Friday Five {1.16.15}

1. workouts. been a good week for these, and hopefully that streak will continue into this weekend (when i’m upstate, woot!).

Sunday night: 6 miles on a treadmill (5m run, 1m walk)
Monday night: amazeballs bootcamp sesh with the girlfriends after a 2.5m speed interval run on the treadmill
Tuesday morning: 45 mins on the arc trainer (never fun, always necessary), abs
Wednesday: rest. because walking hurt.
Thursday night: 5.15m run outside along the West Side
Friday morning (today): mini version of the strength sesh we did on Monday, minus most of the legs. because ouch, still. and i want to be able to run this weekend!

photookay, party people, get it straight: my first fave F word is fitness. duh. 🙂

i’m back to using the Garmin for running, and always love an empty gym in the morning! the best.

2. NYC lights. because i can never post too many beautiful pictures of my favorite city (aka, home).

i snapped this beauty on Wednesday night, when i had the fun opportunity to visit the Trump Soho for a tour and dinner/drinks at Koi restaurant, courtesy of their wonderful sales manager. this stunning view is what you see from their amazing enclosed rooftop event space on the 46th floor, called SoHi. it was such an amazing space, with one of the most truly breathtaking views of the city imaginable. i felt so unbelievably fortunate to be there and had one of those “all the feelings” moments, where you’re just speechless as you take it all in.

and when i become a bajillionaire, this is where i’ll get married. final answer.

3. beauty// hair. i’m finally getting my hair cut/colored this weekend by my friend upstate, which is always exciting, as i am the lowest maintenance hair person ever and love to finally feel like someone is making me look good for the first time in months. i’ve been doing a subtle ombre for a while now and will definitely continue that, but i’m thinking of going a bit more drastic with it. i’m thinking along these lines:

beckinsalebilsonBurberry Soho Store Celebrates Fashion's Night Out…and hoping i magically morph into any of these 3 ladies as well. a girl can dream.

4. fashion// denim. i don’t always have the best luck buying jeans, as i have a small waist and athletic legs, and it’s hard to get the fit just right. however, i’ve lucked into stumbling upon two different pairs i really like in the last month (unheard of!), so if this is your issue as well, you might want to check these out.

for the boyfriend look: Gap Sexy Boyfriend jeans.

i think they have diff models of these, but mine look just like the ones pictured above and were a model from late 2014 (if that helps at all). i’m not sure what their current ones are like, but i’ve tried a bunch of the boyfriend types and these were the first i really liked on me.

for the skinny look: Paige Verdugo Ankle Raw Hem.

best pic i could find of them, which really doesn’t do them justice…they look much better in person. i have short(ish) legs, so these are full-length on me rather than ankle-length, and they are a bit stretchy, so i find them so comfortable and flattering. i also found them on sale at a store downtown, which was a huge plus, as i’m pretty sure i wouldn’t have paid $189 for them. i can’t speak for any of Paige’s other models, but these are definitely a good find for athletic chicks!

5. love. as in, something i love, for every reason. photobecause the open road; because she’s a brunette; because the arm charms; because the free spirit of adventure; because of possibility. because we all need an escape to whatever “wonderland” we cherish most, and choose to believe in. because this makes me want to throw all caution to the wind and do the same.

happy weekend, friends! xo.

Tell me anything you want!
Something good from your week?
Fave jeans brand?
Something you’re excited about this weekend?



alllll the thingsssss

hiiiii friends! hope you had a wonderful weekend.  mine was action-packed and fun-filled and totally all over the place. it never ceases to amaze me, how many things you can fit into a few short days here in New York. no wonder i crashed after the World Cup final yesterday and napped HARD for a good hour. good game, though…anyone watch??

i feel like i did alllll the things this weekend…and they were such good things, too. i love my life here so much in the summer. i can only imagine how much i’d love it if NYC were San Diego, too. if you don’t think about that too hard, it makes sense…

Friday night started the weekend off right with a chill picnic in Central Park to listen to the NY Philharmonic give a free show. the place was packed, so we tucked off to the side and had a little wine-and-snack attack while listening to the music in the distance.

photoit’s a really nicely done evening, complete with fireworks set off against the city skyline at the end. can’t beat that.

i crashed immediately afterwards to wake up at 6:30 and get a run in before heading to the beach with the girls for the day. wasn’t a super long one, but my legs have been a wee bit tired lately and 9 was about all i could squeeze in and still make the early beach train, soooo that was where i called it.

it felt fab to get that out of the way bright-n-early on a Saturday, especially when i knew i had a non-stop day ahead of me. the girls and i chilled at Long Beach (NY, not Cali, unfortunately!) all day, lucking into absolutely amaaazing beach weather.

