Friday Five {1.16.15}

1. workouts. been a good week for these, and hopefully that streak will continue into this weekend (when i’m upstate, woot!).

Sunday night: 6 miles on a treadmill (5m run, 1m walk)
Monday night: amazeballs bootcamp sesh with the girlfriends after a 2.5m speed interval run on the treadmill
Tuesday morning: 45 mins on the arc trainer (never fun, always necessary), abs
Wednesday: rest. because walking hurt.
Thursday night: 5.15m run outside along the West Side
Friday morning (today): mini version of the strength sesh we did on Monday, minus most of the legs. because ouch, still. and i want to be able to run this weekend!

photookay, party people, get it straight: my first fave F word is fitness. duh. 🙂

i’m back to using the Garmin for running, and always love an empty gym in the morning! the best.

2. NYC lights. because i can never post too many beautiful pictures of my favorite city (aka, home).

i snapped this beauty on Wednesday night, when i had the fun opportunity to visit the Trump Soho for a tour and dinner/drinks at Koi restaurant, courtesy of their wonderful sales manager. this stunning view is what you see from their amazing enclosed rooftop event space on the 46th floor, called SoHi. it was such an amazing space, with one of the most truly breathtaking views of the city imaginable. i felt so unbelievably fortunate to be there and had one of those “all the feelings” moments, where you’re just speechless as you take it all in.

and when i become a bajillionaire, this is where i’ll get married. final answer.

3. beauty// hair. i’m finally getting my hair cut/colored this weekend by my friend upstate, which is always exciting, as i am the lowest maintenance hair person ever and love to finally feel like someone is making me look good for the first time in months. i’ve been doing a subtle ombre for a while now and will definitely continue that, but i’m thinking of going a bit more drastic with it. i’m thinking along these lines:

beckinsalebilsonBurberry Soho Store Celebrates Fashion's Night Out…and hoping i magically morph into any of these 3 ladies as well. a girl can dream.

4. fashion// denim. i don’t always have the best luck buying jeans, as i have a small waist and athletic legs, and it’s hard to get the fit just right. however, i’ve lucked into stumbling upon two different pairs i really like in the last month (unheard of!), so if this is your issue as well, you might want to check these out.

for the boyfriend look: Gap Sexy Boyfriend jeans.

i think they have diff models of these, but mine look just like the ones pictured above and were a model from late 2014 (if that helps at all). i’m not sure what their current ones are like, but i’ve tried a bunch of the boyfriend types and these were the first i really liked on me.

for the skinny look: Paige Verdugo Ankle Raw Hem.

best pic i could find of them, which really doesn’t do them justice…they look much better in person. i have short(ish) legs, so these are full-length on me rather than ankle-length, and they are a bit stretchy, so i find them so comfortable and flattering. i also found them on sale at a store downtown, which was a huge plus, as i’m pretty sure i wouldn’t have paid $189 for them. i can’t speak for any of Paige’s other models, but these are definitely a good find for athletic chicks!

5. love. as in, something i love, for every reason. photobecause the open road; because she’s a brunette; because the arm charms; because the free spirit of adventure; because of possibility. because we all need an escape to whatever “wonderland” we cherish most, and choose to believe in. because this makes me want to throw all caution to the wind and do the same.

happy weekend, friends! xo.

Tell me anything you want!
Something good from your week?
Fave jeans brand?
Something you’re excited about this weekend?