Treadmill misery & the first rooftop of the season.

so i stay in NYC this weekend, and wouldn’t you know: it’s been pouring nonstop since i woke up. out like a lamb, hmm?

so, my anticipated West Side Highway long run turned into a hot, pretty darn miserable treadmill run in my building gym. i called it quits after an hour, as i pretty much hated every single second of those 60 minutes. however, the silver lining was that the NYC Half t-shirt was really comfortable and breathable. fashion saves the day.

gymis it weird that i’m more comfortable with sweaty workout selfies than any other kind? it’s nice when you don’t have to pretend to look good. 🙂

i also discovered a new favorite gym apparatus: that incline sit-up machine in the bottom right. it’s the perfect way to finish up my workouts, because it’s part horrible ab torture that i’m praying pays off by summer, and part wonderful, super padded resting bench where i let the blood rush to my head while staring at my feet in-between reps. such a gem.

i was pretty happy that i finally made it to Salvation Army today to drop off the bag of clothes that’d been sitting on my floor for months. it always feels good to donate clothes, even if i did immediately walk out and hit the stores. this is what it feels like to be a girl: we are slaves to logic like “donate clothes = buy new clothes.” and since it was cold and pouring, the natural thing was to buy a bunch of cute little summer shirts and hope hanging them on my wall will motivate me to a) use that killer ab machine more and b) think Spring. come on, NYC. you’re killing me.

before the rain started last night, my girlfriends and i managed to get about 20 minutes of lovely feels-like-Spring weather on the rooftop patio of the Refinery Hotel in Midtown. this was my first time there, and it was such a hip spot with a great view of the Empire State building and really cool, elemental decor. i’m definitely looking forward to going back more this summer (and hopefully not getting rained upon). great choice for our first rooftop experience of 2014. we had some vodka and rose syrup drink called the Uptown Girl, which was great…but maybe not $17 worth of great. one-drink stop.

here’s to hoping the rain lets up so i can run outside tomorrow…and hit some more rooftops and patios in the near future.

oh, and in other news, i walked by a super fun sidewalk sign in front of a cafe in Hell’s Kitchen today — one of the best i’ve seen: “A meal without wine is called breakfast.” naturally, i had to have a glass of wine with lunch on my couch after that.

happy weekend, friends. xo

Question: Highlight of your weekend so far?

Are rooftop bars big things in your city?