weekend recap: a baby, a ball & other good stuff

i love the days when i wake up happy, refreshed, and bouncingly ready to go. i didn’t even have to snooze once when my 5:30 gym alarm went off this am. that’s pretty darn fantastic, especially for a Monday.

a-da-mo-71that reminder just never hurts, hmmm?

aside from the fact that my legs are still hating life like whoa right now (pulled hamstring makes walking miserable and running a once-a-week activity — i managed 6.5 miles on Saturday afternoon and probably won’t be able to run til this coming wknd now, if EVER), my life is all kinds of spectacular.

let me give you some reasons:

*i’m an “aunt”!! my BFF — the person who i love more than anyone in this world (excluding family but right up there with them), the girl who i laughed and galavanted my college years away with, the person i can hardly go a single day without talking to and cannot for the life of me imagine my world without — had a perfect little baby boy yesterday afternoon! i honestly can’t even believe it, even though i saw her pregnant for 9 months and knew this day would come. i’m thrilled beyond all belief and cannot wait to hold/meet/spoil my adorable little “nephew” Henry David this coming weekend.

*fancy-schmancy girls’ night out.
i ventured out to the 3rd annual Liberty Ball with some friends on Friday night. it’s a charity event geared toward young professionals and held at Gotham Hall, which was a sweeeeet venue.


apparently we all got the LBD memo…

and made sure to keep it suuuuper classy all night.

photosilliness is our favorite.

*the ultimate list. yep. yep. annnnd yep. pretty sure this was my list of New Year’s resolutions. like, every year for the past 10 years.

*sexuality (class). i’m taking a course in Human Sexuality this semester, and it’s by far the best course (and teacher) i’ve had in this program. her goal is to expose us to anything and everything imaginable in the class, so that nothing a client throws at us will catch us entirely unawares and make us want to jump out the window. good strategy in my book. bring on all the uncomfortable topics in a classroom setting, please. let me prep for my real life blush sessions. it’s incredible, the amount of personal growth that comes out of a class geared toward getting you comfortable discussing such real-life issues as sexual dysfunction, vibrator usage, implications of pornography in a romantic relationship, fetishes, and everything else related to the ways in which humans interact sexually.

let it suffice to say, i think we all got over our awkwardness in the very first class and are happily embracing her teaching style with an open mind. it’s quite the captivating course.

hope you’re all enjoying the start to your week! it’s been lovely Autumn weather here in NYC.

Tell me something good from your weekend!


WILW {1/29/14}

welp this seems to be a recurring theme, my “start it on a Wednesday, finish on Thursday” post. i’m not a procrastinator, i swear…just uber busyyyyy!

here was yesterday’s camel of the day (courtesy of co-worker), NYC style:

random thought: how funny would it be to see camels pulling carriages in lieu of horses? guessing those rides would take agessssss…but what a story that’d be to tell.

so, let’s talk favorites. because truth be told, i’m definitely a favorite-player. although i love change and trying new things, i also love to have my tried-and-trues as well.

*Chobani. when it comes to Greek yogurt, no doubt about it: Chobani is my #1. i know Fage has a fan following, but i find it a bit too thick and heavy. Chobani just gets it right for me, both texture and with their fun assortment of flavors…and the new Olympic sponsorship just kicks it up a notch. because i’m a girl, which means i’m a sucker for some good marketing.

Photostick a snowboarder on a pear yogurt, and i’ll suddenly need a fridge full. such an easy kill.

i’ve always loved their Vanilla, Blueberry and Apple Cinnamon flavors, and this week i tried the Pear and Blackberry for the first time. totally dug both, but the Blackberry might have quickly moved into my new top spot…

Photo…even if it does have a skiier on it. i’ll let that slide.

* fashion: wearing heels. although i’d prefer to wear flip flops, Chuck Taylors and Toms every day of my (internal hippie) life, heels are sometimes a necessity. you know, for work and weddings and going out with really tall guys. with the exception of my salsa shoes (which are so, so comfortable), most heels drive me crazy and give me blisters and end up in my purse or under a table in no time flat. pun intended. i’m a barefoot kinda gal.

these Tahari heels, however, are such an exception, which is why i have them in 3 colors: black, nude, and a light beigeish pink.


they’re the non-heel-girl’s type of heel: not too high, as comfortable as a heel can be, classic and cute, and with a little platform in front to counterbalance some of the heel. perf.

