Weekly Workouts {8/16-8/22} & Healthy Snacking

holy humidity. anyone else having a humidity spike in their cities this week?? i actually chose to take the subway rather than bike to work the past two days because it was so gross out. not loving that!

before i get into this week’s workout line-up, let’s talk a bit of marathon training progress:

i’m not sure if i’m going to run the Mohawk Hudson marathon this October after all. i’d sort of half-heartedly committed myself to doing it, but to be honest, my legs are just tired alllll the time. i struggled through my (ridiculously humid) run this morning and fought for every single step, and none were pain free. i haven’t done any runs over 13.1 miles this summer, and the thought of running a marathon just doesn’t appeal to me at the moment…so i’m not sure where i’m at, but i’m absolutely not upset about it at all. i might drop down and run the half (probably have to bandit run it, as i doubt they’ll let me change), but i’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on that.

*my week in workouts*

Sun, 8/16: an hour of total body workout, including kettlebells, free weights, a lot of jump squats & walking lunges & the like, followed by planks & a stretch sesh — great way to start my Sunday morning before heading to church at Hillsong NYC
Mon, 8/17: evening gym workout: warmed up with 15 minutes on the Arc trainer before doing 45 minutes of upper body (back machines, kettlebells & push-ups) and finished with planks
Tues, 8/18: morning run – 5 miles on the treadmill, for the first time in months, b/c it was 90% humidity at 6am. WOOF.
Wed, 8/19 (today): 6 mile run outdoors — basically like running underwater. i was drenched by mile 1. gross.
Thurs, 8/20: i might have to take a rest day tomorrow, as i think i’ll be too busy to squeeze in a workout… sometimes all the plans come first. 🙂
Fri, 8/21: hoping for a morning Arc trainer & strength sesh, depending upon how late Thurs night’s plans go!
Sat, 8/22: long, hilly run upstate by the lake! always my fave workout of the week, so long as my legs aren’t all sorts of crazy sore and allow me to enjoy the run.

i’ve been trying to be more mindful of what i put into my body after a workout lately, as part of my whole “be as healthy as possible and take care of yourself” summer goal. i want to stay strong and fueled and feel good about my food choices rather than mindlessly snacking or eating something just because it’s convenient or tastes good.

allllll the fruit. i can't get enough.

allllll the fruit. i can’t get enough.

i’ve teamed up with Nuts.com for this post to discuss some healthy post-workout/run food options. (i’m not being paid in any way for this, but have chosen to promote them because i personally like to partner with and help support organizations devoted to healthy living.) Nuts.com is a family-owned organization dedicated to healthy snacking, offering over 2,000 items delivered right to your door! i’ve spent some time perusing their website lately and reading through their healthy snacks page, and they offer some great suggestions and yummy snacks for your post-workout noshing.

here are some of my personal fave post-workout snacks to grab on the go (because let’s face it, i’m basically always on the go in this city):

  • bananas. pretty much my go-to food. i eat one almost every day (okay i had 2 small ones already today)
  • hard-boiled eggs. i’ve been pretty consistent about keeping these on hand the past couple of months, and they’ve totally changed my snack habits. i eat them by themselves, on salads, with avocado…
  • juice. i’ve been on a big fresh-pressed juice kick this summer. it can be a bit pricey as they add up quickly, but they’re so good and a perfect summer snack. anything with beets & ginger is right up my alley.
  • Medifast bars or shakes. i really like both the taste & nutritional value of this company’s products, and they’re an easy choice after a good workout.
  • almonds. i don’t buy these enough but i really enjoy them! my fave nut.

two healthy snack options that looks really good to me on Nuts.com:

  • Freeze Dried Fruit Cocktail: 100% fruit with no extra added sugar. i really like dried fruit but i’m not into the mixes that add a sweetener, so this one appeals to me. i think it’d be great to put over oatmeal or mix with nuts!
  • Organic Trail Mix. so much goodness. just yum.

hope your running, workouts & healthy snacking are all on track this week, friends!

Runners: How’re you feeling lately? How’s training going? Any joys/woes to share?
What’re your favorite post-workout snacks?