this weekend, i…

went here (unfiltered), for a glorious long weekend:


ran this hilllllly route (the longest i’ve run in weeks!), with manageable pain:

watched this, for family movie night on Friday (we all liked it — really cool):


wore this (Maaji Peaches & Wolves reversible bottom — if you don’t know this swimsuit line, you want to, trust me — my current obsession):

drank this, a great cab from one of my fave vineyards i visited in Sonoma:

these, because people i like like these (homemade pb oatmeal chocolate chip):

felt like this:

as you can imagine, this was a prettttty perfect weekend for me, and i’m on somewhat of a “life can really be this good” high at the moment.

hope you all had wonderful weekends, friends. ❤

Tell me something great about your Labor Day weekend!


September was my Favorite

I’m sad to see it go; September was the most amazing month in NY. Almost every day was glorious, and I was fortunate enough to have increeeedible weather at the lake this past weekend. Couldn’t have been more perfect for end-of-September loveliness. Waking up at 8am on a Saturday to this view never gets old.


The picturesque mornings certainly helped my running morale, as I can’t lie — running has been a bit on the rough(ish) side lately. The half went pretty well last weekend, but I only did one 5-miler this past week, and it was painful. I set out Saturday am with pretty low expectations and hoped I’d be able to tough out at least 8-9 miles (while secretly wanting to hit 10-12). I actually struggled a lot the first 3-4 miles with the calf and hip pain and might have screamed at the sky/begged God to make me pain-free and make running easy again at one point. Thank goodness nobody is alive/awake/outside at 8:30am in the country, as I can only imagine what sort of looney toon I looked like.

I managed to push through the initial misery, however, and end up with a pretty nice run after all,


…even if I hobbled into my parents’ car at the end affirming that “half marathons are more my style and I really don’t have any desire to ever run a full.” The verdict is still out on whether or not I’m a post-run liar. 

The rest of the weekend was just what I needed after a crazy week: stress-free and full of relaxing time with my family and BFF. There was an amazing boat ride, a fabulous service at my old church, a wonderful Saturday afternoon patio date with my best friend, and lots and lots of family time —  which included drinking the bottle of Sebastiani red zin I bought at their winery in Sonoma back in 2011. I can’t believe I hung onto it for the past two years, and am on a serious mission to get myself back there ASAP to visit their winery again. It was so, so good.


Oh yeah, and this crazy lady was certainly a fun highlight of my weekend:


the Quinners, my overly excitable “niece” who loves me so much she pees everywhere whenever I’m around. My brother swears she only does that for me and one other person, his friend from Colorado. I guess that’s true love right there: when you just can’t control how happy you are to see someone. 🙂

I’m such a dog person. Those eyes and paws just get me every time. So thankful I have such an amazing crew of people (and furry friends) to go home to when life gets a little too hectic.