Long Beach is only an hour from the city by train and is a beautiful, well-kept beach with a gorgeous boardwalk (recently reconstructed post hurricane Sandy). it’s an ideal spot to hit for a day trip.

this weekend happened to be their annual arts & crafts fest as well, so we perused the dozens of vendors smattering the boarwalk and scored sweet friendship bracelets that we’ve since vowed to learn to make ourselves. throw back to elementary school right there, when i was obsesssed with making thread or beaded bracelets. how things come full circle in life — you’re never too old for friendship bracelets!

we also hit up an awesome taco truck that i’m pretty sure is debuting in Long Beach this year, as i’ve never noticed it in prior years: Odie’s Ocean Grill.

we had a fab experience at this spot! the tacos were great, they were playing Jack Johnson, and the staff was so cool and friendly. really sweet spot at which to end a fab day at the beach.

girlssnapbacks and wayfarers, unite.

i then cleaned up and headed out for another girlfriend’s bachelorette party that evening, which started at the Mondrian SoHo — one of the coolest hotels. we had some champagne in the suite before heading up to the rooftop bar, the adorable oldies themed Sonny’s Soda Shoppe. this place was adorable, with the pink-and-white stripes, the strings of lights, and oldies music playing. totally loved it and must return again soon.




the lovely bachelorette! congrats, darling.

i didn’t snap many pics, but we had a great night of girl talk, champagne, dinner at Dos Caminos in SoHo (fish tacos for the win! doubled up on the tacos on Saturday), and some silly games. always fun to celebrate a great friend during a wonderful time in her life!

side note: did anyone catch the Supermoon on Saturday night? how stinkin’ cool was that? a co-worker sent me some fab pix:

photo 1
photo 2
photo 3so dope. wish we had this in the night sky more often!

after a packed Saturday, i slept in on Sunday, ran at noon (4.5 HOT miles), watched the game w/ my bro, and crashed.

pretttttty killer weekend, if i do say so myself.

Tell me something great about your weekend!
Did you see the Supermoon?
Did you watch the World Cup?

Is this a billboard for Heaven?

no, but seriously…what?

splashed on the north-west corner of 44th St. and 11th Ave in NYC, we have a baffling and very 80s looking advertisement for…

right, i’m not sure either. Heaven, it would seem? any other guesses?

and yes, i’ll glady take a dose of Heaven in Hell’s Kitchen. thanks, guy.

i happily started off my Saturday morning with a lovely run along the West Side — i was on Cloud 9 to finally run outdoors again (even if i never ended up finding the group i planned to meet. whoops). this is my “ain’t no run like an outdoors run after weeks of a treadmill” dork face.

when in doubt about what to wear on an outdoor run, choose as many bright colors as possible. this obviously will help combat anything the weather might throw your way.

i did an 8-mile jaunt down to Battery Park City and back that included a distant sighting of a lady we all know and love.

i then made my way over to the hip new market place that opened this past fall just a couple of blocks from me: Gotham West, which is very Brooklyn hipster/ Williamsburg-esque and totally a great addition to my neighborhood.

it’s an open floor plan with some great little eateries in it (and a bike shop, which is pretty sweet!), including a Blue Bottle Coffee (which i immediately snagged post-run to fuel me on my trip up to the Heights to visit friends). really good coffee, made even better because they do those fun foam pictures. so cute.

really stoked about this market and plan to pop in on the regular.

after spending the day in Washington Heights with friends, i actually had a rare “night out on the town with the girls” on Saturday night! my home-body, going home on the weekends to snowboard and salsa self hasn’t had a weekend night out in NYC in a while, so it was a welcome change.

