Montauk weekend (aka my beach bum life)

you know those rituals/traditions you start with your friends that just make you the happiest person and add so much joy to your life, that you’d hate to think of them ending? well, for the past three years, it’s safe to say my summers wouldn’t be the same without our annual girls’ weekend trip to Montauk. although the dynamic & crew changes slightly each year, it’s always one of the weekends i look forward to immensely.

girlfriends + surf town + all the beach time + nothing but fun & silliness? my kind of life.

IMG_7729i know i’m a broken record with this, but seriously — i could easily live a beach bum life. pretty good at chillin’.

Montauk is a bit of a hike from NYC — 3 hours on the train — but definitely worth it. it’s wayyyy out there, the very last town on Long Island, aptly nicknamed “The End.”

080707_montauk2one of the girls and i went out bright & early on Friday morning and got a full beach day in before heading over to our fave (and everyone else’s) beach bar, The Sloppy Tuna, where we were so stoked to see corn hole boards set up. the bar wasn’t overly packed for once, and we immediately got to work on schooling all the boys at our fave summer game.

IMG_7718gotta love a good action shot!

after winning three games in a row, the boys decided we were cool enough to continue to hang with, and we ended up making a bunch of fun new friends who were there for a bachelor party. they invited us back for a pig roast (my nightmare of a food option, but the party was a blast), where i somehow ended up dancing salsa, before we all ended up out at this rad indoor/outdoor bar/restaurant/hotel called Ruschmeyer’s that draws huge crowds at night…and where people do things like bring Twister boards to make friends.

twisterumm, yes, please. i’m not sure why everyone doesn’t start carrying games around with them when they go out? best idea ever.

we weren’t out super late, thankfully, so i managed to get myself out for a run the next morning and probably covered about 5 miles, i’d say. it was hot and i was struggling (that’s the theme of my running lately, unfortunately), but i felt better about my life afterwards and ready for another beach day.

IMG_7728wayfarers & snapbacks unite.

i’m not much of a beer girl, but we all agreed we had to try Montauk’s local beer (they have their own little brewery), and it wasn’t bad. pretty light, nothing overpowering, drinkable but not overly memorable.

summeralei totally dig the cans, though. can’t go wrong with baby blue & white stripes, and the “Come as you are” slogan across the top is a great little touch. (although i might argue that Montauk’s idea of “come as you are” seems to be “please workout as hard as you can all winter long if you want to think about wearing a bikini in this crowd.”) but yes, it was a solid beach beer option.

another great aspect about Montauk is the food. it has some fabulous little independently-owned places, like Joni’s, a super healthy, organic surfy-vibed little breakfast & lunch shack near the beach that’s become an institution in Montauk and is always packed (but totally worth the wait). i have dreams of opening up something like this on a beach one day. i don’t think it’s possible to go to Montauk without hitting Joni’s (at least once a day).

i also had my very first acai bowl at Happy Bowls, an acai & smoothie bar right on Main Street.

acaibowlit was so rad. i opted for their <500 Calorie bowl, which was unsweetened acai blended w/ coconut water, topped w/ granola, bananas, blueberries, strawberries and i added mango. so so so sosososososo good. i want to recreate this every day. it was the perfect breakfast on a hot morning in a little beach town.

i wouldn’t mind if that was my morning ritual — beach town included — every single day. #futurelifegoals

it’s always a struggle to come back to “real life” after such a fabulous weekend, so i’m doing the best i can today (and dreaming of how to make this beach town existence a constant reality!).

bottom line: you should go to Montauk. promise i’ll meetcha there.

How was your weekend? Give me a highlight!
Acai bowl fans? What’s your fave?


Montauk: a girl can dream (but living it would be better…)

you know how people say that while they like the idea of living the whole beach bum lifestyle, they know they’d tire of it pretty quickly and get antsy and want to go back to the craziness of their city lives and chase their careers and feel like a frenetic, productive human being again?

i’m so not one of those people. i could handle this all day, every day, Hundo P. beach bum life is my idea of Heaven.

photo 3
i got to enjoy a lil taste of it in Montauk this past weekend with some fab girlfriends. we thankfully had two uh-mayyyy-zing, picture-perfect beach days, which we maximized like whoa (although i didn’t hit up and surf or paddle board lessons, boo). everything was perfect: hot, sunny days; beach games (Kan Jam, anyone?!) and drinks, great friends, good food, and fun venues.

that sand + sun + sea salty hair feeling…does it get any better?

photo 1Friday night we checked out a sweet spot called The Surf Lodge, which we absolutely loved. surfboard decor, sand, fires and hanging lanterns and rocking beach chairs and hula hoops and a live band — everything you want a beach/surf bar to be. it wasn’t super crowded or “sceney,” and was exactly how we wanted to spend our first night in Montauk.

surflodgePhoto(5)we woke up Saturday morning at a decent hour and actually set out for a little workout, consisting of a 3-4 mile run with some sets of push-ups/burpees/squat jumps/walking lunges scattered along the way. it felt amazing to start our day (which we knew would involve a lot of beach insanity later) in such a healthy and productive way. there’s just something about running in the sea air….mmmm.

after that, our Saturday took off full-speed with lots of sun, beach games (Kan Jam, anyone?!), ocean dips, music and drinks and everything summery on the beach allllll the day…

until we moved it to the Sloppy Tuna for the happy hour post-beach party. and theeeennnn the dance party ensued…

photo 5and continued post-Tuna in our motel…

photo 4
before we headed out for the night. first stop was more of a locals event that we would have never known about had the DJ from the Sloppy Tuna not invited us to it: an art gallery party at a nearby hotel, which ended up being really cool and definitely made me want to be a local and learn to surf and go to things like this all the time, where people are tan and wear snapbacks out at night and still have sand on their feet.

photo 2
we then hit Ruschmeyer’s, a hot spot boasting a huge outdoor area with sweet lanterns, hammocks, cornhole and ping pong and outdoor dining, as well as a multiple-room indoor area with dancing and music. another totally fun spot. Montauk with the win for outdoor venues, for suuuure.

Photo(5)i called it early (lamo party pooper) because i wanted to have a full day on Sunday, so i was up before 8 and jaunted off to the beach solo. i’m soooo glad i did, because it was such a polar opposite experience from the party beach scene that takes off in the afternoon: there were hardly any people there at all, and i spent almost two hours just laying in the sand and wading in the ocean and drinking coffee and reflecting upon life.

ever feel like you need those moments? something about early mornings in nature definitely brings that out in me, and i’m thankful i had that time to myself this weekend. it was a lovely way to start my Sunday and sort of “catch up” with myself before the girls got up and joined me.

every time i leave a beach vaca i feel like i left a little piece of my heart behind; like something at the very core of me that is rarely unleashed breaks open when i’m near the ocean. that’s probably a sign i need to live there one day…yep. that’s for sure what that must be.

hope you all had lovely weekends, friends! it was hard to say good-bye to Montauk, but knowing i’ll be back in a month dulls the pain just a bit. 🙂

Any other total beach bums out there? Where’re your fave local beachy spots to hit?
Tell me something fun from your weekend!