Weekly Workouts: {8/26-9/1}


so, i have a new favorite run-related picture of me – like, ever. this is very exciting in my world.

i had no idea this picture was being taken, mid-stretch, pre-beach run on a gorgeous morning in Santa Barbara, and i love it. hi, new Weekly Workouts photo. i’ve been needing you.

new fave sports bra: Lulu’s Free To Be *Wild Bra in Floral Sport Multi.

i decided it makes more sense to go from Wed-Wed with these workout posts, so i can recap what i’ve actually done rather than have to forecast some of them. totally uncertain why i didn’t come up with this ingenious idea before. i think the California air made me smarter.

Wed, 8/26: lovely morning 5-miler , before going to California that evening!
Thurs, 8/27: my first run in SB, a (somewhat hilly) 3-4 miler that looped down to the ocean.
Fri, 8/28: a glorious, perfect morning barefoot beach run (commemorated by the above photo). not sure mileage — 3.5, 4 miles — but i was so unconcerned with numbers and just completely caught up in the beauty of running along an almost-uninhabited beach on a pristine morning with my feet in the ocean. it was absolutely the most beautiful, enjoyable run of my entire life and i’d probably consider moving to SB solely to be able to enjoy that again with each sunrise.


Sat, 8/29: so, i went on my first hike in years. i was stoked for it, even though i didn’t feel well at all… and i wish i could report that it went better than it did. i sooooo wanted to enjoy this, but to be honest, i was a struggle show for most of it (and so thankful that my friend showed me so much grace & patience). it was so hot and so buggy and i felt so awful and it was more like rock climbing than hiking, and i got scared at one point and almost cried. not my finest moment. however, parts were really pretty, and i was glad i went (when it was over). i DO want to hike more, and love being out in nature; that just wasn’t my morning. girls.

FullSizeRenderit was worth it for the pictures, though. anything for a photo.

Sun, 8/30: rest day. we went on a leisurely pre-church morning walk along the same beach from Friday morning, and that was lovely and more than enough.
Mon, 8/31: my last morning in SB — i went on a solo 3.5ish mile run down to the marina and back. nothing crazy, but just needed the “me” time at the end of a full trip.
Tues, 9/1: my first night run in a long time — 6 miles along the Hudson in brand new sneaks (same Asics i had before). i felt good, although i certainly didn’t miss the NYC humidity.

reflection from this week: i didn’t do any long runs or anything really strenuous at all, but i felt so good and happy and balanced and enjoyed the runs i did do. i think it was really good for me to be able to let up on myself a bit and take it easy, and have my days feel full and happy (and not think of my workout as the only good thing from that day, which happens pretty frequently in my workweek life). i’m looking forward to a long run this weekend though.

How were your workouts this week?
Do you run/workout when on vaca?
Beach running: yay or nay? YAY here. all day every day.

2 Things Tuesday

today is a day i really love: September 1st.

for me, September represents all good things. for starters, it’s my favorite word — i just love how it sounds. September. it just seems built for magic.

it’s also my favorite birthstone (sapphire), and one of the loveliest months weather-wise in New York: Indian summer and golden and bright and sometimes crisp. i love the colors and the advent of the Autumn season, when the world is suspended between two seasons i love and takes on characteristics of both. i love apple picking and pumpkin everything and the colors and the way the air smells. i love being on the lake in a hoodie and going for long runs in the breathable, clean air.

i also love firsts, so the first of every month is fun in and of itself, and then combined with September, well — it’s a good day.

so, on that note, let’s transition…Untitled
ONE: California. that’s where i was since last Wednesday — Santa Barbara, to be exact. i’m not sure i can adequately capture the essence & beauty of this magical little city on the Pacific in words, but at some point this week, i’m certainly going to do my best to try. i’m to sleepy to attempt to do it any sort of justice right now, but i will say that i absolutely loved it and had an amazing time with some special friends. i ran on the beach, drank some great wine, met a ton of cool people, had heart conversations with dear friends i wish i saw more, and did other magical things i’ll wait to tell you about later. oh, and i stayed in a little blue bungalow with a darling string-lit patio that was perfect for cocktails & conversation. i just {heart} this place so much.

TWO: eat & drink. i had my 2nd-ever acai bowl post-hike this past weekend, and i’m pretty sure these foods are made for me. fruit + granola + a cold fruity base = my dream concoction.

bowlwe went to Backyard Bowls in Santa Barbara and i had the Berry Bowl (pictured above), but substituted coconut milk for the apple juice:

SB BYB menu final no prices
it was all sorts of amazingness and i neeeeed to start making these at home.

and on the drink front: i was reading the airline magazine on a flight yesterday and found this delicious libation recipe that i do believe i should attempt to make: a Flower Power.

drinkyes, please.

What’s the best thing you’ve had to eat or drink lately?
Been to any fun cities recently?
Any other September lovers?!