Two Things Tuesday


ONE: Marathon training has officially begun! As of this morning, in fact! Yes, I’ve been running consistently, but I just decided today at 6am that I should probably, like, follow a plan or something. What race am I training for? The Mohawk Hudson River Marathon in the Capital Region of Upstate, NY — yes, the same (and only) 26.2 mile course I’ve run twice before. Hey, if it ain’t broke…right?
IMG_8395I’ve had two great experiences and love the course and running in early October, and it’s important to me to run a race at home so that my parents & loved ones can be there, so this has become my favorite race. I’ve done the half twice (2011 & 2012) and the full twice thus far (2013 & 2015), forced to defer 2014 due to an injury, and I’m excited to train for this full again. I like the structure and accountability a training plan offers me, even if I don’t always stick to it unwaveringly, and I’m hoping the next 13 weeks take me on a journey of self that challenges & stretches me in all sorts of ways.

I’ve chosen to follow Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 1 Marathon Training plan, which is the same one I (loosely) used last time. No complaints with it and I adjust as needed.

TWO: Dave Matthew Band — in concert, this coming Saturday night. So, so stoked for this outdoor summer concert at my favorite (and most-frequented) concert venue, Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC). I’ve seen dozens of concerts & ballets here throughout my life, but DMB has always been the front-runner — this will be my 10th time seeing them in concert since I became a huge fan in my early teens. An outdoor show on a golden evening in Saratoga, NY, where the music couldn’t be any more summer-perfect and the atmosphere is one of overwhelming joy and revelry just to be alive in that moment…those are some of my favorite memories of growing up Upstate, and I can’t wait to relive that again this weekend!


Dave selling out SPAC!

What’s something you’re looking forward to this week?
Anyone following a plan/training for a fall marathon?


Christine & Chad’s wedding weekend

i love any excuse to go back home to beautiful upstate NY, but this past weekend’s excuse was an exceptionally amazing one: my good friend and former roommate Christine married the love of her life, Chad, in picturesque Saratoga Springs.

we started the weekend off with a day at Saratoga Racetrack, which was a blast.

anyone ever gone to any live horse races? i’ve only been to the track once before despite having grown up in the area, and although i didn’t bet on any horses, it was so much fun to be up there. there were SO many people picnicking and hanging out and having a grand ole time, and they had a great group of friends and family members present.

their wedding was on Sunday, August 17, which was a bright and beautiful, picture-perfect day. everything about this wedding was absolutely perfect and lovely in every way, from start to finish.

the bride looked absolutely stunning:

christineand we took these adorable old-fashioned trolley buses from the hotel to the reception:

trolleythe reception was at the Canfield Casino in historic Congress Park in Saratoga, which i’d heard was absolutely breathtaking. it’s known as one of the most sought-after and gorgeous wedding venues in upstate NY, so i couldn’t wait to see it. and let me tell you — it did not disappoint, and was spectacular:

casinocheck out that ceiling — those are all panels of stained glass. my photo doesn’t quite do it justice, so here’s another from photographer J.P. Elario:

WIS4it was outstanding and perfect and definitely a place i’d consider having my wedding (if that ever becomes a thing).

oh, and did i mention i had a wonderfully charming and handsome date? he definitely made this event even more fabulous for me, and i was lucky he was free to accompany me that night. 😉

lucasme2lucasmethe groom looked like he was having the time of his life the whole night, and stopped (with his bowtie and suspenders — how adorable?!) to pose for a pic with me and my friend Melissa:
photothis definitely has to be one of the liveliest and most fun weddings i’ve attended, and i think that says volumes about Christine and Chad and their close circles of friends and family. these two have such amazing personalities and hearts, and everyone there was absolutely bubbling over with love and joy for them. it was truly a joyful, exciting event, and i felt so blessed to be a part of such a beautiful day in their lives. thanks, friends. i love you so.

since it was a Sunday night wedding, i took Monday off work and spent it doing this:

on the boat with the fam

life is just so, so good. weekends like this past one remind me exactly how beautiful life, love, and lakes can be. 🙂

hope you had wonderful weekends, friends!

Friday Five

i’m always stoked for Friday (duh), but i’ve been especially excited for thissss particular Friday all week, as it’s the beginning of what i’m expecting to be an amazing weekend. so much good stuff going on! i’m headed upstate to the lake for the weekend, which is always one of my fave ways to spend time, but there’s a very special reason i’m traveling upstate this weekend…so let’s start with that.

*something i’m excited about: Christine’s wedding weekend in Saratoga!
one of the things i’ve been most thankful for since i’ve moved to NYC is that i’ve had incredible roommates, and Christine is my prime example.

Peter & Tink celebrate their birthdays together

Peter & Tink celebrate their birthdays together

we lived together for just over two years and became great friends, and i couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate her wedding weekend in the charming town of Saratoga Springs (one of both of our faves, and close to where i grew up). i’m just itching to get upstate and start the festivities for this amazing friend and lovely bride-to-be!

at a luau in Hawaii

at a luau in Hawaii

congrats, my darling, to you and Chad. wishing you every blessing and happiness in the world. ❤

*something fun from my week: a concert at Summer Stage in Central Park.
on Wednesday night i saw Gavin DeGraw and Matt Nathanson at Central Park’s sweet outdoor concert venue, Summer Stage.

photoGavin put on suuuuch a good show — that boy seriously has one of the sickest voices i’ve everrrr heard. pure amazingness. i’m semi-sure we’re some sort of star-crossed non-lovers, as he grew up in the same area i did, lived in the same section of NYC as i do when he first moved here, and i randomly worked with his cousin when i lived in Colorado. oh, and i just love his music, sooooo, yeah. set the scene for a fictional romance, kids.

*annnd the bummer of my week: running injury. the.worst.thing. i have the exact same injury in my left leg as i did last summer/fall in my right. like, how does that even happen? shin splint/something my PT called “posterior tibial strain,” even though mine is higher above the ankle, more to the side below the calf. i managed 6 miles on it last night, but it was almost unbearable the first 2-3. and afterwards, well, forget about it. i’m limping like whoa. so basically, i’m taking things day by day and playing this October marathon by ear. there will be other races, and i’m not going to get crazy about it. if i’m not enjoying it and in so much pain, well, i can sit this one out.

*a lil lol. Uncorked Wine Co. in the West Village never ceases to amuse me with their street signage. humor is always appreciated on these NYC streets!

*inspiration, motivation, & just because i like.





Highs and lows of your week?
Fan of weddings? What do you love about them?
celebrating friends/love, dancing, getting dolled up, cute dates…oh geeze i love it all.