*race training. i’m super glad to have these two half marathons coming up in March to push me into running distance again. i did a 9-miler on Saturday (albeit indoors) and felt great, and have my first group training run (outdoors!) this coming Saturday. i love having a race to look forward to and for which to push myself to train, and am stoked to run with a crew for once. i can’t wait to get back outside, cold and all, and knowing i have to meet up with people will help motivate me. if i’m going to freeze, well, at least they will, too. 🙂


dream. create. be healthy. prioritize. laugh. love hard. follow your passions. BE YOU.


*when school is fun. i started classes again this week for the semester, and our first assignment in my Lifespan Development class (which i’m pretty sure i took in undergrad as Adolescent Psychology and in my last grad program as Child/Adolescent Psychology) is to watch The Breakfast Club and write about the development of the characters. sweet.

i dig this assignment, for multiple reasons:
1. i’ve never seen this movie, so it’s a great excuse to (have to) watch it. yes, i’m aware i’m the only American over the age of 10 who hasn’t seen it, thanks.  i do know that the Simple Minds song “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” is featured in this movie, however, thanks to my obsession with Pitch Perfect. i might have lost some friends for that comment, but i’m okay with it. hey, you like what you like.
2. it gives me a reason other than “i’m just too tired” to choose staying in over going out…which seems to be the name of my game lately.
3. i’m a huge nerd and love this whole analyze-the-characters-and-their-interactional-patterns-and-the-overall-commentary-on-adolescent-development thing. like, this actually appeals to me.

happy almost Friday, loves!

Anyone else fail majorly on any of the “big” movies from the 80s-90s?
Favorite food you’re digging lately?

What I’m Lovin’ {this} Wednesday

*Living in a city that everyone loves to visit. I love NY, you love NY (well, you should, if you don’t!), we all love NY. One of the great things about living here is the fact that people from all over this great big crazy world flock to see this city of all cities to experience its magic for themselves.


Also, your far-away friends and relatives are more enticed to visit you when you live here. I had family from Nova Scotia in town last week, and it was suuuuch a treat to see them after about 15 years.

wonderful Canadians invading Times Square

So yes, this is my subtle way of saying please come visit. You all should know who you are. 🙂

*The return of comfy sweatpants and t-shirts  when the air cools at night (and clearly the ridiculous faces that come part-and-parcel with selfies)

was hoping this shirt motivates me to run faster (or fool people into thinking i'm a speed demon) but really it just makes me want to curl up and go to sleep

I was hoping this shirt motivates me to run faster (or fool people into thinking i’m a speed demon) but really it just makes me want to curl up and go to sleep

*The great Autumn spice revival : aka, the grand return of everything pumpkin spice and appley and gingerbready and cinnamony and all that jazz. Love this craze (along with every other girl in the world, yes, I’m aware).


While I will naturally gravitate towards anything pumpkin flavored at this time of year, I did just see an ad for something that sounds so wrong: Pumpkin Pie Vodka. I can’t even. No thanks.

*Planks. I love ’em. I started out with a minute or two here and there, and now I push myself to hold them for as long as 10 minutes (woot!), alternating the form of plank every minute or so (hands, elbows, sides). It’s amazing what your body can do if you put in the time and hard work, and I kinda like the sweat dripping into my eyes and down on the mat in front of me. Nothing quite like measuring your life in sweat droplets. 

*Being a student again.
  I just started my 2nd year of grad classes for a (second) Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. Yes, one day I hope to tell people what they’re doing wrong in their lives. JK. I actually want to help people. Promise.

I’m one of those wannabe forever students who actually loves opening text books and learning things. I love the forward-motion of working toward something and educating myself in a field that interests me, and I’m fascinated by psychology and the complexities of relationships. So far, this program has been a really good thing in my life, and I’m grateful to be able to have this opportunity.


Aww, thanks honeybun. (blush)

Question: What makes you smile lately?