strangers to just rolling out of bed and going. We’re convinced that we run faster in pink shoelaces. We believe in pushing ourselves, and we believe in giving ourselves a break, too. We’re all about the rush of endorphins and the thrill of the challenge. We’re all for looking great and feeling even better. We’re committed to finding our best fit, and making it stick.”

count me in, girls. i’m all for sporting those pink shoelaces and linking up with other fit females to conquer our own little worlds, one workout, one new fit friend, at a time.

Tell me about your last “all the happiness” run! What made it so awesome? weather, friends, new shoes, great route…

Are you a solo runner or a group/partner runner? or, like me, do you turn it into the new date night? 🙂

Easter, a babyface & new runners!

i meant to pop in yesterday to do a brief lil Easter post but was so relaxed and loving my fam time upstate that i really couldn’t bring myself to turn the computer on. i kinda loves those days, don’t you?

i saw this yesterday when perusing Easter images and thought it was so dope. simple can be so powerful.

IMG_6667i hope you all had lovely Easter weekends, friends. i certainly enjoyed every moment of my time upstate with my family and friends, and woke up refreshed and thankful this morning. i even managed to jot down a few morning thoughts in my journal before work, which is a habit i’d love to continue.

i think starting my mornings with even a few positive sentiments before i set off to conquer the world each day (brrrrrpppp right) will have a big impact on my mental state and help me stay positive throughout the day.

so, a recap of my Easter weekend:

*a lovely walk through a park and Mexican dinner on Friday night in Albany with an old friend whom i haven’t seen in far too long started things off on a wonderful note. there’s nothing like spending time with people who make your heart so very happy, and with whom you can immediately pick right back up as if no time had passed at all. those people are so necessary to remind you of how important it is to feel truly comfortable, truly liked for who you are.

*a 7-miler on Saturday morning (on a treadmill, b/c the wind was atrocious, and i wanted to go to the gym with my bro), sporting Easter colors. a pink & purple pastel gym get-up is my idea of a grown-up Easter outfit.

FullSizeRenderside note: i just bought this Elastic-Racerback tank at Old Navy (in 3 colors), and am in LOVE with it. seriously: it’s the lightest, most breathable, comfortable workout shirt i own, and such a steal. i can’t rave about it enough. for size reference, i’m wearing an extra small.

*i finallllly got new running sneaks! i met my bff and her adorable baby at Fleet Feet in Albany for this exciting adventure, as i like to bring a supportive posse with me for any monumental event in my life.

IMG_6658can you stand his face? i clearly cannot. LOVE.

i’m trying to teach him to say “Auntie Shoshy” but apparently words yet elude him. i will not give up.

so, back to the shoes. after being a long-time New Balance and Saucony fan, i’ve made some major shifts, which totally surprised me. say hello to my two new pairs of runners:

kicks1) Asics GEL-DS Trainer
2) Nike Air Zoom Fly 2

happy Easter to me!! 🙂

i haven’t taken either out for an actual run yet, but i LOVED both from the initial fit (and cruise around the store parking lot) and am really stoked about them. the two models actually have similar fits, and both are light and breathable yet offer more stability than my Kinvaras, which i definitely need. i haven’t run in Nikes in years, and i’ve never run in Asics, so i was shocked by how amazing these two felt on my feet.

i did try on the new New Balance Zantes, as i’ve long worn Newbies, but they aren’t made for me — they have a really high arch that i found so uncomfortable for my semi-flattish feet. they were perfect for my best friend, though, so it just goes to show that finding your right fit is SO important in determining your success as a runner. i’d have never thought i’d be fitted into Nikes, and yet i loooove them!

what’s better than a beautiful new pair of running shoes? TWO. that’s what.

*we still do Easter baskets in my house, because my family loves tradition (and each other). Ry and i gave my parents candy and gift cards, and then we got what grown-up kids should get on Easter (along with sneakers): dark chocolate and wine.

you’re never too old for chocolate bunnies! dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt is my absolute demise. i forced myself to leave most of it upstate in hopes that either my parents will eat it all, or i’ll be able to spread it out over a long period of time and nibble when i’m home. but the wine — that got packed. duh.

pretty good highlights for a quick trip home, i’d say! now i just have to make it through the afternoon at work before heading out into the 60 degree day (woot!) and trying out the new sneaks tonight. can’t waiiiit.

Highlights from your weekend?

Any Easter traditions you still keep alive?

What kind of sneakers do you run in?

Fun Facts Friday {1/10/2014}

1. excited about: my brother comes to visit me tonight for the weekend! considering he’s my best friend/favorite person in the world, i couldn’t be more stoked for this. we have big plans to bachata and salsa the nights away. he hasn’t visited me since a one-day trip in May, when we did little else than wander around Central Park, so this is a much-needed trip.

