Grand Banks: the classy NYC boat bar

so if you know me, you know that i’m rather vocal about my love for boats. i’m pretty sure i could live on one, actually, my water-baby dreams run that deep. i maintain that i had little choice in this matter and was luckily born into a boat/water/beach crazy family, as some of my earliest memories revolve around my tiny self shrieking in glee as my dad’s speedboat bumped and bounced along the Hudson River. my mom loves to tell people that she wanted kids, and my dad wanted a boat…so naturally, the boat came first, and then Ry and i were allowed to exist. we’re very fair in my family — we like to keep everyone happy and let them have whatever their little hearts desire. it’s a nice system.

it’s only fitting, then, that i try to take advantage of any opportunity to get myself on a boat here in NYC, regardless the intent: like the lobster boat near my apartment, which is just the most fun casual boat experience; or, the classier, more intimate sailboat bar docked just a few blocks from my office called Grand Banks.


i really, really like this spot. the boat’s site boasts it as an “award-winning oyster bar aboard a historic wooden schooner, the Sherman Zwicker.” i’ve never tried the food (i’m not such an oyster person, but i’m determined to make myself get better at that and conquer the fear of the slimy/brainy-ness), but they certainly make it look appetizing:


however, even if seafood isn’t your thing, the ambiance and cocktails should be more than enough to entice you to board this lovely boat. i’ve tried a few of their signature cocktails, but for me, there’s just something so summer-magical about sipping rosé on a sailboat. the two just go hand-in-hand in my book.

it truly is the perfect classy summer spot, in my opinion, unless you get seasick, as it definitely rolls & rocks and gives you the full “i’m on a sailboat” experience. i spent a few hours on it recently and woke up in the middle of the night that night thinking i was on the rolling sea…which actually made me smile in my sleep.

bring on the waves, baby. i love ’em.

happy Friday, friends!

Any fun plans for the weekend? i’m going to Charleston!
Verdict on oysters: love ’em, hate ’em, want to make yourself like ’em? i’m the third choice — trying to overcome!