Phototriple trouble.

we went to Mister H in the Mondrian Hotel in SoHo for two of our girlfriends’ joint birthday party, which was a ton of fun. really cool venue, fun music, and great crowd.

after a-totally-packed-from-morning-til-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning Saturday, Sunday found me walking the Highline, having Pinkberry, and watching the Super Bowl in sweats on the couch while doing school work. and by watching the Super Bowl, i mean that i thought Bruno Mars sounded awesome and i felt bad for the Broncos.

hope you guys had a fabulous weekend!

What were the highlights of your weekend?
Super Bowl fun? Did you watch it? What’d ya think?

best weekend with the bro (in Gotham City apparently)

happy Monday!

first of all, time out from life to acknowledge that Loft is having a ridiculous online sale right now. this is one of my fave places to buy cute and professional work clothes, so for those of us not fortunate enough to be snowboard bums/personal trainers/work-from-home artists, this is pretty exciting news, especially for a Monday morning.

and now i’m totally stoked for these blazers to arrive:



so, this past weekend was a fab one for me, as my brother came to visit. we hit up Club Cache on Friday night for some bachata and salsa, which ended up being awesome:  packed, sweaty, good music, some pretty good dancers, and a mind-blowing surprise performance.

so, yeah, about that last one. i almost can’t believe it happened. the world’s most famous bachata couple performed at Cache…and everyone was blown away.

i think it’s safe to say that most people who dance (or really like) bachata have seen their YouTube video, which has over 60 million views and showcases some of the most amaaaazing bachata dancing i’ve ever seen. it’s one of my life goals to learn to dance like this girl…and i’ve probably seen this video 50 times in the past 4 years. it was a huge shock to Ry and i when they performed on Friday night (and definitely motivation to up our dance game!).

the rest of the weekend was spent wandering around some of my fave parts of NYC  (SoHo, the Village(s), and Nolita); a yummy Thai lunch at Room Service, which never disappoints (fun fact: this is the restaurant i’ve frequented more than any other since living here); some Saturday night ping pong at NYC’s sweet ping pong club, Spin; and some healthy doses of sibling chill time, watching movies and drinking wine.


pretty fabulous weekend with my bestest friend, from start to finish.

we discovered a new-to-us wine that we both really liked: Chateau St. Michelle’s (dry) riesling. this was delicious: super light and peachy, and so, so drinkable. i’ve steered clear of rieslings in the past because i’m really not a sweet wine girl, but this one was awesome. i’ll definitely be adding this to the regular rotation.


workouts: i hit the gym every single day last week, so i took Saturday off and got my exercise walking around alllll day (in the 56 degree weather we had…what?!) with Ry, and then i went last night after Ry left for an hour of cardio (ran 2 miles and then did the elliptical) to finish off the week on the right foot. (welp, and to burn off some of the wine, froyo and tortilla chips we inhaled.)

my week (and a day) in workouts:

  • Monday: boot camp (kettlebells, TRX, strength circuits with a group of 4)
  • Tuesday: 4-mile treadmill run, 20 mins of abs
  • Wednesday: 6.5-mile treadmill run
  • Thursday: my own hour-long session of interval strength training/circuits (kettlebells, weighted row machine, ball-wall squats, and a whole mess of burpees and pushups and lunges and other plyometrics…fun stuff)
  • Friday: 5.5-mile treadmill run and some abs
  • Saturday: rest day
  • Sunday: 30 mins on the “advanced ellipticals” with all the moving parts; 2-mile run, then incline walking on a treadmill; 5-minute planks

i was also fortunate enough to catch a cameo appearance at Mid-City gym last night, as this guy sauntered in, did a couple of laps around the small gym, apparently found everything to his liking, and sauntered right back out to fight crime in NYC.

in case you can’t tell from my motion shots of him stomping around, that is, in fact, Batman. in full, serious costume, inspecting every corner of the gym. i’ve heard so many stories about this guy (who apparently comes from New Jersey into the city every day) parading around NYC “fighting crime” as though he were actually Batman. welp, i finally saw him, and i can attest — dude means business. cape and all.

hope you guys had wonderful weekends as well, full of people and activities you love!

Best part of your weekend?
Siblings? are you close?
Ever seen a superhero (or someone equally interestingly nutty) in real life?