Husseys in Central Park

Husseys in Central Park

2. wearing: i realize i have a serious thing for workout pants. like, i’m forever on the hunt for the next perfect pair. Nike’s Epic Run capris are my fave outdoor pair, and i’m loving Avia’s  knee-length spandex capris a whole lot — they fit and stay in place soooo well (and are so affordable at TJ Maxx). but sometimes, a girl just needs to crazy up her gym attire, and i’m amassing quite a collection of printed running capris. i mean, i spend enough time in workout clothes…might as well have fun with them. you know, just in case i need to pull a Dorothy (like, from Oz) and match my clothes to my eyes. please tell me someone gets that reference? mmmkay, thanks.

3. crushing on:


4. encouraged by: my daily devo this morning from my Streams in the Desert app (which i read on the subway each morning as i commute to work). it never ceases to amaze me how God gives us just what we need for where we’re at — He’s so astounding like that. i’ve had thoughts of my future direction weighing on me quite a bit lately, and i often find myself feeling a bit frustrated over why certain paths i so desire to pursue don’t seem to be opening up, and wrestling with thoughts over what actions to take next, and how i know if what i’m pursuing is what i should be pursuing — and then i read this this morning, which seems to be a quiet nudge to remind me that i am not the one in control. God has a much bigger plan for my life than anything i can see with my tunnel vision and limited scope, and it’s okay if i don’t see the big picture right now — because He does. this is a lesson in trust and obedience for me, which i desperately need.

5. inspired by: inside of me, deep at my very core, has always been a poet. sometimes she surfaces more frequently than others; lately, unfortunately, i haven’t given her much freedom of expression or room to breathe. but every now and then, right in the middle of everyday life, i stumble across something that flutters the curtains of my soul and reminds me of the pure and simple calling of an artist: to be true to what you feel at the center of your being, and to never stop believing in yourself. this, for me, hit home.


and now, i believe i’m off to write some poetry.

have a fantastic weekend, loves! xoxo


What are you looking forward to this weekend?
Any fave workout clothes to spice up your gym routines?

where’d all the running go? & gosh i hate treadmills.

i realize that i haven’t been talking so much about running on RTA lately, and i’ve sort of had a back-and-forth with myself about this. while running is a huge part of my life and i obviously wrote more about it when i was training for my first marathon in October, let’s be honest: i don’t want to bore people to tears with a million running pictures of the same route or constantly log my mileage like it’s a measure of self-worth.

reality check: running doesn’t make people like you more. you should only do it if it makes YOU like you more.


yes, i run, but i also do a lot of other things, and i want my blog to reflect a holistic approach to my life and interests…as well as a healthy dose of nonsensical ramblings, just because i can, and honestly — isn’t that why most of us who have a true passion for writing choose to blog anyway??


so,  running. i’m still doing it. as in, i’ll hopefully be doing it my whole life, God willing. i’m just not as crazy right now about my mileage as i was previously, and i’m loving all of my strength workouts just as much. i’ve had a lot of convos with my girlfriends about “finding your thing” in regards to exercising, and i know for a fact that running will always be my thing. i just don’t need to talk about it, like, every day.

right now, running and i are in a bit of a fight because of a little problem i’m having called the treadmill. (dun dun dun.) i maybe ran on the treadmill about 3 times this whole summer, and hated every single second of each run. once you really fall in love with outdoors running, it’s just not the same in a gym. unfortunately, two of my runs this week were on a treadmill: one 2-miler before a bootcamp, and a 6 miler on Tuesday. neither were that enjoyable, and i much preferred my 8-miler outside in the cold last Saturday. that was quite lovely.

speaking of outdoor cold runs, i’m totally digging these Nike running tights:

probably need to hunt those down immediately…and then try not to buy them for myself during a time when i should be buying stuff for all the people i love. anyone else have this problem at Christmas, that when you go out to shop for gifts with the best of intentions, you suddenly find everything you’ve ever wanted in every store? and i’m not even a big shopper! ridiculous, i tell you.

Question: what’re some good gifts on your list to buy for people this year? i’m totally behind and kinda stuck!

I took a study break long enough to shoot an oyster.

So sad when weekends are over, even if I did spend most of it settled in bed or on the couch in comfy clothes, deeply engrossed in a relationship with my Macbook and Power Point. I didn’t even see sunlight yesterday until almost 5pm. That’s just wrong, especially on such a beautiful day.


But the literature/writing major/ nerd in me has to admit — it feels pretty darn good to do research again and be challenged intellectually (especially now that I’m on the flip side of it). I do miss that when I don’t have it, that feeling of working hard at something educational and challenging myself. That’s not to say that I relish an entire weekend of it, but hey. It gots to get done.

A Sunday full of school work certainly made this Monday morning’s workout alarm sound like a siren’s song. Boy, was I ready to sweat this morning. Nothing like six hours on a couch to make a girl want to move. Some TRX, abs, weights and plyo circuit training did a pretty good job of quelling that.


I did have a nice 9.5 mile run on Saturday am, albeit a bit cold and much windier (running southbound) than I’d have preferred. It was the first time I put my new Nike running pants to the test, however, and I was pleased as punch (where did that expression originate??): they’re my fast new faves. Like, flawless.


