WILW {10.22.14}

What i’m loving Wednesday, by categories:

*food: Detour Smart bars in Apple Cinnamon.

these bars are seriously delicious and good for a pre-workout snack, a mid-afternoon snack or even to curb a sweet tooth and act as dessert. they’re chewy and light and super flavorful, and they pack 10 grams of protein into a 120 calorie, 2 g of fat gluten free treat. i love ’em.


*drink: pumpkin beer (still). i went from a rarely-touch-a-beer drinker (Corona lights at the beach were about the extent of it) to a several-of-these-a-week imbiber this season, all because i threw my freak-out-over-calories-in-beer caution to the wind and decided that if i like it this much, i’m going to be a seasonal beer drinker, goshdarnit. and man, do i like this stuff.

newest try: Heartland Brewery’s Smiling Pumpkin Ale.

sooooooo delicious. definitely high up in the rankings of the pumpkin beers i’ve tried to date. enjoyed one last night while watching my baseball team destroy their opponents in game 1 of the World Series! yep, i’m a lifelong SF fan, thanks to my (obsessed) father, and i’m stoked with their every-other-year streak they have going on with the World Series since 2010. so exciting.

*tunes: the 1975.  one of the greatest joys in a music-lover’s life: that moment when you find a new band that sounds completely unprecedented to you and which becomes an instant obsession, a part of your daily routine from the very first listen. this band completely blindsided me when i first heard them on Spotify and i’m totally addicted to their dancey, snarky, cleverly catchy Brit alt/indie poppy sound. i seriously haven’t stopped playing this album — yes, i bought the entire album after previewing a few songs and realizing the one i’d intended to download simply wasn’t enough — ad nauseam since purchasing it. and i don’t intend to anytime soon.

my picks: “Girls,” “Settle Down,” “Pressure,” & “Sex,” as well as the radio hit “Chocolate”…

right, so essentially i’m just obsessed with the whole album. listen to it. stat.

*inspiration. words that make my soul happy.


*fitness humor. this is Hundo P true for me. nailed it.


here’s to getting over the hump, friends!

whatcha liking this week?


WILW {10.8.14}

oh heyyy, friends. i’m still here, don’t fret! i can sense your worry. 🙂

you know those days when you just feeling super meh, and the only thing you can do to try to snap yourself out of it is try to focus on good things about your life and hope that eventually you’ll be able to mind-trick yourself into willing the yucky parts away?

welp, i had two of those in a row the past 2 days, which didn’t feel amazing. and i started blogging both days but just couldn’t muster up the energy to finish either time. but today, everything feels like sunshine and rainbows again, for no reason and every.


so today, i woke up and decided i was going to get outdoors and run, no matter how much my legs hurt. and they did hurt — but i did run anyway — and while i fought for those painful 4+ miles, it was worth every aching step. i have so missed my morning runs along the river, and a slow, painful run this morning felt like a tiny victory, as it did wonders for my soul to just start the day outdoors and let everything go.


when you love something that much, it’s hard to give it up, even if it hurts to stick with it. so this is the first thing i’m loving on this Wednesday: starting my day with an outdoor run again.

oh, and
prayers for my hurting legs are much appreciated, please, friends! thank youuuuu.

something else making me happy today, on a totally unrelated-to-running note: i have to say, it’s nice to have friends who enjoy your blog so much — and know how much writing means to you — that they look forward to reading it and reach out to let you know you’re slacking. what that says to me is, hey! i like you and you’re important to me and i love reading about your little corner of the world, so please add something to my life by writing about yours.

that’s sweet. i like that. and i always appreciate those who help hold me accountable to writing. one of my bffs is such a fabulous blog-supporter (and fellow wanderlusting gypsy soul) that i swear she gets as stoked as i do to find stuff “for my blog” and is always sending me (or insta-tagging me in) pix to use, which i absolutely love. she recently sent me this one because she saw it and “it reminded her of me”…which i took as a big, fun compliment…in reference to the strong legs, the leg warmers (i love those things!), and the love for dance. (just not the pole, obvi.)  thanks, girl. keep ’em coming. 🙂


sooooo, then, moving on! most of the things i’m loving this Wednesday happened over the weekend, so let’s backtrack, mmmmkay?

Saturday was a great day overall, starting with a (rather painful) 6.5 mile run, albeit on a treadmill due to the rain. boo.

i’ve been doing a bit better with the foam rolling, although i still need to step up the consistency of that game…but the pumpkin everything goal? i’m crushing that one, like whoa. pumpkin beer for dayssss.

it pairs so well with everything, really: gym pants, sweat, recovery, foam rollers…crazy how that happens.

in keeping with the pumpkin theme, i popped into Pinkberry for the first time in months to try their pumpkin season flavor. omg sososososo good.

pumpkin-pinkberryphotodo it. doooooo it.

…annnnnd i kept the streak going strong, as Saturday night date night with the girls at their (awesome) new apartment in Hoboken consisted of on-the-couch pumpkin/fall beer taste testing (3 down so far), sweatpants & a movie. precisely, exactly, absolutely the way i wanted to spend that evening.

the beer was good, but the company was the highlight of my weekend. i haven’t seen these lovely faces nearly as much as i’d have liked to since the summer (and our weekend beach trips) ended, and it makes my soul so glowingly happy just to be around them, in sweatpants on the couch on a Saturday night when there’s nowhere else in the world to possibly be.

oh, and real friends introduce you to amazing books that change your life, like the one i’m currently reading:

it’s absolutely beautiful. i was undoubtedly hooked from the first page, as she told me i would be. it’s unprecedented, like a riot in the soult; it’s heartbreaking and raw; it’s shocking and organic at the same time. it makes you dive down into the hidden depths of your own confused, muddled being, down to the most sacred, clandestine parts, where love and loss and pain and joy all go to nurse their wounds after years of colliding with one another and try to make sense of where each one ends and the other begins. it’s brilliant, and i wish i knew how to write the way she does, to feel those things.

read it, please. you won’t regret it.

hmmm no segue for that little emotional burst, soooo…

The Voice makes me happy. anyone else watching this show?

man, i love those four faces. i’ve had a Gwen girl-crush since she first burst onto the scene, and i’m just loving the way these 4 interact. i always assumed i’d naturally choose Adam (you know, when all 4 chairs turn for my blind audition and fight over me), but Gwen might be a game-changer. so fab.

annnd last but not least, i’m totally digging this little commentary on a runner girl’s fairytale:

a-da-mo-11no caption necessary. he should just understand. 🙂

Anyone have any good runs/races lately?
Pumpkin beer: nay or yay? if yay, please tell me your fave kind so i can try asap!
Any Cheryl Strayed fans? Or any book recs you want to send my way, please do!