I find it challenging to find a pair of pants I love the very first time I run in them, and these are probably the first I’ve ever had about which I loved every single thing immediately and have zero complaints. The material, the overall fit, the comfort —  these are the best of the best. I want to wear them every day. But that’d be unclean so I’ll refrain.

Speaking of quite possibly a little bit unclean (but sort of clean) — I am so, so happy with this dry shampoo that I feel I’d be doing you all an injustice by keeping it to myself. This picture was taken on Friday — and the last day I’d washed my hair was the previous Saturday. (Don’t get grossed out — I swear, I was monitoring it every day and it was happy!) Six full days of using just this shampoo, and my hair was still holding up amazingly. I now swear by this stuff and would happily pose as a poster girl for them if they should call.

I managed to have some fun this weekend at night to offset my long hours of daytime studying (even if my Friday night did start with reading articles in a wine bar).

Friday night: Spring Natural Kitchen on the Upper West Side. Elemental, healthy, spacious, warm — always a great choice.


Saturday night: Catch in Meatpacking. Excellent spot for…

surprise champagne delivered to your table, fun menu art, & hip decor…


for amaaazing crab legs, first-time oyster shots, and for shark sightings in the bathroom. (That last one, I’ll leave you to discover on your own.)


It’s a current NYC hotspot. It’s trendy, lively, can-get-as-dressy-as-you’d-like-but-not-too-pretentious. Great cocktails, great food, great service. Absolutely recommend Catch, especially if you’re into novelty cocktails and seafood. I happen to enjoy both, so this was a big win for me all-around. I’ve never been much of an oyster girl, but I had zero problems shooting one of those babies. Nothing at all wrong about any of the food we had.

That’s a wrap on my weekend…off to bury myself under some more books.
Questions, friends!
Weekend highlights?
Favorite seafood? 

Fun Facts Friday (10/18): The Running Diaries

Wow, what a crazy week. I haven’t even had a free moment to think about starting a blog, which I greatly dislike. Craziness all around at the moment.

Since I’m still on a post-marathon high and have running brain like crazy lately, this will be an “all about my running story” Fun Facts day…whether that’s fun for you or not. 🙂


1. Running “runs” in my family. My dad’s dad (whom I unfortunately never met), my grandpa Frank Hussey, was known as “the school-boy wonder” in his day, because he qualified for the Olympics when he was still in high school. How cool is that?? He was one of the top sprinters in the US at one point and won a gold medal in the 1924 Olympics in France. I totally wish I’d gotten to meet him and would love to sit around and talk running with him and my dad, who also used to be a great runner (and whose best half marathon time totally trounces mine). It’s so fascinating to me how families have their own unique legacies and interwoven threads, and how much you’re influenced by these systemic factors whether you realize it or not. And it’s also pretty cool to hold an Olympic gold medal and know you’re related to someone who won it!



2. Growing up with a running-obsessed dad, I learned at a very young age that if you didn’t like to run, or didn’t plan to engage in some sort of physical activity that involved running (soccer, softball, anything), there was something wrong with you and you were obviously missing out on the Best Thing You Can Ever Do For Yourself. So many times in my childhood, my dad would pull the car over as we were driving home from somewhere, and we knew this meant he was running the rest of the way home. Sometimes this was a few miles; sometimes it was 10 miles. I don’t ever remember thinking that I wanted to be like that, to be someone who carried running sneakers around in the trunk of her car and be ready to hit the pavement at any given minute, but it happened all the same. Unconsciously, I settled into the family pattern and came to identify myself by this indelible thread that links my dad to his dad and now to me…and it makes this passion even more dear to my heart, knowing that I was born to carry on this legacy. It’s become a wonderful bond between my dad and I, and I’m forever grateful to him for instilling this love for running in me. This past weekend, as I was on the way to the train station with he and my mom the day after my race, my dad expressed how proud he was of me and said, “You’re the best runner this family has ever had, in terms of distance. You did a wonderful job.”

Thanks, Dad. I owe you. Like, forever. 🙂

3. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I totally have commitment issues. This probably doesn’t surprise many of you who know me well. I’m talking about in my relationship with sneakers, of course. Duh, what else? 🙂 I started with New Balance in high school, then briefly flirted with Asics, Adidas, and Nike before sticking with the Newbies throughout college…and then flitting over to Saucony for a few years’ stretch. We had a pretty good run of it, all things considered, until I cheated with Nike again (so hard to resist, all those pretty models and fun colors).


That didn’t work out the way I’d hoped, however — too many unrealistic expectations, and “Just Do It” can only go so far, ya know? After one half marathon in Nikes in 2012, I went running back to New Balance will my tail between my legs and haven’t looked back once. These are my guys, and I’m stickin’ with ’em. I probably have 10 pairs of sneakers and they aren’t al NBs, but those are the ones I use to run. And I love ’em.

4. I love fun workout clothes, as I’m sure I’ve reiterated 4325325 times. I definitely get more excited to buy workout gear than any other type of clothing. Currently crushing on these:

Shakespeare + workout clothing = best thing ever

Shakespeare + workout clothing = best thing ever



5. And this totally gets to stand on its own. Love it.


Have a fabulous weekend, friends!